Arsenal hold on at the end to clinch opening weekend win over Forest

Arsenal claimed all three points from their opening fixture of the 2023-24 Premier League season, beating Nottingham Forest by the 2-1 scoreline.

The Gunners took appeared to be in no rush to force proceedings, dominating possession and building up a head of steam as we confidently tested our opponents early on, and just as the commentary began to comment on how quiet things had been for the recently departed Matt Turner, he was beaten.

Gabriel Martinelli was doing some fine work down the left, taking two defenders out with an explosive burst of pace before playing in Eddie Nketiah in the box, who made no mistake in firing it home. That scoreline was short-lived as Bukayo Saka cut inside from the right to place a curling effort well out of reach of Matt Turner at the far post just minutes later.

Forest will have been happy to have made it to the break without conceding again, but there was little to be excited about in the second half. The visitors were forced to try and be a little more adventurous after the break, but we were unable to capitalise.

We continued to dominate the possession extremely well, and with the two-goal advantage there was no reason for us to take any risks. We contained our opponents well, and the next best chances had both fallen to our new record signing Declan Rice. A low drive from outside the box bounced away off the outside of the goalframe, before an ideal chance fell to him inside the box around the 80 minute mark, only for him to fail to connect cleanly and his effort bounce up towards the top corner before being denied by Turner.

Just as we looked happy to settle for the 2-0 win, we were hit on the counter by a devastating counter-attack, which was neatly tucked away by Taiwo Awoniyi, who also netted against us last season.

We did have two more chances to regain our two-goal advantage, with Kai Havertz and Bukayo Saka both looking to break in behind the defence, only to fail to keep total control, but we eventually held on to the win 2-1.

Should Arsenal have showed more urgency to make sure of the win? Was we lucky not to have been punished for our over-confidence at 2-0?


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  1. Good game, but it showed that we’d likely have a tough season ahead. Hopefully Marquinhos will be kept, because Saka will get exhausted at some point

    1. Arsenal never let us have sigh of relief, never. The game which was supposed to be easy win for us again we complicate ourselves and made things difficult. Creativity wise we were just average which were limited to run from Saka and Martinelli, rice going missing Infront of defense and we looked quite exposed on counter. What is Partey doing in rightback when we had white, tomiyashu available which created a big hole in our midfield. Stat might be good for this match but it was really disappointing quality wise. Don’t know if Arteta being too arrogant because of limited success he has achieved . It’s time we should be aware otherwise in notime the hope may turn into despair.

      1. I think our midfielders didn’t want to produce riskier passes, because they played with a new tactic. It was also their first home game in EPL this season, so their nervousness was expected

  2. I wasn’t too disappointed because it was meant to be. Was even surprised we won. How Will you start 3 new signings and bench your old starter? If MA continues this nonsense, I see disaster.

    1. We dominated the game and won easily the fact you have the balls to make this comment after watching the whole game we dominated is insane to me.

      1. Listen am one of Arteta supporter, but let’s say the fact when we see one. My problem is not about the set up, my problem with him is wasting time to change. U put ur best defender in the bench, ur best midfielder in 2, Yet u cant change on time despite been 2-0 up. It’s annoying. They wouldn’t have scored if he had bring Gabriel on, and partey goes to d midfield.

      2. Just to be able to keep possession doesn’t mean dominating, infact forest also had few one on one god chances. You see the game of Liverpool and mancity and then you will understand the word domination. We were just better than forest but we’re average through out and needed some individual brilliance and little bit of luck to win.

        1. To further add I watched City Vs Burnley and Burnley had far far more chances than Forest so what is your point? Odd to bring up Liverpool when they are not in cl due to their performance. I was trying to stay out of direct arguements but seriously.

          1. You’re right, I watched the Burnley/ Man City game, they were sloppy and nowhere near their best. But their finishing was lethal. They are still the team to beat.

          2. Not talking about mancity or Liverpool, we are talking about dominating the game. See the match in which they dominate, they won’t let opponent breathe for 90mins. The gegenpressing game in which there are flood of chances after chances, flood of shots, won’t let defender clear the ball and hover around opponent box, not the game in which most of the passes are limited to defenders passing with other and keeping possession in middle third of the pitch.

              1. Also if you don’t realise gegenpressing is irrelevant in modern football at least in the way your presenting it (it changed the game) then your more than a few steps behind on the knowledge you think you have.

