Arsenal’s TRIPLE boost for title run in

Although Arsenal had little chance of beating Chelsea after the first 23 minutes when we were a goal down plus a man down, the team did try hard to break through and get an equalizer. But the deficencies in midfield were clear for all to see.

That is why it is great news today that Francis Coquelin has recovered more quickly than expected and is back in training, in fact, according to the Mirror today, Francis is even likely to be in the squad for next weekends FA Cup game against Burnley in preparation for the midweek League game against Southampton.

Out of all our injured players I would say that the return of Coquelin is definitely the most crucial if we are going to carry on our title fight. But that is not all, as it has also been revealed that Tomas Rosicky is also back. He managed 45 minutes in the U21s 0-0 draw with Swansea last night and may even play against Burnley from the start.

Last, but not least is the news that Danny Welbeck is also back in training this week, but Wenger is unlikely to risk him so quickly in our next two matches, but the report says that if he gets through this weeks training with flying colours then Le Prof will set up a private game to assess our much-missed striker.

Wenger has continually stated that he has no need to delve into the transfer market for a new striker because he already has Giroud, Walcott and Welbeck to fulfil this role. That hasn’t been truu up til now, but hopefully in the next couple of weeks we finally see him back in the squad as well.

It is worrying that Wenger hasn’t given an update on Jack Wilshere for the last three weeks since saying he will be back for February, so I think we will just have to keep our fingers crossed on that one….

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        1. For me, I truly miss seeing Arsenal freescoring to their hearts content. Name me the last time we won by a margin of more than 5 goals?

          With spuds scoring more goals than us, there is clearly or problem pending to get addressed. Our attack just look blunt in the final third. I wish I could say that we are an attacking threat that inflicts fear on our opponents but unfortunately, we are not.

        2. 10 years and u still talking about stalled in development ???
          He has retro developed (backwards)

          The New Manager should get us Reus & Morata in the summer nd sell dat headless chicken called walcott

          1. Amen, he’s been a good servant to the club but he’s just not good enough to be an Arsenal starter, he should either accept he will be a bench player or move on to a different club.

    1. Campbell drops to the bench for me. I just haven’t been satisfied with his fitness levels. Theo is suffering a dry patch at the moment but every striker gets them.

  1. Just thinking, so when Jack, Coq, TR7, Carzola and Welbz are all back (which will be a miracle on its own) plus the current fit players it will be interesting to see who will be picked on match days, 11 starts and 7 subs. Who drops out?

    Starters – Cech, Sanchez, Monereal, OG, Ozil, Mert, Coq, Bellarine, Kos, Carzola, Ramsey as the most likely starting 11.

    Bench: Gabriel, Ospina, Theo, Campbell, Welbeck, Elneny, Gibbs

    So what happens to Ox, Jack, TR7, Arteta, Flamini, Chambers??? Wenger better be ready to drop some of his favorites plus learn how to rotate quick as the Debuchy cancer may also spread to others. For the players like Ox I say get your head right or risk playing for the reserves as Wenger usually prefers using a small number of players in crunch times.

      1. You know Wenger and his favoritism, I wouldn’t be surprised if Mert came right into the starting line up no matter how well Gabriel plays after his ban. I have a feeling we might not see a lot of Elneny too.

      2. So you want to make us believe that you know better than Wenger? You overlook mistakes by Koscielney and Gabriel which have been costly to the team to try and prove your point against Per. The goal conceded against Chelsea was down to poor defending by your favoured CBs. In the play leading to Per’s red card Kos was caught out in no man’s land covering an otherwise offside costa. He did the same mistake against Tottenham and Swansea. Gab cost us at Norwich and Bayern. At times it is better to use logic than hatred and bitterness.

        1. Hatred and bitterness, those are hush words man, why would I have that for a person I’ve never met and plays for my club?

          Come on we are all fans here giving our opinions no need to get personal as far as using words like hatred or bitterness, its just football.

          Anyway based on your few points of Gabriel and Kos messing up, can you also list how many times Mert has messed up leading to a goal.

