Arsenal get Simeone boost!

Arsenal have been repeatedly linked with Atletico Madrid boss Diego Simeone so far this season, after it was hinted at that this could be Arsene Wenger’s final year with Arsenal. Now the bosses on the board have been given a boost if they are truly interested in Simeone, because he has reportedly taken a step forward towards ending his spell at Atletico.

It was hinted at the start of the season, that this campaign could be Le Prof’s last with Arsenal after 20 years of service. Although his future remains unconfirmed, it is highly anticipated it will be his last and the members on the board have reportedly already been lining up potential candidates to replace him. Bournemouth’s Eddie Howe heads the list as a firm favourite, whilst Germany manager Jochaim Low is also an option. But Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone may have just given the Gunners a boost, as he has today negotiated a contract reduction.

Contractual reductions are of course a rare sight in the game without the person in question being released from commitment altogether, however Atletico officials have agreed to reduce Simeone’s deal from lasting until 2020, to now keeping him under contract until 2018. The manager said in July: ‘I am a young coach so I feel that [a move away from Atletico] it is possible. There are many other leagues that would provide great challenges, but the English and Italian leagues are particularly attractive.’

Arsenal therefore may be on high alert, although of course Simeone’s contract still lasts for another season after the conclusion of the current 2016-17 campaign. Chelsea are also supposedly interested, despite having recently employed Conte at the helm, whilst PSG and Inter Milan have reportedly had offers rejected in the past.

Could Simeone be Arsenal’s next manager post Wenger?



  1. HEYCH says:

    Yes please. Along with Griezmann.

  2. John Legend says:

    I would be over the moon to have him as our Manager. He will bring the best out of all these average players of ours

  3. Ramterta says:

    I would really love to have him.
    So that we can be free from that deluded fraud for once.
    Even if our average/mediocre players remain he will find a winning formula

  4. Vlad says:

    I like his passion for the game, his hunger, his desire. He also has a natural charisma, and you can tell he’s a true leader who can get the best out of his players. All positives… But you guys do realize that his style of football is very similar to Mourinho’s, right? I follow La Liga pretty closely, and have seen plenty of Atletico’s games. And for the most part they are extremely boring to watch. At least to me they are. Just food for thought…

    1. Benjas24 says:

      So what do you want, pretty football without trophies or boring football that can bring you the league?

      Anyway I don’t think a game that shows desire, fight and passion can be boring.

      1. Vlad says:

        I want both. Klopp, Ancelotti, and even Pep are just a few who enjoyed plenty of success while playing an attractive style of football.

      2. RSH says:

        Arsenal need direction and to be winning again. Weak spine, soft players, we’ll never win anything important like this. And is our football really that exciting the past 2-3 seasons? Most of our games are us making 2 inch passes around the box. That’s not attractive football.

  5. Big G says:

    Simeone would represent a change in tactics and character for the players who would have to either shape up or ship out. I’ve been a Wenger fan since he first arrived at the club and know he has done a fantastic job firstly winning trophies, secondly making Arsenal a global franchise and thirdly building a new stadium that will be standing long after most of us are gone.
    Yes the new stadium came at the cost of winning less trophies but you can’t have it all, Man Utd won lots of trophies over the last twenty years but don’t have a new stadium, Man City won the league twice but did not build a new stadium with their own money and now they rent a stadium, Chelsea have won a few trophies and are just now starting to build a new stadium but the team and the new ground are all funded Abramovich’s money and not the club’s.
    I’m sure had Wenger not built the new ground that Arsenal would have won more trophies and the fans would be happier. If Wenger or the board decide it is time for a new manager then i say thank you Wenger for your fine service over the years and commemorate it with a bust to stand next to the one of Herbert Chapman. If Simeone does not wish to come to Arsenal as it appears Chelsea are also interested in aquiring his services then perhaps we could tempt Conte.

  6. bayjerkoff says:

    Off topic: read about ian wright’s critiscism of oliver giroud that he will get a goal in every match with ozil behind him…well let say my mind.

    Ozil at the world cup and euro 2016 had 2 assists in 13games altogether, where he played behind strikers we believe re better than giroud muller and co,

    Ozil has started the season in a rather timid way while lucas ,sanchez and walcott have been tried as our strikers and yet again no assist to his name.

    Now, I know we can do better than better than giroud but right now I don’t think we have a better option right now and the earlier we get giroud playing and in top form the better, alexis is not a striker, and while come with a lot of optimism watched many of his goals and he doesn’t seem to dominate the defenders, he runs into spaces to finish I strongly believe he won’t find himself in similar situations so often in arsenal but rather will find himself fighting big bullying defenders.

    Like we all talk about girouds lack of pace, I believe he’s quick enuf for our play, thinks faster, gives a better pass in the box and help distract defenders than all the options we have.

    I know many of us don’t want this but maybe lucas he will do a job as a right winger.

    When I remember our qulity goals I remember giroud…..podoski goal a few seasons ago….jack whishere goal against norwich….rosciky goal against sunderland, ozils goal against bournemouth last season and odas…I rem the big guy….let’s support giroud and let him get back to his top form…

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