Arsenal gem scores five goals for U18 as he knocks on the first team door

Chido Obi-Martin is making a serious case for a first-team opportunity at Arsenal, consistently finding the back of the net for the youth teams.

The 16-year-old has been making headlines for his remarkable goal-scoring exploits, impressing across various youth levels at the Emirates, including the U21 side.

Selected by Jack Wilshere for the U18 team’s match against West Ham over the weekend, Obi-Martin put on a dazzling display, netting five goals, with four of them coming in the first 40 minutes of the game.

His prolific performances have garnered attention, with Arsenal Youth noting his exceptional talent and potential.

While Obi-Martin has had some opportunities to train with Mikel Arteta’s senior squad, Arsenal is cautious not to rush his development.

Despite the abundance of top talents in the senior squad, Arteta understands the importance of allowing Obi-Martin to mature and progress steadily before considering his debut for the first team.

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Obi-Martin is seriously knocking at the first team door and is a player to keep an eye on, but scoring for the U18 side is different from scoring for the senior team

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  1. We knows blending in the kids is not one of the gaffer strengths, and especially with phase five almost upon us, many challenges lays ahead for these youngsters.

    At some point Arsenal has to find a clear part to the first team for some of these youngsters.

    It’s a delicate balance as Liverpool was made to find out, they tried the youngsters against Atalanta and was perched off their high horse with tails firmly between legs, to make matters worse it all took place at Anfield

    1. Liverpool have played many youngsters for half this season with so many injuries and look where they are, so your comment saying they “tried youngsters” now and it failed is way off and Klopp has managed the youngsters better than anyone in the Prem.

      Liverpool are never going to prioritise Europa League over the EPL, and that’s the right decision.

  2. I hear the rules for foreign younsters in England do not favor Arsenal to keep him.
    But if it means getting him into the first tema t do that, it’s worth the trouble.

  3. I think Mika Beireth is nearer to knocking at the door of the first team than our giant youngster.He is doing very well out on loan yet does not seem to get the recognition he deserves.

  4. It’s not as if Chido isn’t big enough. He’s 6ft 2inch, built like the proverbial, and as I remember it, Wayne Rooney was playing in the PL at this age. A late show when we’re winning well, just to introduce him.

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