Arsenal finally get Emery’s pressing game to beat Chelsea

It is fair to say that there was not very many Arsenal fans feeling confident going into last night’s game against Chelsea, especially after getting beaten by West Ham last week, but everything seemed to come together for Unai Emery’s men.

It was a very interesting team selection, with the boss leaving Mesut Ozil on the bench again, but the starters carried out Emery’s instructions perfectly. The Spaniard explained the tactics after the game. “Good evening. When we are playing Chelsea or us, at home [or] away, maybe we can speak about this mentality. Every team wants to play [with] the same speed or the same mentality at home and away. I think the circumstance in the match is doing the way in 90 minutes. We started at the beginning very strongly with the high pressing. But when you are playing against one team who start [attacks] with long balls, you cannot press. But today, the [structure] was very clear – build up with possession and the centre backs and Jorginho.

“We worked to do the pressing and the reason is that it can be closer to their box and transition very quickly to control the match when they have the ball, with our pressing. But also, they can break your pressing and then take chances to score. The circumstance is leaving you this way for better or worse. Today, I think every circumstance was going and coming with us. The mentality is good, the atmosphere today was very good with our supporters. I think they helped us a lot and we want to find the same performance, the same ideas and mentality when we are playing here and when we are playing away. But also at the moment, we cannot find [that].

“I think every player contributed with their work. First is the attitude to be together when we are with the ball, to find the space and also to find the moments to attack against them. Today, above all, is when we are not with the ball, the possession I think was more than 60 per cent for them, is when we need to recover with good pressing. I think every player worked a lot. We spoke before the game today to say we needed to run more than them. This team run a lot. For the first idea, we were speaking that we need to run to recover the ball and transition very quickly. In the first half, the first 30 minutes, we did that. In the second half it was very difficult to keep this pressing for 90 minutes and the match changed tactically. We worked very well defensively in deep areas when we needed to in the match. The clean sheet today is really important for us to show our supporters that we are here and we can continue being a team for our way.”

The team certainly have improved in the pressing game since we first lost to Chelsea at the beginning of the season, and I was very happy to see the boss change the tactics in the last half hour as the players got tired, but they all did their jobs magnificently, and now maybe we can still make the Top Four. If only we coud start playing like that in away games….


  1. Dan kit says:

    Four at the back
    No iwobi in starting lineup
    = win
    Front 3 were brilliant today 1st time this season I’ve seen this pressing game that everyone keeps going on about
    Cb pairing were also excellent .
    Looks like we need to find another Ramsey because as we saw 1st time in a while iwobi hasn’t started and you can see how much of an hindrance he is to the team .hopefully emery as now seen that it’s like playing with 10 men when he’s on the field

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Iwobi was dropped because he’s been over-utilized throughout the festive program and before it. He is a player Emery chooses from when thinking about pressing, defending, balance, among other things. Until we bring in more players, this should be obvious by now. So sorry to disappoint, no, Emery did not drop him because of a similar belief to yours. If Welbeck was fit, maybe he’d be dropped more than he has been before now. Emery also likes to keep players on their toes, his handling of Ozil, Ramsey, shows he will not put up with egos but he will still play them if they try to earn his approval. Iwobi is young, he has allot to learn, and Emery will try to tackle that. For me there are bigger things right now than chipping away at Iwobi, who is trying.

  2. Roy says:

    Winning ugly beats losing pretty every time.Tons more work is needed though ,on the pitch and in the administration.Early days yet though.

  3. Lenohappy says:

    Four at the back,no ozil in the team,ooh ozil would have draw us back with his sluggish passing.

  4. McLovin says:

    Where is the fight and passion like yesterday against W Ham and Liverpool? Every match is a,cup final and they play once a week, keep them motivated!

  5. Sue says:

    Very happy with that display… if only we could do it every week home & away… always love beating Chelsea ?
    Same again on Friday please!!
    I really hope Hector isn’t out for the rest of the season ?

    1. Dan kit says:

      Watching match of the day now ,did wenger have a fling with shearers wife or something ,he seems to have a proper grudge against us ?
      Even when we play well it’s beacuse the other team were crap .and the way he was creaming over Liverpool was laughable.

