Arsenal full transfer window roundup – 2 in, 12 out, plus loans

Well that didn’t go quite as planned I don’t think as Arsenal failed to add absolutely anybody to the squad on deadline day, or the last 6 weeks in fact! All those wasted hours pressing refresh were totally in vain…

So its not very exciting news for Gooners and our round up of confirmed departures look for grim reading, and Arsenal ended up as one of only three Premier League clubs that actually ended up in profit at the end of the window, much to our disgust. But at least Wenger managed to reduce the size of our squad now that we have all those Europa League games to contend with 🙂 Anyway here is our full list of transfers in and out (taken from Soccerbase)

Players In

Alexandre Lacazette Olympique Lyon £47m
Sead Kolasinac FC Schalke 04 Free transfer

Players out
Chris Willock Benfica Undisc. 30 Jun, 2017
Dan Crowley Willem II Free 01 Jul, 2017
Stefan O’Connor Newcastle Free 06 Jul, 2017
Yaya Sanogo Toulouse Free 07 Jul, 2017
Kaylen Hinds Wolfsburg £2m 09 Jul, 2017
Glen Kamara Dundee Free 13 Jul, 2017
Woj Szczesny Juventus £10m 19 Jul, 2017
Gabriel Valencia £10m 01 Aug, 2017
Jon Toral Hull £3m 24 Aug, 2017
Kieran Gibbs West Brom £7m 30 Aug, 2017
Donyell Malen PSV Eindhoven Undisc 31 Aug, 2017
Alex The Ox Liverpool £35m 31 Aug, 2017

Players loaned out
E. Martinez Getafe 02 Aug, 2017
Marc Bola Bristol R 14 Jul, 2017
Carl Jenkinson Birmingham 21 Aug, 2017
Cohen Bramall Birmingham 21 Aug, 2017
Joel Campbell Real Betis 31 Aug, 2017
Lucas Perez Deportivo 31 Aug, 2017
Takuma Asano Stuttgart 01 Jul, 2017
S. Mavididi Preston 01 Jul, 2017

So that’s all very well, but we still have Debuchy and Akpom claiming their wages, and we could have had even more profit if we hadn’t demanded too much from Inter Milan for Mustafi…..



  1. justforlaugh says:

    Maybe Arsenal’s slump is a blessing in disguise, I have finally woken up from my limbo. I came to realise fervent football fans (like I was) are mostly losers in real life, projecting their ego to football team to feel good about themselves and distracting themselves away from problems in their life.

    Even if Arsenal wins every trophy available, its the players own achievement in their playing career: You have won absolutely nothing. Hope to save some soul before I leave. Thank you and good bye.

    1. HA559 says:

      I too think that also, putting too much time in football is not worthwhile for your life, especially if we are just supporters of clubs, if your a player then obviously your making a living from football.

      Everytime your team wins a game the joy is short lived, you move on quickly, even if you win a title or cup.
      Everytime your team loses a game the despair lasts longer, to overcome it, it takes longer.

      Or is it just like this for Arsenal supporters?

      1. funkyrith says:

        Arsenal is not the only team around, I am sure when we fans give up on a club falling apart, many plastic ones will just switch allegiance.

    2. nero says:

      Justfor laughs, you made some real solid points ….
      indeed we are spirits and football cant satisfy spiritual needs…only temporal physical needs, which doesnt last

      better to face more important issues in life, like our spirituality, save souls

      Accepting christ into our lives

    3. Remember Resource? says:

      It is a blessing in disguise because I think a few more bad results and we could see things change. Look Ive always said. The fans need to start going on kroenke. Start wearing usmanov shirts. Buy arsenal shirts with usmanovs name on it. Show him we want him. He’s ambitious and wont settle with a manager who underperforms be it wenger or whoever else. Start supporting usmanov. Start screaming his name at the matches guys. Im not from the UK so I beg you guys to please try and bring in usmanov.

      1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

        Yup, it’s a done deal… ??My ass! ??now fork off!

        1. Tas says:

          Hey long time no see FG

      2. satanK says:

        How about a local fan gathers the guts to bring in a sharp object into the stadium and stab the yank in his belly and neck?
        That ends the issue for the lot of us. Dead kroenke is a good kroenke.

    4. chuauhnuna says:

      How desperate are we.. I understand yuor feelings..

      1. tas says:

        the problem is that we no longer have Wanger-knows-best brigade so we don’t know what to do with our self’s 🙂

    5. goonerretic says:

      This is the best comment I have seen here in a while.I woke up a few years ago

    6. Turbo says:

      Well, perhaps you might try not projecting your insecurities onto others, Captain Pretentious and Holier Than Thou? It’s entirely possible to enjoy football for its beauty and enjoyment without it dominating one’s life and there are far worse things one can do to pass the time. But when you follow something for many years and decades, naturally you get involved in it, especially for those who have spent time and money supporting a team and its players. The great thing about football is there are so many leagues and teams and quality available, if your team is in the crapper at the moment (as Arsenal seems to be) you can still take joy in watching the sheer artistry of say Real vs. Barca even as a neutral or supporting a team in another league or rooting for your league teams against the European giants.

