Arsenal finish Top of the League that matters to Silent Stan!

There is a very strange twist of fate here for the Arsenal fans that are annoyed that the Gunners did not win the Premier League title this season, but it is a fact that will definitely keep our major shareholder Stan Kroenke very happy.

It has been revealed today that Arsenal’s prize money for finishing second to Leicester is actually 8 million MORE than Leicester, who finished top! The Foxes did earn 1.2 million more than Arsenal for their actual League position, but because of the bonuses paid for the amount of games shown on Pay TV the Gunners gained 8 million more than the Midland side. Leicester were only screened 15 times on live TV while Arsenal were nearly double that an amazing 27 games out of a possible 38.

So the final figures for this campaign show that Arsenal (or Stan Kroenke) actually gained £101m from the combined table placing plus the TV deal, while Claudio Ranieri’s side will take just £93.3m to the bank. And to rub it in more, Manchester City (£96.8m), Tottenham (£95m) and Manchester United (£96.3m) also earned more than the worthy Champions.

Here is the new League table based on the payouts received by each team…

1. Arsenal – £101m

2. Manchester City – £96.8m

3. Manchester United – £96.3m (if they finish fifth by either drawing or beating Bournemouth on Tuesday)

4. Tottenham – £95m

5. Leicester – £93m

6. Liverpool – £90.4m

7. Chelsea – £87.1m

8. West Ham – £85.6m

9. Southampton – £84.5m

10. Everton – £82.9m

11. Stoke City – £79m

12. Swansea City – £75.3m

13. Watford – £74.1m

14. West Brom – £73m

15. Newcastle United – £72.7m

16. Crystal Palace – £72.4m

17. Sunderland – £71.7m

18. Bournemouth – £70.4m (if they remain 16th by losing to Manchester United)

19. Norwich City – £66.7m

20. Aston Villa – £66.2m

So the fans maybe unhappy with us only finishing second, but why on earth would Stan Kroenke consider changing our manager when we finish top of the League that matters to Kroenke? It all comes down to the bottom line of the spreadsheet, and in that respect Arsenal are the Champions!


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  1. But satan Kroenke could easily increase that to over 120 if he decides to buy worldclass players who can win the league title.(only imagining)

    1. This comment is from Wenger on S K Y Sports:
      Arsene Wenger says Stan Kroenke is ready to invest “as much money as we want” to rebuild Arsenal.

      Arsenal seems to talk way tooooooo much.
      This is the reason I really like Nike’s slogan.
      JUST DO IT.

      1. Wenger is only saying the stuff that the higher ups want and they are dumb f**ks anyway, start screaming you have unlimited funds and see how many teams increase the value of players when you show an interest.

        Wenger never needed to come out and say this stuff when Dein was here, Dein just got the players without making a fuss about it, something this current board needs to learn.

        I swear this board is so focused on telling us that everything is okay that they do not have time to make sure things are gonna be okay… Spend that time in getting transfers done.

        As you say, JUST DO IT.

  2. With all that money Wenger must buy CF and LW. Griezmann £40m and Mahrez £30m. Push Alexis upfront and bench Giroud. A new CB also as Gabriel has poor marking and temperament. Costed us the Chelsea game and was put to the sword by Andre Ayew on Sunday.

      1. I presume it’s because Greizmann is the best left sided player outside Barcelona. And Alexis is a roamer now, who needs to help out at left back even when the ball is not there. Alexis is still one of the finest a team could sign, just not the pinnacle.

        1. That’s somebody called CRISTIANO RONALDO, I don’t know whether you heard about him, he’s outside of barca and a LW also.

  3. Even so, we’re only getting around £5m more than the other top clubs, who trounce us in terms of overall revenue. Plus looking at expected player sales this summer, it’s tough to see where the revenue is going to come from. I expect us to sell:
    Wellington Silva
    Either Szczesny or Ospina

    We might just scrape £20m for all of those together, mainly from Campbell and whichever goalkeeper goes.

    The other big clubs seem to make far more in player sales than we’ve been making in the past few seasons. That of course means they have more money to spend on bringing players in.

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