      3. Bo peeps sheep has spoken. Shame it doesnt realise meaning of dominate…..dominate is 5-0 and above, possesion percentage is what we had BUt as per wenger days counts for squat.

        Thats why i still say, the title is beyond him at the moment. Still tactically naive. His play is to switch off and retain possession in our half after a comfortable lead usually 2 nil. Invariably, the loss of concentration results in an error and the lead gets cut to 1 and without a true leader, we panic
        The few times, we have gone for a 3rd goal results then in a comfy win

      4. We didn’t dominate in the second half, we were nervous and were caught out for their goal, we took the foot of the pedal and we nearly paid for it. We have to kill off teams not give them a chance to get something out of it. I am hoping it was the first game nerves. But we didn’t win easily

  3. Saka scored a majestic goal. Only THE KING can score majestic goals.
    Asenal supporters do you agree that Saka should be referred to as “THE KING”

    1. Saka needed majestic goal because we hadn’t creativity at all to create good chances and that is the most worrisome of all. Only individual brilliance is not going to win the league, we need creativity in final third and lot of balls in opponent box and more chance created which were lacking.

  4. Good game but we simply are not ruthless enough in our finishing and shutting down opponents like City did yesterday and keeps doing every season. I feel sorry for Ramsdale as he might never win the golden glove with the way we tend to gift opposition a consolation goal.

    My biggest hurdle to winning the league will be Arteta over experimenting with tactics instead of doing the basics. The new signings, particularly Havertz would need some time to gel based on today’s performance. His languid style of play and enormous wage reminds me of Ozil. I hope he learns how to shoot and be more dangerous than waiting for open and easy goal scoring opportunities.

    I appreciate the fact that the gaffer is trying to make us unpredictable with the variation in tactics and signings. However, he needs to figure out the best way to win games convincingly, not like today’s game where we almost let Forest back into the game late on.

    1. Havertz pressed high up the pitch and won aerial duels in the opposition’s area, whereas Ozil tended to stay behind and did playmaking. They have different roles and playing styles

      1. Of what use is the pressing when he won’t shoot whenever he is presented with the opportunity. Ozil also pressed at the start of the Arteta’s reign before he was eventually benched for PR reasons. Every top team presses nowadays, so there is nothing special about what he did today in term of pressing.

        1. High press is needed to make the opposition’s GK or defenders panic and Ozil never did that. It’s very important and we’ve seen how Ronaldo’s inability to press made Man United’s defense suffer

          1. What you are saying in a nutshell is that he was bought for 65M and paid over 300 k weekly to be a pressing forward. Would it be bad if he had scored in today’s game, particularly the one-v-one opportunity that the defender made a recovery ahead of him. If that opportunity was presented to ESR, he would have hit the top bin.

            1. I believe he was signed to replace Xhaka and to give us aerial presence in the final-third. I doubt Smith-Rowe could score from that chance, because it was a difficult one

          2. What is it with these ridiculous comparisons between Ozil and Havetz? They are different types of players. For three or four seasons Ozil was the team’s creative heart. The new boy has a lot to prove. I question how effective he will be against the better teams.

    2. Agree with you 100%
      I mean, white at center back was a recipe for disaster. It just needed Forest to bring on a pacy/physical attacker and we’re toast.
      Hope Arteta get the right mix fast enough.

      I’m just scared we’ll have another Willian scenario with Harvertz where he plays no matter what. I think he should be eased into the starting line up gradually. Let him learn our style first.

  5. I think Arteta tried a new formation today for the teams who like to park the bus, and it was successful. It was a bit cautious approach as the formation is a new one, so was a no risk approach.

    Am worried about Timber though. Looks bad.

  6. Fabio & Smith-Rowe having some vibe to their game from what I’ve seen

    We know they’ll hardly start any match, but before they get rusty & lacking in confidence
    why not give them some 5-10 minutes

    This that kind of game u can make changes and the team will still see the game out

    We don’t need Odegaard for a full 90mins to beat Forest, he could go out at 85mins and it really won’t affect our shape

    The Kai favoritism won’t do the team any good

  7. What should have been comfortable turned out to he a nail biter. An easy first half but in the second half we just seemed to take our foot off the gas again. We will get punished if we don’t kill games off. MA will not be happy about that second half but at least it’s a win.

    1. To be fair though Forests goal did not come from foot off the gas sustained pressure just was the perfect cross with 4 men covering the two forest players.

