Arsenal fingers crossed as Mbappe meets Monaco about transfer

The idea is that the Arsenal transfer target Kylian Mbappe will have a big say on his future and more specifically, what happens during this summer transfer window. The 18-year old prodigy has been offered all sorts of advice from a wide number of sources and according to a Metro report he will begin talks with his current club today concerning what he wants to do with his fledgling career.

With Arsenal supposedly one of the main contenders to sign the young striker this summer, Gooners should be crossing our fingers and hoping that these talks between player and club go well for us and it is certainly possible. The other club being mentioned most often with Mbappe’s transfer is the Spanish La Liga and Champions League holders Real Madrid and while this is surely a tempting transfer possibility it may be too soon.

The French forward is a fantastic prospect but still young. At Madrid there may be too much pressure and also strong competition to play and that could play into our hands. The report claims that Arsene Wenger and the board are very serious about Mbappe and have already offered Monaco almost £90 million for him.

The striker said, ‘I’m going to go away with my family and we’ll think about what’s going to happen.

‘We have to sort it out, see what happens with the club too, because I’m under contract with the club. I’m not free. But we will see what happens.’

Could Wenger being French and having a great reputation for developing young players, as well as Arsenal being almost certain to give him regular first team action, convince Mabappe to come to north London?



  1. Efe iteire says:

    He is skillful but I just hope it’s not a gamble

  2. kev says:

    Arsenal must do everything possible to sign Mbappe.He should be Arsenal’s main target in this transfer window.He won’t be a one season wonder.He’s gonna be around for a long long time.I honestly think he loves Arsenal and we must do everything to persuade him to choose us if given the chance.

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      Why do you think he loves Arsenal kev?

      I know he was a fan of Thierry but I disinterested know about his undying love for Arsenal football club.

      1. Dory Sater says:

        He is an Arsenal fan. There are pics of him when he was younger wearing Arsenal kit. He can definitely come to Arsenal and they should do anything to get him! He will be a star for many many years.

        1. ArseOverTit says:

          So he had an Arsenal shirt, that’s good. And apparently Wenger sniffed around him before and knows his family a little, so maybe even though we are up against bigger and better teams with more financial power we maybe do have a slim chance. That is if anyone can convince stan and Wenger that we need to blow our hole transfer budget to get him..!

        2. Break-on-through says:

          Dory, and everyone else who isn’t sure. If we have made a bid for Lacazette, well then that means this Mbappe story is way off. Unless we bid for both and then hope we can take our pick, but that doesn’t seem like the way we work. The Lyon manager has stated that we’ve offered a very nice deal, so that must be true. The likelihood is that the press over here and over in France are getting everyone’s hopes up. Arsene probably got his answer on this when he bid 80 odd mil and Madrid bid 105m. It looks like Lacazette is the one we’re settling on. Sorry folks, as much as I’d love this lad too, am afraid the bubble is weaker than a Mesut slash Iwobi shot, it burst.

          1. neil says:

            Wenger often makes multiple bids… issue has always been for him to take a quick decision rather than wait and wait… so I think there have been bids for both Lacazette and Mbappe and this time with last season fan issues whichever player and club agrees first Arsene will take it.. both will fit in well and can score goals..
            I think with Kolasinac that is the two players Wenger said we need. Unless Sanchez or Ozil leaves.. I think Ozil will stay because a) he likes it and b ) no rumours about anyone wanting him !! Sanchez may go and if so then you might see both Lacazette and Mbappe join.

    2. Back From The Ban Yet Again says:

      I agree,he won’t be a 1 season wonder at all.The kid is the real deal.

  3. Ack77 says:

    chances of arsenal actually getting mbappe hinges on different points
    1. he wants to be assured playing time and a team built to suit him.
    2. real not giving more money upfront because they know they can buy the player from arsenal
    in some years when he’s proven to replace ronaldo.
    3. mbappe thinking of arsenal as a better stepping stone right now rather than the risky bet of playing for a star-strudded real team.
    4. world cup next year and playing for arsenal gives him a better chance of playing.
    5. finally arsenal & arsene paying the money

    1. Break-on-through says:

      We should promise him that anytime down the road, as long as it’s not less than 5 or 6 years, we’ll give him any transfer he asks for so long as it’s close to our asking price.

  4. john says:

    I think he be a Excellent signing and Wenger should do everything to get him, we should build our team around him, and get rid of giroud as well

  5. Uzi Ozil says:

    Sign Him and keep Giroud. But if the only way to get Him is to see Giroud go to Monaco, then that’s fine.

  6. Break-on-through says:

    I certainly hope so. That is all we have going for us. I don’t buy the argument that Arsenal will be the only one to play him every week in his favored position, and he’ll end up on bench otherwise. Every club bar Barca maybe, and who can afford him, will want him. Bayern might be happy with Lewy, he’s 29 going on 30, but they could always loan him back to Monaco. Real have Ronaldo through the middle, but he’s just as lethal playing wide forward. They could loan him back too with Ronaldo aging, and I think that’s what Monaco will try for.

    I think it’d be a disgrace if Chelsea go in for this player, all the young players they’ve stockpiled without giving any of them a chance. They have many young forwards, none gets a sniff, and then they go and pay over a hundred mil for another teenager. I hope Mbappe takes a good look at that, because if he is having some integration trouble, not racking up league winning numbers, that club has very little patience. It’s been good to them that’s for sure, being like that, but there are many it hasn’t been so good to.

  7. Jackyboii says:

    What even was the point of this article? There is nothing here that everyone didn’t already know

  8. Optimist Habila says:

    Kylian Mbappe coming to Arsenal will change a lot of things. It is BIG statement that will surely send jitters down the spines of EPL opponents. Mbappe happens to be the wave-making name in football at the moment and Arsenal would be lucky to have him during one of the trying moment s of the club’s history. He’s good and he will surely develop into one of the finest. Psychologically, Arsenal would have an edge over others not only in the EPL but in Europe, of course.

  9. Back From The Ban Yet Again says:


  10. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    Reports suggest that Lemar is stalling on signing an improved contract at Monaco, he’s apparently Waiting for Wenger to bid for him. ?? where’s Gazidis? I thought he was sent out with Wenger, to poke him with a stick. You snooze, You lose.?

    Sanchez and Ozil leaked pictures wearing stockings and suspenders ?? oops, ?? As if ?? They were Wearing the new Arsenal pink & black away kit, of course… It’s either a hint that they are both staying or just another balls up on Arsenal’s behalf.

    Sanchez out with an ankle injury, pictured on crutches, wearing a protective boot.

    Mbappe to Arsenal? ?? I bloody well hope so!

  11. Sam-afc says:

    Cenk Tosun

  12. Dexter says:

    What if arsenal signs mbappe and loan him back to Monaco for a season, just to prove to Sanchez that his replacement is already on the line and if he refused to renew, the club would let him go without having a heartbreak. This would be sweet revenge….cos all the interest he’s gathered might not be there next season

  13. Craig West says:

    Pay what Monaco want, pay Mbappe what he wants lol give him the number 9 or 10 shirt and stick him up front! Nothing long! Get Henry to negotiate with him if we have to ???

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