Arsenal get HUGE boost for pivotal Man United clash

It is not just Arsenal Football Club and itโ€™s fans that are having a hard time of it this season. It does not make it any easier to see Chelsea looking set to win the Premier League at a canter, of course, but the Gunners can take some small comfort that the likes of the spuds, Liverpool, Man City and Man United have all so far failed to take advantage of our own problems.

Which all means that our next Premier League game, against the last of those rivals, Man United, could still be a pivotal one in the course of the season. Louis van Gaal and his expensive team of misfits may have moved to within a point of us last weekend, but they were still awful and should be there for the taking at the Emirates, if we can stop leaking goals like a sieve that has been used for target practice that is.

But if United win and go above us, it will be more misery and could plunge Arsenal into another bad run of results, so the news reported by The Guardian that United will be without a large number of key players is a real bonus for us. And the fact that the Colombian international striker, Radamel Falcao, is one of them makes our signing of Danny Welbeck look a great piece of work by Wenger.

Their main problem, like Arsenal, has been in defence. Even though they have a lot more options in the back four than us, the injury situation means that hardly any of them will be available when they come to north London next weekend. Rafael, Phil Jones, Jonny Evans, Marcos Rojo. So if there was ever a chance for the Gunners to get at a weakened Man United team, surely this will be it.

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  1. I know its unlikely, but i’m just praying that Koscielny will be back in time for the game.
    I cant bare to see Monreal at CB again.
    If Koscielny isn’t back, why not play Monreal/Gibbs at RB, i mean i remember Sagna playing LB for us when required, and then play Chambers and Mertasacker CB?

    1. As much as I’d like to see Chambers in the middle (provided he is mentally recovered from Sunday), I’m much more interested in seeing if there is any change in the team’s mentality – do we collectively compete to win the ball back, if we are up with 20 minutes to go will our wing backs and box2box midfielder play more pragmatically etc. etc.

  2. I don’t like these articles that glory in the injury woes of other teams. Let’s concentrate on us. Nothing will please me more than thrashing a fully-assembled United team while Alex Ferguson watches from the crowds.

    1. @Twig
      Lets hope our players put in a good shift because I would 8-2 be a Man United supporter ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Exactly Twig, a boost for us is having opposing players injured?
      What has Wenger done to the Arsenal …

  3. I tot the article is about having some arsenal. Players back more especially kos the boss. Instead its about Man U, don’t forget so many of our players are on international duty and you know what does that mean. Fingers crossed.

    1. Spot on @muda & on that article #Aw didnt sign #Danny Welbeck he waz in Italy hosting ah charity game u forgot !!!

  4. last season we need to score goals

    this season we need to stop conceding goals

    it rotates every season

  5. Beating Man U will be great
    but beating Chelseas will be
    more significant.The arrival
    of Chelsea, Abramovich
    and Mourinho derailed Arsenal.
    Fergi and Man U. rose to the
    challenge but Arsenal withered
    and has never recovered.
    Wenger conceded and lowered
    expectations to top 4. He could not
    live with Mourinho, still can’t.
    The psychological impact Chelsea
    under Mourinho has over Wenger
    and Arsenal can not be understated.
    Wenger refuses to shake Mourinho’s hand such is
    his bitterness to his rivals superiority.
    Spurs live in Arsenal’s shadow Arsenal
    live in Chelsea’s shadow.
    Its true losing all the time to Chelsea
    does not neccessarily stop us winning
    the Premiership but the psychological scar
    of the Chelsea shadow weighs heavy on
    the Managers belief to the point where he has already
    conceded the Premiership.

  6. If Man United play three at the back they have got a serious problem coming to them with


    1. But we’re more likely to see something more similar to this..
      ————————— Welbeck——–
      Cazorla — Wilshere ————— Ramsey—– Alexis
      ————————— Flamini ————————-

  7. since when did injuries to other teams become huge boosts?…… SMH …… Swansea beat us hands down without 3 key players….. I mean., what’s wrong with Arsenal?…… Why is every thing about this team so one sided, sordid, outdated and boring….. We can’t even approach a game with confidence……we don’t even play fantastic football…… We don’t even have a manager ….. The one whom we assume is, doesn’t even have a game plan…. He’s tactically inept and complains alot to the fourth official instead of shouting orders to the players…. There’s this nasty Joke people keep saying “if u want to hide something from Arsene Wenger, best hide it in a trophy” …….really its awful and on behalf of the non-AKBs …..we say “RESIGN”

  8. Been reading an interview Sanchez has given and my admiration and respect for him keeps growing.
    I have been very critical of Wenger but fair play for signing Alexis and he could prove to be one of his best ever pieces of work in the transfer market.

