Arsenal FLATTERED by Swansea win….LOL!

Arsenal have won their last five League games in style, but the Swansea manager Garry Monk is under the impression that his team deserved to get something from yesterday’s game. Admittedly Gomis did have one excellent chance to put them in the lead, but he was quickly dealt with by Cech and Bellerin combined.

The Swans won their first game in six last week, against USELESS Aston Villa, and Monk is sure he team played better against the Gunners. “The irony is we didn’t play anywhere near as good as that last week against Aston Villa, yet got the win,” he said.

“Especially in the first half against Arsenal, the way we attacked we were the better team, and we really should have taken the lead.

“The second Arsenal goal killed us a little bit – the momentum and the way we were playing. The scoreline definitely flattered them.”

The second was the Koscielny shot after Giroud, Fabianski and the Boss all tussled in the Swansea goalmouth, but there was no foul given and Monk thinks that was a little unfair. “I’ve been involved in many of those situations myself and I think the whole stadium, everyone in it apart from the referee expected a free-kick,” Monk continued.

“You see it time and time again. It’s a free-kick with contact on the keeper. Those fine margins are what I’m talking about.

“That decision didn’t go for us so we have to live with that.”

But he does take some positives from his teams display. “We’re not always going to be competing against the quality of teams like Arsenal,” he added.

Lucky for you!

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  1. Even the swans at the seas flew away…

    Talk about demons, Arsenal have overcome one when they beat Swansea for the first time in 2 years!
    A good win by means of hardworking, a side to arsenal we haven’t seen until the second part of last season.

    What was interesting was how we had iwobi on our bench, City had Sterling while Man U had Young. This is considering us and City have injuries. Begs the question if we do actually needed signings when we have Ramsay, Ox, Walcott back in 3 weeks and Welbeck and Wilshire back in 2 months.

    City fell over the line while Utd feel to there criticism of being boring. Its points dropped when both us. and City got 3 points there!

    Chelsea continue to offer the drama of the year, what next for the club who have no culture or history other than what money can buy. That’s the problem with money, it doesn’t bring you value…strange that!

    And so another weekend done with. It’s now our time for our Derby. If we can win it, the pressure will be felt at the Eihad.

    As far as roller coasters go, hold on to your seats. This one is going full pelt….

    1. Wenger haters a.k.a Mourinho brown nosers finally see the difficulty of maintaining a team at the top level and REBUILDING IT. Mourinho is an impact manager, he comes, he buys, he wins playing defensive relegation football, but then he gets kicked out. He doesn’t know what it takes to maintain a team for the LONG TERM, and frankly it doesn’t take much to win trophies with the budget he’s given. Hopefully people realize how lucky we are to have Wenger, even Klopp struggled to replicate his level of consistency with Dortmund.

  2. Yea well you cant blame him fir trying to be positive after that great loss can you? at least hes not moaning oh (if you know what i mean) that’s a coach,take positives from every game not blame your players and refs..hehe

  3. yesterday was title contenders performance.

    theres gonna plenty games were we are outplayed, look worn out, dont turn up etc
    the result is what counts, bonus that in second half we were quality.

    cant believe what im seeing from bellerin an le coq. brings tears to my glass eye. beauty
    i will not mention ozil, i saw this player at bremen, he can get better than this believe me when i say he has balon d’or ability, so dont act shocked hes playin so well

  4. Who cares? It isn’t like Swansea didn’t nicked 6 points playing defensive football last season, eh? Then the press was raving about Garry Monk ( which I hold in high regard otherwise) tactics and execution.
    OK, I agree, we didn’t played very good but this is what it matters, the win and the manner on how you take it. These are games you must win and the performance in the field is second to the result. I asid it last season, I say it now: these are the kind of wins you need to give yourself a chance. Remember Stoke? Remember Swansea? Remember Spuds? There you have it! 15 points which could have give us the title last year! Right there. Those were games we should have won and we were on to winning them but we failed to take it.
    So no, it wasn’t a great performance. One or two players were not as good as they normally are but all it matters is to showcase a functional enough display in order to withstand the crowd, the home team, the ref and your own mistakes. We needed a win so we took it in a pretty convincing way. For all the attacking flair we have, I’m enjoying this defensive display. I hope it will last enough for us to put ourselves in a good position. Winter is coming.

  5. Now it can be seen why I wanted Walcott out the Centre-Forward role. It’s a shame it’s through injury, nonetheless we a completely different team to the one with Walcott being a striker.

    YOU will be back to wanting Walcott being a striker as soon as he is back from injury despite virtually everybody in the team having scored more goals in the league than Walcott – and Walcott was a STRIKER ….. No wait ….. a CENTRE-FORWARD!!!!!!

    Please hurry back Walcott so you can score 2 goals in 8 more league starts as a STRIKER while our ‘real’ strikers watch you from the bench like some people want.

    …. well after you return in March as usual from your predicted absence. What a contributor you are to my team. I’m in awe.

  6. what’s there to be flattered about?……… Just some few weeks ago, we beat one of the BEST teams in the world, and that haven’t disrupted our winning mentality!……..swansea?…….was just being a stubborn bogey like stoke

  7. It was all about “digging deep” and getting that all important 3 crucial points, making sure we keep it tight with man city in the title race!

  8. The Refs did Swansea much wrong, but who am i to complain? It feels good to be in the other side of such happenings for once. To be honest, Arsenal doesnt look like quit like the champion side, but more like a former manure a like team. We dont dominate games, but we end up often winning them, and that is very important. Big factor having a goaly in Cech.

    I hope that we still get some new faces in january.

  9. boggey teams are already being gunned down can’t wait when we go to stoke and claim 3 points good to see genuine spokesman like Gary lineker giving his backing to us for the title

      1. We are the Arsenal and won’t give up without a fight!
        remember something kiddo this is the same article which was published here before Bayern match last month so whoever u are let me remind you I am not the moaning type like u so do your homework properly before replying to someone else

    1. Wenger wanted him back because of our little ? injury crisis!
      Nothing to do with Barnsley not wanting him,
      Infact their manager praised Crowley as the best 18 year old he has worked with.

  10. I think Garry Monk was wrong with his FLATTER comment. And he knows it. Arsenal were ELATED after hitting the Swans 0-3 in their home. This is a confidence win booster of a game for the Gunners ahead of their crucial Ucl away game against Bayern Munich at the Allianz Arena on Wednesday night’s. This is going to be a Mini World Cup Game to watch for me in which Arsenal will excel once again by hiding the Bavarian club side 0-2 in their home before the very watching eyes of Franz Beckenbauer and their partisan home supporters. I will soon plot the graph for Arsenal success in that game and keep all Gooners posted on this website.

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