Arsenal get a win, a clean sheet and can still win a trophy

Arsenal certainly made up for last week’s awful defeat at BATE by beating them 3-0 last night, and at last it was a polished performance from the Gunners. It was imperative that we did not concede again to make the job even harder, but when we got a lucky own goal right at the start we could relax and go for the winner.

But we still had to be pragmatic in defence, and it was great to see us hold off BATE, who admittedly didn’t cause us too many problems. But they very nearly scored but luckily Stephan Lichtsteiner was on the line to keep the ball out of the net. After the game the Swiss was understandably happy. He said: “It’s important to keep a clean sheet because if we conceded then we would have needed to score three goals, so even at 2-0 you need to be focused in the game. It was a very good game tactically, but also mentality wise.”

He was also glad to see the team . “We are happy that we passed through this round, so we will look forward to the next round. It was our objective to get through this round. Of course it wasn’t easy after losing the away game 1-0, so we had to be very carefulhav a good performance as well that they didn’t take over. In the end it was a good performance and we’re happy that we’re into the next round.

“We played very well, but we have to keep working. It’s our mentality and our way.”

So it was a very good night for our defence, especially as Mustafi and Sokratis scored our other two goals, and hopefully Koscielny hasn’t got a bad injury. This should stand us in good stead and I can’t wait to see who we are going to get in the next round….



  1. gotanidea says:

    To win a knockout tournament like EL ala Maureen, just create more corners with Iwobi’s or the fullbacks’ runs, then use Xhaka’s dead ball talent and the CB’s height to score from set-pieces

    To get more free kicks at the beginning of each game, just drop any no 10 tactic and start using two mezzalas to be quicker as what the other top teams like to use nowadays

    Arsenal’s ability to create more open play goals is still not on a par with the top European league leaders, but I believe Emery can use pragmatic tactics effectively in EL

    1. Kenyanfan says:

      Yes. Because we had a balanced team.Not a Bunch of 7 defenders, one winger and two strikers– a team that ends up not scoring,not even attacking note defend.Emery must learn. OOT__ Emery played Ozil because he was afraid that if we had lost with Ozil out then he would be in trouble

  2. Sue says:

    OMG… a win, clean sheet & trophy chance all in one sentence….. it’s unheard of!!! ? well done AFC….not long until the draw ?

    1. Red and white says:

      Yeah agree because the mighty German played, what a difference against the dominant force in European football BB!!.Emery in!!!Hope we get such results every match to seal a CL spot and reach the EL final

      1. Sue says:

        Why can’t you just be happy that we won & leave the sarcasm out for at least one post

      2. Bur says:

        There’s not a lot of winning world cup players in this premiership and i am glad we have one in our squad of Ozil’ s calibre.

  3. Okiror says:

    Am really interested in knowing our opponents
    Wish we get Chelsea n knock them out but i prefer we face spanish sides

  4. tas says:

    my opinion this season the only two games that we showed true grit ambition and passion were against our two London rivals Spuds and Chelsea and that come from manager and some players pride the rest is a blurred inconsistent mambo jumbo, to be a champion it has to start from the top Kroenke and co, you cannot start saying in December that we don’t have funds for January transfers and only peanuts for the summer specially when its been public knowledge that we are sighing new contracts upwards of 30% increase with most of our sponsors, if you don’t show ambition to your players then you cannot expect Passion or trophies

    Last nights game was a walk in the park we should never compare BATE to any EPL games because BATE is not good enough for any team in the EPL, but still well done to our boys they did what was necessary under pressure from last weeks embarrassing result and yes even Ozil had a deacent game

  5. Okiror says:

    We also kept a clean sheet with few d3fenders in d field

  6. Reports just in are Chelsix have been banned from making any transfers for 2 windows!

      1. Sue says:

        Gutted for the chav’s…… not ?

        1. Yes, that’s what the reports going round are saying!

      2. tas says:

        wow that’s Hazards career over if they cannot buy then they wont sell no Real for him

        i wonder if they can change their manager? as we all know Abramowitsch has a sexual obsession with sacking managers Shi7 did i say that out loud 🙂

        1. Heard the ban might come into effect the next 2 windows after this summer. They may still have a chance to do their business.

          1. sesam says:

            No QD. they are banned for the next 2 transfer windows

          2. In that case it’s brilliant news.

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