Arsenal get MAJOR boost on PSG star’s January transfer

Arsenal have already famously bid for the PSG and France international midfielder Yohan Cabaye. The 28-year old was playing for Newcastle United at the time and could be back playing in the Premier League as soon as January, as his stint with the French champions looks certain to come to an end.

The Gunners reportedly had a bid turned down by Newcastle last summer, even though the central midfielder was desperate to complete the transfer. And then the Magpies accepted a bigger bid of around £20 million from PSG in January, but Cabaye was a bit of a luxury for the French club who already have the likes of Matuidi and Veratti.

And after just 15 starts since his move to Ligue 1 and having been subbed off in five of his six starts this season, Cabaye is said to be ready to call it quits. He has also been warned by former France and Chelsea defender Frank LeBeouf that his place in the French national team for next summer’s Euro 2016 tournament in France is at real risk if he does not leave PSG.

So according to a report in the Metro, the talented midfielder will be a transfer target for both Arsenal and Liverpool in the January transfer window, with PSG boss Laurent Blanc willing to sell a player that has not really settled. But is Cabaye the answer or should Arsenal keep trying to get Sami Khedira?

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  1. Cabaye? Sure why not?

    Not like we need a defender and a defensive midfielder….

    (*drops phone pulls out hatori hanzo sword hails taxi to the emirates…..)

  2. I’ll be happy with Sissoko and Rudiger to be honest.

    Also with so many players out form, Why did Wenger loan out Coquelin a week ago? Surely we could have someone like him. More mobile than Flamini, maybe even stronger, it just doesn’t make sense when you got so many players out and so many players out of form to not play him in midfield.

    Until then, we need Koscielny, Debuchy, Giroud and Diaby to come back to add steel in this team, yeah they’re all french.

  3. Respect to Anderlecht coach and the team.
    Wenger should be ashamed. Also should have shook hands with Hasi.

    1. funny when we stole at win at there ground, there manager was happy to shake hands..but shoe on other foot – an a draw…our manager showed poor sportsmanship…

      sad stuff

  4. BB is a total suckup for Chelsea and City. Look at this stat;

    Chelsea have won their Champions League group in 8 of their last 10 campaigns, qualifying as runners-up in two other years.

    This is on live text right now.

    It is either deceiving people or they made a mistake. Remember 2012/13 campaign where they came third going to europa after finishing behind Shakhter and Juventus.

    Or it could be deceit by not mentioning that season and mentioning two other season where they finished 2nd place. But because 8 + 2 equals 10 people will think it’s within those 10 seasons. Thats how much they like Chelsea, they bend the facts to favour them.

  5. After that shambolic display by us yesterday, get kondogbia and van dijk in the jan transfer window please wenger!!!!!

  6. shame on the loser wenger for not shaking hands with his opposite number after the game last night . it just further highlights the dreadful way in which wenger treats everybody . he has become more like alice ferguson than ferguson himself . how dare he, while representing our great club , act like a schoolkid in the playground . and he is being paid eight million pounds per year to behave like this and the board will not sanction him . arsenal are no longer a sporting club, we are a financial institution . i yearn for the old days when sport and fair play were foremost in our minds . wenger is also a cheat , he never sees anything wrong with his players bad tackles .there was a time when we led the way in all things mannerly and sporting on the pitch . it was called the arsenal way . now we must settle for the arsene way , in other words do it wengers way or dont do it at all , shame , shame , shame .

    1. Good point made and agree Wenger is shaming the good name and history of our club by his childish and selfish behaviour.

    2. Ger Burke

      This is a sad truth of not just arsenal fc..

      But sport in general.. Money-greed!!!

  7. I just hope that dortmund are in their league form when they come to play us
    Not with their CL form

    Let’s see what we can do on the counter against dortmund
    Cause we are not gonna see a lot of the ball even at home

    Unless dortmund score and sit back and counter


  8. Am I the only one not convinced we will see a reaction on Sunday and continue to struggle.swansea are a team not to be taken lightly but Wenger will.

  9. Well let me put it this way:

    Krhm.. F*ck Yohan Kebab.

    Robin Knocke of Wolfsburg, Rudiger of Stuttgart or Schär from Basel to defense.

    Schneiderlin for our midfield.

    Is it that hard

    1. Fully agree! We don’t even need Khedira! I’d take Rudiger or Schar in a heartbeat and get either Kondogbia or Schneiderlin for DMF. Talent players for a decent amount of money

  10. When will you all realize Wenger won’t buy anybody in Jan,when has he ever .Every season is like the film groundhog.Please wake up ,until Wenger goes this club is going nowhere

    1. stupid comment he might not buy what u want because the best aren’t available without a premium in January should wenger have bought somone like carrol for 35m or draxler for similar who had a poor 6month since that transfer window?