      In the 1st half we were lucky not to be a goal down and that was sloppy.

  8. Good pressing game first half, but went a sleep second half and almost lost 2 points.
    Worried we did not create a single chance from an open play, both goals were a result of pressure after a corner.
    Think Eddie is not at the level of the rest of the team, at Palace we should play Havarts up top and a back four, hopefully with Zinchenko.

  9. Why every our game has two completely different halves? I mean, it’s good to get the first win of the season, but is it same old, same old every season?

  10. Glad to take the whole three points at home. I hope Timber’s injury is not something serious.

  11. Partey was very commanding in the first half but seemed to tire in the 2nd. It might be best to start either him or Rice and preserve the other for the 2nd half. Am glad we won but we had large periods in the 2nd half where we were just going through the motions trying to run the clock down.

    1. Spot on Reggie.We ought to have been one down ear!y doors and as I mentioned a few weeks ago, I suspect clean sheets will be a rarity this season given the complications of the system which Arteta seems intent on deploying.Four left footed defenders in our pool, and yet not one started? Unbalanced to say the least.

      1. Great observation and one that causes one to scratch his head, well with the injury to Timber, one of them is definately going to start next week

  12. Three points most important, always. Not really impressed with second half performance. I dont see Man City being 2-0 up and playing as naively as Arsenal did second half. That’s where we are miles behind city. We have the players, that isnt an excuse. Early days but Partey needs to be midfield, he was immense. I thought Haverz was really quiet and a bit of a ghost. Nketiah proving again, some people dont understand football on this site. He is a goal scorer and is an able deputy, when fully fit. He isnt world class but he does a job. Next game and hopefully a step up. I did think a few players looked a bit confused as to their positions, especially out of possession but hopefully that will improve.

  13. It felt in the end like a lucky win. 2-0 up and cruising but the goal took the wind out of our sails and in the end it all became scrappy and nervy. Well, I became nervy anyway.

    1. Sue, its a bit scary that yet again, as soon as a bit of a set back comes, we lost composure so easily. Thats why we lost 4th 2 seasons ago and the league last year. The structure and mindset is still looking a bit too similar. Early days but concerning. We have to be stronger that just flat track bullies.

      1. Exacltly, Reggie. We were very commanding until Forrest scored. After that we lost composure again. We need to stay focused and aim to score more.

  14. Why did Havertz played for 90 minutes?

    If you think pepe is a flop, Havertz is here to show you guys the real definition of flop 😏.

  15. Dominated 1st half, but a definite drop in the 2nd. Again took our foot off the gas and gave up an easy goal.

    White is a great RB but suspect as a CB. He marked the man then lost him for the goal. Thought Ramsdale could have done better as well.

    Otherwise we’ll played. Hopefully Timber isn’t too bad, and no need to overthink and be too clever. Play our strong back 4, Partey and Rice dominate midfield, and attackers do their thing.

    No need to invert Partey or Rice, just play to their strengths FFS.

    1. Took the words right out of my mouth with Rice and Partey, and spot on with White, he and Saka link up well when he plays Right back. Tomiysau had a great game as well

      1. Are you watching the same games. Martinellii and Saka are going to burn out around March because they are not getting the right support on the flanks from the likes of White ,Tomiyasu, Kiwior, Partey or whoever Arteta likes to throw in there as wing backs. Our play becomes so predictable and our two star boys will be marked men.

        1. Lucky you aren’t the manager then, White does link up well with Saka and has done for a while

    2. Playing people inverted, out of position and doing things they are not physically used to, initially puts strain on muscles and tendons in ways they have not been used to for years. It is physically demanding making you body do new moves. Injuries will happen more because of.

    3. Seriously the lack of basics is what will be our downfall.
      Arteta is trying too hard for my liking with his need to play people out of their natural positions and his lack of substitutions.
      Another factor that will cost us points against decent sides is the lack to kill off games and the complacency when we are two nil up.

