Arsenal get Green Light to sign Khedira! Will it happen?

If, and this is still a big IF, Gooners, Arsene Wenger is really keen on signing the Germany international Sami Khedira to add some strength, steel and serious class to the centre of the Arsenal midfield, then we should soon know about it.

The 27-year old has been linked with a transfer to the Gunners, as well as other clubs like Chelsea and Bayern Munich, ever since the summer transfer window opened before the World Cup finals in Brazil. But up until now, his current club Real Madrid seemed to be playing hardball over the deal, apparently demanding well over £20 million even though Khedira will be available for free next summer.

Now, however, that has changes, with the Spanish club’s manager Carlo Ancelotti seeming to completely give up and wash his hands of the whole saga, as reported by ESPN. They were clearly hoping to get a good amount of money fore the talented World Cup winner, but it looks like Wenger and Khedira may have played their cards just right and forced Madrid to accept whatever they can get.

Ancelotti said, “Khedira has permission to leave. I am not interested in where he goes.”

Hmm, sounds to me like he is not happy, in fact if you listen carefully you can just hear the sound of a rattle being thrown out of a pram. I read an Arsenal transfer rumour the other day that claimed we were going to make a cheeky bid of around £12 million for Khedira, which if true would mean there was no problem in meeting his high wages. At least we won’t have to wait too long to see if this one has any truth to it…

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  1. Hayweezy says:

    Khedira is good especially if he also comes so cheap u don’t need to think twice……but we need a striker!

    1. This transfer rumour is not true at all and you all know it!

    2. mohawk says:

      The reduced transfer fee effectively covers a lot of salary making the deal much more cost effective than before. Hope.

      1. goonerretic says:

        you are one ignorant moron

    3. SaveArsenal says:

      Khedira is especially broken.
      There is a reason he is cheap, he missed 68 games for Real since 2010, he is an injury prone player.
      He may be talented but that won’t help us at all if he is watching the game from the treatment table.
      FFS he missed the WC final because he got injured warming up!!!

  2. JDodge says:

    I think Podolski is on his way out of the club. Wenger said all 3 Germans were available today but Podolski was the only one missing. The question is, who are we getting in place for him? Perhaps Reus? As for Khedria, i’m almost certain he’ll come.

    1. JoJo says:

      You’re setting yourself up for disappointment bro.

      1. Champagne Charlie says:

        On what front will he be disappointed?

        The Khedira thing looks nailed on. The obvious interest, Mourinho not getting involved because he thinks Khedira has already agreed to join us, the podolski “arsenal” moment….it all looks likely. Not certain because we come top when fuc%ing transfers up.

        Just a shame we didn’t sign him a few weeks back when he would have added more buzz and helped project the change of tide image we’re going for. But right now yes we need a khedira….but we bloody well need a Falcao too!!

        1. GoonerG1 says:

          If Mourinho wants Khedira, he won’t let any unofficial deal with Arsenal stand in the way. To the contrary, he’d have even more incentive to steal him and would derive immense pleasure out of it. But Mourinho probably does not need Khedira. Khedira is there for the taking but does Wenger want him? I’m not so sure.

    2. RSH says:

      nobody, we added Campbell to the squad, Theo to come back, Alexis doesnt look like a striker. We are set on wingers. We just need to offload someone. Due to Wenger’s preferences, Poldi was never going to get much gametime this season either way, so i guess its the right decision to sell.

  3. calvinr says:

    Really wish we just try to get carvalho I know it’s complicated with the 3rd party issues but I think he’s worth it, he can drop in at cb aswell so it’s a no brainer. Khediras injury record combined with his wage demands is too much of a risk imo

    1. Gundam says:

      If Arsenal really wanted him, they would or will or would have got it done already. They need him desperately. And the kids is a machine.

  4. gamer says:

    be patient wenger said things will happen after we find out if we are in the champions league or not so expect things o pick up after Wednesday .

  5. JoJo says:

    “FC Bayern have offered Marco Reus €11m per year to join them next season. remains to be seen if player wants move.” – Agent Edward.

  6. gamer says:

    i am yet to be impressed with this ramsey wilshire combo they both take each others space and wilshire booms forward more but once he gets to the final third he doesn’t no what to do and rushes and ramsey is a shadow of himself with wilshire their, ramsey tends to play more conservative with wilshire there and worst is we have one of the best cams in the world but we shift him to the wing to accommodate wilshire if wenger continues to pick players like this you can say goodbye to any title challenge . im left saying ‘WHAT IF’ had ozil started in the middle and wilshire on the bench with maybe campball or ox on the left

    1. GOONSTER says:

      The same was being said about Ramsey, he was rubbish 2 seasons ago and we all wanted him out, no one could stand Ramsey, but Wenger as always stuck by him,accommodated him even though we were all cursing him the same we you lot are disrespecting Wilshere..

