Arsenal financial state is worse than first thought so Ozil must go

Arsenal are set to announce pre-tax losses of more than £50 Million according to the media and that is forcing them to try and sell Mesut Ozil, though the word force is probably being used lightly.

The transfer budget is said to be just £45 Million and the only way that will be topped up is with player sales and one of those players that club is desperate to offload is the German but by all accounts, they are struggling.

The hierarchy is hoping to raise £30 Million for Ozil and that is probably a fair figure considering his age, however, the main stumbling block is his £18 Million per year wage.

Turkish clubs like Galatasaray, Besiktas and Fenerbahce simply do not have the funds to finance such a purchase even though they would love to sign the playmaker.

The only possible way that they can get Ozil off the books is by either allowing him to go for free or subsidising his wages and neither is an attractive option.

On top of that, he has no intention of leaving, he is happy with his contract and seems content to sit out his final two years and in all fairness, you cannot blame him for that.

Ozil cannot be held responsible for the huge wage that Arsenal agreed to give him, he played his hand perfectly in negotiations and the fault lies solely with Arsenal.

I cannot see any club taking on Ozil due to the financial implications or the player himself agreeing to a wage drop, and the chances are that he will remain an Arsenal player beyond this summer. That means that the club will have to look at selling other players in order to increase the low transfer budget they are stuck with.


  1. In any other job, ANY OTHER JOB, you could be terminated from your contract and given only the next month’s wage to cover while you get another job. Somehow this doesn’t apply when large sums of money are involved, because the courts end up ruling in favour of the sacked ones. IMO all professional sports contracts should have a “no play, no pay” clause, this prevents athletes from taking advantage of contract negotiations by injuring themselves in their first week into the contract.

    1. But the player got injured while working for the club. It is only fair they continue to pay him, perhaps even more for the pain and suffering experienced as a result of the injury.

    2. I don’t think there is such clause in Ozil’s contract, because he had the upper hand in the contract negotiation since Sanchez left and Arsenal had to succumb to his obscene requests to avoid the fans’ wrath

      I agree with the author, the only possible way to kick Ozil out is by letting him go for free to another club. The other club can subsequently increase his obscene wage a little to lure him out of London

      Because it would be highly improbable to happen, Emery had better assign Ozil as a half-winger in a 4-3-3 formation. Ozil can have less pressure from the opposition’s defenders due to the deeper position and will only have to do playmaking on one side

      1. What a load of Rubbish. New sponsorship deals and highest ticket prices in the league.
        I don’t believe it.

    3. Thanks bro, I am 150% with u, players are taking the piss from loopholes in their contracts, however let us not forget the waste of fund by Arsenal managers eg, gazaridis/ Wenger etc, by letting player run down their contracts etc, unfortunately it will affect the team for a long time, i fear they have ruined this club forever and well on course to becoming a mid table team , remember their are many other teams that have gone down due to poor management decisions over the yrs Unless somebody comes and inject some funds in

    4. S, Incorrect comparison. In law if you have a long term specific period contract and do not indulge in contract breaking behaviour – fighting, swearing at kids, general disruption etc – then your contract needs to be paid up in full. This applies in other walks of life too beside football. It all depends on precisely what is written in the contract. That is the legal principle . Trust me, I know what I am talking about. What you need to understand is that a written contract is a legally enforceable document.

  2. Wow! £50M pre-tax loss?! I didn’t realise the situation was this bad. I suppose the foolish decesions that saw us lose Sanchez and Ramsey for nothing have finally caught up with us. As for the Ozil situation man I wish I knew what we could do about him. Can we send him on loan to Colorado Rapids and hope they pick up the tab? Or maybe the Chinese?

    1. Arsenal trust their players too much. They thought Ozil, Sanchez, Chamberlain and Ramsey would happily extend their contracts with less negotiations

      This could happen again with Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Mustafi and Aubameyang, since their contracts will expire in 2021. The club must decide whether they would extend the contracts or sell the players instead

      If it is the latter, they must do it as soon as possible and they shouldn’t be afraid of the fans’ anger. Arsenal have to be ruthless like the other big clubs, to set an example for the other players

      1. Players come to Arsenal expecting big things then realise the mid table mentality in the club, then becomes reluctant to extend their contracts unless silly money like ozil’s Is involved, the demise of Arsenal lies in the hand of the past managers, unless there is major funds injections or success from youth, if not , I can see the making of an average team in the near future

    2. @QD

      Arsenal can’t exactly force him out on loan..especially since he has zero intention of going anywhere..

      I bet you bumping down to the bench or reserve would still not change his stance… he values that £350k a lot..
      That guy is simply not going anywhere…

      Except the club decides to pay him off though…which won’t happen either…

      This is just sad…..

    3. The board are dragging their feet they want to get a move on and do some business Clubs are not wanting our rubbish players and as for Ozil Stan should do the decent thing and buy out Ozil contract

  3. And does this mean the Torreira sale will go towards offsetting the £50M loss? No wonder the price was so low..we are desperate for the deal to go through! Thanks Gazidis you tw*t!