  16. I don’t think Arteta got the tactics right today, Ben White didn’t have a good game, Ramsdale still can’t kick, where Raya can. First half we were excellent but second half we dropped off, thought Arteta didn’t make changes quick enough, I know Timber’s injury changed some of it, but we looked very sluggish and devoid of any ideas. Not sure about Harvertz yet, and I still think we need an out-and-out striker Martinelli’s skill was sublime, but he faded as well, this is where Arteta needs to make changes quicker. Cooper’s changes almost got them a, but Arteta seems reluctant to do it. The first game is always tricky, Rice had a decent game, a great shot, great save from Turner. Double standards from the ref, Forest player kicked the ball away, nothing was done, and the same when Cooper and his assistant were in the zone together, isn’t that a yellow, yet fourth official walked straight past. I think Rice and Partey need to develop a partnership, Partey at Right Back didn’t do it for me. Just hope Arteta isn’t trying to be too clever with his tactics. Time will tell. great atmosphere, especially when Forest scored.

    1. 👍i dont get this Partey at RB thingvat all. He is one of THE best midfielders in the league. Stop p1££1ng him around. Play Rice and Partey midfield and build around them.

      1. I get why arteta wants to play partey at RB – allows us to have rice and partey in the team, gives rice some tactical freedom and gets an extra creative midfielder on the pitch – he wants to have his cake and eat it but I don’t think it will work. This league is too tough and even lower league teams can adjust during the game to take advantage of weaknesses, especially when they’re obvious.

    2. Refereeing was disgraceful, two clear yellow cards, Martinelli and someone else pushed over outside the penalty area and nothing

    3. Too much tinkering in an established team will ruin everything. White established RB, partey established DM but we just decrease their effectiveness by playing them wrong position. Rice and Havertz cant be 2 midfield pivot which Arteta need to accept otherwise we will be left exposed too often and concede plenty of counter attack goals or we need to have one defender playing as midfielder as mancity do with stones. So request to Arteta is tinker with unproven things like best position for Havertz but please dont mess with the some basic proven things.

  17. What is going to let down Arsenal is tinkering players and places. Arteta is trying to copy everything Pep is doing. In my opinion, we need to play every player in their best position. This will enable the team to gel. Partey at right back needs to have been tested in preseason. There’s no advantage accruing by leaving your best players on the bench just so as to rotate/surprise the opposing team. Arteta needs to note and get his act right going forward.

  18. First half – ok, but what the hell were we doing in the second??? To allow ourselves to be suckered at home was beyond believable. Thank goodness Gabriel brought back some stability, we need a reliable striker – we should’ve been at least 4 up. This brought back shades of Bournemouth, West Ham, Liverpool etc. We needed a third at the start of the second half, but thought we already had it in the bag. JT going off seemed the turning point.

    1. Disagree completely, we should never have been 4-0 up. WHAT STRIKER missed a hatful of chances? We didn’t create hardly anything, even when we had 90% possession. We didn’t create so we couldn’t miss something we didn’t make.

        1. I was at the match, we had loads of chances that should have been put away in the first half, MC get a sliver of a chance and it goes in, that’s what we are up against, no point dreaming – what game were you watching?

      1. Disagree completely- we don’t have a named striker, so I don’t know what you’re talking about, but Havertz had at least two chances that would’ve been put away by MC in the first half – rewatch the match.

  19. Can someone please tell Arteta stop unnecessary experiment. Why is it that the coach finds it difficult to improve on his man management? What exactly does Arteta saw in Harvertz that he allow on the pitch for 90 mins? Why didn’t he sub Timber at half time to protect him? Why did he refused to sub Saka and bring in Nelson to protect the former from imminent burning out?
    Let Arteta foot soldiers remind him that that the pain of loosing the title last season due to his poor technical and tactical abilities is still fresh in our memory. We have started the league in a rather not convincing note and with a loss to a very important player.
    Let me say it without mincing words that, with Harvertz on the pitch, we will always play one man short which puts in a disadvantage position. It’s a shame to have spent such huge amount of money on him. If Pepe’s case was scam, Harvertz own is criminal.
    The season has started. Arteta, please learn.

    1. Agree with your post but according to Arteta, our physio said Timber was ok to go out again. Was he?

    2. I’m currently watching the Newcastle Vs Villa match and please don’t kill me for saying this but maybe the money spent on Harvezt should have been spent on the winger Diaby.

        1. Either would have been better. Diaby def a winger, Isak looks great as a striker.

          Havertz fits where?
          Sub par striker, not a great winger, questionable as an 8. Hey, at least he is versatile, but won’t dominate, never has likely never will.

  20. @ Fios
    I agree with you completely about TP @ RB. I also think BW is not a centre back. BW’s forward forays add a new dimension to the righthandside.
    WS cannot control the whole defence. He needs Gabriel or Timber next to him.
    Go back to tried and tested formations and only change if it is not working.