    7. Turbo says:

      So “justforlaugh” says…”fervent football fans…are mostly losers in real life, projecting their ego to football team to feel good about themselves and distracting themselves away from problems in their life” and also “You have won absolutely nothing.” It seems reasonable to then ask “justforlaugh”…Do you actually know anyone on here and what they might have actually achieved? Seems pretty judgmental and presumptuous, but everyone thumbs you up, so maybe they like being called losers?

      Mate, fans are legitimately hurting right now at the close of a horrific transfer window. Yeah football isn’t everything, but can’t we get a little riled up over the incredible ineptitude and stupidity of management without being called “losers in real life”?

      “justforlaugh” further goes on to say “Hope to save some soul before I leave. Thank you and good bye.” Um, is it possible we don’t need saving? So good bye I guess. I enjoy supporting Arsenal despite recent years as I like most of the players and the team has been glorious at times in the years I’ve followed so I do not give up and run away so easily. Oh, but wait, we all know you’re not really leaving after all, are you, so never mind…

  2. John Ibrahim says:

    If Mourinho were to manage Arsenal

    The board will not give in to his demands for Luakaku, Pogba and etc…

    All Wenger wanted was Lemar and the board refuse to pay till the last hour with potential Sanchez money

    1. bran99 says:

      When Wenger wanted Mbappe he was bidding till 100m, but 52m for Lemar was too much, just adding 7m was hard. And now his price went up to 90 and mr. Loser just folk out 92m when it’s already too late. Yes the board doesn’t help Wenger at all.. AKBs

      1. John Ibrahim says:

        so it was Wenger that bid and not the CEO ?

  3. ozil10 says:

    Get ready for relegation battle this season & if we stay up the next season until Wenger leaves & KROENKE sells the club

  4. Terry Garratt says:


  5. LL_cool_gunner says:

    Am still trying to process what’s happening at arsenal, miss out on top four, promised change and did nothing, these people must take us for fools, am just so angry that we didn’t try to address our obvious issues on and off field, this is beyond arrogance, and our spineless owner needs to leave with wenger, arsenal is a great club for fvck sake, am just so angry, we deserve better, they are just there acting like politicians, promising heaven and earth and doing nothing..

  6. chuauhnuna says:

    Gazidis& co.. The only management in the world who do not know how to carry out selling and buying business at a time.. They were busy selling the players and were running out of time to buy new players.. They must learn the ABC of transfer market again..

  7. Foot gunner 3617 says:

    Distractors, keep faith guys!!!

  8. DarlingbudsofArse says:

    Wenger has no shame but just content in picking up his millions every year whilst sending Arsenal down the tube. He definitely has no love for the club as he claims to but just loves himself. A warning for him: his legacy is now in tatters only if mysteriously he can conjure up a winning mentality in his final 2 years to win us the EPL and the Champions League. That’s how horrible its become for him. I genuinely fear for Arsenal this season!

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      Even Allgeri, Mourinho, Pep or etc comes in

      with a non supportive board, they will have no money to spend

      1. invisible 88 says:

        but they may motivate these players. even now the quality is not the biggest issue but rather lack of motivations from Wenger.

        1. John Ibrahim says:

          true the team lack motivation….

          but u still need a supportive board to back a manager… or any manager

    2. satanK says:

      His legacy is long gone. He is a clueless old man that used to be a great football manager.
      He is kroneke’s money saving tool, nothing more. And Arsenal is a fund for the LA Rams’ new stadium. We’re back to 2007 you guys. But this time it gets worse, as Wenger has lost his marbles a while ago.

  9. Liam says:

    The most infuriating thing is if Wenger knew we had such a poor transfer budget why did he spend it on a striker, it would have been far more beneficial to use the money on a world class cb or cdm. We could of got Defoe on a free and got say VVD and play a team like.
    Musti VVD Kos
    Bellerin coq xhaka Beastmode
    Sanchez Ozil

  10. invisible 88 says:

    it’s Wenger’s arsenal anyway so they know why they are dragging the club backwards, maybe they know better. I personally can’t understand why loyal fans are taken for granted.

  11. John Ibrahim says:

    so many fake fans bots

    1. tas says:

      hey Ibo name and shame pls

  12. Arsenal_Girl says:

    There is no way we should have ended the window with over £20 million profit, considering the state of our squad. It’s an insult to the fans which is the reason Kroenke can live the lifestyle he lives and Wenger can get £9 million per year.

