Arsenal get even MORE Champions League good luck!!

There is no denying that Arsenal were handed a huge slice of luck when the Champions League draw was made this week. Monaco were far and away the best draw the Gunners could have got and now we are actually the strong favourites to progress to the quarter-final stage for the first time in six years.

But I thought that a lot of the football media were a bit too quick to call us lucky, because that was the first bit of good luck that has come our way in the competition for a long time. Poor decisions from the referees as well as tough draws in our recent groups and play-off games have had most Gooners thinking that we were cursed in the competition.

Even the fact that we have finished second by only goal difference in the last two seasons as well as losing to Bayern Munich on away goals a couple of years ago suggested that Arsenal just could not get a break. But maybe we have been saving our luck up.

Because the changes to our Premier League fixtures reported by for around the time of our two games with Monaco have actually worked in our favour for a change. Whereas before we often found the TV schedules had stitched us up, this time the game against Everton after the first Mnnaco game on Wednesday February 25th has been moved back to the Sunday, giving us an extra day to prepare for the Toffees.

And the game against West Ham before we head to France the following Tuesday has been kept on the Saturday. which gives Wenger and the players the best possible chance. Now there really is no excuse for Arsenal not to go through, is there?

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  1. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Just hope this “LUCK” which we so wholly depend on, takes us all the way to d UCL finaLs….bingo!

  2. Twig says:

    Yep. Beat Monaco and meet Madrid in the semis. Can’t wait to meet the big boys.

    1. alxunder says:

      is that the way the schedule goes?!
      wow if , so… i cant wait for Sanchez to have an ‘Henry’ in Bernabeu….

  3. davidnz says:

    Beat Monaco meet Porto or Basel
    in the quarter final and meet
    Athletico in the semi and beat
    Barca in the final 🙂

    1. vijaygunner says:

      barca?! i wan’t chelsea at the finals in a neutral venue where like always kos6 scores the winners in our last game every season. 3 yrs in a row without a trophy who’s the specialist in failure now mou?!

      1. vijaygunner says:


  4. CraigZWE says:

    Fck it let’s give Chelsea and ass whipping in the final.

  5. CraigZWE says:

    If there is one team you would like to beat in the final who would it be?

  6. Trudeau says:

    Chelsea – more specifically Mourinho. But the flip side is that they are the team I’d dread losing to in the final. Two sides of the same coin I suppose.

  7. arselonia says:

    Good then guys, that means our boys, they wI’ll rest very well between games and they will have enough time to recuperate and enagise they body systems…

    @admin, as for the Monaco tie I don’t think it will be easy as people are saying it, I’m very sure its not going to be walkover. But I say guys, let go to the PRINCIPALITY and win them there but, at emirate first…..

    Assure a gunner.

  8. After eliminating monaco in last 16, luck will hopefully give us the winner btn Basel and Fc Porto in quater finals.

  9. muda says:

    @Craig, Barca of curse Barca, it still hurts to remember that 2006 ucl final against them, we lost while we were a better team. that header by Campbell should be enough but unfortunately it wasn’t to be. so i need revenge ASAP.

  10. Mo1 says:

    More deluded fans completely disrespecting monaco, Its a 50/50 game and theres absolutley no guarantee arsenal will win. None

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