Arsenal first-team regular left out of Euros by France boss

France have announced their provisional squad for the upcoming European Championships this summer, and will be taking two Arsenal stars to the tournament.

The Gunners have one last Premier League match this weekend before their players depart to join up with their respective international sides, but a number of Arsenal’s first-team will not feature in the tournament.

France boss Didier Deschamps has confirmed that Olivier Giroud and Laurent Koscielny will be a part of his 23-man squad.One who misses out if Francis Coquelin.

Le Coq is yet to be called up to a single French senior squad, despite featuring for their youth sides and having emerged as one of the top defensive midfielders in the Premier League.

Koscielny is likely to be a regular starter in Deschamps side this summer, with his side having lost Kurt Zouma and Aymeric Laporte to injury.

Giroud is no guarantee to start however, having struggled for form in recent months. Manchester United’s Anthony Martial could be selected to play down the middle ahead of him, although the Arsenal striker will not have to fend off the challenge of Lyon’s Lacazette, who has been surprisingly left on the reserve list.

The Gunners pair will be joined by fellow Premier League stars Dimitri Payet, Moussa Sissoko, Yohan Cabaye, Bacary Sagna, Elaquim Mangala, Hugo Lloris and Arsenal target N’Golo Kante.

Provisional squad for Euro 2016

GK: Hugo Lloris, Steve Mandanda, Benoit Costil
Def: Bacary Sagna, Patrice Evra, Raphael Varane, Laurent Koscielny, Eliaquim Mangala, Christophe Jallet, Lucas Digne, Jeremy Mathieu
Mid: Lassana Diarra, Blaise Matuidi, Paul Pogba, N’Golo Kante, Moussa Sissoko, Yoann Cabaye
Att: Antoine Griezmann, Olivier Giroud, Anthony Martial, Andre-Pierre Gignac, Dimitri Payet, Kingsley Coman
Reserve list: Alphonse Areola, Morgan Schneiderlin, Hatem Ben Arfa, Alexandre Lacazette, Kevin Gameiro, Adrien Rabiot, Djibril Sidibe, Samuel Umtiti

Does Giroud deserve his place? Should Lacazette’s exlusion put us off his signature?


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  1. Giroud has no big game temperament he’s a bottler of note,he’ll miss a few sitters in the euro quarters and France will be knocked out and I’m amazed some people on here don’t know that Giroud is on 130K a week in July 2015 he signed an improved contract until 2018 that took his wages to 130K!

      1. i think dee would know the truth.
        hes wengers nephew.

        how do i know this…im dees nephew.

        so wengers my……

    1. Giroud might be our major conviction here at Arsenal but he has been productive (39 apps, 10 goals )for France NT behind Benzema (54 apps,15 goals). And actually after Benzema been dumped, Giroud is their main ST. I’m surprise that Lacazette even lost to 30 years old going no where, Andre Piere Gignac. Deschamps must see something we don’t. Should Arsenal sign Lacazette? I believe Deschamps had help us to answer the question.
      Lukaku is better and PL quality proven. Our minimum target of requirement this summer should be Romelo Lukaku, not lower.

      1. Mate Lukaku is NO BETTER than Giroud, both big lumps both not known for thier speed or agility on the ball and both have trouble hitting a barn door with a banjo, Lukaku would be a straight like for like swap and thats NOT what we need. We need someone who is creative and strong and quick and most of all has the confidence to bury every shot he takes and they are sadly few and far between.
        Definatly NOT lukaku

        1. Really? Then how you explain his 18 goals? He get few chances from Everton midfielders but still finished ahead of Giroud. I said Lukaku is the minimum one, other than him should be greater.
          Aubameyang met all of your requirements but he said once that he would like to play for Real Madrid. So, that’s make him untouchable.
          Lewandowski or Higuain, they should be our big deal this summer.

        2. @Ozzy..
          “We need someone who is creative and strong and quick enough”…
          Those are the qualities of Lukaku…you remember how he dribbled the whole chelsea defence and scored in the FA cup??

          “And has the confidence to bury all the shots he takes”
          Well, maybe you have to create that kind of player yourself..