      All Wilshere needs are games like Ramsey got before he found his form…

      1. gamer says:

        firstly no one is calling for wilshhire to leave the club just he does not merit a startin position secondly you cant compare the two its different times with different squads and different ambitions. but you wont understand that since most your comments are always nonsense

        1. mohawk says:

          You are right I think. And when Ramsey was playing terribly in 2012 HE did not deserve to start every game also – and Wenger’s insistence on doing it slowed Ramsey’s return to form and it hurt the team.

          I appreciate Wenger trying to get Wilshere back in form, but he can do it by giving Wilshere a mix of starts and sub opportunities.

          1. RSH says:

            agree. When Ramsey was getting unwarranted starts, it when our goal was merely to make top 4. If were fighting for the title, why is Wilshere in the starting XI, when we have Campbell, Cazorla, etc. who are much better players right now. Wilshere should only be getting subbed on, cup matches. Wenger needs to be more ruthless.

  7. davidnz says:

    I am happy 🙂
    Home win away draw.
    Thats how the west was won.
    I mean thats how the league is won 🙂
    ECL home tie at 0-0.
    We should go through ok.
    Leicester away, tough but a 3 pointer.
    Might even top the table at the interlul break.
    Players coming back.
    Lots of competition for places.
    A couple of good signings.
    DM, and or CB, an attacker a bonus..
    Yep satisfactory start indeed.

    1. RSH says:

      theres no guarantee we will sign a CDM at all, and that is the problem. Our biggest weakness. But yeah, more than happy with a point from Everton away, but Wenger needs to stop the experimenting, because the team needs to start consistently performing better, so we should be forming a solid Starting XI in the next few matches.

  8. PaddyNPardy says:

    Super! just what we need, an experienced player that will add depth, organization and strength, also it wouldn’t hurt to see Lena Gerke in the stand now again 😉

  9. NickTheYank says:

    At this point I’ll be very happy if we sign Khedira. One things for sure & that’s we need a CDM and if we can’t get a true CDM Khedira will be a good option.

    I’d love to add a CF like Cavani or a truely gifted player like Reus if we offloaded Podolski (which I think is up to him).

    Our midfield was nonexistent today & we get bossed around far too often. Flamini & Arteta don’t have much left at the level we need to be playing at. Wilshire is failing to impress and we can’t afford to rely on Diaby

    1. GOONSTER says:

      When has our midfield ever been existent since 2010? We just look clueless as we don’t have a dominant CM who can run and dictate that midfield.. We come up against any half decent team and we look clueless..

      Today showed we still have the same problems like last season, we can’t handle pacey teams, we don’t know how to press as a pack, one player presses (Sanchez) and the rest stand off, which all ends in vain..

  10. No Giroud, I'm happy says:

    Meanwhile, Giroud will have a peace time until his next debut

    1. No Giroud, I'm happy says:

      I’m afraid that Giroud’s goal last night changed fan’s minds of the fact that we are desperately need for a quality striker.
      Please Mr. Wenger stop being stubborn and sign a striker.

      1. davidnz says:

        Giroud is 2 games 1 goal
        Thats just fine by me.

        1. Gigi2 says:

          6 thumbs down….man this is either spuds thumbs or gooners without knowing what facts are.

  11. Ljungberg's Cool Red Hair says:

    By building the puzzle of arsene wenger last words youll probably found that what he want’s is another centre back, wenger think’s that chambers is the man for the Dm role. So by putting all his recent quotes together i think that he will buy a CB and use chambers from time to time in DM, you might also note that he want’s wilshere to get better by making him starter even in tough games . The problem is that ramsey and wilshere can’t play alongside and it is vital for us to play ozil on the middle Not jack. So if wenger insists on this new formation we wont see any new offensive reinforcements. I’ll explain you. Wenger is still (stubbornly) insisting on playing without a proper LW and is well known that the frenchman will alway’s stick to his CURRENT players( which mean’s that he won’t buy say cavani and then bench alexis or theo). Expect Sanchez to play centrally (arsene quotes) and walcott to play RW when fit. Obviously i think that the way to go is ozil in the middle, Sanchez left (letting him cut to the middle like when he plays with chile) walcott RW and a pacey striker in the middle: a true striker. Wenger needs to realize that he can’t move a whole football team Just for a player that a this moment is underperforming, ramsey alongside chambers behind ozil with theo and Sanchez on the wings and a new striker is the correct thing to do. Hope that Arsene doesen’t stick to 4-3-3 because we can’t keep relying on our luck. Last matches we were looking ordinary and clueless.

