Arsenal get the points but could have been better

Arsenal will come away happy with the result today, but we didn’t dominate Sheffield United as much as we would have hoped.

The Blades came into the match having failed to clock up a single league goal, but that wasn’t going to last forever regardless.

We started the game on the right foot, having much of the possession (as you would expect), and retaining the ball in the opposing half for long spells, but our opponents are known for their ability to defend under pressure.

While we continued to press, Sheffield were not for making many mistakes, and they managed to make it to the break with the scores tied.

Not long into the second-half, we did manage to get our breakthrough however, with youngster Bukayo Saka guiding a well-placed header into the top left of the net, with the keeper out of reach of the effort.

The scoreline didn’t stay that way for long as Nicolas Pepe ran through on goal to double our lead around three minutes later, and we looked set to enjoy the last 25 minutes to play a little more open.

That wasn’t the case however, as our rivals lifted themselves to try and cause trouble at the other end in hope of getting back into the game.

And they did, David McGoldrick brought his side to within a goal of a point with under 10 minutes left to play, but unfortunately for him they failed to cause Bernd Leno any further scares.

Any less than a win would have been unacceptable, but Mikel Arteta’s earlier calls for the team to make the Emirates a fortress were surely not answered.

Against a better side, we would likely be kicking ourselves right now, but the three points is what matters at this point in the campaign.

Were Arsenal lucky not to have been against better opposition today? Will the grinding out of results become a staple of the Mikel Arteta revolution?


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  1. Arsenal played very safe at the beginning, because Sheffield is a counter-attacking team. Then they changed their approach to be more attacking and switched back to defensive mode after leading

    I like Arteta’s pragmatic approach, but I hope they wouldn’t run out of time in the next matches. Fantastic team goal by Aubameyang-Bellerin-Saka and excellent solo goal by Pepe

  2. Xhaka in for 2 mins and we concede.. coincidence?!

    Just joking.. but we really need Partey in a situation like this (2-0). Xhaka is quite slow and his specialty is NOT breaking down attacks.

    Bellerin 2 assists!

    PS: Luiz is a liability..

    1. I’m also worried about Luiz, because his long passes are so wasteful. But he can’t be benched until Mustafi is fit again

    2. You are totally correct! I wouldn’t feel its a coincidence because the cover from the midfield was lost and the calm and great ball control we had was lost.

      Really, Arteta did well to bench him but for God’s sake did he need to bring him on when the opposition had the ball deep in our half. I think he took a big risk there… I have always said Xhaka is a liability and an illusion in that midfield.

      Luiz… Oh my Lord! Must Arteta always play him. Why do you play someone because he has a good influence in the dressing room…

      Summarily, if Arteta keep playing Xhaka and Luiz, they will both be his downfall…

      For God’s sake, bring in Saliba and play Saliba, Gabriel, Tierney!! For crying out loud, this is the backline we must go on it!!!

      I am tired of having my heart in my mouth and hoping Arsenal can manage to see out every game!! For how long? It may not last long as it did not last long with Unai after going 20 games unbeaten…

      We must take heed and learn!!

      1. Apart from the early shirt tug that could have been a red card, I thought Luiz played well, but Gabriel was a rock, must play every game.

        1. But that’s because Gabriel covered him a number of times. He was really slow, wasteful in his long passes and shaky in his defending. I am surprised you felt he played well. Well, we all always have different opinions. Nevertheless, Luiz is not dependable and its time to develop the young talent we have (Saliba).

  3. When was it this season where it couldn’t be better? Something has to give and struggling against a team like Sheffield United is not a show of progress. In this case a win is not a win.

    1. Arsenal played very cautiously because Sheffield is dangerous when counter-attacking. We still have the wing problem though, so I hope our wingers can play better next time

      We totally deserved the three points, based on the ball possession, the number of shots on goal and the two beautiful open-play goals

    2. They conceded the 4th least amount of goals last season. Definitely a team capable of getting a result, think we did well. Was never going to be a match we win by 3, 4 goals.

    3. For the lovd of god can we stop complaining even when we win!? Honeslty you sound like petulant children writing there Christmas list… I WANT THIS I WANT THAT!!

      Getting really old really fast.

      1. @Defund The Media: And since when did Arsenal’s supporters agree to adhere to your Majesty’s standards ? Just because you are Ok with mediocrity, the rest of us are not. You don’t like a post either come up with the goods as why, or move on.

