Arsenal get rumours as Man Utd get Ibrahimovic and Chelsea get Batshuayi

I do hope that Arsene Wenger has a fantastic ace up his sleeve when it comes to getting a new striker for Arsenal fans to cheer about in the current summer transfer window, but I must admit to living more in hope than expectation and as the days and weeks tick by my concern increases that it will be the same old story for us.

Okay we know that the boss went for Jamie Vardy. That was a positive move Arsene, even though quite a few folk wondered how the brilliant counter attacking ability of the Leicester City star would fit with Arsenal’s heavy possession and passing based style.

Wenger has knows that Vardy would not be coming to Arsenal for some time and there are other strikers out there, except for the fact that the number of them available seems to be falling by the day, with the Sweden international Zlatan Ibrahimovic and the Belgium international Michy Batshuayi now heading elsewhere.

What is worse is that these two very highly rated forwards have been signed by direct Premier League rivals, with the Evening Standard reporting the confirmation from the player himself that Ibrahimovis is going to Manchester United and Metro reporting that Chelsea have beaten Crystal Palace to Batshuayi.

Does Wenger know something about these two strikers that Mourinho and Conte do not? Are they just not suited to Arsenal? Has the boss got a better man lined up? Or is it that Arsenal are just useless when it comes to the transfer market?


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  1. Mkhitaryan shirt was leaked too
    They are Also trying for Pogba

    Mourinho is great at plugging the holes to win trophies
    They desperately needed a striker and winger
    Mkhitaryan and Ibrahimovic. Not the worst choices

  2. It’s a load of nonsense. Arsenal clearly knew Vardy wasn’t going to join us. Not that I’m too fussed about it. But here we are yet again, crying out for a striker. We hear it’s not easy to sign players and so on. But Chelski are about to sign Batshuayi who is still at the euros playing for Belgium ?So why are we not doing anything??

      1. What cards? Day-dream, if you like. He will sign no CF or CD. Please manager just tell the fans as-is.

    1. Ahhhhhh, but have you forgotten we have Sanogo? Why should we buy even though we are 4 players down (Arteta, Flamini, Rosciky & Wellbeck through injury) from last season, we have only one striker who last season went 15 games without scoring. Lol. By the way do you remember the times when we could field 11 (current) internationals, and some? How times have changed.

  3. Who needs zlatan when we are about to sign one or both of antonio colak and temura asano! ! 🙁

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if we got those unknown players,top clubs like Bayern Munich sign top class players like Renato Sanches all the time but Arsene Wenger will then go say Arsenal couldn’t find the right players who can improve the squad!

  4. Deep down if you’re an Arsenal fan you know that Arsene Wenger won’t buy a world class striker,looking at Lewandowski’s one touch finish made me sad realising a player of that calibre will never be at Arsenal while Wenger’s still the manager!

    1. I think Ozil is pretty damn good, as creative players go he has to be considered one of, if not the best one around.
      Different playing pos but both top caliber.

      Wenger is at Arsenal and we have a top class player.

      Since we stopped being a selling club we have made some top signings, not as many as we would have liked but we have got some.

      Alexis, Ozil and Xhaka have all said Wenger was the reason they signed.

    2. Yes, isn’t it (almost) criminal! Fifth richest club in the world, beautifull 60,000 people stadium – full, regular CL, highest ticket prices in the world, and a manager whose is paid £8.5m a year who makes £x + £1 types of bids and seemingly unable to recruit – particularly CFs or CDs.

  5. Portugal qualified with 3pts and now they are in the semifinal. Interesting to see who they will face between Wales and Belgium.. .

    The only underdog team left is Iceland. Tempted to call Wales an underdog but they have Bale and Ramsey…

    Back on the striker talk. I hope it will be save the best for last…Wenger should stun us all with a striker.

    Oh.. ain’t easy to be a fan of Arsenal…but we love the club

    Arsenal all the way!