  12. ruelando says:

    Right now we need that physical body in the midfield, so whether Khedira comes are not we still need some one, and a new face in the defense line, preferably a defender with pace and technical ability. Chambers has been pretty good, but he is on the learning on the job program, which he will be better for, but in the mean time we need a CB, but use him when we have a less pacey opposition as our opponent.

    Song in the news really would not mind having him back, he is a more physical presence than flamini or Arteta, also more pace, another news item that podolski may go, if this does happen, a reus would be great but i would rather, a welbeck, ibarbo or even a Benteke who should be close to fitness, if u notice all the forwards chosen pacey, physical and direct

  13. Gigi2 says:

    kind of marquee singning, a “stateent” if you will,
    but i d still want a true dm better,
    dont complain though, him and cAvani and i d be over the moon

  14. forever-Arsenal says:

    Khedira and Cavani and Nastasic. That will hit the spot for me. I may shoot my load if that happens.

    1. jermaineBryan says:

      Manolas is light years better than nastasic who will probably go on loan for regular game time

  15. LoCkAy says:

    Diary might give us 10 games… If we’re lucky (and that’s a massive “if”)…
    Wilshere is right now may be the worse player in the Arsenal squad…!! Why is he playing (or even on the group) is beyond understanding!!!

    Wenger is not a good manager (proven games after games)… No tactical sense, no passion, no understanding of the game and so on… Just useless!
    Crosses were going into the Everton box with no Arsenal players in descent distance to get any kind of touch… Right now it is basically try and error… That is what is doing at the moment.

    Few days left on the transfer window and we need so much still.
    A CB and DM would be minimum (a striker too,but I won’t take a piss).

    Wenger is talking about the CL… And he will bring a CB if we qualify for the group stage (we still the cash you see).

    There will be no Khedira… FC Bayern is on the case and can match his demands. Would go to Bayern or Arsenal? Yeah right Bayern it is.

    The weakest link of this team/club is Arsène Wenger and always been. Financially sound but tactically inapt. Easy to appreciate.

    Do me a favour Arsène, keep Wilshere on the bench with you next time… He is embarrassing and not even average…!!

  16. lucia says:

    Wenger why why. Why sacrificing ozil and carzola to accomodate wilshere. Left for me I say loan wilshere to southampton or swansea where he can learn to take responsibility. What has happened to him? Atleast when ramsey was nonexistence he had one thing energy and desire to get there but where as wilshere is just living in his hype. Am I the only one that think that monreal has got better this season. And pls wenger should also try. Chambers in the middle on wednesday and play mertesacker and koscielny in the back. Giroud did well when he came on and am glad he scored so that some fans will get off his back a little. Overall am so happy for the point.

    1. Ljungberg's Cool Red Hair says:

      It’s stupid to let Ozil root on the wing just for the sake of WILSHERE. A starting place on the team is reserved to the ones that deserve it. Wilshere hasn’t show anything yet. Sanchez LW theo RW and a new striker, that’s the way to go and ozil on the 10 spot as always, also ramsey is underperforming because of wilshere presence on the pitch ( they dont play well together as alway’s) what jack desesperately need’s is a da*mn lone, for his own good. . Have to say that lord Giroud has been pretty impressive when coming from the bench (with both arsenal and france).

      1. RSH says:

        agree. Wilshere and Ramsey dont combine well at all. Jack, slow on the ball, doesnt look to pass back to Ramsey ever either. I cant remember them ever starting a good attack together. Just put Ramsey and Ozil back in midfield together. They were the best pairing last season, so why ruin that chemistry? I really dont have the patience for Wilshere right now. We need to be picking up points instead of giving Jack these undeserved starts.

  17. forever-Arsenal says:

    Come on Khedira. Join Ozil and Mertsacker. Join the Arsenal revolution

    More Glory awaits you.