      Khalstrom,diaby,Arshavin… Ect all came January it’s funny how crap the comments get based on a draw we could have lost like city n liverpool, but, I do agree that wasn’t good enough

  11. Frm yesterday’s game this is my analysis.

    1.Sczescney don’t have magic moment.remember last season when fabianski single handedly won us the game against liverpool.sczescney is an average gk.
    2. Chambers was ok. You can’t blame him no one helped him on the wing carzola was nowhere tracking back.
    3.Mertesacker was aweful he exposed monreal severally who himself was diabolical.
    4.Gibbs did ok.wasn’t at fault podolski should have not let that cross go through in the First place.
    5.Arteta well had his best game for us yesterday since this season. Was winning Balls. Switching from defence to attack until injury.
    6. Carzola I don’t know what happened to him. Noting much to say.
    7.Ramsey I dnt blame hamman when he said ramsey cost us the game because he was busy trying to score.ramsey has capistulated. He dosent defend anymore. Try to do too much thinking he was messi. Between ramsey and wilshere. Now I would rather have wilshere atleast he wouldn’t live the back open like ramsey did. He was rubbish.
    8. Ox gud going forward awful defending. He played a better game yesterday than he did previously and that’s that.
    9.Sanchez well where would we have been if not for him. Tnk u for choosing arsenal
    10. Welbeck people can say whatever they like about Giroud but truth be told giroud is miles ahead of welbeck. How many times was welbeck even in the box yesterday. Always passing baack when he should shoot or dribling it outside the box. Welbeck is not the striker we needed am sorry he was an emergency buy. He was average at best.
    11.Wenger should tell us why loan jenkinson,sold vermalean, loan coquelin when he doesn’t have cover. Clueless manager no honor at all couldn’t even shake Hands with hasi. Rubbish I pray this is your last season in this club you are ruining our precious club u morron. All in all a lesson which I hope they all learn from it.

  12. Santi has been consistently poor recently but Wenger continues to pick him,why ? Flamini is just a walking hot headed disaster and mert is not the player he can be when kos is around.
    Poldi proved he is a lazy player again last night and as much as I love him he needs to be sold.

    1. Santi wasn’t brilliant yesterday, but to say he was poor is being harsh. What did he do wrong? He was one of the few players trying to make things happen. He nearly scored in the second half, no thanks to good goalkeeping, and he did well to find Podolski in the box, who really should have smashed that home.

  13. With the benefit of almost 24 hours, I’m starting to see a silver-lining in what was otherwise a pathetic performance. It goes like this — in all likelihood the result won’t matter, Dortmund was always favoured to win the group and we will likely finish second, even had we won. So it was a good game to learn some harsh lessons. Generally that Arsenal can’t take anyone lightly but there are specific lessons as well. If our players have football brains, Ramsey will have learned that sometimes being a box to box midfielder means spending time defending in your own box, Gibbs and Chambers will have learned that they don’t always need to bomb up and down the wings, Rociscky, BFG and Flamini will have learned that as senior members of the squad they have to step up and lead. And Wenger will have learned… well, that’s probably a bridge too far.

    Bottom line — this result is probably meaningless in the greater scheme of things and the capitulation may be the turning point in the season. The question is which way are the players and Wenger going to turn.

  14. ArsenaL F.c keeps fantasizing just abt all the players on this planet ….. Maybe in the future, for the sake of Wenger , the F.A and possibly FIFA may be forced to pass out a Law fielding more than 11 players on a team sheet….. IrreLevant article written to compensate for our shambles

  15. I am going to be slated by the AKB bunch here but let me tell you this, I know for sure i could manage a 3-0 lead for my team. Instead of playing conservative we brought in 2 attacking players lol one that did not need to be risked anyway since he just got back from a 10 months lay off. Why not sit deep and defend and leave striker up there that can chase balls we throw out there?

    I’ll tell you why, the mission at AFC is to reach group stages, if get to the knockout stages its a BONUS for the club but the money is made in entering into the competition. If i was alexis sanchez i would request a transfer this summer.

  16. I really do not have a clue why a lot of people still believe Yohann Cabaye is a defensive midfielder. If he’s ever gonna play there you’ll have a second Mikel Arteta for the coming 3 years. Should we really invest money in a 28-year old who apparently isn’t good enough to play alot at PSG, a club that has the same goals and ambitions as our club? I don’t think so.

    Like I said in a topic yesterday, Kondogbia or Krychowiak is our answer (if Schneiderlin can’t be signed, which I think is the case) and alot of people seem to agree on that. Virgil van Dijk has all the potential to become a centreback slash defensive midfielder and is tailor made for English football.

    Why on earth did we sell Vermaelen as he easily could’ve done a better job in DM than our current players there. And (indeed) why on earth loan Coquelin out?!

  17. We have so many players like Cabaye, What we need is a young, hungry, combative and no nosense DM not small attack minded midfielders!

    1. Cabaye is a younger better arteta,in his prime, but he isn’t necessary a must sign player.

      We should target world class players or those who has the potential to be world class in the next 2 seasons.
      Dm we need 1 of khedira,Jorginho,carvalho,itturaspe,schnederlin
      Cb we need 1 of hummels,laporte,nkaulou,inigo martinez

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