        3. First of all, your analysis of Lukaku is nonsense, but everyone is entitled to their opinion, so that’s fine. What bothers me is when people say “we need someone with this and this and this quality” and dont name any names, or give any examples of who they might have in mind. Who is this striker that is so much better than Lukaku and is also available for Arsenal to buy? Lewandowski? Messi? Alan Shearer?

    2. ahe Author of this article must not flatter himself………… Whether giroud is included in the french squad or not, it doesn’t aid Arsenal’s course in any given way

      very average striker he is and will easily make the list of an all time worse arsenal strikers

  2. The France national team is abundantly rich in midfied, they are just too complete in that department and to be honest, Coq is for now no where the quality of the midfielders selected…

    Imo,he can only compete with Schneiderlin in the reserve list..
    Am selfishly happy about his exclusion anyway..

    He will start the season very strong and fresh and depending on his personality,the exclusion might make him improve more.

      1. @Josh37..

        That’s why I said he can only compete with Schneiderlin,I didn’t say Schneiderlin is better or vice versa…

  3. its a straight joke that players like cabaye, sissoko, and diarra get picked ahead of coquelin but thats bs politics. Coq has a great head on his shoulders i think this will motivate him to work harder, now wenger just needs to wake up and reinsert him in the starting xl

    1. Diarra could be available on a free which is interesting… He’s supposedly had an amazing season.

      1. hes been excellent . first time i saw him i asked my friend whos that?
        diarra who ?
        formerly of arsenal.
        f right off eric, hes still playing, bloody hell under the radar much.
        was very impressed . then again was only 3 games all in which he was excellent

        1. Lol watch Wenger bring in Diarra, i swear he’s a typical Wenger buy, talented, experienced and he already played for us before. He’s always been a very good old school DM who even played for Madrid so i’m actually a little worried Wenger buys him

  4. Giroud was choose ahead of him (Lacezette) so I he’s not good enough. Let’s go for Aubameyang or our very own Higuin who scores same league goals with Cristiano Ronaldo this season.

      1. lacazette is good but no world beater, he comes here he averages 10-15 a season.

        sound familiar…..

    1. @Muda…
      If we want a top number 9,that is strong,pacy,good in the air,clinical and one that has age on his side with very good EPL experience we should just get Lukaku.

      It would arrogance to say Lukaku is not good enough for Arsenal
      I think we should make up our minds on Lukaku..
      If we push for him with 35m-40m he will surely push for a move….just check the qualities of his goals

      1. @GoonerBoy, I will welcome Lukaku with open arms too. I can even add £1 to complete his offer lolz.

      2. What? 35M-40M? I would rather looking for Lewandowski or Higuain service for that ammount. Lukaku worth at 25M maximum, might reach 30.
        But I agree, he should be our lowest bar of striker target. None other than him, must be greater one.

        1. @dragunov..
          If you consider how much Everton paid for him(28m) and his ability,he could be worth. 35m…

          I believe we won’t regret it if we sign him

          1. And then do you really believe we can sign Lewandowki??? Will bayern even sell???

            Aubameyang will only quit BvB for Madrid according to him….
            We just have to be very realistic..and I find it disappointing he some fans think Lukaku is not good enough

            1. Lewandowski said once that he’s a fan of TH14 and would like to play for PL sides (not particularly Arsenal). We all know that he has all trophies and glories at Muenchen, which seems to be the eternal king of Bundesliga. I don’t think their players even recognized the meaning of word : CHALLENGE. They are too dominant and even sucking up their opponent by collecting up almost every German talents. It’ll be somepoint that Lewandoswki will look over for new challenge.
              Now, I’m not sure about the timing, but if Arsene really increase his ambition (this is the hardest part) with good transfer policy, the TH14 fan is not impossible to play for us.

  5. Wengers non rotational system is going to kill of a few Arsenal players careers. Players only get chances when others are injured. I feel for Coq,Gibbs,Chambers – their lack of game time wont help. While players like Ramsey always gets a game. These guys dont even fair enough sub time.