    Even if we had sold Alexis and Ozil we should not have made profit because we would have needed to replace them.

    I’m not happy to say this (and I will support our team and hope they win every weekend) but we will not finish in the Top 5 this season.

    Even after we got Lacazette and Kolsanic, we were still behind United, Spurs, Liverpool, Chelsea and City. Now with Spurs getting Aurier and Llorente, there is not even hope for us to be the best team in North London.

    Absolutely Disgraceful. 4-0 to Liverpool will most probably not be our only huge loss this season.

    One year out of Champions League is not a huge problem but two years??? Who will want to join us next summer?

    Wenger and Kroenke are not on our side. They don’t want what we want but they want our money

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      if every board buy players the fans want….than the team will have over 50 players….every fan choices are different

      1. bran99 says:

        Doesn’t matter what every fan want, what matters is he doesn’t solve the problems facing the team. We lack a proper DM, who did he buy? It’s been years since Van Persie left and this year we got Laca, 4 years of trials on the striking department. We may want the whole world to replace some players we have, but your Lord doesn’t address the problems in our team. You can keep loving him but he is dragging us all to the bottom of the ocean, including you Wenger arse licker

    2. satanK says:

      I do hope there are enough local fans that will start boycotting the matches to make their lack of presence felt. If that’s not possible, I guess we should be at peace with our Fulhamish destiny.

  13. Wolf says:

    hmmm. Reports are coming though that Sanchez is going on strike. What was the use in keeping this man on someone remind me if this is indeed true? The turmoil continues.
    Boycott for change

    1. tas says:

      where did you read that?

      1. Wolf says:

        The Sun and

        1. John Ibrahim says:

          not suprising….the media doesnt like Arsenal and Wenger

          everything is Wengers fault

          cant find a car park and its Wengers fault

          Cant afford a meal and its Wenger fault

          1. bran99 says:

            Can’t win trophies, it’s our fault. right John? Wenger is perfect to cause us any harm

          2. Lance says:

            John, of course everything is Wenger’s fault. He buys the players, picks the team, decides on formation and tactics. He appropriates all powers at Arsenal to himself when he refuses help in the form of a Director of football. The buck stops at his desk. Chairman Keswick said that much.

      2. tas says:

        The Sun

        i don’t know why City thinking of taking action against us they should of offered what they did yesterday morning a week ago, let this be a lesson to all you should know Arsenal always F””k or pretend to F””k up transfers its the only thing we are good at,

        and if Sanchez is on strike let him rot and train with the youth team or go and play with Costa on the beach this is Arsenal Club not just some small time outfit,

    2. Vijay says:

      Sanchez was linked with City the entire summer and not once did he hand in a transfer request highly doubt he’d create a scene by going on strike, this is some BS created by some city fan boys.

      1. John Ibrahim says:

        Exactly, if hes desperate to leave, he would have handed a transfer requested early just like VDV and Coutinho

  14. Emmanuel says:

    We take football as do or die affair. Come on guys, it’s a game and the owners are the ultimate beneficiaries.what do you gain, win or lose. If you cant stand a team then switch to another. The football mafia has taken over the minds and souls of many to profit. It’s just a sport.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      The Ibrahims are unhappy because the board refuse to sanction deals to sign players?

      How can a manager manage a club when the players wants to leave and hes not allowed new players?

      Lemar is a fine example….Wenger wanted him but CEO/owner refuse to pay

      1. tas says:

        Lamar situation is a bit puzzling to me, it was widely reported many weeks ago that Lamar and Arsenal already agreed personal terms, we lose one match and become lepers ?

        1. John Ibrahim says:

          Potential fake news by Resources, Remember Resources, Kev and the media???

  15. JustJoy says:

    Vanity plus vanity=vanity

    Arsene, Gazidis plus Kroenke = nothing.

    We have a long way of Shambles.

  16. mark says:

    Now that the dust has settled and to be fair, we did need a clearout of players….but still…

  17. paulus says:

    Im disgusted by the way our football club is being systematically dismantled.
    When you heard the name Arsenal before, you thought of class, winners and the way a football club should be… unfortunately now, you hear the name Arsenal, and laugh, we are a laughing stock.

    i have just emailed Ivan Gadzidis telling him how this once great football club is being destroyed, i urge you all to email him and voice your concerns also, his email address is :

  18. Sandeep says:

    No change in transfer activity same every year buys a club record player and that’s all that too to satisfy fans. When you need to buy a car buy car in one go why assembling frame in one year than transmission in another engine in another and so on.wenger don’t make plan which area to strength and which type of player to buy he only depends on what is available at cheap.

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