  18. Lilie says:

    It would be cool to have Khedira in the team, but I would like Carvalho or Song as well for the midfield.We need strong players for these midfield positions.
    Poldi is leaving so I would like to see Reus and a CB so Manolas.Perfect team if we can have these players before the 1/09

  19. ddaall says:

    I find us to slow and boring these days. It use to be so much more fast and exciting. Klopp next 🙂

    1. RSH says:

      wengers tactics so far this season have been wonky. Its so slow, predictable. Defense is not nerely as good as last year… Were giving up so many set piece goals all of a sudden when it barley happened at all last season. I dont like the 4-1-4-1. I hope to never see Ozil on the wings again, Wilshere shouldnt be getting these starts. And buy a damn CDM, its pathetic that we still havent taken care of that position since Song left. Same with striker, get a real one. Giroud as starting striker isnt going to win us the title. He’s an impact sub, not a starter.

  20. forever-Arsenal says:

    Message to Khedira

    Seriously Khedira. You have tried the rest now try the BEST

    Dont go to Chelsea or Munich where they won’t appreciate you. Don’t go to United who are going down not up and who wants to live in Manchester anyway.

    Come to North London. Come to the BEST city in the UK. Come to a team that already has 4 Germans. Make us a Champions League winner.. come to a team with loyal fans and great manager.

  21. GOONSTER says:

    We don’t have a dominant CM, someone to dictate play, Wilshere could be that but he still looks off the pace at the moment..

    A DM will not make a difference as long as we play the way we play, Sanchez still has that Barcelona “press as a pack mentality”, the way he was pressing and kept asking his team mates to join him in hunting for that ball was amazing, but non of our players had the same attitude, I don’t know why but our play changed since 2010, we don’t dominate games any more, we look so slow to close down, it always feels like we are just waiting for the opposition to misplace the ball and then we he ago, it is so easy to play against as their is no intensity and the other team has all the time to run at us and play defense splitting passes..

    We need to learn how to be more aggressive and quicker in fighting for the ball back, lets defend and attack as a team, but until these 2 things are sorted out, we will keep getting mashed by the other Top teams..

  22. Greg says:

    Khedira would be a welcome signing if this rumour is true! Him along with a quality striker would be great! I wonder if there is any truth to the cavani rumour also?

    1. Handyandy says:

      You never can tell. It’s almost impossible to gauge what Arsene’s doing or thinking. The first you know about it is the guy standing there grinning holding the shirt up in the air for the press. Before that?…. Nothing.

  23. Handyandy says:

    Why is it that Arsene can’t see things the rest of us can? It’s bloody frustrating to be polite.

    1. jonestown1 says:

      And naturally the corollary being perhaps Wenger can see what we can’t or knows things we don’t.

  24. ddaall says:

    I dont think Wilshere will be that dominant defensive midfielder mate. Great ability but isn’t that athletic type. Seems to burn out of energy faster than others.

    1. Brada b says:

      Because he smokes to much haha!!!

  25. Gigi2 says:

    qué dira Khedira?
    qué será , será,

  26. forever-Arsenal says:

    Wenger needs to go back to the Brazilian Beach. Last time he went there we got Sanchez.

    Two occasions when he buys big players
    1. Goes to a beach in Brazil
    2. Final hour of transfer window (Ozil)

  27. rock88 says:

    Arsenal desperately need a CDM, CB and ST because we have
    1.CDM= Flamini and Arteta who is not even CDM. They both are getting old and cant perform physically and also have 1 year left on current deal. Diaby also very injury prone and just 1 year
    remaining. We need a new CDM.
    2. CB= Mertesaker, Koscielny and young Chambers who is not even a CB. He was signed as a backup RB and is also versatile. Miquel and Hayden are not good enough. Mertesaker is getting old and is very slow. We need a CB.
    3.ST= Giroud and Sanogo both not good enough to be first choice ST. Alexis and Campbell are more of a support striker or winger. Walcott and Ox are wingers. If we get injury to Giroud we will no game plan. We need a striker.

  28. rock88 says:

    I m also worried about Monreal. He lacks pace and was bullied by Lukaku whenever he got the ball down the right hand side. Also don’t know Wenger played Ozil at lm. Ozil would have performed much better at rw.

    1. RSH says:

      Ozil needs to be in the midfield not on either wing. And Monreal gets exposed because he, first of all, isnt too great at one on ones, and secondly, nobody help him press or anything infront of him. Ozil doesnt track back its just not part of his game, so why Wenger put him on the LW was stupid, of course Monreal was going to get bombarded the whole match. Wenger needs to stop with Cazorla/Ozil as wingers, just put them in midfield, and Ox/Campbell on left, Sanchez on right. So far he still has yet to do this.

      1. rock88 says:

        I agree with you Ozil should play at CAM. I was surprised Ox played at Rw because I expected
        Ox to protect Monreal with his pace.