    4. @Icw….Agree we were lethargic against a team who is not renowned for scoring goals. I don’t get the reason of MA being so cautious against every team no matter what part of table they belong to. A win is not a win if that was the case we are papering I we all the cracks. Remember it’s not only the win but how we win is as much important.

      1. Mohsen: There is nothing magical about our style of play. We will struggle against lower teams because any team can play like us. Just watch.

      2. @Mohsan. Did you see the result between city and Leicester? Did you also see the result between Leicester and West ham? This is the Premier League. You have to cherish any point gain. I think we have improved this season. Last season could have drawn or lost this game. Stop blabbing.

        1. @soccerboy…How you win or loose the match also show where you lag and need to improve that’s why they analyse the games. Why not point to Liverpool and Everton ?? I know why bec fans like you will only compare us to worse performance then go on about how good we are. Why did you not make this comparison when city won the title with record number of points and goals??? Oh I get it at that time you were childishly pointing to their fortunes they spent on the team.

  4. I am not happy how the match ended.
    Why did we have to gift SHU their first goal of the season?
    Why did that referee not allow us to score our final goal?

  5. Good afternoon

    Just look what can happen when you stump up the cash for one of the top performers in Ligue 1. Maybe you should do it again over the next few days.

    Kindest regards,
    Every Arsenal fan. [@GoonerTalk]

    Nice one!!.😄

  6. Pepe changed the game for us, so happy for him and hope he can start becoming consistent with these contributions. Arteta made the necessary changes to quicken our attack and get two goals so a lot of credit to him too. Also saw this was a good game to put Auba down the middle instead of having him being shut down on the wings where Sheffield were really comfortable. MOTM for me is Gabriel tho. Think he was massive in the final 10 minutes, and hes so dominant in the air and shut out any chances for a Sheffield counter. Saka also keeps looking better and better. Great, hard fought three points from the boys.

    1. Spot on mate! Auba through the center should be a must.
      I don’t see why we should be playing 3 CBs against teams like Sheffield. The moment we switched to 4-5-1 attacking, the game became more fluid.
      Pepe should be given a run of games to build his confidence. The build up to his goal shows how we should use him. He doesn’t thrive when he is surrounded by 2 to 3 players. That’s why we need that creative midfielder that can put him in positions where he runs unto passes.

      Happy for the win! onward we march!

  7. He learned quick and saw this 3-4-3 was limiting our chances.
    I’d love to see the same 4-3-3 team against City I swear.
    Let’s just go for it against City instead of being too respectful.


    The first half wasn’t at all encouraging.
    Also he needs to tell Pepe to be more direct like he was today.
    Pepe would’ve tried to overdo that run that led to his goal.
    Tried too much to dribble he would’ve spoilt that.
    Fair play to him. He needed that goal.
    I feel like we should give him a run of games even if he’s struggling.
    So he can try to pick his form.
    Dropping him every game dosnt help his confidence.
    But whatever the coach decides, I’ll support

  8. Man of the match for me is Saka and Elneny. We should really concentrate on building the team around Saka and Martenelli these two are way ahead of other in terms of skill and maturity. Much better second half and specially 10-15 minutes of amazing football when we scored the goals. SU goal was a individual brilliance nothing any one could have done but we did switch off after the goals.

  9. We must have recently payed another part of pepe’s fees. He came in and had a wonderful 10mins or so. Gutted Auba didn’t get a goal, played much better than at Liverpool. Oh sweet sweet Saka.
    P.S I’m still waiting till deadline day tomorrow before having a fit. I’m keeping my cool for now. 😓

    1. So we’ve paid for his legs now haha!!
      Yes, the ups and downs of deadline day, dontcha just love it, Kstix 😎

      1. He’ll be a world class player after we’re done paying the fee in full, 3 years time? 😂. As far as the transfer is concerned, same sh**, different day (pardon my French). Saw vinai and edu at the Emirates, wonder what they were there for, probably to see if our team was balanced enough and we dont need new players. A win against Sheffield might just have deceived them into thinking we’re good to go without any more signings

          1. 😂Yeah Sue. Must be something working for Stan Kroenke huh? Got to a point wenger started to struggle with his coat zip. Working for Stan will do that to you. Haha. I honestly pity Arteta.
            Coincidentally Sue, There’s a TV series called The Ballers starring dwayne Johnson, in one episode the Sporting Director of a football club suffered from a panic attack due to stress from his job, guess who he worked for? Stan Kroenke. It was the LA Rams. And they mentioned kroenke’s name a couple of times in the series and as usual, he was an absentee owner. I could really relate to it being an Arsenal fan. Lol

            1. 😆😆 that says it all, Kstix!!
              I’ve not seen it, I quite like the Rock, so better have a butchers!!