      1. Sue says:

        Shearer & Murphy really pi*s me off

  6. Fabulous says:

    Can’t you just make comments with involving the young lady…
    Are you actually saying Iwobi is the reason we have been playing poorly?, Have you forgotten Iwobi was present in other games we were excellent this season???…. Since you knowore than the coach, tell me why he keeps playing.
    I dare you to name any other game we played very well this season that he didn’t play/start.

    1. Dan kit says:

      Can’t you make comments involving the young lady ?not sure wtf that means .
      And to answer you’re other question ,no i can’t remember a game he was present and we were excellent can you?did I say I knew more than the coach but the 1st time he’s left out of the squad in ages and we play brilliantly and win and against a big team .hes sh1t and will always be sh1t there’s no getting away from it .but you can carry on trying to praise him like hes some kind of football genius .

      1. ToluCOYG says:

        He said, “He has huge potential and he needs to realize how good he could become,” Koscielny wrote in his programme notes ahead of Arsenal’s 2-0 win over Everton.

        “Right now, he is definitely on the right path to do just that. He is working hard at training and his confidence is high since Unai Emery arrived.”

        Iwobi has stated that he is sharper under new manager Emery and Koscielny also echoed the sentiments of his teammate and stated that he should continue to listen to instructions.
        He said, “If you look at him he has everything. He is strong physically, quick, good technically and his movement is good. He needs to be more efficient and clinical so he scores and assists more.

        “He is very receptive and listens to advise so I have no doubt that he will continue his progression.”

        @Dan, these are the exact words of the club captian, Kolscienly, recorded from his last interview few weeks ago. Do you know more than him? What in the football world have you done more than him?
        If none, remain silent forever on Iwobi’s case, even the rest of our players cos your opinions reeks of ignorance.

        1. Dan kit says:

          @oh he she is another one sticking up for his country man,I honestly feel sorry for you if you think he’s any good ,ofc the captain is going to try and make him feel better about himself that’s what captains do ,but kos words are not going to turn him into messi .lets look at the facts i
          Iwobi did t play yesterday for the 1st time in quite awhile ..what did we see ?a front 3 pressing as a unit ,worked wonders .now name a match where iwobi as done that with the other 2 and we’ve played that well can’t because it dosent exist .
          His stats don’t lie look them up and tell me his assists and goals record .
          I mean even compare them to Walcott who many on here said was crap.but there’s no comparison because even a player not deemed good enough makes iwobi stats look horrendous.
          I don’t need you to copy and paste a piece that a player said to know that he’s crap ,I have eyes I’ve watched football long enough ,I’ve seen players come and go better than him .i admire you’re love for him but no matter how much crap you write defending him it won’t change my mind

    2. Jaydawg says:

      Iwobi is average get over it! Look at players like lacazette, quality, auba quality, Ramsey quality at times. Players in arsenals history Kanu, Bergkamp, Henry, Pires, wrighty, even Adebayor had a couple of quality seasons.

      All quality attackers, in Iwobi’s case the kid just hasn’t got it. It’s so obvious stop licking his arse. Players like EMR, AMN, even Saka will over take him next season unless he sorts his end product out!

      1. Babasola says:

        Auba is quality SOMETIMES TOO, he has several shit days and he misses too many sitters, goals that would’ve been easy for even Giroud.
        Auba is a lil above average
        Laca is All-Round Quality

  7. Trudeau says:

    Just hope Bellerin’s injury doesn’t make us revert to a back three.

    Loved yesterday’s game but it was bittersweet for two reasons. One is that Ramsey’s game seems tailor made for this set up and he’s leaving (although it won’t be too bittersweet until he shows consistency). Two, despite his many talents, Ozil’s game (or at least his mindset) seems anything but tailored to this set up and he is staying.

  8. ozziegunner says:

    Hopefully the defense can now be stabilized with Socrates, Koscielny, Mustafi, Mavropanos and Kolasinac fit and Monreal returning. I am gutted over Bellerin’s knee injury, both for him personally and the Club.
    Lichtsteiner with his experience, hopefully now knows what the EPL is about and can step up. Otherwise Arsenal must hope that Jenkinson can continue to improve.
    Defensive stability with no more injuries is critical.

  9. Things are changing says:

    I was confident, as I posted before the game, that we could win this game without a problem. We have shown against Liverpool (home) and against Spurs and in some other games that we can perform at a very high level. We have been unlucky without Bellerin because that forced the manager to either play Lichtsteiner as right back or in a three at the back. That doesn’t work for us.