  21. Unimpressed. Havertz, to me doesn’t seem to be the front man we need, neither does Rice look like he’s made for our style of play. While Trossard is a beast…Jus sayin.

    1. Trossard was brilliant – he’s as skilled as anyone we have and his decision making is spot on. I really don’t like that he always starts on the bench.

    2. Rice is surely made for our style of play, he was faultless all through the game and he will only get better with time.

  22. Why is everyone panicing. Even if we have the all best players in the world there will be games that will end like todays match.. beating an opponent 7 to nothing this week does not mean that same team will not end up finding it difficult against lesser team the following week …. This is football . Mancity will not beat every small team comfortable as well .. some games your team will win as if they are perfect, some will end up as if they are the worst …the important thing at the end is wining.. more so what’s the point of watching football if the only interesting thing that happened on the filed comes from the team you support alone

  23. Love the negative comments. I too am angry that we got 3 points, that we controlled the game so well that we only gave up 2 chances, that we comfortably saw the game out even after giving up a goal, that Nketiah scored when he’s our only striker right now, and that Saka played great w an exceptional goal. Pisses me off.

  24. Lots of general negativity on this thread, sadly predictably. I take a very different and posituve view. In particular I loved the way we constantly very quickly regained possession whenever we first lost it.

    Lots of obvious positives IMO. But, predictably, I am once again in a JA minority. there My only worry now is how long the excellent Timber might be out injured.

    Perhaps Ad Pat should rename it as JUST NEGATIVITY!

    1. Isn’t it also predictable that there ought to be a variance in opinion after such an interesting first game? That’s where JA thrives in all varieties of opinions- positive, negative, and neutral IMO. And yeah, people here are just expressing their opinion and I don’t know why you need to bring in admin as well lol… werent you also negative when we were playing under Wenger?

      1. Sid , Seems somehow you missed the point I made, which is precisly NOT what you say yourself. I said that there is little variance between thr very many negative posts. And far fewer positives from such as Angus and myself. No real variety therefore I only wuish there were Angus and I are positive and see how well the team is progressing.




      1. Yes, the two prophets who shine a light while the rest of us who are pleased with the three points but who didn’t see everything as being rosy are cast as doom mongers.

  25. I think Arteta is going to ruin this season with Havertz. He is hail bent on trying to prove pundits and fans alike wrong but instead, that signing of Havertz is going to destroy everything he has built. The guy is so average. Still wondering what Arteta saw in him. £65m would’ve gotten us a better player with class. Something keeps telling me it’s a £65m wasted

    1. That 65M should have been better used on a decent forward to compete with or support Jesus, yet, we got Havertz. Surely MA saw something in him that we don’t, but Havertz being a top priority baffles me. I can only hope he turns into the player MA wants him to be for our club’s sake.

    2. There is a solution to Havetz, bench him and give Smith Rowe some game time. Until Arteta turned against him ESR was doing every Havetz does only better.

    3. Absolutely true. A £65m player should be dictating play. My frustration with Havertz is that when I think of all the better players we would have got for that money I just cannot fathom what got into Arteta and Edus head

      1. Perfectly put. When the rumor of signing him first surfaced, my only issue was the price. I would take him probably for half the price or less to get a role player, if we really wanted a player like him. 65M is a major investment where everyone expects an instant upgrade to the team. MA and EDU don’t know where to best use him and he is struggling, this is a disservice to both him and our club.

  26. Didnt watch the game, and from the highlights it seemed pretty much a mixture of what has been described above. I liked the inter-passing near their boxes and also the fact that our ground crosses are at-least a little more accurate. Interesting game, interesting tactics. Just hope JT is ok, and our other players are hopefully ready to hit the ground running if and when MA puts them on.

  27. I understood what Arteta was trying to do and it was working well. We were attacking as a 343 formation and defending as 433 where Partey was floating between RB and DM, havertz was floating between midfield as a second Odegaard and striker as a second Nketiah to reinforce attack, Problem was he wasn’t playing at Odegaards’s level to supply martinelli, Timber and Rice were doing his job for him and while his ability to win long balls was good, he failed miserably in an Nketiah position. Apart from controlling long balls, Havertz was non existent. He seemed weak and Arteta trying to justify why he spent 65m quid on him kept him on for the entire 90mins. Removing havertz and slotting in trossard would have earned us more goals. I like that Arteta is trying to make us unpredictable and he only played this way because Nottingham forest is not a high pressing team. I’m sure against a high pressing team, the community shield line up will be the order of the day. That said Arteta needs to know how to own up to mistakes and fix them quickly before it ruins him. The Havertz situation reminds me of willian. Only an injury to willian forced his hands and he discovered martinelli and ESR and the rest is history.