    1. I agree with your reasoning but Gibbs is fairly on the bench due to Monreal’s consistency. Chambers I would only ever play CB, for me I think he is not athletic at all. He battles a lot playing right back and is too slow for DM

      1. Yeah they dont match up to the starting 11 but players should be given game time to prove themselves and also to prevent burnouts on regular players. Chambers and Gibbs are both England International players – they cant be that bad. Our issue is we dont kill off games early and allow these players to be given a chance while we rest the regulars….and if these players aren’t good enough then they shouldn’t even be in the squad. Lets sell and get players that can compete for positions.

  6. @Goonsquad8…

    I disagree with you on that…
    Cabaye is better and more experienced than Coq and to some extent Sissoko too let’s not be bias,Coq still has some way to go….
    Morever,Diarra,Sissoko and cabaye doesn’t start for France as they always start with Pogba and Matuidi

  7. TBH Giroud does not deserve to be in the National team … I don’t know why managers favor him … Very very lucky

    1. because he brings other qualities to the team.
      benzema being banned wouldnt have stopped him going to euros

    2. Really? Apart from Benzema (54 apps 15 goals), look at their list of main strikers again. They’ve no better choice than Giroud (39 apps 10 goals).
      Lacazette even swap by 30 y.o Pierre Gignac (16 apps 4 goals). That’s should mean something dude.
      This France team might have the most complete midfielders in Europe from starting to reserves. I think that’s the explanation of why they don’t really rely on CF for goals. If you check Benzema, he only has 27% goals ratio per apps.

    3. May be because he averages 20+ goals a season for the last 8 seasons?

      That is not luck, there is no other French striker available that has done that.

  8. Football games have gone physical. surprisingly skills are now added advantages. Leicester City and Atletico. Madrid are good examples. So, let’s go for
    Lukaku and Konte.

  9. i can see a real strong chase for benzema (to say we got a big name c/f) on the cards this summer, especially if real want a better c/f they would be willing to sell for a decent price. and wenger will announce his retirement from the club for next summer, at the end of season he will probably think he has gone as far as he can. for this next season and i sincerely believe he will do that, and the board will be courting his successor in the next 6 months to 8 months in preparation for this event.

  10. Le Coq is a great players in the making but he’s way far from being in the same league as some of the other choices that Dechamps has available and this is indicative of the Arsenal problem, half our Squad are not good enough to make thier national sides despite what Le Fraud says about them, lets not forget Cabaye was in our sites ubntil we offered a lower sum than what the magpies wanted and now he’s at Palace Le Coq himself was farmed out to Charlton with a view to being dropped by Wenger, circumstances dictated that he had to come back to us and yes he has made an impact but he’s NOT as good as is available currently and thats my point.
    If Arsenal ever really want to win anything we need to have some of the bast thats avaialble NOT the second best or the are gonna be the bests in ten years.
    The one theme thats apparaent through all of Wengers Transfers and transfer policies over the last four years is that there IS NO THEME.
    At any rate who cares if Le Coq aint going to the euro’s it doesnt affect us, it also worth noting that the season ticket letters go out in a few weeks wich means we will be linked to every player under the sun until that time is done and then we’ll end up with noone new cos as Wenger said last season “there are no available players out there who are better than what we have” nice play on words there the key word being “Available”
    No one is available unless its on a freeand that means they are too old or are sh!t
    Wenger just wont spend the money that we do have but he has too if he wants to win anything worth a damn

    1. Yeah I remember the Cabaye story. Arsene passed him, and then we get Mesut Ozil. Am I right? You may call that was lucky, I may say it wasn’t. Arsene probably stop his Cabaye approach because he’s monitoring Ozil’s situation at Madrid. Surprised surprised…
      Coquelin missed by Deschamps would be our advantage. He’s still young anyway. He’ll get another shot then.

  11. Other French players missing the Cut
    1. Schneiderlin
    2. Lacazette
    3. Ben Arfa
    4. Gamiero

  12. Tbh the best fit for arsenal is Kane, wenger should break the bank for him and then Lukaku just isn’t Arsenal standard, I’d rather go for Higuain

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