Arsenal finally sign a striker! (Plus video)

There have been hundreds of Arsenal transfer rumours linking the Gunners with many top strikers like Karim Benzema, Edison Cavani, Jackson Martinez, and many others, but with just three days left it looked like we were going to be stuck with Olivier Giroud and Theo Walcott for yet another season.

As both of those have recently signed new contract extensions we could maybe have these two leading the line for the next few seasons as well! But once they get close to retirement, we may well have the perfect replacement lined up…

The Express confirmed yesterday that Arsenal have paid Ipswich Town 100,000 Pounds for their 15 year-old prodigy Harry Clarke, who has recently become a Youtube sensation for scoring a goal for the Tractor Boys’ academy side in a team goal worthy of the seior Arsenal side! You can watch it at the end of this post.


Arsenal have a good relationship with Ipswich and we sent the brilliant youngster Ainsley Maitland-Niles up to Norfolk to try and help Mick McCarthy’s side win promotion to the Premiership. The 17 year-old has started every League game so far for Ipswich.

I know JustArsenal readers have recently been predicting that Wenger’s last transfer arrival in this window would be a striker, but we didn’t expect him to be just 15 years old!

Watch Clarke score here…..

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    1. harry clarke……….hahahaha …….okay quite confident he’d displace giroud this season!…….. What a joke of a club!

  1. still can’t believe we let afobe leave & kept sanogoal & who knows in 2-3 years time this kid might be replaced by some unknown kid from French league

    1. I would have liked to see Afobe move to a lowly PL club just to see if we made a mistake or not. I feel there is a good chance we kocked up. Even at third or fourth choice option we maybe could have done something with him.

      Did a reporter not ask Wenger why we sold him and if we have an option, would like to hear his answer.

        1. Yeah, it was big news because of the youtube goal. I usually bite with most headlines but the second I saw that ..nah.

          1. See, I thought maybe it’s a guy we don’t know, an unpopular guy with some crazy skills on youtube to convince one that he’s really good and a good buy. Didn’t know it was just some young fella for the academy.

  2. If I were Giroud I would keep my head cool this season, win the league and the top scorer in all competitions. Then knowing the team is built around me, I’ll ask to leave since my effort is not appreciated by those who should support me.
    Support is the only reason Messi, RvP, Fabregas etc. have done so well.

    1. Thumbs up for the Giroud comments but thumbs down for the support comment. Messi, come on you don’t have a leg to stand on.

      Although you are not entirely wrong, as support gives players an extra five to ten percent ..sometimes even more, liv is a good example on occasion, so is Galatasaray. Support gives players extra confidence but some players are already too big headed (Ibra) and some players just don’t have it in them.

  3. Don’t make spence AW reacently said that because of the new relaxing of the FFP rooks ( thanks to F,ink platini) we cannot commpeet with City or Chelsea in the transfer market because they have more spending power then us,

    So we might as well lock up Emirates and go home basically what his saying we are never going to win the EPL or CL …..BUT WAIT don’t we have our own billionaire? Alisher Usmanov?

    Why doesn’t silent Stan sell his shares go and buy let’s say Tothenham where their fans are use to not being in the CL and have no hope of wining the EPL Stan and his sidekicks are specialist in 4th so everyone will be happy and Arsenal can move on and buy the EPL and CL like Chelsea or CIty, like the saying goes if you can’t beat them join them

          1. Yeah just watching
            the replay on MOTD
            I will only say it was a draw
            when the game started 🙂

  4. Wenger use to fail even in signing young talents recently, Sanogoal?? Who knows. Welcome home kid anyway.

  5. Great….we will win the league in 6 or 7 years time signing this adolescent child. Plan the future and c**k up the present seems to be the method. Truth is there is a top class available striker out there, who has a better scoring rate than Benzema by far. Edinson Cavani, last season, scored 31 goals in 53 games. He is not injury prone, and believe it or not they came from wide as ‘Zlatan’ played centrally. Cavani WILL score goals and his habit of running behind defenders will make Giroud look like a cart horse. He is 28 so has 3 top years ahed of him. Why the **** is Wenger waiting. What does he want another baby boy, to plan for the future. My teachers told me the future does not exist….think about it. We live in the ‘here and now’. So sign Cavani and fix our immediate problems Arsene W, otherwise you are hurting and harming the Gooners.

    1. I’m impressed it took almost ten posts before the predictable “what are we doing signing a 15 year old when we need a world class forward now”?” comment. The two aren’t mutually exclusive. I hardly think signing Clark will have any relevance to who Wenger does or doesn’t bring in for the first team.

  6. sign pogba stones courtois varane harry kane sterling neymar luke shaw barkley martin odegaard isco all young and world class and would definitely start ahead of all our players they are all leaps and bounds, heads and shoulders and light years ahead of our current crop of starters

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