Arsenal get Alexis Sanchez boost

Alexis returns to training!

As you are surely aware, Arsenal’s star man Alexis Sanchez picked up a nasty ankle injury over the summer that has kept his fitness uncertain for a number of weeks. Originally it simply looked like bad inflammation to the ankle, however the injury took much longer to recover than expected and many had feared that the winger may be another name to potentially miss Arsenal’s opening Premier League match.

Thankfully however Alexis has announced his returned to training in London and is looking ahead to being full fit and ready for the opening weekend of fixtures.

It was becoming a bit worrying with the number of Arsenal stars that were not going to be fit for the start of the season, but at least we can be hopeful that our star man Alexis Sanchez will be able to link up with other first teamers for the opening game against Liverpool.

With Alexis hopefully back, it means that Arsenal are just sweating on the fitness of Olivier Giroud and Laurent Koscielny, who reached the Euro 2016 final with France and will not return to training until the final week of preparation. The likes of Gabriel, Ozil and Ramsey should be fit for the start of the season despite illness and an extended breaks respectively. Of course Bellerin, Cech, Wilshere and Xhaka are already back in training so there is no real concern currently about their place in the squad. This means that despite a bit of lacking strike force up front and a Koscielny shaped hole in defence, the majority of the squad is expected to be ready for the start of the season. In fact given Arsenal’s situation in defence, if the Gunners don’t sign another centre back, I wouldn’t be surprised to see if Wenger tries to call Koscielny back early.

As for Alexis it is great news that he has recovered from his injury scare, especially as it was taking longer to heal than originally expected. Alexis being as keen as he is to make an instant impression and give 110% every time, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him completely fit, ready and sharp for Liverpool, despite only having around two weeks preparation!



  1. alexis sanchez determination and passion is just admirable.
    Two years playing football without rest yet he still manages to come out as a top player.
    I would prefer to see him playing when fully fit to unlock his full beast mode.
    So i suggest we give him a few weeks rest as we buy another world class member of the team to push as foward

    1. agreed. that red zone debacle was emotional. it was like sending your friend into battle knowing hes wounded

      never again amigos

  2. Alexis would be surprised to find we haven’t made another major signing!


  3. If Sanchez is fully fit play him.
    If not rest him till he is fit.
    We have plenty of other options.

    1. @davidnz……… And that’s orecisely the reason why wenger may never sign another forward/winger

      “we have plenty of other options” u say!…….name these work horses!

  4. I dunno if this is supposed to be funny or annoying

    some news outlets and tabloids are still currently stating that Arsenal are closed to signing Ben yedder from Toulouse *Insert Laughter/anger*

    days after he’d already moved to sevilla…..ha!

    Talking bout stupid blog sites like Oh to be a gooner and gooner den….

    This just shows how incredible their foolishness are

    1. the media are killing our reputation.

      link us to everyone an make it look like they turn us down when in fact we were never in for them in the first place

      make us look like tw***

  5. we need at least 5 world class additions in the next two years.
    van dijik

    Sorry but the team isnt good enough.
    Cant always rely on sanchez and ozil to do everything.

  6. We all love Mahrez, don’t we? But the question is will Mahrez fit in at Arsenal? Things to consider: Mahrez had that mesmerizing season playing as an inverted winger for Leicester. We already have an inverted winger in Sanchez playing on the left. Although Sanchez is equally good on the right, there’s no guarantee Mahrez will thrive if switched to the left. In Giroud we have a striker who needs constant service from the wings to take advantage of his heading abilities. Two inverted wingers will not offer him that.

    1. Sanchez equally good at right wing? I beg to differ. I think we tried few times him there last season, but the impact just wasn’t the same.

      1. In that case you were probably watching Aston Villa games not Arsenal’s. Sanchez had a pathetic season playing on the left. Google “Arsene Wenger: Moving Alexis Sanchez to right helped him return to form” to find out more in case you’ve forgotten.

  7. I think now MR wenger is not interested into obtaining another striker else he would have singed one by now there were many out field players out there that have moved clubs or in his mind there are not good enough for Arsenal
    In two weeks we begin our season and liverpool looking strong and have had good few games under there shoulder so they will be ready to give us a thumping at home watched them play last night they didnt give space to milan and made them look really bad Mr wenger is becoming very complacent full of himself

  8. Sanchez had poor season last year. In the very unlikely event we get Mehrez I think it’s fear Sanchez may not be the force he was rookie season

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