Arsenal get BIG FA cup boost from van Persie injury

The last time I wrote a piece about Arsenal getting a boost from some of our rivals´players being out through injury, someone took a real exception to it and claimed I should not revel in any player´s misfortune. I can understand that but I want Arsenal to win and anything that helps that is good news in my book.

And we have more than our fair share of injury problems and have done all season. Do you really think that Man United fans would not like it if Alexis Sanchez had to miss the FA cup game at Old Trafford? As I remember it they gloried in the fact that McNair had put Jack Wilshere out of action earlier this season.

So I have no qualms in reporting with glee that Robin van Persie will miss the FA cup game against us after picking up his own ankle injury. Do I feel sorry for him? Not a jot. The only thing concerning me is that RVP is the only United player likely to miss the game.

But he could be a significant absentee because despite his poor form, the Dutchman is clearly van Gaal´s main man up front as only David De Gea has started and played more games. He is also their top scorer with 10 goals and has hurt us before since he left to sign for United. Now it is up to Arsenal to make the most of his absence. Let´s just hope that Falcao does not step up!

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  1. davidnz says:

    Now we can relax.
    United will be a push over.
    Just like the “weak” Monaco was.

    1. Mick The Gooner says:

      Come on, we all know Monaco were no defensive masterclass, it was just a pathetic performance from Arsenal that resulted in our loss. A team can be there for the taking, but you still have to do the job to take them, and that’s exactly what we didn’t do.

      1. Incarnate says:

        Story for the gods…they don’t need Van Persie to beat us, just get some kids off the streets in a Man U, Chelski or hell, even Monaco kit, top it up by putting the moaning one [or just about any brash folk like Berbatov] in the picture and we are in deep s**t, our players will quake in their boots and lose the plot; we only beat Man City ‘cos their manager is almost as studious and gentlemanly as our prof. kindly remind me of one feisty game we’ve won in recent times, ok maybe Stoke [it took a broken leg to Ramsey and constant harassment before our players thought it was necessary to stand up to Stoke]. We do not have street wisdom and about building the Emirates, as much as it makes financial sense and glitters so well, I think most of us will take an Highbury laden with trophies and full of life and character over a lifeless and bland Emirates where fans are not even allowed to passionately support their team. As for Ospina, prior to the Man city game, I suggested Ospina should have been dropped not for poor performances but as leverage over Shez, most of us disagreed, now do we crawl back to Shez or would it have been better to have a keeper chomping at the bits on the bench to keep Shez on his toes? On being caught on the counter, our attack minded players should be able to say with confidence to the more defensive ones ‘cover me!’ in such a way they are not scared of losing the ball, in fact attackers will lose the ball a lot of times during the game, that is why the opposition has defenders, to try and stop opposing attackers! Imagine a SWAT guy saying to his mate ‘cover me’ [watch my back] while he attempts to go on rampage only to find that team mate flying ahead of him, we blame Ozil, we blame Wilshere, some of us even blame the Ox for losing the ball that led to the third goal, well he was taking initiative like an attacker should and he lost the ball, are our defender paid to primarily attack? Ideally, the only business an attacker has in defense is to make up the numbers and close up spaces on the opposition, I wouldn’t want a Walcott tackling in the box too often…I love Wenger, I think he is intelligent but then if he can’t figure out how to get things ticking over in good time maybe its really time we start considering finding a new role for him at the club. We don’t want to be like IBM, the giant corporation who were not agile enough to change and got left in the dust of the new kid on the block, Microsoft.

      2. French says:

        Completely agree

  2. Hafiz Rahman says:

    they still have the World class Falcao….he guarantee goals

    1. fred cowardly says:

      How many goals has he scored this season 10? 15? 20? I forgot. Please remind us.

      1. ArseOverTit says:

        Then he will probably score 2 against us.

  3. Mick The Gooner says:

    Should worry about Everton before worrying about United.

  4. How low we can go, counting on the other teams setbacks, that on our players prowess , pathetic.

  5. SaveArsenal says:

    Here we go again, so sh1t that fans rejoice in opposition players injured.
    I would rather beat a full strength side than hang around the table for scraps like some stray dog.
    Any victory gained is tainted against weakened sides.
    We are Arsenal you would do well to remember that!

    RVP is irrelevant, Rooney always scores against us anyway and Wenger simply has no tactics to combat the strengths, however singular they be, of any team.
    UTD players are too strong for everyone except Welbeck, Monreal and Gabriel, the rest of the team just get pushed around because Wenger bought a team of ballerinas.
    UTD are shit but they will probably beat us again.

    Everyone is dancing around because we beat an off form City side missing their best player, the games since then have been painful to watch, all of the old weakness’s back.

    Palace were the better side, we were so lucky to beat them, they played better football and wanted it more.
    We were left hanging on by our fingernails yet again.
    We wouldn’t be top 4 if UTD weren’t playing sh1t and Liverpool are one win behind us.
    Southampton simply have better tactics on field and are getting some of their players back from injury.
    I wouldn’t count any top 4 chickens yet.
    This is how it has been for a long time now and it is how it will be until Wenger is gone.

    1. SaveArsenal says:

      PMSL brainwashed hypnotized fans thumbing down the truth, that’s why the club can’t progress, too many people with their nose up Wenger’s ass!

  6. sam-afc says:

    We couldn’t beat them at the Emirates. So chances are, we won’t beat them at old Trafford.
    We should be beating them because they look bang average.
    But we are like a box of chocolates, never know what your gonna get (performance wise).

  7. Invincibles49 says:

    Meanwhile on the JustUnited page “United get a big FA boost from Manoco”

  8. cheeterspotter says:

    Your all beginning to squabble with one another like kids in a playground.Come on you gooners, this is a rallying cry. We’ve been forced down the hill by the enemy now let’s all regroup,climb back up the hill and start fighting by beating Everton on Sunday consolidate our league position then prepare ourselves to defeat Man.finguck United and move into the next round of the FA cup.Cor, I wore myself out composing all that. I think I’ll go and have a lie down.

  9. Hafiz Rahman says:

    we should hv sign lukaku….hes world class and guarantee goals…

  10. SG44 says:

    1st of all no more of those nonsense articles telling bout our opposition injuries. We should depend on that. Justarsenalnews should mean just that “just arsenal news”
    After the monaco game when someone wrote a stupid article bout monaco hvn so many injuries only to watch the opposite of what that article made me f*ckn expect. Sorry for the language I’m still very upset. Saw the hilihghts and saw Girouds misses just after the guy compared himself to aguero n costa. I bet akpom wud hv done better…..

    There is a reason am not manager and most pipo wudnt agree but after that shitty perfomance the starting team I wud reshuffle the game vs everton to this

    Bellerin gabriel kos monreal
    Coq. X
    Walcott alexis ox

    Most pipo wud say akpom has no experience. If that’s the case anyone arguing shud tell me how he will gain experience without playing. We’ve c’n yaya sanogo start ahead of giroud even vs Bayern. So y not akpom!?

    And someone once mentioned gabriel n kos being too alike to b paired together? After the bullshit mert has bn doing I wud pair them together (look @ pepe n ramos)
    I don’t hv to explain merts part in the 2nd goal we conceded vs monaco..but u guy notice him slow down instead of throwing hez body infront of the guy b4 he took the shoot.

    Anyway I rest my case and I hope we all get something to smile about this weekend.

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