Arsenal getting green light from potential Wenger replacement Allegri?

It looks like it is not just the Arsenal fans and the players in the current squad who are being left in limbo by Arsene Wenger and the club and all this talk about the decision on his future as our manager being made at some unspecified time in the vague and distant future.

According to the Daily Star the current Juventus boss, who is widely reported to be one of the favourites to take over in north London if the Frenchman steps down, is keen to know just where he stands. In fact the paper claims that Massimiliano Allegri has told the powers that be at Arsenal thast he needs to know in no less than three weeks if the job is going to be his or not.

It seems that the Italian coach is passing on the pressure and the deadline that he has received from his own club, with the Serie A champions pushing him to sign a new contract or let them know that he will be leaving in the summer. Allegri has a great record at Juve and before and he looks certain to lead then to another title this year.

So if the Arsenal rumours are true then Allegri does want the job and surely Wenger or someone on the board at Arsenal will give him the thumbs up soon.



  1. muda says:

    It is not coinsidence that Juve are after simeone , if wenger decided to call it a day now, then it will the best decision he has made in 10years with regards to Arsenal.
    Thanks for the memories Arsene……!

  2. davidnz says:

    I rather have an English Manager.
    Eddie Howe will be just fine.

    1. hecmanx says:

      Fans like u are the problem of this great club, u are being sentimental and don’t want the club to hire the best, u prefer us to be mediocres.

      U have forgotten what happened to Manchester United when they appointed David moyes after sir alex ferguson retired

  3. hecmanx says:

    Thanks to the fans that made their feelings known to the incompetent board, but the job is not done yet, so let’s keep the heat on by doing the same in our next home game.

    Thanks mate

  4. PaddyGooner says:

    According to Liam Brady, the decision will be made by Wenger by the end of the month.

  5. Break-on-through says:

    If it’s true that Juve are on the lookout well then I reckon someone else has all but signed Allegri. Arsene has said again that his preference is to stay, if there is a contract on the table well then it doesn’t look like it’s us who’s gotten Allegri. Arsene will wait to see if he can claim an FA cup or the top four, he said fans come into it but depending on how many fans are in uproar will depend on our finishing places. I’m not sure if he’s thinking of walking away if he gets the cup, or if it gives him a taste to try all over again.

  6. Vlad says:

    Nothing more than another ridiculous rumor, IMHO. Wenger, and only Wenger himself will decide when his time is up, and will no doubt have a huge say in who the next manager is going to be.

  7. N4NICOLAS says:

    Is it a crime to love n support Arsenal?

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