Arsenal frustrations lead to latest planned protest

Arsenal fans have grown increasingly frustrated with their lack of progression in recent seasons, and the surprising revelations of Leiecester has only enhanced their anger.

Supporter groups AST, REDaction and the BSM have all agreed to participate and promote a protest during the upcoming league fixture against Norwich City. They are asking fans to lift up their banners in the 12th and 78th minutes with the slogan: “Time for Change. Arsenal is stale — fresh approach needed”.

The number is in response to the 12 years since the club last lifted the Premier League title, and for once is not being aimed at Wenger personally. They are also asking for the banners to be lifted once more at the full-time whistle, in order to maximise the impact of the protest.

Stan Kroenke is believed to be high on their agenda, although simply a change in the board or the manager is believed to be acceptable, with the club hoping to end the stagnant run of being also-rans in the PL title hunt.

Many fans have voiced their anger at a number of the players, such as Theo Walcott and Olivier Giroud, while the most noise is made to call for the manager to be moved on. Arsene has kept the side within the top-four despite allowing a number of key stars to leave while the club invested finance into building a new stadium, but with the Emirates now paid in full, the excuse is no longer being accepted.

Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil have arrived in recent windows, somewhat exciting the masses, but with the club failing to sign a single outfield player in the last close-season, the fans have every right to be frustrated.

I know there is a divide in opinion on where the problems are, so let us know your feelings on the subject.

Who is the main culprit for our downfalls?

  • Arsene Wenger (40%, 163 Votes)
  • All of them! (34%, 139 Votes)
  • Stan Kroenke (13%, 52 Votes)
  • The board (8%, 32 Votes)
  • The players... (5%, 20 Votes)

Total Voters: 406

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  1. Wenger is the main problem because he refused to buy an outfield player when we needed a striker and dm at any cost. He has been given 70 m transfer budget but keeps faith in failures like Giroud and Theo. His tactics is terrible and easy to break by any team. 12 years of same mistakes every season. Kroenke on the other hand is also happy with 4th place wihich guarenteed profit. He would give Wenger lifelong contract.
    Reuslt- Wenger and Kroenke out.

    1. First half last financial year arsenal made an operating loss due to clauses in existing players contracts (deferred payments to their old clubs). So during last summer transfer window no money was available from current expenditure for buying players. I believe kroenke would not release money from reserves so no players were bought.

      1. That’s an excuse we had 200 m cash reserves and we had 70 m transfer budget but wenger refused to spend.

    2. Wenger is and he isn’t
      He is the problem because he is ready to sacrifice his legacy to provide cover for Kroenke.
      Even the likes of Nasri, Robin and Fabregas alluded to it.
      He isn’t because Kroenke is the main problem.
      Nothing new about Wenger lack of tactical nous. What is strange is the change from excellent player to outright mediocrity.
      To get to Kroenke, you have to get Wenger out
      That is why I want wenger OUT

  2. I didn’t watch Arsenal’s matches for almost 2 months now. But tomorrows match against Norwich, I’m definitely gonna watch.

      1. I don’t know why people blame Wenger more than Kroenke, Kroenke is the one responsible for keeping Wenger in, he doesn’t give a stuff about Wenger’s on field strategies, he never watches the matches, he just watches his bank balance.

        We know Kroenke is to blame for the lack of spending on out field players, as Wenger spent heavily, and maybe overspent on Arshavin and Nasri before Kroenke came in, demonstrating he has no problem in spending, he only started to be regarded as stingy and messing up deals after Kroenke came in. Besides Gazidis is supposed to be responsible for transfer negotiations anyway.

        Kroenke is the one keeping Wenger in, because he makes him money. Kroenke will only remove Wenger when he stops making him money – he doesn’t care about anything that happens on the field. And he will try and find someone as similar as Wenger as possible, to take his place – i.e. the money rather than on field results will be the priority, so it is likely we will be in a similar or worse situation anyway.

        No Kroenke, no Wenger simple as, and Kroenke will not remove Wenger while he makes him money, that much I can guarantee.

        Wouldn’t it be nice to have an owner that cares about us? Like Leicester, the Spuds, West Ham, Liverpool, Crystal Palace, Chelski, Man Citeh, Norwich etc etc….

  3. The ideal time to protest
    is after the recent Sunderland
    result when the poor draw
    is fresh in the memory.
    A protest at the emirates on Wednesday evening
    is best because it will draw almost all Wenger out people
    whereas on match day 75% of the fans are Wenger in.
    Arsenal is playing Norwich a team we should beat
    so it will look silly fans protesting their team winning.
    Outsiders will say what are they complaining about?
    What a bunch of spoilt brats.
    Arsene’s position will actually be strengthened
    because he will be able to say “we heard the fans concerns
    and as you can see we have responded by winning etc etc etc “.
    Gazidis and the board will back that up by saying
    “We are aware of the need to advance the club and we have the right man
    and we will provide him with all the resources he needs etc etc etc.
    Players too will say “we won tonight for the fans as they
    are the heart and soul of this club and this great victory signals a huge step
    toward returning our famous club to the top where we belong etc etc etc…….sigh 🙁

    1. Protesting at home games is the best way to put pressure on Board to fire Wenger. Doesn’t matter what happens Wenger will blame fans for negativity and will say judge us after the season is over.

    2. When you say it like that……
      It’s really depressing upon realizing what you say could happen. But I think this protest is for real. This protest is kind of different from the others in that it is organized and there is a clear message and a face to that message. This isn’t about a “few fans” expressing dissatisfaction. It will definitely be a wake-up call to the club.

    3. Outsiders will know fans have been taken for mugs and have every right to complain. It’s not like we won the CL and lost only one game. We’ve been lied to and ignored for years, so celebrating a win against a team we’re expected to beat won’t change what has happened this past 5 seasons.

    1. Giroud is the reason why we have drawn a lot of games this season due to his miss chances every game. Wenger is the reason why we haven’t win the league last 10 years and Kronke is the reason why we are a business than club.

    1. it is not the funds etc..which is a is wenger that is the main problem..the only recent addition which have made sense are sanchez,elneny. Ozil will give you returns if you have good fast forwards and not the giroud type.

      What we have here is overhyped players not performing, some for years together – wilshere,walcot,chamberlain,chambers. They are paid for nothing and they get the contracts renewed for what?
      Sad to say that jose was always right about wenger…a specialst in failure for the last 5/6 yrs. So many players in the squad and all have had a dip in performances..

      any team in the league knows that if there is strong forward against arsenal then the defense cracks – caroll, drogba, costa etc… the same problem for 5 or more years..

      i am not sure how the fans can take this nonsense and pay and watch this games in person..this to me looks like day light robbery by wenger/board..

      Biggest reason why wenger must go is not because he has not won any title but because of the failure to put in fight/performances against strong/physical sides leaving apart the technically superior sides like barcelona.

      Wenger always messes up in january because of his handling of the CL ties and the PL games..his allocation of players goes for a toss and we mess both CL & PL..

      Will be very happy to finish 5th this time…

      sorry for the long post…

  4. what I hate we will be leading against Norwich and outgoes the protests everyone be cul as if we premier league champs

  5. I will make one correction to this article, the stadium isn’t paid off. There is a still a large mortgage (effectively) as is there outstanding payments of resent purchases.

    When what is effectively your CEO says he didn’t buy Arsenal to win tropheys its astonishing that more blame isn’t being attributed to him.

    I look forward to reading Wenger memoirs, because it is only then we will all know the truth.

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