        1. Vinai and Edu were probably telling all who would listen, that Arsenal doesn’t need to sell players to buy, just wait until the next window, or the next window, or the next window………

      2. Two great goals but dire performance. No creativity, very boring. We desperately need a midfielder. If we don’t get one my belief will start to decline. We are still way behind where we should be.

    2. “I’m still waiting till deadline day tomorrow before having a fit. I’m keeping my cool for now. 😓”

      This statement got me ROTF😂😂😂
      A whole lot of people are keeping their cool not only you…everyone’s ready to attack soon as the window closes

      1. 😂😂😂Eddie, let’s see how things go, maybe we’ll have our 11th Aouar Partey. Who knows? Maybe we’re just being tricked. I’ll be the first one on just arsenal once it’s 12am on Tuesday and we haven’t got anyone. Boy am I going to rant? But for now, let’s keep it together, a day and half to go. Alot can still happen in 24 hours.

  10. I’m ALWAYS Happy when we win.
    To me a Win is a Win
    A win is 3 points
    That’s all that matters to me
    It doesn’t matter if it’s a blow out or an ugly 1 goal win as long as we win

    Liverpool, Ciry Bayern, Madrid etc have losses and tough wins. But a win is a win

  11. Holding Laca and Xhaka deserved a day off. So far they have been solid in our games.
    I like thou mixing up play and having attacks also from the right. William Pepe linking up before the goal means good players closer together on the pitch results in goals.

    On a day where wining in the league is hard, how would we fair at Elland Road?
    And questioning past wins against West Ham as we always will do, yet they go and beat Leicester today.
    Who beat city a week ago, its just madness that this league shows, but I love it!

    We won today, we sit 4th and regardless of spurs vs united, we are still sitting until we go again until after internationals.

    When we go again and target that long term goal of winning and competing week in week out, I for one agrees it’s not gona happen within a season, yet it’s good to see we competed today.

    So, for now atleast, the cannons keep firing. COYGs

  12. Arsenal players are good.

    But just need mastering pressing tactics and quick passing, then we shall be at par with these overhyped Liverpool and Man City.

  13. I hope Arteta learned that
    – Nketiah is not EPL material. Not even close.
    – 2:0 lead does not guarantee a victory. Can keep his Granit on the bench
    – Pepe needs not be playing regularly to get in and maintain proper form. He’s showing enough hunger now.
    – we need to buy a creative attacking midfielder or if not at least play Willian there if Ozil is permanently out
    – teams are starting to figure us out if we always play the same 3-4-3 with Auba on the left

  14. I hope we sign a midfielder by end of transfer window tomorrow. We will struggle with current matter what you do you can’t covert a ford into Ferrari. There will be times when Ceballos will be injured, suspended or his form will fall we need another ball playing CM in there who sees the gap and is attack minded. I like the Saka Tierney combo on left. If we don’t sign a midfileder then play Saka in middle with Ceballos as other CM and Xhaka/Elneny as DM. I would love to say MG or torreria but seems like they are not liked by MA.

  15. gotanedea

    Mustafi is no good idea. He’s worse, a specialist in falling down and exposing the defence. His contract shouldn’t be renewed

    1. He is one of the main reasons we could reach FA Cup semifinal and his form has been impeccable since EPL restart last season. He’s a victim of Wenger’s and Emery’s bad tactics, but he is one of the best performers in Arteta’s 3-4-3

    2. You’re describing Xhaka I think.
      What rather amazes me is how he gets favorable calls for most of those stupid falls.

