Arsenal front runners to sign player Real Madrid failed twice to land

Arsenal have emerged as the favourites to sign a young South American midfielder that Real Madrid twice previously tried to acquire according to reports in the media.

River Plate youngster Exequiel Palacios was set to sign for the Spanish giants last season for a reported £20 Million, however, the deal fell through due to the 20-year-old picking up an injury.

Los Blancos then tried again last January but on that occasion, it was the player himself that decided against a move to the then European Champions.

You would have thought that having tried to land the young Argentinean twice they would again go in this summer but that appears not to be the case with newly installed Zinedine Zidane apparently not interested.

It is now being reported in Argentina that Arsenal are the new front runners to sign Palacios.

The funny this is this, Real Madrid offered to sign him for £20 Million despite the fact that he has a release clause of just £17.5 Million, a figure well within our reach.

Palacios is considered an ideal prospect to replace the departed Aaron Ramsey and you have to think that with Real Madrid at one time very keen on him that he must have something about him. He has been capped twice by Argentina and is destined for a move to Europe sooner rather than later.

Hopefully, the rumours are true, especially with regards to the fee and that we land ourselves a player highly thought of with a great future in front of him.


  1. No need for another midfielder because Arsenal have got Maitland-Niles, Xhaka, Willock, Guendouzi, Torreira, Ozil, Mkhitaryan, etc

    We need wide players such as wingbacks or fullbacks and wingers

    1. LOL our midfield is weak and after ramsey got injured it was worse, we got slaughtered in midfield by midtable teams like palace, wolves.
      Niles- not consistent a superb match followed by a bad one.
      xhaka- average at best
      willock- no freaking experience, should be blooded to 1st team before starting
      guendouzi- good but needs to be partnered to the right player and inexperienced
      torreira- top player
      ozil- useless better be sold
      mkhitaryan- good for attacking midfielder only not for central midfield.

      1 top dm, 1 am who is not consistent , a bunch of average player and some promising kids. if you thinks that good then you deserve to support an average team with only europa league.
      We do desperately need a winger though.

    2. I wrote Willock off ages ago but that was way too premature, no idea if he’ll become good enough for a top European team, but he has a look of someone with desire, and that can bring you far if you also got some skills. He doesn’t mess about but he can throw a player off, if he makes it, I’d imagine him a similar player to Fabinho or Fernandinho. Just looked up Cities squad to get Fernandinho’s name, F me, no wonder they walk it.

    3. You are joking surely? If you consider our current midfield to be even remotely adequate you must be alone on here in so thinking.

  2. I wonder, if we can reach 50 players/names, we reportedly are about to sign in this window, before we actually see a rumor that happens to be true.

    1. Yes those are just quantities. And we need quality that kid from river Plate should be a big hit if we can sign Wenger’s players need to be shown the door

      1. Arsenal need to sort their defense out, this isn’t a ‘Wenger issue’, not when Leno cost us the most goals via errors, are you going to say that Leno is a Wenger player? Leno gets a free pass a lot due to first season in EPL (which will not last next season) along with not being a Wenger signing which will excuse him for the rest of his Arsenal career.

        Holding is a Wenger player, yet under Emery, Holding was looking like a real Gem again. A player who could be developed into a real CB.

        Xhaka is a Wenger player yet Emery has shown equally high trust in the player, Emery didn’t have to play him… Could have played a kid and I bet many gooners would have praised Emery for having the footballs to drop him.

        Claiming that Wenger players are the issue is BS, Emery is now here and picking the teams, setting up the tactics and dropping players who do not do as asked (Ozil?).

        Emery could have dropped Mustafi the same way… Or Xhaka.

        If Emery doesn’t think a player is good enough and yet he still plays the player then the fault lies with Emery for picking the dud to start or sit on the bench, we do have talented kids who could be ‘groomed’ to be bigger players for Arsenal next season.

        Wenger is no longer with us, he isn’t telling Emery what to do, ‘Wenger players’ are now Emery players… They have been Arsenal players through all of this and that is what matters!

        If people like you stopped bashing Wenger then the “Wenger divide” can be removed and we can act as Arsenal Supporters, for the good of Arsenal. Divide and conquer will work against us and for Silent Stan.

        Do you want to help Silent Stan?

        I urge you and all Wenger bashers to leave Wenger alone, see how little he gets talked about, watch as he drops into the pages of History. While you keep talking about him then you are making him relevant in the present, he will not fade from recent history while he is constantly being talked about.

        1. There no such a thing as “talented kids” you bring in players who can hit a ground running all those big Europeean clubs do run things the way you think we tried that project with Senderos and company and it didn’t work even Thierry at some point was against Wenger’s philosophy “experiment but this year as long as we have Raul in charge Iam very optimistic to see Arsenal as a force against I am not here to advocate for some kids to get a chance while they are not good or ready champion league clubs can have them if something special emerges like Fabregas yes but rest of them let’s not just kidding ourselves every big European club has good 2 players in every position and why Arsenal can’t do that??

        2. And yes, I want to help silent Stan because he put his money where his mouth is! And he owns Arsenal 100% let’s give him a chance with new regime in control let’s see starting this summer – old regime couldn’t even sell a good player who was about to be out of contract and lose a good chunk of money and again that was Wenger’s judgement since he had so much power

    2. Agreed mate the only thing I follow is the betting patterns on players ,that will give you an indication,but if Ben then that’s not a cert.
      Plus arsenal are one of if not the most secretive football clubs on this planet when it comes to this kind of thing

  3. I would rather we use all our budget on Zaha alone.. we still Have Holding and Webeck who are Like a new signing *wink

    1. Welbeck is gone.
      Welbeck was only ever wanted on loan to begin with and he has been out injured a lot, Welbeck’s main attributes were his willingness to work hard and athletic capability, they are not traits which come along once in a million years.

      We have some good athletic kids and they are hungry to get into the first team, I honestly believe that Welbeck could be replaced by Nelson for the left forward role, this isn’t me saying Nelson is ready to be the best left forward in the world or replace Auba… Welbeck isn’t exactly a big player to replace. Big as in what he did for the team, not height 😛 lol.

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