Arsenal finances boosted as UEFA lift sanctions over ESL involvement

UEFA have dropped their case against the 12 European Super League clubs, meaning that Arsenal will no longer be forced to pay a previously agreed fine.

The nine clubs who swiftly pulled out of the competition following mass backlash amongst their fanbases had agreed to pay a combined 15 Million euros to UEFA, while the three remaining clubs who still stand firm to this day as part of the committee for the breakaway competition were willing to go to court to fight.

Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona are the three who refused to back down, but they are no longer under the threat of sanctions either as reported by SkySports, with the organisation claiming it isn’t in the interest of it’s members to continue the lawsuit, although they retain the right to bring back such sanctions if a further attempt is made to undermine their organisation.

Arsenal will not have been subject to a further stipulation which other clubs will also have been boosted by, as the next 12 months of income from European competitions was also set to be withheld.

It remains to be seen whether this is a white flag by UEFA, and that they will try and negotiate with the teams who are in want of reform to favour those who are struggling currently.

Do you think this decision will have been a two-way street and that the three remaining clubs will have made some kind of agreement with UEFA?


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  1. Firstly , this is factually incomplete and therefore not accurate or finalised, as things currently stand.

    My understanding is that UEFA are trying to get the Spanish judge who made this decision to be forced out and will appeal to a higher court. I believe that attempt is certainly doomed to failure though . UEFA are of course, themselves a rogue organisation and this whole farce is driven, on ALL sides, entirely by money and power for ultimate control of events.


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