    Let’s hope another lengthy Bellerin injury doesn’t hurt us again like it did last time. At least we have AMN for now.

  10. Lenohappy says:

    @fabulous just ignore him,have been waiting for some people to comment but they haven’t,am sure they would have been the first to comment here,they just want arsenal to lose so as to prove some stupid point about the coach.

    1. Dan kit says:

      @lenohappy where did I say I want the team to lose ,you need to read before you talk utter crap .ive been talking about iwobi ,go find one post I’ve said I want the team to lose .

  11. Eddie Hoyte says:

    SMH, it’s one hell of a problem with you guys, If it’s not Ozil you’re picking on and dragging, it is Iwobi.
    Even when it’s unnecessary, you always find a way to hit on certain players no matter what, forgetting that Iwobi has been influential in certain games this season, even those we lost..
    Iwobi didn’t start yesterday we won, so Iwobi is the reason we play like crap in other games?
    Same way you guys always talk about Ozil as if he’s the reason the whole team played bad in certain games.. Iwobi has his contributions to make, Ozil has his contributions to make, Ramsey has his contributions to make and he did yesterday so just quit dragging out players who didn’t play and stop saying stuffs.

    1. Dan kit says:

      @eddie not being rude but please stop talking sh1t .you have you’re opinion I have mine .
      If you think iwobi should be starting and brings something to the team then I don’t want to discuss football with you .are you not the one who keeps slagging emery off ?thats ok though is it ?one rule for Eddie one rule for the rest comes to mind .

      1. Eddie Hoyte says:

        I might talk shít, but there’s a lot sense in the shít I normally type unlike your bag full of horse shít you’re always typing and as if you have some sort of vendetta against some players..
        Yes I criticize Emery!! And I will if the needs arises, the same I criticize Iwobi and others when the need arises!!
        I will always give credit where credit is due unlike you who will never appreciate shít.
        No one on here has ever said Iwobi is world class, we all know he’s average, but since we have no world class winger, Iwobi is the best option on the wing as long as he puts on the Jersey, he’s an Arsenal player.
        I hate being sentimental, Emery,Ozil, Iwobi or any other person will get credits wherever it’s due. I already gave credits to Emery yesterday for his tactics, and I did to the players to.
        But there’s no point in bringing out a player and start saying shít about him because we won..
        I’m a fan also, you’re entitled to your opinion, so am I, if what I talk is shít, I can’t wait to read the definition of the crap you talk.
        With all due respect, I have nothing against you or anybody on here, I engage in discussions, so don’t think I came hard or called you names

        1. Dan kit says:

          Don’t worry I’m not goer cry like a little bitch just from reading the drivel you just wrote .i wants what’s best for this team and he is not it that’s not called a vendatta maybe look up the meaning before you type utter garbage
          No one on here said he was world class ?fans on here have been saying he should be our number 10 ,that’s fcking worse than calling him world class .
          “Iwobi is the best option on the wing as long as he puts on the jersey “did you not watch the match yesterday I think you’re find that was one of our best performances yesterday ,oh yea that’s right I didn’t see iwobi on the wing ,not being funny Eddie but you’re long winded posts pretty much contradict the selves you talk quite a lot of bollocks slagging everything off but god forbid some else does it you come out all high and mighty .atleast when I post I stick by what I say and don’t change like the weather when it suits .

          1. Babasola says:

            Mr Dan
            Yesterday we fielded our most hardworking players/midfielders
            It was tactical for Iwobi to be on the bench
            The downside of that tactics is u will not dictate the game but rather resort to breaking opponents play – which we did well
            Therefore our very low possession and few chances in the second half (which normally used to be our better half)
            We can’t use this same tactics everytime, there are teams we can outplay – for those, Iwobi will be back in the starting lineUp
            Would u say this is the first match the team really impressed u?
            There’s the Leicester Game, Man Utd, West Ham (Home)
            He started these matches and we played beautifully
            Iwobi has won us many games this season, he’s arguably one of our revelations this season bar his inconsistency
            The equaliser against Liverpool (assist to Laca)
            All goals against Bournemouth
            The mastermind of our thrashing Fulham (away)
            Laca,Bellerin,Iwobi,Ramsey & Kola are our best attacking outlets this season
            He has his utterly bad days. (Crystal P, WestHam{away} )
            But overall, is he our major problem? NO!
            He’s done more good than bad this season

