Arsenal get huge EPL title boost from Germany

Arsene Wenger has not always seen eye to eye with other managers of various national teams, such as the furore and frustration caused when Didier Deschamps over-played Abou Diaby when the injury prone midfielder had only just returned to club football after a long lay off.

But I think that the coach of Germany, Joachim Low, will definitely be near the top of Wenger´s Christmas card list this year, as he has just handed the Gunners a huge boost to our hopes of keeping the Premier League title challenge going strong.

With the Gunners already missing 10 players due to various injury problems, we are teetering on the brink of a crisis and really can not afford to lose any more, especially a key man like Mesut Ozil. So the news reported by The Mirror that he has not been selected for international duty this time is a massive relief. Low knows that the midfield star could do with a rest and the fact that there is no winter break in England has made his mind up.

The Germany manager said, “We start with the preparations for France now, and we will test a few formations.

“But I also have the players’ strain in my mind. The season is long and some foreign leagues are even without a mid-season break.

“That’s also the reason why I didn’t call up Mesut Ozil and Toni Kroos this time. We want to test some alternatives on their positions.”

So as long as our King of the assists gets through the north London derby unscathed, he can put his feet up and that will be one thing less for Le Prof to worry about over the next two weeks.

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  1. what is the point of this article?……….. What new stuff have been said that we dn’t already know of?

  2. This is why Germans dominate the football. Absolute professionals !

    And i don’t know why Chelsea is worried. They are sure to win the title next year. Above Aston Villa.

  3. A grand welcome gesture by Loew..and if i were to be honest Loew is the 1st name that comes to mind as a Wenger replacement..(Guardiola will go to City,United or even Chelsea i think)..Best option after Wenger I say..All Hail Joachim Loew !!!!!!!

      1. Old enough to win an EPL and the 1st CL for Arsenal..My favourite candidate to replace Wenger in no particular order…Loew,R.Koeman,Bergkamp,G.Monk,D.Simeone..

  4. Listen Baby Please

    It depends How you look at it. I always think that when Alexis, Theo, Ozil or any of our players play, score or perform well for their country, they return happy and on form

    On the other hand, Ozil getting rest and not risking injury abro

    1. cont.
      … ad is a good thing also, so personally and selfishly on a daily, I am happy he will rest

  5. Wenger needs to go back to his prayers. Contrary to the rubbish he was spewing on, the players do need God to win – win the EPL or CL…….

    1. nobody needs god to win, if you are good enough to win, you raise your chance of winning and with a little bit of luck you win too.. nothing more

      1. @arsenal4eva&Krish
        Neither god nor luck exist in reality. We simply need to go out and out play as well as out score Spurs tomorrow and get the 3P…

  6. Baby Please

    I never thought we would be 14 points ahead of Chelsea on a daily with the chance of going 17 points ahead tomorrow

    Awesome stuff

    Lets beat some Spuds tomorrow

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