  4. it will be better get him out loan maybe to a Chinese club where the intensity of the league is low.he could end up performing in such a league and the club he his loaned to can end up coming back for a purchase .

  5. Arsenal should do a “buy one & get one free” for ozil and Mhkitaryan. Years of buying and rewarding average is haunting us. No player is even worth $50 million in the squad, save our two strikers.

    I read they are to be rewarded for performing amazingly well last season. Yes please. Give them very lucrative deals, so we can have an ozil situation when Aubameyang down tools on us.

  6. Just Get rid and get him off our wage bill! Pay 3/4 younger, sharper, fitter players with more to prove for the same price..

    Ozil was always a luxury player and seeing as we as the eighth richest club in the world cannot have access to more than £45 to be competitive shows our business model is failing badly.

    Still Stan is happy with his little nest egg.

  7. Tell me how that will fix Arsenal financial mess. They sell Ozil for 30m get a new player in his position for 40m and pay him half of what Ozil is earning. Put all these together how does it save us financially.

  8. Cmon admin you can do better than this ,another ozil article ,so we can get the usual suspects laying into him ,
    I see a few are have already posted above me .
    I am 100 % certain that Ozil will be here this season , so I would suggest putting you’re efforts into more productive articles .

    1. Maybe you could do an article the same but saying that players like Iwobi ,mustafi ,Xhaka should be sold ,the kind of players that teams in the championship would struggle to get into their sides ,I’m pretty sure if you add their wages up it would offset Ozils

      1. You really have a brain fart if you think those 3 players you listed earned more wages than Ozil combined.
        This Ozil worshippers are getting out of hands.

        Anyway, back to the article, I have taken heart on Ozil been sold cos I know no team will pay such for him.
        But one thing I know is that a creative midfielder don’t just lose is creative sense like a striker, so let hope Ozil will come back better next season.
        I has a fans is confused about Emery’s static, I’m still trying to figure out his type of football.
        This may be what has affected Ozil.
        Let see what next season will bring for him.
        Not saying he shouldn’t be sold if any offer comes up thou

        1. Thanks BOB for you’re insightful wisdom on Arsenal’s wage structure,taken onboard next time I talk about ozils wages .

      2. Ozil ceased to be saleable the day he signed his current contract.We are stuck with him for the next two seasons.Even if we “freed” him no other Club on the Planet would match his current salary.Thanks a million Mr Gazidis.

        1. Emery’s 2 year contract ends at the end of the 2019/2020 season. There is apparently an option for Arsenal to extend.
          Should Emery leave or not be offered an extension, which well credentialled experienced manager/coach would be prepared to come to the Emirates, given the quality of the current squad, bloated salaries and the lack of financial support given be the board for reinforcements?

    2. How about giving him a 50K rise to motivate him? He seems demotivated, poor chap!And let me remind those who have forgotten that the only goal scored in the EL final was by Alex Iwobi and he was on the pitch for less than 20 minutes! Hope he too moves away from AFC like the Ox so that he can improve himself. With Laca, Auba and Torrera keen to move, we can have fun with Ozil, Mkhi, Elneny and Xhaka in the middle of the park, defense of AMN, Mustafi, Mavo and Kolas. Some unknown kids from League 2 or Turkey as strikers.And yes we can win the league!!Now Ryan Fraser seems to be reluctant to sign for us, board is dilly-dallying on Carraso, no progress on Anderson and Saliba. Sad times for a club as big as AFC.

      1. Just offer Ozil the captain-coach role at Arsenal, as he believes he is better qualified than the incumbent coach.

  9. Everyone is saying ship him off to China, let him leave for free, sell him at all cost…

    All these aren’t viable options because of one OBVIOUS reason..”OZIL DOESN’T WANT TO GO ANYWHERE ”

    That’s what got the club’s hands tied.. he just wedded and is very much relaxed and comfortable in London..
    It would be a different scenario if he was interested in a move and wants to play under a diff coach..then we would be dealing with sell on fee and his wage problem alone… But that’s not the case

    The only way Ozil leaves is if he actually wants to leave himself and not the club forcing him out…or the clubs forces him out by paying him off to terminate his contract (which means handing him 2 years worth of wages..£36 million)

    So Ozil has ZERO intention of leaving and Arsenal ain’t gonna just hand him £36mil to leave..Game set and match…

    Frankly, I have accepted Ozil will be here beyond the summer… That’s just the truth..

    1. It may look as if Ozil has the upper hand at the moment but its cos arsenal management are too weak and indecisive. Real Madrid is currently going through a similar scenario with bale who they want out asap but currently digging in his heels. No prices for guessing who’s bound to be the win that battle…That’s how you run a fuxxxxx club.

      1. True enough… but Madrid can’t still force him out if he feels like seeing out his contract…plus Bale might be more interested in playing regularly and regaining top form…. can you say same about Ozil?