  29. butters says:

    Di Maria to United, dammmit!

  30. rock88 says:

    This has been our best transfer window so far but we are blown away by Chelsea, Liverpool and
    Man Utd.
    Chelsea= Costa, Fabregas, Luis Felipe and Courtois
    Man Utd= Rojo, Shaw, Herrera and Di Maria close with couple of more signings to come
    Liverpool= Markovic, Lovren, Moreno, Balotelli, Manquillo, Lallana, Can and Lambert
    These teams have not just replaced the players that left but also added quality whereas
    Arsenal= Fabianski replaced by Ospina, Sagna replaced by Debuchy, Vermaelen replaced by
    Chambers. Sanchez is the only player who has strengthen.
    Hopefully Wenger will prove me wrong by adding CB, CDM and ST.

    1. jermaineBryan says:

      Doesn’t Sanchez replace lord bendtner and never on the park

    2. jermaineBryan says:

      Manu= shaw <evra, giggs=Herrera, rojomosses, balloteli<>hilario,filipe=cole, zouma>lampard, Diego Costa = lukaku/eto, drogba= ba
      Other outs/loaned = atsu,marin,kalas,(Mosses,mikel could leave)
      Verdict they are ready to win the leauge, they upgrade everyone who left, and ivanovic can help to replace David luiz. 1st or 2nd

      Man city=mangala>lescott, cabalero>pantillimon,fernando>garcia, zuculinnifabianski, debuchy>sagna, bellerin*/coqulan*=jenkinson, chambers=djourou, sanchez>>>bendtner, Campbell>park, martinez*<viviano
      Out=vermaelen,eisfeld(podolski,ryo could still leave)
      Verdict= attacking wise arsenal should be better but they must replace vermaelen and if podolski leaves we need a upgrade. 3rd-4th

      1. jermaineBryan says:

        Sorry message is muddled up summary;
        1st Manchester c (slight improvement,Sagna adds depth)
        2nd Chelsea improved on their outgoings will push city all the way.

        3rd arsenal good replacements Campbell and Sanchez are massive improvements on park n bendtner. We need to replace vermaelen if we want to win anything. If podolski n coqulan go we need to upgrade to challenge for trophies on all front.

        4th Liverpool have crept ahead of Man U in terms of squad depth/value they replaced well except Suarez obviously but added four players who are not replacements(lovren,can,lambert,lallana)so they will be a stronger squad. If Mario and STURIDGE step up they will be very dangerous.

        5th still haven’t replaced Vidic,(Anderson/nani also gone)and Hernandez,lindergaard,welbeck could all go before end of the window.they have great attack but are too weak/inexperienced defensively(jonny Evans is the oldest defensive player at Man U )

  31. jonestown1 says:

    Come on Rock88 anyone can check this and find out it is simply not true. Chelsea 5 players in and 21 out(!!!!) All five are direct replacements. Courtois is not a signing. United have 5 in and 9 out atm, Pool 9 out and 8 in.

  32. Aussie Jack says:

    I`ve said it before and I`ll say it again Wenger can`t spend money.
    He`s very much limited mentally to big money spending, stay under 20 million and he`s fine but the big bucks are for someone else.
    Maurinho is not waiting for his new purchases to find form or fit in so why the hell do we have wait another season to find he bought over priced over paid playboys? Fabregas should be at Arsenal and Wenger damned well knows it.

    1. jonestown1 says:

      And yet he buys 2 of the 4 most expensive PL signings in history – doesn’t really sit with the lazy assumption that he can’t spend big does it?

    2. jermaineBryan says:

      As soon as fabrigas became available we should of sold arteta who only has a year left. Again we have probably handed the title to a rival. Wenger is too kind to the players.

      Even Rosicky could have been replaced with a classy left winger like rues,draxler or greizmann(this would allow santi to play am and poldi to play striker.

      Flamini and coqulan should have been sold and we get in a serious defensive mid like schniderlin,bender

      As for vermaelen we should for alderwield on loan

      Sanogo and gnabry need a loan

      New dm,(diaby*)chambers
      New lw, ox

  33. baldyloxxx says:

    Where will khadeira play? We will still be in a position where we need a DM. We tried a double pivot when song was at club. Didn’t work.

  34. DANDY GUNNER says:

    WILL IT HAPPEN THE ANSWER IS NO. Why because Wenger is to Cheap and will always look for CHEAP options which is a gamble. Arsenal will never win the Premiership as long as Wenger is in charge.

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