            1. Babasola says:

              Remember our Anfield disaster,
              Iwobi was the only singular spark throughout that game from start to finish

              1. Dan kit says:

                I can’t agree with you sorry ,all I see when he gets the ball is a flappy player as in he doesn’t know what he’s going to do and not in a good way .you point out games where you say he’s been good but the quality in our team at the moment is shocking and it wouldn’t take much to stand out which I still have t seen .his stats will back up my constant criticism of him which again as a regular starter are shockingly bad for a forward player .
                @babasola at least you argue you’re point without the abuse towards me ,the 1st one in this post today Thankyou

                1. Dan kit says:

                  Abit late to the party m8

  12. Lenohappy says:

    Eddie has always been fair with his criticism unlike you,and theirs nothing bad in calling out the coach when his tactics and substitutions are not working,when iwobi played bad he’s always there ti say it and when he plays well he gives him credit but you think iwobi hasn’t done anything of note this season,even though he’s been man of twice this season and almost win the arsenal player of the month only losing narrowly to torrera,criticism is part of football but you have to do it without sentiment.

    1. Dan kit says:

      Lol when the hell was he man of the match ,are you just making that up ,and player of the month dont make me laugh.
      What country are you from Leno ?

      1. ToluCOYG says:

        Where you locked up when he dedicated his MOTM against Leicester to his dad? He didnt even score in the match, Ozil, Auba(2goals) and Bellerin’s own goal, we won 3-1.
        Which award have ever received in your entire lifetime for your parents to celebrate you with?
        Pathetic fan like you…..

  13. Gworm says:

    I agree with Eddie, Iwobi came on yesterday and made a sublime pass into the box which his teammate failed to read. I’ve noticed watching him with Nigeria and Arsenal that those around him often don’t pass to him at the correct time, or fail to read his passes. He is a talent but isn’t making the right decisions at the moment. It remains to be seen if Emery can get the best from him, but there is enough there to have him in the squad at least.

    1. Dan kit says:

      as soon as he came on we looked like the same team we’ve looked the last 4 weeks ,as soon as he stepped foot on the pitch Chelsea started playing better .

  14. Lenohappy says:

    Lol see what I mean,iwobi was man of the match in our 3:1 win against Leicester and also man of the match in our 4:2 win against volka Poltava.

    1. Dan kit says:

      Volka poltava please dont make me laugh ,that’s like a friendly match ,you’re clutching at straws now .you did t answer what country you’re form Leno or should I just guess ?

  15. Lenohappy says:

    Yes guess please,is Leicester also a joke

    1. Dan kit says:

      Wow 1 match in 3years is that all you can come up with to back him up .no point arguing with stupid .is what my dad always told me now I can see what he meant .

      1. Dan kit says:

        So you’re calling me and my whole family racists ,lucky I’ don’t take stuff personally ?
        And it’s a saying, before you comment and call someone racist maybe look up what as been written and not just make up what you hope it says .

        1. ToluCOYG says:

          You already asked for Leno’s country. Going by the context, your motive is to support the assumption he’s from same country as Iwobi’s. Again, you said your dad told you not to argue with stupid…(incomplete statement).
          So, looking up, its a logical conclusion for me.
          I can see why your hatred on him is so intense.

          1. Dan kit says:

            That’s not an incomplete sentence though is it ..don’t argue with stupid ….that’s it ,no hidden agendas it’s exactly what it says on the tin .grasp the language before accusing someone of being a racists ,other people might get offended by that .and yes there is a pattern here with the iwobi fan boys all being from Nigeria and pushing for him to be in the team ,and you all slag ozil off .see the pattern .
            You need to grow up if you can’t take me giving him sh1t (because he is sh1t)it’s arsenal fc not iwobi fc .

            1. Phil says:

              ToloCOYG-see?You just couldn’t help yourself could you.Where in everything @Dan kit has said has he deserved to be called fascist.He merely asked for someone to confirm what country they come from.Nothing more.Nothing less.It was to show that the majority of people on this site who seem totally obsessed with Iwobi are Nigerian.That PAL is a fact.
              A player quite rightly regarded as average at best and you just can’t help but bring racism into your answer.THAT sums you up completely in my mind.Coming from that Third World Country you obviously come from you have no idea hoe seriously racism of all forms is taken in this country.You are a pretty despicable idiot.And all for Iwobi.Pathetic.

