Arsenal finally officially confirm that Willian is a Gunner

So, it has finally come to pass that Arsenal are announcing that the Brazilian Willian has signed on the dotted line and is now confirmed as an Arsenal player in a three year deal.

It has been the worst-kept secret for some time now, and it would appear that Mikel Arteta is very happy about his arrival. “I believe he’s a player that can really make a difference for us,” Mikel Arteta said on “We have been monitoring him for the past few months, we had a clear intention to strengthen in the attacking midfielder and the winger positions [and] he is a player that gives us a lot of versatility, he can play in three or four different positions. He has the experience of everything in the football world but to still have the ambition to come here and contribute to bring the club where it belongs. I have been really impressed with all the talks I have had with him and how much he wanted to come.”

It is certain that our new technical director Edu has had a hand in bringing so many of his fellow Beazilians to the club, and he said about the 32 year-old: “I know him very well, since a long time ago because we’ve been working together for the Brazilian national team and of course I was following him because he played for another club. He has a lot of fantastic attributes as a person, as a football player of course, his character. I’m 100 per cent sure that everybody in the dressing room, the fans, myself and Mikel will enjoy having Willian in our side.“

We have only just had an article from Konstantin discussing how much Willian will earn over his three years at the Emirates, and we all certainly hope that he lives up to the hype and fully deserves his take-home pay.

But, for now, all we can do is welcome Willian to Arsenal and wish him the very best for the next few years…


  1. I’d love to see him play as an RW again, as what he did for Brazil and Chelsea. But I heard he played as a CAM before coming to England, so Arteta might use 4-2-3-1 formation again

    Hopefully Willian could solve our winger problems

  2. Welcome Willian!

    Our attack force has now gone from very good to among the best in the Premier League. We won’t have problems scoring for sure.

    I do not believe he is going to be on top form for the duration of his contract but I don’t care as long as he gives his all next season in our return to the top.

    I need only one season of top performance and I will be happy.

      1. Pepe, Willian, Aubemayang, Saka, Martinelli. That is a lot of pace for any defense to handle. The good old days of us terrorizing defenses are coming again.

        1. Pepe on the right, Auba centre,Willian on the left….Party,Xhaka,ceballos/Coutinho in the middle…Tierney,Saliba,Gabriel/Diego Carlos,Hector/Cedric as defenders

    1. Exactly my point,if he can give us a good full season and half,after which the young wingers can take over,am okay

  3. Let’s see what he can deliver. Could be a shrewd bit of business. First signing under our belt can’t complain. I will reserve judgement until he starts playing for us.

    Heads up this will be a looooong window it closes mid October!

  4. Well, about bloody time!!

    Welcome to the home of football, Willian!!
    You look sooooo much better in red 😉

    1. Convenient or required?
      Too much mixed views on this signing from fans, media and ex pros alike.

      However for me the fact he can play CAM or both Wings is a sign that his game can still evolve. And for a 30+ who is thinking of wanting to play as much footy as possible, arsenal could benefit from this signing.

      Did we do a poll on if Laca should be sold or not to raise funds for new signings?
      I’m still divided on this. He is only 1 of 3 forwards Yet if he is part of a partey deal how can we say no?!!

      1. From twitter:
        Willian’s compared to Arsenal players during the 2019-20 Premier League season:
        ⬢ 1st – chances created
        ⬢ 1st – Big Chances created
        ⬢ 1st – penalty area entries
        ⬡ 2nd – take-ons completed
        ⬡ 2nd – shots on target
        ⬡ 2nd – touches in the opp. box

        I’m with you, we could benefit from this signing!!
        I like Laca, but if push comes to shove, I wouldn’t think twice about swapping him with Partey!

  5. Don’t get me wrong I’m happy but somehow it doesn’t feel like the official announcement of a new signing, I would go as far as saying”underwhelming”.

    1. Yeah it seems it was very disingenuous reporting from the Mail (shock horror). £100k base + £3/4m signing on fee + the usual bonuses = £220k p/w. This is never how salaries are reported.

