Arsenal flop admits he ‘wasn’t happy’ at the club after sealing a return home

Willian returned to Corinthians this summer on a free transfer after agreeing to tear up his playing contract with Arsenal, and has admitted that he wasn’t happy in north London.

The Gunners only signed Willian 12 months prior to that from Chelsea, when convincing him to turn down a two-year deal with Chelsea and move across the capital to the Emirates, but he struggled to find form during his stay.

A year into that three year stay, we come to the decision that it would be best for all involved to allow him to leave, and he duly agreed to leave without any compensation, and has since returned to his homeland to sign for Corinthians.

After a short time back with his former club, he has admitted that he took his time to make his decision, and concluded that he just wasn’t happy at Arsenal, and made it possible for him to make that move this summer.

“I really thought a lot, together with my family and close people.

“Unfortunately, my time at Arsenal was not good, I wasn’t happy at the club. I don’t need to go into details, but I wasn’t happy and I thought returning to Brazil was the better option.

“I studied some other opportunities, but I wanted to return to Corinthians, to my home, to be close to my family members. It is the club that projected me to the world, he revealed to me. The right moment to return was this.”

His signing certainly didn’t work out like we had planned, but fair play to him for not cashing in on the deal we agreed just 12 months ago. It’s not something you read about very often in today’s game.


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  1. maybe he has an NDA with the club, so that as long as he keeps the details of this dumpster fire under wraps the payments keep rolling in on the DL

  2. I have never accepted there is a single validreason why ANY fit player should not, as a matter of course, give 100% effort in every game.

    Willian is one who has NOT honoured his contract and has cheated the club by being idle on the field.

    I am thrilled and relieved that he has now gone and will not praise him fort giving up his remaining £20 mill in wages.

    Esp since he has already pocketed approx £10 mill for giving nothing in return. Good riddance to him and all his bone idle type.

  3. Many gunners are yet to realise that, the biggest achievement this summer transfer widow was discarding willian.
    We must thank GOD

    1. It is a big achievement getting rid of willain but not the biggest achievement in the tensfer market.

      The biggest achievement in my opinion is getting rid of willain and xhaka.

  4. We have not really got rid of the main “deadwood” who is cheating the club. So there is nothing to rejoice about.

  5. To bring some balance to the articles headline, we “weren’t exactly happy” with him !!!

    Words such as “fraud” are often banded about too easily in our game.

    This is possibly the nearest I have come to thinking a player was indeed a “fraud”, and put pen to paper simply to “sit it out” and pick up the money on offer.

    A very expensive mistake – good riddance.

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