    1. Arsenal have signed their main signing, xhaka, he was signed to replace flamini. He already signed elneny to replace arteta and think he believes toral will replace rosicky.

      When will people realise? He went for Vardy for his ability to play out wide, to replace Welbeck. When Vardy realised that wenger did not want him to be cf he declined. Wenger believes in his no.1 striker giroud and also believes that he only needs one more, that is a player that can back up giroud and play wide when needed.

      Sorry if people don’t like the truth, but that is what is.

      1. Wenger clearly wants a winger, at this point we should go for Draler, he may have good chemistry with Ozil and has the talent that Theo and Giroud lack.

  6. I really like the rumours linking us to South American strikers. There were two names in mind and they are Gabriel Barbosa and Gabriel Jesus. Their videos on YouTube are certainly sweet but if you look at individual performance on a specific match, you will see a lot of flaws.

    Admin, don’t mind if I offer video reference:


    Both players are good and I noticed that Barbosa is more of a Hulk-type of player with a tinge of Diego Costa. As for Jesus, he is so Robinho. They are both young and talented, and they can have a bright future at Arsenal. But if you are looking for instant impact, the duo is not the best answer. I don’t see them surviving the physicality of EPL and their mentality is still too young (gets angry and emotional far too easily).

    Perhaps should look elsewhere?

  7. u guyz need to chill d furk out…yes man utd bought Ibra and mikky, so what???? its a shame we lost milky but Ibra???? we don’t have the coach to manage a person like dat….Chelsea got batuayi(whatever his name is)?????? Have u watched a full marsielle match where he was their striker???? I promise, ull believe sako(crystal palace) is lewandowski’s heir…€40m for him????? OH HELLLLL NOOOOOOO!!!!!!…Wenger will buy a known striker(I’m 100% sure) but he doesn’t want to get it wrong and have another ‘deadwood in 2 years’ in our hands…not a Wenger fan but hw many top class strikers in approachable teams r available…. Dortmund won’t sell(sold 3 key players already), Madrid,juve,ath madrid will not sell theirs…higuain(won’t renew contract), icardi, lukaku, lacazette r d available options…..milik is a bag of rubbish(no wonder big clubs r not making noises about him)……

    1. That’s right one known to the dentist of his former mother in law whose dad saw him playing in a park in Sofia and is willing to cycle over on the promise of packed lunch and a weekend rail card to clacton …. It should be obvious by now that wenger ain’t going to deliver what the fans want to see … He is seething with rage with what Ranieri did and has failed miserably to do for a dozen years and wants to prove he can win top trophies on the cheap

  8. We are inapt in the transfer market and in the process bring down the atmosphere around the club in a major way. Then when we get a disastrous run of results at some point next season and the fans show there frustration they will be told they are spoiled.

    Is there really an excuse for not having addressed our biggest need (striker) at this point?

    year after year, after year, after year …

    I think Wenger would make England world champions and should be given the chance now.

  9. As things are currently playing out, I think we the fans should begin to prepare our minds for another transfer season of frustration as a back up plan. At least that we make it more bearable.

  10. Like him or hate him it`s taken `the special one` weeks to achieve what Wenger has been trying to do for years, sign a world class striker.

    1. Can’t argue with that. I was not a fan of singing Ibra but he would be a hell of lot batter than no signing and then Giroud and at 200,000 a week with no transfer price he is a bargain IMO.

      Moureen is willing to gamble and be ambitious even when he knows there is no guarantee. This is why he is more successful.

      Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like Moureen at all and think he is classless, Wenger on the other hand has a lot of class. But there is no comparison when it come to ambition and success.

  11. We ALL know that theres NOT going to be any “top class strikers” coming to the emerites this summer, Wenger is sitting on his hands yet again and the reason for this is that he expects France to win the euro’s and if they do he can spout about how Giroud is the best striker in Europe and then he will have no reason to spend any money on a new guy.
    Its the same old malarky and we all know ddep in our hearts that an old leopard like Wenger will never change his spots.
    so get used to having the “Lampost” up front again next season

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