        The club can only win by pushing him towards bench duties or demoting him…

        But even that can’t be regarded as a win if your dealing with a player whose priority is the humongous wages lacing his account weekly

  10. Sincerely our biggest problem is our management. Despite the inflow Of money into the premier league we are still complaining about lack of money. I still can’t remember a transfer window we spent over 100m. We have becoming so money conscious to the detriment of our prestige. Our management lack ambition, they were OK finishing in the top four for many years. Ozil is now a new cover for their failures.

  11. I don’t know whether to believe the financial situation. Arsenal are in the top 10 rich list, have the highest ticket prices and 4th/5th highest wage bill. So I think we’ve always had money, even when we were moving stadiums.

    A lot of people I spoke to after the EL final said Ozil was finished as a player at the club due to his ‘anonymous’ performances on the pitch.

    I have to say, he is a brilliant player on his day but I think he may need to move on because his performances do no justify his wages.

    Either that or Emery needs to build the team around his strengths to cover up his weaknesses.

  12. @QD

    Arsenal can’t exactly force him out on loan..especially since he has zero intention of going anywhere..

    I bet you bumping down to the bench or reserve would still not change his stance… he values that £350k a lot..
    That guy is simply not going anywhere…

    Except the club decides to pay him off though…which won’t happen either…

    This is just sad…..

  13. I will blame the previous hierarchy for signing ozil to that lucrative deal, I will have prefer Sanchez to stay, cause he give it all to the club at is best, Ozil is a coward, He didn’t put up a fight like Sanchez did cause he’s looking for a comfort zone, which we fall victim to, no big club in the world can tolerate Ozil lazy attitude, I think is high time the club confront him and tell him they want him out, and if he refuse Emery should demote him to U18.

  14. Oh noooooo, he can be made to leave, leave him forever with the reserves and he will be off in January, you have to force his hand.

    1. Nice way to treat a player who’s given 6 years of his life to this club ,never once moaned ,never in the headlines ,all that he did wrong was sign a contract he was offered ,just imagine if he was to have been aloud to leave on a free ,bloody hell we would not have heard the end of it would we .
      You know it would have cost more to replace him don’t you ?

  15. Honestly, I don’t know what WengEric and Arsenal were thinking when they gave him that contract, if they had given it to Sanchez and allow Ozil to leave then, we would have been better by now. That guy is so lazy, I hate watching him play. For me, I’ll say let him go for free,we will save 18m from his wage rather than wasting it on him.

  16. At the time it’s really expensive to sign world class playmaker. Just look at the price ManC paid for Kevin De Bruyne. So they thought 350k/week is cheap.
    Clever top top penny pinching.

  17. This is my response to every Oezil out post and negative bullshit about his wage.
    Hindsight they say is 20-20. Almost everyone at the club were slagging Wenger for not getting Oezil and Sanchez sign contract extensions at the beginning of the season, 2 years ago. Wenger and Gazidis were called bumbling fools for allowing Sanchez and Oezil, our two biggest players the freedom to leave on a free. These same fans said the club should break their wage ceiling and give these players the type of wages other big clubs offer to keep them. Sanchez was clear he didn’t want to sign and Oezil wanted to see the club keep Sanchez before he would sign.
    Eventually we made a lose-lose deal with the Sanchez swap and the board had no option but to give Oezil the inflated contract to assuage the teeming fans whose negativity towards Wenger and the board were now having an effect on team performance. These same two-faced fans now have the gall to call out Wenger and the board for doing just what they had demanded.
    In the entire contract saga, not once did Oezil talk about leaving the club. He simply took his time to sign the contract eventually given to him to sign.
    He may be off form, or not justifying his wages, but he is by no means at fault for the wages he is earning. He should not be disrespected simply because he ‘earns’ a huge salary by your standards. Nobody talks about the other high earners like Aubameyang who earns 200,000, Mikhtaryan who earns 180,000, Kolasinac who earns 119,000, Bellerin who earns 100,000. All this contributes to our high wage bill not just Ozil. On the same note Iwobi should be cut a lot of slack given that he earns just 30,000, while Xhaka and Mustafi earn 90,000 each.

  18. Business, business, business. No wonder we are sliding. We love Arsenal….Satan Kroenke sees us as a portfolio. If you look at all the teams who finished above us and some below us, they have totally different way of running their business. Their owners are proud of their clubs and invest enthusiastically. We have a rubbish owner, a rubbish managing director, a rubbish director of football…..and we got rid of the only guy who knew what he was doing, Sven Mislintat. What has our club become? We have loads of rubbish players yet we expect to do well. It ain’t possible.

  19. Fifty million for Ozil doubles the budget. Sounds reasonable to me and think of the saving in wages.

  20. I’m not surprised and if losses force Kroenke into selling I will be cheering with great gusto.

  21. i have no confedence in this owner or board of directors whatsoever, the Emirates was going to put us up there with the best challenging for all major honours,competing with the big clubs.
    Err what happened there then, weare suddenly showing pre tax losses OMG.

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