  6. Asn’l need to rebuild defence. We need big strong CB:s. Okay. Dayot Upamecano? Wrong answer. Axel Disasi? Wrong again. Gabriel Magalhaes? Wrong wrong wrong. The right answer is Willian!!! What the XXX. Give me an S, give me a T, give me a U, give me a P, give me an I, give me a D… What’s that spell? What’s that spell? What’s that spell… That spells stupid! We are hunting 17 year old so called “next ronaldos” and over aged guys like this Willian of Chelsea, instead of trying to learn how to protect our selves. It’s madness. Defending is all.

    1. Ok so yes we need a defender and a really good one, if we can sign Gabriel, our defense is sorted, also shift on 3 ( Holding Sok and looks like CC may go to fulham) that leaves WS, DL and SM and PM at CB with Gabriel we have balance and a good amount of competition in the position.
      Also hopefully now that Atletico are out of the UCL we might see some action on the Partey front.
      Also Kia ( Fernandes agent ) has said he hasn’t spoken to Arsenal about him so i really do believe its BS made up by the press.
      I believe we need ot make around 70m in player sales to fund the signings we want so give it a little time and im sure we will get in the players we need this window.
      Its not all going to happen in one window, so if we can bring in 2 more players of real quality like teh ones mentioned above then we will be stronger going into the new season

      1. I thought Gabriel Magalhaes already were on his way to Napoli (according to that “gentlemen’s agreement”). But if that’s not true, yeah, I agree, he would be perfect. Left-footed on the left side of David Luiz, and with the right-footed William Saliba on the other side in a 3 CB line. And Thomas Partey, in front of them. That man (TP) would make every Asn’l player better just by being there and doing the things he’s good at. Lovely, but just a dream.

  7. Upamecano had a great game,MOTM,he kept Costa so quiet he was subbed!sadly he just signed a new contract,not happening.

      1. It is a shame Sue i agree but if we look at what MA likes ( balance ) i highly doubt we would sign another right footed CB when we have so many on the books already, but he was class though last night and i believe RB are still open to selling, they just wanted to makes sure he wouldnt leave on a free next season, which i can understand, i just wish Arsenal did the same with players

  8. Why can’t our fanbase just be realistic for once! People are acting as if we’ve stolen a prime Hazard from Chelsea. Willian has always been a very polarising hit or miss player, even at his peak. At 32, he’ll be very up and down in his time with us. The reality is that he’ll be a decent player next season and then hopefully a good squad player after that but he’s not going to suddenly make us a top side again. People are acting as if this is some massive coup that will propel us into the top 4, SMH. Read the same thing on here last year about Luiz/Pepe etc. This squad is still a long way off the others and with Chelsea and Man U significantly strengthening, it will be incredibly difficult to get into the top 4 next season. Not impossible but very very difficult so lets just be realistic for once please!

  9. Willian signing completes our forward line recruitment. 6 good forwards to rotate in the front 3 gives us a pretty good attack. Now fix the defence and midfield and we have ourselves a strong squad.

    1. Problem is, the defence and midfield will take a few transfer windows to sort out (if we buy very well) and in that time, the attack will be finished as Willian Lacazette and Aubameyang only have a couple of years in them at the top level. Then we’re back to square 1. That’s why I don’t understand this signing. Really short term decision.

  10. I have admired him as a player since he arrived in this Country and I only wish he could have donned the red shirt seven years ago.Despite his “advancing” age he seems remarkably fit and wherever he plays I am sure he will be effective.

  11. Welcome to our team willi, i must admit you look good in our kit… Buh truth be told i am highy disapointed in arsenal dealings so far…. We need defensive stability we need world class players in our team… Take a look at man u with pogba situation, he was garbage all of a sudden bruno came in and hes bin puttin in world class performances. Give ozil the defensive protection and boom we will see our world class ozil but i guess is too late now… Still not convince that we need willian but we all doubters hope he proves us all wrong.

  12. Welcome to the Gunners family come on William we can make it To the top 4 win trophies Good luck Bro we love you

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