  16. “Were Arsenal lucky not to have been against better opposition today?” What a stupid question!
    Anyway, not a great performance by any means, we seem to have lost our pace and energy these days, but we did win, albeit with squeaky bum time towards the end. I think with the current squad we need to limit our expectations somewhat. We are not the great side we once were and the opposition are not as weak as we think they are coming into games. It’s going to be a leveller of a season with no fans in stadia, look at West Ham smashing Leicester today, for instance, who slaughtered Man City last week. The only consistent team at present are Everton. It’s the interlul now and our next game is Man City away, but hey, keep the faith. COYG.

  17. A win is a win, I’m happy we won today and so happy for Saka and Pepe.

    This is what internal competition is all about and hopefully, Pepe is learning that he needs to do what is needed in training and when he gets a chance.

    He showed glimpse’s last season what he can do, I still think he needs to do more defensively but I’m sure thats what he’s working on in training.

    I do agree that Nketiah isn’t quite there for us and this season will make or break him as an Arsenal player.

    We will see what happens with him when Martinelli comes back next year.

    I think if we had started with the usual line up we may have won more comfortably but we will never know, we have played alot of games in a short space of time and rotation probably was needed, we looked a yard or so off the pace in the 1st half but was much brighter in the second.

    Hopefully we don’t suffer with any injuries with the internationals in the next 2 weeks and can pick up where we left off and smash City!

    1. Yep Marty, the best all round and consistent performance to date for me.
      Nineteen passes for the goal, what a great team goal…and played out from the back as MA wants it to be.
      Pepe really needs to be given a consistent run and Leno had no chance whatsoever with the goal.
      They finished above us last season and took four points of us, so more than happy with the win and Elneny continues to be the example for not writing players off to quickly.
      From reports, it looks as if we should have a complete squad to choose from after the break, except for Martinelli – should be interesting to see what MA’s team selection and subs will be!!!

      1. KEN I am gobsmacked by the polar amount of HOW MUCH you and I disagree on todays perf. I thought it our single worst PREM perf under MA since he took over. and by far our worst THIS season, worse even thanthe West Ham game.

        Exceptions were Saka, who was easily our best player, Gabriel who was tight and assured and Leno who had little to do and made no error. It was a dreadful game for us (and for them) apart from the 10-15 minutes after we went ahead when the game was briefly transfomed.

        But even then we let that impetus fade and were hanging on against a really poor but fighting opponent by the end, even though Leno was not esp busy.

        Pepes goal was excellent and we CAN agree on that. But that is about it. For me and in general I saw timidity, lack of passing confidence, lack of pace, of effort too by many players and it was shapeless too by and large.

        As for the awful Elneny if ever I see him pass forward I WILL FAINT WITH SHOCK. He is not the standard of player who should be anywhere near our club, let alone the starting eleven and was even chosen before Xhaka today(for reasons of rotation, as MA said before the game on TV).

        Yet you saw that as our best perf so far! I reckon then, I’D BEST LEAVE IT THERE as I really see no point on further debate on todays game with our views SO far apart. We just about deserved to win even so, but only as they were even more awful than us. But then , they are a small club , punching above their weight just by being in the PREM

        1. Umm he did pass forward and was good in defensive midfield, so I don’t understand you. I guess the whole team’s performance was down which painted him in bad light.

          1. Sid, NO I GUESS YOU ARE SIMPLY WRONG ABOUT HIM BEING GOOD! Do you honestly think that this player is Arsenal standard? If you do, there is no point us debating further!

            1. Actually Jon, I was talking about Ceballos’s performance when replying to Marty’s post – not saying that it was the club’s best performance, but agreeing with him about his thoughts on Cebs.

              As for Elneny, perhaps he is doing what Arteta is telling him to do, after all, he has featured in every game since he returned from his loan spell, so are you questioning MA’s tactics?

              Your right to, of course, but he seems to be doing everything he’s asked to do and combined well with Bellerin and Pepe.

              While we have the ball, they can’t score and your criticism of Elneny is, I suggest, the fact that he’s playing regularly, when it was your view he would/should never pull on our shirt again!!!

            2. Well, he is good as a squad player if we are aiming for top 4. If, and I say if because I am not sure anymore, we make additions in our midfield and switch to a more balanced formation, I can honestly see him starting at the base of the midfield 3 for quite a large number of games. Him behind Partey and Ceballos/Xhaka would be a good combination in my opinion. What are your thoughts on that Mr. Fox?