          His a good player but certain games requires a Gabriel and Kos kind of defense. Why play a high line with one of the leagues slowest player at the back. Mert / Kos / Gabriel can all interchange depending on the opponents and tactics we decide to use.

        2. Mert is too slow, too awkward, too uncoordinated. Poor clearances, can’t move, can’t jump.
          Poor with the ball at his feet.

  2. Arsenal are currently having a problem with scoring goals. We do past many games with creating only 2 to 3 chances during a game.

    You can say that campbell is a good player, that walcott plays 10 years at arsena already, and that giroud is doing good, which is true, consider that he is far from bein world class but beforms very well nowdays. but all them together are not a decent attacking force. all of them are simple not good enough.

    the fact that wenger allows ramsey ( the stiker pretender) play a free role and do whatever he wants, is bec wenger knows that we lack the goals thread up front.

    Giroud is more of an asister then a predator.
    Campbell is good, but thats it, nothing special.
    Walcott is a player who should just play as a striker, bec is rrly bad in playing football.

    before i was more at ease, when i saw podolsi playing, bec i knew he could do much damage, same with van persie, same with other strker.

    goals are everything, and the fact that we come short to score many, will make the diff between champions and 4th place once again in the end. See Vardy and L. City. See manure and rooney not being eable to fire like he used to do before. they fail.

    i just hope that sanchez will start to go havoc and carry us t the title, bec right now we can only dream about it.

    1. Campbell has been playing for Arsenal for less than half a season and is only 23, yet you expect him to play like Sanchez in his prime smh… He’ll get better and you shouldn’t be too harsh, look at the number of through balls he makes each game, it’s clear we just need a better CF and Alexis back up.

  3. How right was Wenger on passing on Kondogbia!!!!!!!!

    Most of the fans here, me inclusive wanted us to get him but at the moment it seems Flamini can take him to school.

    He might still come good but boy did we think he might be either our new Viera or Gilberto.

    1. And cappot. Sorry for the spelling. All arsenal fans were condemning wenger for not buying him. Where is he today? Sneiderlin as well. Excuse me for the spelling. Is he that special at United? Noooooooo!

  4. Great to hear lecoq is back..we missed him badly. Now that we have Alexis back I excpect us to score more goals..I just wished we were on top and leading by 5 points.damn

    1. Ox may play box2box as Wenger said he should play CM
      Also Elneny is won’t play with Coquelin unless in emergency as both are considered DM

    2. Too early for Coq to play a competitive game and I would prefer Ozil and OG to play.

      Ozil based on the fact that he has had enough rest now plus I sense its affecting his rhythm. Let him get that electric play we witnessed before all these breaks his having, even 50 minutes is okay.

      Play OG for the fact that he is our most inform sticker plus he hardly played the last game. Let Theo do some thinking on the bench while we watch how Ozil, OG and Sanchez jewl.

      Bellarin Chambers Gabriel Gibbs
      Elneny Ox
      Campbel Ozil Sanchez
      Bench: Cech, Ramsey, Theo, Kos, Iwobi, Jeff, Monereal

  5. Based on their performances in their individuals & collective training regime this week at London Colney, I will expect to see Ospina, Iwobi, Adelaide, Oxchabo, Chambers, Gibbs & Campbell be the 7 non regular starters out the 11 starters the Boss will start for the Burnley FA Cup game with only 4 senior 1st team starters of Bellerin, De Aberu, Flamini & Giroud included in the Boss’ starting lineup.

    All things being equal, my preferred to start are: Ospina; BellerinChambersDeAberuGibbs; AdelaideFlamini; IwobiOxchamboCampbell; Giroud. Burnley who are 3rd in the Sky Bet Championship table standings will have nothing to lose in this Cup game at the Ems if they are beating by the mighty Arsenal. Afterall, is Arsenal that beats them. If I were Burnley, I will prioritise promotion to the Premier League instead of fighting a fruitless battle against Arsenal that will not yield any dividend.

    However, Arsenal should be on their guard and not to rest on their oars. Because you can never tell, Burnley could decide to be greedy by pursuing an unattainable glory at the Ems on Saturday.

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