Arsenal forward tipped to sign new deal ahead of possible loan move

Darren Ambrose has claimed that he expects Eddie Nketiah to sign a new Arsenal contract before considering a potential loan move for next season.

The forward is currently leading the line in north London and receiving plaudits from various circles for his performances, but still remains on course to leave the club this summer.

With little time remaining on his current contract, it seems almost inevitable at this point that he will be leaving, but with no agreement to move away from the club as of yet, we could still have a say on his future.

Ambrose believes that his recent run of first-team football will have convinced him that he has what it takes to earn a future role as the main ‘focal point’ of our attack down the line, and believes he will agree a new deal with the club.

“I think he’ll stay but whether he’ll stay in Arsenal as a player or go on loan I don’t know,” he said live on talkSPORT. “Arsenal are building something, he’s 22, and if he is confident enough to one day be the focal point for Arsenal [he might stay and go on loan].”

While I find it hard to believe at present, I hope this proves to be true. Long-term followers of JustArsenal may recall me praising our young forward previously, especially after his thoroughly impressive displays in pre-season and in his rare cup outings this term, and I believe with more playing time he will prove that he can be a great addition to our playing squad.


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  1. Please, Eddie Nketiah is a great player but still needs more experience from adequate play time. Let him change environment to get that adequate play time but as an Arsenal player.
    He needs to get
    cooked /toughened from a good loan deal after an extension of his contract with the Arsenal FC Club.

    1. “Great”? Honestly?? I much dislike those who use hype language and exaggerate a great deal too much. Nketiah has much improved and I hope he stays, really I do! But to call him great is childish and a typically young persons silly hype. He is a decent player, fast improving.

      THAT I WOULD NOT ARGUE WITH BUT THAT IS NOT what you said, though it would have been accurate , UNLIKE “GREAT”. SIGH!!

      1. Get a life Jon. Obviously things could be worse if you deem that to be noteworthy to have a whinge about. What are you, the adjective police ?

        1. Fuzzwah, you are far too young to realise what importance accurate use of words achieves

          Accurate use of language helps avoid many misunderstandings and makes human interaction more easy to conduct civilly and fruitfully.. My long life has taught me that, and by experience, something you do not have.

          Your own misuse of language in saying such as “adjective police” when there is no such concept as that, shows how little you comprehend of the importance of accuracy in language. Sigh!

  2. Seems an odd take. I”m sure Eddie knows that Arsenal will likely splash big money on a centre forward this window.

    As long as his current form continues, he should also know that he will get a lot of opportunities even if he is second choice starter given that we are back in Europe.

    My bet is on him signing and staying.

    1. A very safe bet indeed. Eddie will not be able to compete in the market with all the other top strikers in the upcoming transfer window; it is better for him to stay. And if he continues to play well, we could either keep him long-term or sell for a tidy profit. A win-win for all.

  3. If Eddie reads this he will know for sure that arsenal fans are behind him and of course MT has well informed him about the chances and also what he is trying to create at the #EMIRATES and he might be sold on the same and choose to stay with us and be part of it because now MT trusts him and he knows he has taken his chances like a duck to water so maybe he himself can spoil it but boy, he is a workerholic and he only want to get better.

  4. If I was Eddie I’d stay at Arsenal (or at least sign the extension since he would probably be loaned out).

    You just have to look at Iwobi, Joe Willock, Reiss Nelson & AMN (all academy graduates) to know that it’s not all rosy away from Arsenal.

    Crystal Palace really wanted to buy him last summer but the big issue was his wage demands. Eddie’s currently on £45k a week and was demanding £70k a week from Palace. Gabriel Jesus is on £70k per week at the moment at Man City and Eddie is no way near his level.

    Even if he goes on a free transfer, which club bigger than Arsenal will take him right now? Even the bigger midtable teams like Westham are going for the Nicolas Pepes. Everton has Richarlison & DCL. Leicester has Vardy, Ihenacho, Daka & Barnes. Aston Villa has Ollie Watkins. You get my picture.

    In a perfect world to Arsenal, Eddie would sign the extension at £55k a week, get loaned out to Crystal Palace, show some form by scoring goals and then he comes back to Arsenal and we pull off a Joe Willock or Iwobi by selling him on for £25mil or £35mil respectively.

    Eddie Nketiah has no future at Arsenal. It is what it is. Let’s not sugar coat it ladies and gentlemen.

  5. Arsenal should sell him……hez best good for championship side…..Hez just like AMN ( they both believe they are too gud)…… I was even happy AMN left Arsenal and it’s crystal clear now that the club needs to sell …. It seems some fellow gunners just like some players becos they are from Hale End even if they are not good enough to take the club forward….. Eddie can’t take the club to the next level, so we should try and buy a good poacher and sell him now that his stock is high

    1. We cannot sell him now, the transfer window is closed and when it reopens Eddie will be out of contract.

      If he moves abroad we get zero, if he moves to English side we get compensation. Him and his agent are not stupid, they are the ones in control.

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