  16. Eddie Hoyte says:

    “you talk quite a lot of bollocks slagging everything off”
    Man that’s your forte..
    you seem to be the one talking crap and slagging off a player because we won a game he didn’t play. there’s nothing good about him according to you, even when he tries his best, he hasn’t done anything, you have nothing good to say about the boy, which makes it seems like it’s personal to you, that’s why it’s a vendetta sort of.
    anything to have a go at a player is what you do, do you jack off when you do that or does it come to you naturally??
    Before it was Ozil, we won games because Ozil didn’t play and we were on fire..then we went on a shíty run and we win now suddenly we won because Iwobi didn’t play.
    Man get a life, stay clear, I don’t have anything to discuss with you, so I’ll always keep of your comments and would really appreciate it if you steer clear too because in the first place I didn’t type your name.
    oh and this is my last reply to you

    1. Austine wenger says:

      Why are you so bitter? are you sure you are an Arsenal fan as you portray to be? The boys worked hard and deserve praise this time. Why focus on a lad that is on the up? Are you just a racist or what? i never see you criticising any other player like you do with Iwobi,it is unfair and unacceptable so please i would advice we support our own until the summer at least when we get to add new faces.
      Please positivity is the key

  17. Dan kit says:

    I don’t think it’s agaisnt the law to call some stupid ,tbh that’s what you’re being always defending him because you want him in the team even if it means we play worse.quite a few of you in here and I would imagine that you started supporting arsenal when iwobi broke into the 1st team (not sure how ).

    1. ToluCOYG says:

      Ofc its not against the law.
      “Stupid” and “showing poor judgment” can mean same in larger context but the former is clearly derogatory while the latter is less offensive.
      If you weren’t looking for troubles around here, why use dirty words on your fellow gunners?
      Look man, ask around, we get bad mouth plenty, if i begin nack you words, you’ll find the nearest rope and ceiling fan to help your case.

      1. Dan kit says:

        So you’re telling me to go kill myself aswell as being a dirty racist .?thanks means a lot .
        This all started because I stated that we do better with iwobi ,if all you tools can scroll up and see how this argument started you will actually see I was responding to other posters attacking me which I won’t take ,now I’m sorry that you’ve all been bought up like little girls and can’t take criticism but I wanna will sand behind my argument about a certain player and no matter what anyone says I’m not going to change my opinion it’s here to stay .

        1. ToluCOYG says:

          How i wish your opinion can buy Kronke out for you to have fast access in terminating the poor boy’s contract.
          Stand on your argument all year long, it wont change the fact that you are pathetic fan who lacks respect.

  18. Grandad says:

    Dan Kit , I don,t know anything about you.Your age, your family background, your educational qualifications, your religious beliefs etc, but one thing I do know is you are bang out of order and I for one will never again waste time reading any of your contributions.You in turn of course can reciprocate by ignoring my comments.

    1. Dan kit says:

      Why am I bang out of order ?scroll up and you’re see I was responding to people having ago at me ,like I’m going to sit there and take it ,don’t think so I have my opinions like everyone else don’t come and comment to just make yourselves look wise and just commented on this for no reason other than to make it be known You was here .well done .

  19. Invisible says:

    Somebody needs to grow up.

    1. Dan kit says:

      Please by all means jump on the bandwagon

      1. AlexLaca9 says:

        You have burnt more bridges today with your disgusting outbursts than you can imagine Dan. Not just with the people you insulted and cursed out but also the fans who were reading your comments

        1. Dan kit says:

          Mate I will stick by what I believe if that upsets people more than getting racists accusations thrown at me shows what you think of most .why don’t you read up and see how this started why should I not respond .and what do you know what all the other fans think ?youve just wrote that with no knowledge ,Yes I might have come over a little aggressive on some posts but the crap I have to read on here this certain player is a joke and we all know which fans are writing it .and I’ve only responded if I feel I had to .again I’m not sure why you felt the need to post this because the argument was about iwobi something you have not put into you’re post .

        2. Phil says:

          Are you sure you have read EVERYTHING that was written here today?A heated debate yes.A few strong words.A huge differing of opinion over a single players ability.And @Dan kit is called a Racsist.And you feel he should what exactly?Just let that go?He had every right to come back as he did.
          FFS we are talking about Alex Iwobi.A player who won’t likely be at the Club in 2-3 years time.ESR.3 goals in just a handful of appearances this season and he is just 18 years old.Iwobi?Seriously?Wont even make the bench when ESR and Riess Nelson come through.
          Very Average player.And Racism comes into the argument.How proud all you Nigerians must be of yourselves if thats the only way you can respond.And YOU wonder why Nigerians are thought of as they are in this Country?

