Arsenal get big EPL title boost from Chelsea and Falcao transfer

Arsenal fans might have been frustrated by the lack of transfer business done by Arsene Wenger in the January window but at least our Premier League rivals did not do much in the way of big signings either. So it is pretty much as you were, although the Gunners have boosted the central midfield options with the purchase of Mohamed Elneny.

Only time will tell,of course, but I have a feeling that the key piece of transfer business for Arsenal and our quest for the EPL trophy could be the failure of Leicester to sign a striker, as they are so heavily reliant on the goals of Jamie Vardy and Claudio Ranieri has already admitted that he is not fully fit.

The Foxes were very close to getting the French striker Loic Remy from Chelsea on loan and that could have been a big problem for us. As it happened, their own on loan player, the Colombian forward Radamel Falcao, went to Spain to rejoin his former club Atletico Madrid. And as reported by the Daily Mail this meant that Chelsea were not willing to release Remy after all.

Leicester face a tough month with games against Man City and Liverpool as well as Arsenal and they could really have done with the extra fire power, so have Chelsea and Falcao just done us a massive favour?

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  1. No….Chelsea and Falcao didn’t do us any favour…In fact, the favour we need right now is remaining focused and get back to winning ways asap…

    Sunderland winning or getting a point against Mancity is more of a huge favour.

    1. Buy me Rugani (DF), JAVI MARTINEZ (DM /CM), ANDRE GOMES (AM/LW) & VARDY(C/F) in the summer & we are good to go for any obstacle…

  2. Arsenal given boost as Man City signs Pep.
    Arsenal given boost as Chelsea fair to offload striker
    Arsenal given boost as Leisters training ground in invaded by a fox
    Arsenal given boost as Van Gal drinks wine at a news conference
    Arsenal given boost as Mourihno rides a bike around to town

    Gosh we’ve heard things stories for too long now, Arsenal can only give itself a boost and not others teams. We can boost ourselves by becoming injury free, our players firing on all cylinders, our strikers banging goals for fun and our defense tighter than a virgin.

    1. Arsenal given boost
      as Arteta replaces
      Debruyne at City.
      Leicester sign Sanogo
      to replace injured Vardy.
      Arsenal sign Tyson Fury
      to add “Mental” strength.

  3. It’s beyond a joke, if we are constantly looking for favours!
    These Articles are basically confirming that we are simply not good enough to win the premier league without needing favours from other teams!

    Fair play to Leicester, who have achieved the unthinkable so far, without the need of favours, they even managed to bring in two new faces during this transfer window and who’s to say that their success won’t continue.

    If we can’t beat Southampton tonight, we are going to need more than f###ing favours to win the premier league.

    1. Fans should wake up and smell reality, if we want to be one of the biggest clubs in Europe we have to be proving it on the pitch and not relying on other teams. I always get mad whenever I see a joke of an article such as this one because they’re basically saying it’s alright to be mediocre as long as our rivals are worse. That’s not what our standard should be, we should be expecting our team to win every game otherwise the standards drop and the pressure is non existent which then allows the manager to be stubborn and the players to slack on the pitch.

  4. Are we serious as a club?
    if we don’t beat Southampton tonight, then we better forget the title n focus on our precious top 4.
    playing Walcott 90 mins is devastating.
    Arsene ,,,please give jeff n Iwobi a chance.

  5. Can Arsenal EVER do themselves a favor by seriously addressing the glaring deficiencies that have kept this “BIG?” club from seriously competing for the Premier League and Champions League title?

    Will Wenger and Arsenal ever come to the widespread, yet difficult conclusion that Theo, Ox, Jack and imho Ramsey simply arent good enough or consistently fit enough to lead the Gunners to silverware glory?

    Are Giroud, Coquelin, Campbell, Chambers, and Gabriel good enough to be starters @ a club that purportedly has English @ European title ambitions(smokescrean BS imho)?

    Will Sanchez and Ozil seriously commit there future to a glorified Top Four English club when European powerhouses like RM, Uefalona, Bayern, The Old Lady and even Man Shitty cone calling with briefcases of cash and recent Champions League hardware?

    Alot of questions for a “BIG” club that spent virtually no money in the last 2 windows and stubbornly trots out the same players that choked against Monaco in the CL and finished 12 points behind title winners Chelsea last season

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