Arsenal Fixture list 16/17 – Which will be our worst month?

The Premier League fixtures are out!

This morning the fixtures for next season were released and Arsenal have been given both a tough start and end to the season.

Arsenal begin their hopeful title challenge at home against Liverpool, before facing current league champions Leicester City and Watford in the opening month. It is a tough start for the Gunners, playing two sides who are bound to be hoping for big things. Whether Leicester will be able to continue to take the Premier League by storm remains to be seen, whilst Liverpool will be keen for a strong start for Jurgen Klopp’s first full season in charge. Watford will also have a new manager for the upcoming season and so will be keen to impress.

Hopefully come May, Arsenal will be storming towards the title, in what is sure to be another thrilling and competitive campaign. Arsenal have a tough end to season in May, facing Manchester United, Stoke City and Everton. The good news is that we face United and Everton at home, which will hopefully boost our chances of taking all three points, but we do go to Stoke away, which is never an easy match.

February and March will be testing times with the Champions League knockout stages hopefully upon us once again and March’s fixtures against Liverpool and Leicester could be even harder with the Champions League fixtures in mind. Other key fixtures to look out for are the North London derbies on 5th November and 29th April, as well as Chelsea in September and February.

Obviously these fixtures are subject to change in accordance with TV scheduling and other domestic and international competitions. You can see the full list below.

Have a look and leave your verdict on which will be Arsenal’s worst month? At least January and February are looking kind to us for a change. Could this be our season at last?

Arsenal’s 2016/17 fixtures


13: Liverpool (h)

20: Leicester (a)

27: Watford (a)


10: Southampton (h)

17: Hull City (a)

24: Chelsea (h)


01: Burnley (a)

15: Swansea City (h)

22: Middlesbrough (h)

29: Sunderland (a)


05: Tottenham Hotspur (h)

19: Manchester United (a)

26: Bournemouth (h)


03: West Ham United (a)

10: Stoke City (h)

14: Everton (a)

17: Manchester City (a)

26: West Bromwich Albion (h)

31: Crystal Palace (h)


02: Bournemouth (a)

14: Swansea City (a)

21: Burnley (h)

31: Watford (h)


04: Chelsea (a)

11: Hull City (h)

25: Southampton (a)


04: Liverpool (a)

11: Leicester City (h)

18: West Bromwich Albion (a)


01: Manchester City (h)

04: West Ham United (h)

08: Crystal Palace (a)

15: Middlesbrough (a)

22: Sunderland (h)

29: Tottenham Hotspur (a)


06: Manchester United (h)

13: Stoke City (a)

21: Everton (h)

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  1. Every month is difficult because every fixture is difficult,Wenger must spend more on transfers it must not end with Xhaka!

  2. Arsenal destiny will decide in December and january if we win all the match plays in Dec and Jan we will be champions in April But everyone knows who we are

  3. We just need a striker, very fortunate Arsene Wenger has said you need a quick strikers and responsive quick defenders before you consider winning any trophies in modern football.

    For those who loves headers and hold up play from OG and the anticipation play of the Per Metersacker, they should start following in love with Stoke City because Wenger is looking to affload them and revive our best 2004 team.

      1. Hahaha ? And if that does happens,then you know full well that we will see a possessed Walcott, bang in a Hat-trick against us! ?

  4. The fixture list seems tough considering the fact that its Liverpool and Everton with Koeman is really a person who likes to cut spaces against Arsenal so maybe signing Lukaku maybe an option.
    Man utd look dangerous with Zlatan Mourinho go to Arsenal on final days of the league and he will set out for defensive formation to play on counter so Wenger must be prepared.
    Wenger looks like he is engrossed in France winning the tournament by the time all major transfers will have been concluded so therefore Wenger must buy Milik and Rodriguez from Ajax,Wolfsburg respectively. They are really good at their task and will help the team get goals and solidify defence. Wenger doesn’t need to spend big rather get those players who really can do the task set out to them

    1. Agree with Milik and Rodriguez as being realistic signings, they are nothing too adventurous that would dent the walls in Arsenal’s cash volt.

      Add a CB and Mkhitaryan or Mahrez to that and as long as we keep hold of our key players, we should see an big impovement in Arsenal, next season.

      Let’s be honest here, Wenger isn’t going to break the bank in trying to sign the fantasy striker, that we all desire.

  5. apart from jan every month have difficult fixture !
    but v also tend to lose mid table clashes
    v need a clinical striker plus a beast at the back

  6. I like them, they’re spread out even enough. Slight down side is second half season again has us away at the big clubs more so than first half. It’s not as bad as last season though, because we had them away and very closely tied. This one looks good, there are no months that look too difficult, only the beginning two games you could maybe say bollix, how we tackle those first two games will be nervous.

  7. Fixture matters Lil when you have the right players in the right positions.
    get a reliable striker, and CB and it matters Lil even if we start the season against the FIFPro XI away.

  8. theoretically we have to play all teams twice so the schedule should not matter that much. In practice it can make a big difference when you face your tough opponents whether it be after a CL game or during a period of injuries.

    Having said that I like to look at the bright side of life and if the squad can not show up for a season opening fixture against Liverpool we can forget about the rest of the season. It is easier to see how they over look Aston Villa or West Ham than Liverpool.

    Also if you are going to drop points because you are not ready for the season you might as well drop them against a good team so got that game behind you, making the rest of your schedule slightly easier than if you drop points against Watford in your opening game.

    I prefer easy run ins and our last 4 games of the season are not easy by any stretch of the imagination. However if you think in terms of winning the PL when is the last time we were seriously in the hunt for the PL title with 3 games to go (when we face Moureen’s Man U?)? So if we are still in with a chance the win the PL by the time we face Man U and Everton we must have done something right for once and the difficulty of our run in might then look different or at least mean we had a decent season. Normally we are trailing by around 10 points come the last games of the season.

    As always, injuries, the depth of our squad and transfer activities will IMO determine 50% of our success the other 50% being determined by the way Wenger picks his squad and tactics.

  9. For the easiest months id say Oct and Jan. Each of those months id expect maximum points if we are to sustain a proper title challenge. As for the hardest id say December. A few tricky ones in there and traditionally we always drop points around then.

  10. fixtures are irrelevant, with Wenger and giroud leading things were not winning anything, I have said it before and i will say it again and again all the deadwood should be thrown out no sentiments given whatsover. Walcott,gibbs,giroud,debuchy, all sold, chambers, akpom,zalalem,silva and hayden loaned again.

    young players promoted toral,willock,Rene-adelaide

    players bought- any of Laporte/schaar/dragovic/stones/ for c.bk

    kante go get him


    but we can all dream ……………………………………

  11. Our worst month is whichever month we have to play Barca or Bayern in the Champions League

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