          1. Dan kit says:

            Thank you Phil ,yes I’ve been a little aggressive in my reply’s but I’m not going to stand there and take crap off so called arsenal fans ,and just because I’ve slagged a player off who i think is a terrible player .maybe I should learn to not reply to some on here as it looks like I’ve upset a few lady’s today on here but oh well I’m sure everyone will get over it .And the most aggressive thing I said to some one was to call them stupid then it escalated to me being told to kill Myself and my family are dirty racists lol and fans pick up on the stupid comment rather than the racist one ??‍♂️.
            Arsenal fc not iwobi fc

            1. AlexLaca9 says:

              You and Phil can justify it all you want, there’s absolutely no reason to use the kind of vulgar language you did on fellow fans. This is not about Iwobi anymore, it’s about how you treat others. I’m surprised admin even allowed and posted your comments. But what do I know I have no “knowledge” right. Keep shinning, you clearly can’t be questioned

              1. Dan kit says:

                Please show me this vulgar language which I’ve apparently used .i called someone stupid and I told Eddie to stop talking sh1t ,that’s it .is that vulgar to you ?i thought I answered every question in a manner in which I received the question .if you see it different then I’m sorry for upsetting you .but please next back up your comernts with facts .

                1. Dan kit says:

                  And it was always about iwobi not fans ,like you put it .I have no hate to anyone just my passion which is arsenal .dont try and make something up which isn’t there .it was always about what’s best for the team

  20. Durand says:

    1. Racism is a disgusting accusation and should have evidence to back it up.

    2. Bias or prejudice is the word most are looking for.

    3. Going to that first shows how weak someone’s argument is, or perhaps that person considers race first in people.

    No place for it here.

    1. Durand says:

      Iwobi IMO is not a “bad” player, he’s just rotation material currently. Maybe with consistency he may challenge for starting spot, but his stats don’t flatter last couple years. He’s Arsenal player and I hope he finds consistency.

      Otherwise he’ll be fighting off Nelson, Saka, and ESR next year. I’d rather see those younger guys play and develop because I think they offer more long term.

      But I’m not against him in our kit, just against him as regular starter due to his inconsistencies. Same reasons I have regarding Ramsey, Mustafi, and Xhaka.

      Simple really when you judge soley on performance, and if you’re honest in your assessment.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        And Iwobi is still young for a professional footballer playing in the EPL; there is still plenty of room for improvement.

  21. Tunyzone says:

    Lolsssss @Dan, why can’t you just let it go? though you were called a racist which is not justified but everyone are not taking side with you because we all have different opinions, that’s the real fact my brother but for real the poor boy (iwobi) is not as bad as you label him and to justify that, go and watch some of his highlights this season.

    He has done more good than bad this season so far despite being an average player.
    But i like your guts bro.

  22. Lorde says:

    Sometimes I wish some people here could get a chance to air their views and opinions face to face, I can bet some to get a full beat down. A lot of people here hide behind screens and buttons typing words and statements full of HATE and ARROGANCE.
    Judge no one and share no HATE irrespective of where they’re from or what their opinions are. Going f forward, keep your opinions simple and constructive, it’s a fan football club discussion platform not a battlefield.
    Be advised

    1. Admin says:

      Hear hear!

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Lorde, thank you!

  23. Gily says:

    Wow! ??SMH
    Just Arsenal News has become something else. It has become a place where so-called fans come to wish doom and gloom to a team they claim they support; where fans are perennially angry whether team wins or loses. It has become a place where fans come to pour vituperations on one another – a place for accusations and counter accusations. It has become a typographical war front, where fans instead of engaging in constructive argument on how the team can move forward, resort to blatant personal attacks on individual members.
    Admin, you are supposed to moderate this forum to sanity as the referee, but no, you stand aside unconcerned as people deal deadly punches on each other with reckless abandon.
    Oh I weep for just Arsenal????

    1. Dan kit says:

      Again abit over the top .it was a harmless debate that got a little heated .dont make something out of nothing .thats what a forum is for ,I’m sure it won’t be last time fans fallout over something on here .

  24. diademking says:

    Wow, just wow.

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