  18. OT…. Sons goal v UTD was delicious 👏👏 hes the only spurs player iv ever liked as a player 👀 and hes a lil diamond.

    Great win today for Arsenal, battled well and kept our nerves at the end for last 10mins. 3points, 4th before international break & Knocked Liverpool out of Cardoba Cup. City next in both the Cup and League fixture.

    Let’s hope Arteta & Edu pull a rabbit or two out of the hat. Just activate Thomas Parteys release clause and be done with it today when Chambers leaves along with Kolasnic. Torreira away already to Athletico so we will see, please god he doesnt go to Chelsea.

    If we cant get a creative midfielder the bring Mesut back in from the cold and even in the bench as an option to make an impact to open the game up which he is great at on his day. If he is staying might aswell play him for the last year if his deal, wasnt his fault Arsenal were stupid enough to give him 350k a week.

    Big 2days ahead for Arsenal. Get the business done Edu.

    1. Sean, Thomas Partey would transform the Arsenal midfield and most people see it, including Emery and Arteta. Edu and Vinai publicly state Arsenal don’t have to sell to buy, yet Arsenal can’t come up with the €50 million release clause. If Arsenal miss this opportunity, it will be a monumental blunder.

  19. I am not in support of Auba playing on the wing.., why can’t we have Pepe and Willian both on the opposite wing causing havoc and delivering crosses to Auba? why can’t we do the same thing Liverpool have been doing by playing both Mane and Salah in opposite wing?
    we need to make our attack dangerous, we are so predictable and it’s not funny anymore..

    1. Aubameyang’s hold-up play sucks and he can’t be a good false nine like Firmino/ Kane/ Giroud/ Lacazette. He’s more lethal from the left wing, but he’s been slacking off in this season

  20. In very heavy conditions we looked out on our feet by the end of the match ..There is a lack of pace and energy in certain areas in any event and bringing on Xhaka merely added to the problem.I’m afraid Willian was a peripheral figure today and was very inneffective.On a brighter note, the three goals were very good.

  21. Please remind me how much the mancs paid for Maguire?!!!

    I bet Cavani’s having second thoughts 😂

  22. 1st Great win by AFC. Just win, then develop as a squad.
    Have a feeling we will still get our players we want in the transfer window.

    lamelA a disgrace to the beautiful game.

    man, I despise that type of play, he should have been sent off first, then goes down on a slap to the face, goes down..

    If getting sent off for that, Matial should have poked him in the
    spuds are sh*tE

    Gunners onward and upward.

  23. Wanted a draw between these teams but doesnt look like thats gonna happen. United are awful btw, and should have been destroyed by Brighton. Ole in big trouble.

  24. Arteta has plans but no money..
    Lampard has money but no plan..
    Here comes Ole with no money and no plan😥😥😭😭

    1. Yeah that’s why with no plan and no money he finished in champions League spot. What is with Arsenal fans putting down other teams to show we are better. If Lampard’s team finish above us in champions League spot again you guys will say it’s a failure for him because they spent so much money they should be winning the title but we spent almost same amount in last two seasons but it’s ok for us to be out side of champions League spot all because MA did not get 200milliom in one season.

      1. Jesus man, take a day off from your doom and gloom
        outlook on EVERYTHING Arsenal.

        During a frustrating few days for Arsenal fans
        worldwide a little bit of levity from Brother Eddie
        is much needed IMHO.

      2. Man can you stop trying to bring your doom and gloom around me?
        Jesus!! You don’t even know what a joke is anymore.
        Too much negativity and moaning

      1. We’re all frustrated bro, I’m frustrated and disappointed too…
        But like Kstix said earlier, we’re keeping our cool first till after midnight Monday… Then we can all vent and rant😂😂
        It’s fine bro, everyone of us have stuff on our mind worrying us regarding the club..
        I’m just trying to keep my sanity here👍

    2. All those Ferguson years of sports politics and dubious victories are catching up with them.

      Very hilarious, no money and no plan😂😆😂😂. At least no money is available to be wasted on useless plans.

    1. His current team just spelt UNITED with goals against his former team😆😂😂

      Oh yeah he must be very proud of himself.

  25. Every team needs 1 or 2 players like Elneny. He might not be a spectacular player but he is the glue between defence and attack.

