Arsenal flying, West Ham up for it – Wenger or Klopp?

Despit all the pressure that has been on Arsenal and our manager Arsene Wenger this year, there is a very good chance that the wily old Frenchman could come out looking a good deal better than at least two of his big rivals, Jose Mourinho and Jurgen Klopp, so which of the high profile coaches will be left with the most egg on their face?

Before the Premier League season even began it was being billed as a huge tussle between top name coaches after Mourinho and his old rival Pep Guardiola went to Manchester United and City respectively, but we also had the arrival of the hugely successful and respected Antonio Conte to Chelsea and the first full year of Klopp with Liverpool.

Pep and Jurgen will already be disappointed as they have no chance of a trophy and missing out on the top four would make that so much worse. It does look like city will be in the Champions League at least but how must Klopp be feeling tonight?

West Ham are going to be up for it tomorrow and his side have been inconsistent and vulnerable. while Wenger was all smiles after he saw a rejuvenated Arsenal stuff our bogey team Stoke City with not just a plomb but two plombs. Mourinho and United already have one cup and could have a second with the Europa League their only real route to the UCL, so I think it is down to us.

Wenger or Klopp? West ham or the scousers? Arsenal or Liverpool? Hold tight Gooners.



  1. Peter Deed says:

    We get is the biggest specialist in failure of all time. The man has zero ambition of winning trophy. He only signed Mustafi and Perez due to injury to Mertesaker and Welbeck.

    1. Peter Deed says:

      Wenger not We get???????

    2. John Ibrahim says:


      If Vardy had agree to join us for 20m
      and Mertesaker and Gabriel wasn’t injured at the start

      We would have additional 32 to sign a DM or winger

  2. Peter Deed says:

    Allegri or Simeone will be available next season. We cannot afford to miss out on one of them. I pray to God we get one of them next season. We have a good squad already but with a top manager like them our players will have a grit and winning mentality. Also they will buy the players needed like top striker, defender and central midfieleder?

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      Allegri require heavy financing – Agnelli Billlions

      Juventus is just like Bayern….almost a 1 team league

      Simone would be a better choice of the 2…and his record


      1. JPS_AFCNo1 says:

        John Ibrahim, Allegri doesn’t need huge investment he re-invests the money made from player sales. Higuain is the only really big money deal that has happened in his time at Juve and that was done with the money from the Pogba sale. All his other singings have been $35-40million and we can do that . He got Dybala and Mandzucic for stuff all and all his other buys have been very reasonably priced for who they got .Do your reaserch and see
        Allegri would be perfect Simeoni is to much of a change in style Allegri tactically is the best around. Look at how well Conte is doing and the Juve big wigs say he is even better than him.
        #WENGER OUT
        #KROENKE OUT

  3. Twig says:


    Sanchez is looking increasingly happy these days
    Cech has rediscovered his form
    Xhaka has been improving game by game, a joy to watch
    Wenger’s skipping celebrations were fun to watch, Lol. The man still cares

    1. Sandeep Chatterjee says:

      Some of us never doubted whether Arsene cares or not. We are worried about his ambitions and if he is toeing the Kroenke line of thought. Arsenal need to move forward we have been stagnant even after we have repaid the debt for the stadium that’s the worry. I hope arsenal board and whoever will be the new manager do what is good for the club and not restrict themselves to the owners dictates.

  4. Omololu says:

    Arsenal just need an ambitious manager unlike Wenger who gives priority for how much the club make or not. So, even if he wins the F A cup and also get to top four, it would be honourable for him to just leave.

  5. Sony Lynch says:

    Let hope Arsenal can be in the CL, then Arsene will be very happy to leave the club in the high next season. He is a man of high integrity. We will miss him sooner than later.

  6. Tim says:

    I can’t see West Ham getting a result.

    1. DarkPope says:

      nice thumbs down..look at the score now..3 nil down at home to pool in the 67th min:(

  7. Yossarian says:

    I’ve always thought Klopp is over-rated. He is purely a motivation-manager, somebody that can squeeze extra effort from players for a few seasons, but doesn’t have any long-term ability, and I’m glad we didn’t replace Wenger with Klopp when the opportunity was there.

    However I think Wenger should go now, and having watched Juventus playing on TV, I would wet-myself-with-excitement at the prospect of having Allegri in charge at Arsenal. People say “Oh but he’d need a big budget”… Well… Is £200m from the 5th richest football club in the world enough? I reckon it would be.

    Besides the much better new formation, I am beginning to wonder if the recent improvement in team motivation (Besides the Wenger Trophy) is because the team don’t want to lose Alexis, and need to show him that they are not a bunch of losers? Would certainly explain a few things we’ve seen in the last few games.

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