Fans hoping internationals have not killed Arsenal’s season?

The last two international breaks have been very different for Arsenal, and we Gooners can only hope that the differences end now, because if this latest Premier League game which Arsenal lost top Watford is the shape of things to come then we are all in for an unpleasant time of it.

Strangely enough, you would have expected Arsenal to be in a much better place aftyer the second international break of the new season than we were after the first but it has not turned out that way. You know the old adage of not wanting to head into a break after a loss? Well the first break came after a loss and a pretty awful one at Anfield.

The Gunners got themselves together and bounced back though, winning every game except the draw away to Chelsea and that was a big plus point for us as well, so we were all set to come back from the second break in fine fettle and raring to go then? Clearly not.

Now Arsene Wenger and the players must make sure that this is a blip and not the way our fortunes will pan out, because before the next break we have EPL games against Everton away, Swansea at home and Man City away as well as the Carabao Cup game and the Europa League double header with Red Star Belgrade.

Will that next international break be as painful for Arsenal fans as the first one was?



  1. gotanidea says:

    Hopefully Sanchez would be fit to play against Everton. Arsenal need his creative sparks to unlock Everton’s defense.

    Arsenal needed a creative player in the Watford match, but no player could replace Sanchez’s creativity, skills and movements. Because he looks determined to leave, Arsenal should get another attacking midfielder that has similar habit in the field.

    1. Mudassir says:

      do you know what’s hopeless? Arsenal under Wenger.
      this season is already over for me and am not looking forward to next season but the one after he (arsene) left.

  2. Mr pat says:

    Just read the article by ‘ she wore a yellow ribbon ‘ it was brilliant about the demented so called arsenal fans celebrating when we lost to Watford over the weekend what a bunch of losers and on constructive criticism it is now clear more than ever we need a director of football who sees through the fans eyes from the stands what most arsenal fans are angst about especially some player’s lack the angry element of the premiership, look at Newcastle with benitez in charge and most of the players are hardly household names, Arsenal foreeeever!!!

  3. Ivan says:

    Internationals have not killed our season; that was done right at the start when an incompetant old fool picked two left backs for central defense and we got beat by a poor Stoke team and humiliated by Liverpool.
    Three league wins over the might of Bournemouth, West Brom and Brighton had the AKB’s trying to pretend there was no problem but it did not take a genious to see that we still had deep problems. Now the plastic AKB’s who are not bothered when we lose are going to make excuses.

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