  28. I must admit i was a little dissapointed with how we ended the game given the fact that we dominated the game for long spells,two-nil up and cruising which i think was all down to our successfull but a bit faulty new tactic that would have been better suited with aggressive and technical guys like Jesus and Trossard who could have danced through their defence to create opportunities instead of a player in the mould of Havertz who barely impacted the game not saying he is a bad player but i think this tactic does not suit his style of play which had us playing like we are one man down.lots of positive to take as we just witnessed a new way of taking on our opponents, three points in the bag……a trip to palace next,COYG!!!

  29. Glad Matt turner had a good game, showed he is a good goalkeeper with good qualities. Lower level prem keeper is his standard but deffo done himself proud.

    1. At least you have showed up unlike others who are with Arteta in health not in sickness, in good not in bad, in winning not in losing. When the team underperform or lose they are usually nowhere to be seen.

      1. Whoa!
        I didn’t find it a comfortable victory at all.
        We were on top for periods but absolutely did not make our superior quality count. I presume by now you have either seen the highlights or a full re-run.
        HH, we could have been one goal down inside of 12 minutes but for a Forest cock up. They were allowed back into a game at 2-0 when we could have gone for the jugular. After that, Forest could have easily scored

        1. It wasn’t very comfortable at the end and we should have made more of the chances we had. However, we fully deserved the win and this is the first game of the season.

        2. I am just observing Sue. Some of Arteta supporters don’t give others a space to breath when things are rosy and well but they completely disappear when the performance is bad or when we lose games.

          Isn’t that support only in good times?

    2. This is common for JA. The moaners and whiners are out in force as usual..
      From some of the comments you might think we had lost the game.

      1. And add to that some of the negativety throughout the week after winning the Community Shield as well.

        It’s been a fantastic week for Arsenal, yet there’s no pleasing some I guess.

      2. Mostly I concur with your overviews, but not today. I thought the aftermath of the Forest goal showed a lack of composure

  30. Couple of points:

    1) Saliba said himself, that he “is not 100%”

    Why is it taking so long for him to recover? Is his back injury structural and he will never be 100%?

    2) Timber looked like he either injured his acl or lcl from the looks of it.

    So, why did Mikel put him back in? I do not care what the doc said. You can still walk with a grade 2 or 3 sprain, but be badly injured.

    With Gabriel in a back 4, AFC were one of the top defenses in the entire league!

    Why the unnecessary changes to the backline with Saliba back?

    Get the backline solidified or that will be our downfall again, and again and again!

    Simple really….

  31. With all this comments you might think Arsenal lost the Match, imaging how this place will be when we lose any match

  32. First game I missed in many moons, but am struggling to understand what took place by reading the comments, isn’t 71% ball possession an impressive win?

  33. As expected Forest came and parked their bus. Sorry, buses. 81% possession by the 30th min mark. The team still lack the rhythm and swagger at this early stage of the season. Lack of understanding and co-ordination among old and new players were visible. Very smart of Arteta to bench Gabriel and put extra man in midfield to suffocate Forest. That eventual pressure got us the two goals. Martinelli and Saka were fabulous, Nketiah was effective, Odegaard and Havertz were probing, Partey and Rice were imposing.

    1. Jax,We will never thrash a team with such team selection. There is no logical explanation as to why Arteta chose to field the team in that manner if its not for his own self justification .
      I also don’t get it when some of you brand others mouners simply because they are stating their truthful observation .

  34. Forest came to sit back and play counter attack. That’s why Arteta benched Gabriel and played extra man in midfield. Good time to experiment in the right match.

  35. I don’t know what the negative comments in here are about, this is the first match of the season and Arsenal won, it’s 3 point for crying out loud. Jeez!

  36. Grateful for the three points, but extremely worried about the rest of the season. Reason being, Arteta hasn’t learned how to get the best from his players and the entire squad as a whole.

    Partey at RB, Saliba at LCB, Gabriel on the bench – what the hell was he (Arteta) thinking? No wonder the players were confused and our game choatic – especially the 2nd half.

    Time to start looking for a new manager.

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