  9. Campbell looking for a loan move to inter Milan,be a shame if he does go as would love to see him on the wing at AFC?

      1. I know it’s radical so keep it quiet please mate as do not want Maureen and the other premier league managers to use this tactic ! Lol

  10. If Koscielny ain’t available against Man U then we should have as our back four:

    Bellerin Mert Chambers Gibbs

    So much better than Monreal at centre back. Although I do pray that our back four looks more like this:

    Chambers Mert Kos Gibbs.

    1. This is the crux of it. The Debuchy injury is our biggest handicap because it has taken Chambers out of CB. Truth be told, the Jenkins on loan looks a joke now because he could have got his experience until January at Arsenal.

  11. At the moment man u reserve team will be to good for us they will beat us i am already preparing my song say we want Wenger out say we want Wenger out echoed by 50,000 other supporters he will know he is on borrowed time!

  12. As i have said before i am waiting on the transfer window to see if we can improve the defensive line of the team, if there is any defender or Defensive midfielder i feel arsenal can get fine but wont know who until january.

  13. If we loose or even draw to Man U, I want Wenger to go, it will further indicate we are not able to mentally or physically compete home or away with any of the other big teams in the league, we haven’t beaten Man U in about 3 or 4 years, that’s f*cking outrageous if you ask me. I will not settle for anything other than a win. Last year, everyone beat Man U! Spurs beat them, Liverpool beat them, Everton beat them, Chelsea did, and so did City but not us, we bloody lost and drew to them, that is one of the things that hurt me most last season.

  14. if we want to win here’s the best team to field against UTD

    Bellerin BFG Chambers Gibbs
    Flamini Ramsay/Rosicky
    OX/Walcott Welbz/Podolski Sanchez

  15. To be honest since we cant even beat Anderlecht at home and losing balls faster than a castrating unit against Swansea and cant even keep a wining position right now, i don’t put my hopes up high for this match. But as a die hard Arsenal fan i still want a revenge of that 8-2 at old trafford so figers crossed hope we get one past them and see the little boy in van payslip shake his head in regret. Once again Mr Wenger utilize your squad and stop waiting till 80 something minutes and biting your nails on the bench!

  16. Wenger out 8 million a year is joke With the highest ticket price to watch this rubbish and average players. ARSEN IS HOLDING ARSENAL BACK

  17. What are you talking about?We should concentrate about Arsenal’s injury not the players United going to loose because of injury.Kos is not going to be fit because during the Swansea pre match interview Wenger said it will take him a month to come to fitness.And if you need reminder United played with out Carrick,Evans, Jones, Valencia, Falcao, Ronney against Chelsea and they almost beat them.United also played with out Evans, Raphael, Jones, Rojo, Falcao, Smalling (due to red card) against City, they played with 10 men for about 60 min and they really played good and they almost equalized.

    United have two good defenders in Mc Nair and Blacket, they are the product of united academy and unlike Wenger, Van Gaal is not afraid to give them a chance.And also United have versatile players, Valencia could play as RB and he did a good job during the city game, Carrick can play as CB and he also did a good job against city, Blind could play as CB, RB, DM and they also have Fellaini ar DM, Who is Physical fit and who’s in fine form.

    When you write an article don’t write it just because you can and because you’ve got the have to do analysis of everything the past game the team played, the type of opponent they played in the past 3 games, the tactic and formation of the manager and also the injury the team face…. don’t just come out and say United has got injured players and that a plus for us, you have to see the whole situation.

  18. We are so poor that even if Manchester united play with their reserves they can easily beat us!. We played a very depleted Swansea City and lost, we needed 2 errors and Sanchez’s alertness to beat a Sunderland team which conceded 8 goals the week earlier. Lets start planning for next season , this one is over in November. Its really a shame! We fight for top 4 every season and it looks like Wenger will do everything not to win the league tittle!

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