  26. Mohsan
    Well how could we be in the Champions league again. The
    so-called creator Ozil assisted only 1 goal in 18 games

    Just milking Arsenal dry

    1. But point to note, the guy has a brilliant record and stats. He is world class and you can have dip in form it’s usual. My point has always been with regards to ozil we can not ship him out and paying so much money to him then why not use him. Even the most faithful Ozil hater will agree that he is much better then what we have in midfield today. MA has reignited sparks in so many players like mustafi, Xhaka etc etc I think if board let ozil to be included in the team them MA can definitely benefit from him and get the best out of him. We are paying him and MG both regardless of our difference in opinion about both players so why waste money and not use them till we find a solution.

      1. NO YOU ARE WRONG. Though I do not “hate” Ozil(SINCE HE IS A FOOTBALLER, NOT A VICIOUS CRIMINAL , DRUG BARON OR TERRORIST, so no reason to “hate” a mere footballer whoever he be), I do NOT agree” that he is any better than what we have in midfield today” for the simple reason that for ANY player to be of use , he needs to work hard.

        He refuses to do so, thus destroying your argument. LAZY PLAYERS, AS HE IS, ARE ALWAYS POISON IN A TEAM SPORT.

        1. Well then Jon, you must go along with MA’s decision to play Elneny – he is not lazy, works hard and is being used in a team sport – he’s obviously following instructions by MA and being part of the team, so are you now going to start tearing another Arsenal player to bits, as you did above?

          1. Elneny is a valuable squad player, who has returned from Turkey an improved player. He is steady and won’t let the side down, which is why Arteta picks him.
            With regards to Ozil, Arteta has decided that what he offers going forward with the ball, does not compensate for his lack of pressing, tackling and ball winning without the ball. His statistics over the last 3 seasons in goals and assists, support that decision.

  27. Feels like that mate! Or they want to win every game easily with perfect tactics, and fail to accept were not the team we were. Talking sh#t about the team and manager constantly will not help.

  28. By the time we go to old Trafford they’ll do what they’ve always done to us. We can’t even beat them at their worst

  29. Can the fixture list be changed and we can play Man United next?? It would have been so much fun if the offices were not closed I have a lot of Man U fans around me in office but sadly their is this spur’s fan who sits next to me as well…everytime I turn around I see big Morinhio screen saver. I was thinking of hacking into his pc before covid stuck, good for him n me.

      1. I will SueP or maybe I will wait for the day Morinhio destroys spurs from inside out then leave with a bucket full of contract termination money then I will put Morinihio’s picture as my screen saver lol!

  30. The only way to please some arsenal fans

    Arsenal must play beautiful game
    Arsenal must score minimum of 3goals
    Opponent legs must not touch ball for 90mins
    The game must end with cleansheet
    All arsenal players must play excellently
    Arteta must take permission from them on the players to select
    Arteta must take permission from them b4 making changes

    if these conditions are if arsenal won to them it is not a win

  31. The only way to please some arsenal fans

    Arsenal must play beautiful game
    Arsenal must score minimum of 3goals
    Opponent legs must not touch ball for 90mins
    The game must end with cleansheet
    All arsenal players must play excellently
    Arteta must take permission from them on the players to select
    Arteta must take permission from them b4 making changes

    if these conditions are not met, even if arsenal won to them it is not a win


  32. Looks like liverpool will remain Unvincible yet again – just got to make sure Everton are knocked off their perch!!!

    Iwobi had a reallly good game today, perhaps we will announce we have re-signed him tomorrow?

    1. Iwobi will rather run down his contract down in order to come back, but not before those fans who beleaguered him with negative criticism apologized.

  33. That what Liverpool got exhausting all energy to overcome Arsenal – which they didn’t.

    Only Mane missing and they are playing like they are only 10 players. I think Liverpool is just one man away from total disaster – injury to VVD.

  34. We need a no 10 alreadyor bring ozil back..enlenly and ceballos awesome, glad xhaka was dropped n hope it stays like that. Kudos to pepe n sakA

  35. Read a few comments and shocked to see so much negativity!

    Good result against a team that did really well last season. Yes first half performance was a bit cautious but we were able to address that with a slight tweak in formation.

    3 points and no injuries, only complaint is we got a bit sloppy and eventually conceded. For me that’s 2 out of 3 (with perfect game being 3 points, no injuries and clean sheet).

    The pretty football will come.

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