Arsenal get a big performance to despatch Rennes in style

There can be very few complaints from Arsenal fans after we got our sixth home win in a row and made it into the last 8 in the Europa League, Petr Cech said that the players promised each other before the game to put in a big performance even if we ended up going out. “Yes, we were talking about it in the dressing room before the game.” Cech told “We said that if we were meant to go out, we’d go out with a big performance. Sometimes you give a big performance, you do everything right, you are unlucky and you can go out. When you perform at the level we did today, you know that you have a chance to go through. As soon as the game started, you could see the way the team played and fought together. You know that you are giving yourselves a chance. We scored goals at important times and kept a clean sheet, which is what you need in a game like that.”

He admitted that they couldn’t relax even after going 2-0 up after 20 minutes either although it was great to pull back the deficit quickly. “That’s very important, but this game was a tricky situation because at 2-0 up, you’re through, but they just need one goal. You know that you need the third goal regardless, and even then, if they score once, you’re going to extra-time. The 3-1 loss away put us in a very difficult situation, but we knew how to deal with that and we got what we deserved.

“My dream goes on – my dream is to retire with a trophy in my hands. Today we gave ourselves the chance for me to finish like this. There’s a long way to go but with performances like that, we can compete.”

It may have worked out perfectly for Cech that Bernd Leno arrived this season and demoted him to being the cup keeper. He has rarely had the chance to play so much in Europe with Arsenal before now. Keep the dream going Petr. So far so good!



  1. Brilliant performance yesterday. Kolasinac offered more protection to Monreal, preventing the exposure he got during the first leg. I am glad UE subbed Lacazette when it was becoming obvious that the opposite team as planning on getting him sent off. I hope UEFA doesn’t take a retrospective ban on Iwobi. And why do I have this feeling that AMN is just about to be unlocked. Performances in recent times have been consistent.

  2. Arsenal are very strong at home, but they have to be tested again in away games

    The next stage of EL will feature stronger opponent and Arsenal would not get through it unless they can fix their away performance

    Nonetheless, I’m glad to see Sarr in action and I don’t think he is good enough to play for Arsenal. Hope to see another potential winger in the next stage of EL

    1. Very true. I like your objectivity on many issues. Emery has got to improve on our away form.
      If he can then it could be an amazing first season for him.

      I am a strong Emery backer but I still want some improvement to oue away results.

  3. Sorry for am going off topic, what iwobi did to hamari traore was classless and disrecpectful , after the two clashes, iwobi took a few steps
    backwards and held his nose – appearing to tell
    the Rennes player his breath smelt.
    why on earth will you do that to a fellow player , a black man like he was , sincerely i feel disgusted with that foolish act .

    1. What’s being a black man got to do with having his breath smelling?

      They confronted, his breath smell and Iwobi couldn’t take it. Just move on. No need to create drama when there is none.

        1. I believe you Declan. If that is what it is then amall for it. But if not it has no place in Football.

    2. I see nothing wrong with what he did, and being black has nothing to do with it.
      Rennes had it coming for them, trying to cheat the referee, rolling all around the place, He pulled Iwobi back in the first place and later confronted Iwobi.
      He got a yellow card that showed he was wrong, if one thing I’d say about Iwobi last night, I’m glad he did what he did.
      You can’t come into our backyard and try to ruin the whole place, looking for ways to cheat, Iwobi simply put him in his place. Please don’t involve any black ish into this

      1. Eddie I disagree with you on this one, neither was it classless it was also uncalled for. We preach respecting each other, we talked Jon Fox down for calling people names and yet I think what iwobi did was worse than calling anybody names. It is truly disgraceful and disrespectful.

        1. It is okay to mock a player when diving by imitating a dive but call someone a dirty player by holding their nose and RAWRRRRRRRRR

          Totally disgraceful and disrespectful… Never mind that those terms are used for truly disgraceful and disrespectful acts like racism or sexism… Use it for holding a nose.

          I back Iwobi for doing what he did.
          Do not like it? Either shower more often if it is the literal stink or clean up your football if it is down to that. The player can do something about it…

          It is like putting your hands together to imitate a dive. Players don’t like it? Don’t dive. That simple.

          Don’t like having players hold their noses around you? Guess what… Something can be done.

    3. Yes it was bad but it is being clown out of proportion . When Ronaldo did the cahones celebration no one hassled him . He is our own and we should not castigate him.
      It will help if he apologies though.

  4. @ mclovin, bro will you do that to a fellow human being?
    are you a black man also?, you don’t do those childish stuff . iwobi lack sense, the fact that he’s an Arsenal player or a fellow Nigerian won’t stopped me from critizing him for that stupid act , had it been he’s of different color to the guy , he should be charge for racism.

    1. If his breath smelled bad, I couldn’t care less if he’s black, white, red, brown, pink or yellow. Bad breath is just bad breath.

      Might be childish and unsportsmanlike conduct, yes. But if it was a white person doing that to black person? Still NOT racism, just childish. Again, bad breath is just bad breath.

      Tell me, had it been Ramsey doing it to another white player, you wouldn’t had any problems, right? We have hard time fighting actual racism in football so there is absolutely no need to create a fuss about non-existent racial discrimination.

    1. Gotta say sue kola is looking like a beast atm ,again is power and pace down that left wing is quality,his crossing is second to none aswell .
      I missed the second celebration,as auba scored we had a power cut just as the ball went in ? came back on about an hour later ,just watched the highlights this morning .
      Day off for me ,Ps4 for the day why the kids are at school then gold cup this afternoon..and a few???????????????????????????

      1. He sure is Dan….. he’s got it all!! That’s bloody typical, of all the times to have a power cut!!
        Well you’re sorted then Dan… happy days ? have a good one ?

  5. @Benex, am with u on dis, i think he is completely wrong, no matter the color or race, being Arsenal fans or Black man, no other name for being wrong, he was wrong. But lets move pass it and enjoy the win.
    I hope UE get our away form sorted,am happy we are getting united again because d team performance is cool, hope we keep winning so our fan keep united.
    Auba gave one of his best performance yesterday, 2goals and an asst.
    Ppl complained he miss chances, but that is d DNA of good strikers, it remind me of Aguero, Higuain
    Onward and upward

    1. Rennes fans were throwing stink bombs which they are known to do in French league . Don’t think there was any racism intended . Why anyone jump to that conclusion is crazy

  6. Am positive our away from will be sorted out quickly with the level of confidence beaming out of the team… I Believe in Unia. 1st we don’t win 1st half now we score 2 to win. 1st half games… The Lads knows what is at stake our destiny is in our hands regarding 3rd place… I don’t see us losing any game In Epl Home or Away… COYG

  7. Im completely frustrated by Auba’s tendency of missing sitters.its annoying.Happy for the win though

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