Arsenal get Wilshere back soon but Welbeck a worry

When the Arsenal and England international forward Danny Welbeck picked up an in jury during the Premier League home game against Chelsea near the end of April, it was not thought that it was much of an issue. From then on the news from Arsene Wenger on the former Man United man was always positive and always made it sound as if Welbeck was on the verge of a comeback.

At one point the boss declared that he would definitely play before the end of the season, then that he would make it for the FA cup final, but now it has been four months and Welbeck has still not kicked another ball in anger. That tells me that there is more to his knee problem that meets the eye, or at least more than we are being told. So I will take the latest positive update posted on the Arsenal website with a pinch of salt if you don´t mind.

In fact the manager does not really mention Welbeck other than to say he is not back yet, but it is a worry that such an apparently nothing injury has kept our striker out for this long. At least the news on another of our England internationals, Jack Wilshere, is a lot better. And perhaps the fact that the manager was more specific on this player tells us that he really knows what is going on and is confident that the medical team are on top of it.

Wenger said, “From the Palace game we have no injuries and we have still Wilshere, Welbeck and Rosicky to come back. And we have no suspensions. So we should have a similar squad for the Liverpool game.

“Rosicky is progressing nicely but he is far away. Wilshere should be the first back from those players, he is making good progress.”

So there is a chance that we could see Wilshere back in action in the next week or two, although it might be better to be extra careful and wait until after the international break, thereby making sure that Roy Hodgson does not take him with the England squad and get him injured again.

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  1. Oh! men what is happening to my boy Jack Wilshere my player.I wish you can stay injury free so that the world can see you are not average.Now i pray that injuries be far away from you.We need you arsenal need you.Let those who turn a blind eye on your abilities continue to do so but when the right time comes they will be ashamed for we all know how you once destroyed teams with your skill.For i know what you are capable of.Hold on to your faith and do not linger for you will get there one day.These times will make you stronger and will make you a brilliant captain.

  2. Wellbeck is a worry.
    16 mill pound worry.
    Panic or just dumb buy?
    Mind you all clubs spend
    a lot of money on dead certs
    who end up as cert deads 🙂
    Bendtner Park Arshavin Girvinho Park Chamakh
    Sanogo Podolski Wellbeck Campbell Wellington Ryo
    The twelve apostles of failure all unbelievably
    useless at Arsenal. Diarby was of more use.
    True it’s not just Arsenal (pun intended) 🙂
    but we are supposed to be the wise club
    careful with money and all that.
    So I hope we striker bet luck with
    the striker who’s name may not be spoken 🙂

    1. Funny… Sometimes I wonder just how smart Wenger thinks he is. Sincerely, I think his ultimate target is 3rd or 4th. He’s afraid of coming out plainly to say, “LOOK, we are buy players in order to challenge for the league trophy, that’s one of our major target for the season”, so that if he fails to win the league at the end of the day, no one will say, “But you said you were after the the league trophy and you spent expensively on the class of players you considered necessary, how come you failed?”

      1. Well that’s just bad management, he still has to use the players he has now but what good would they be with Wenger saying how he has no faith in them by mentioning what you want him to say. Confidence isn’t just one of those things people say because they feel they’re supposed to ..confidence is a big deal.

  3. It’s hard to get excited by this but Welbeck’s injury does highlight the need for another striker – now if he’s that badly injured Wenger wouldn’t be trying to sell Campbell and he wouldn’t be sending the young strikers out on loan.

    So the conclusion is :

    1. Welbeck isn’t that badly injured or
    2 We’re in the process of signing a new striker

    I’m sure you all hope point 1 is correct and there’s no need for Wenger to implement point 2.

  4. Retaining perennially injured
    or those over the hill is
    on a par with signing cert deads.
    Arteta Flamini Wilshere Rosicky
    all fall into category why are they still here?
    Next summer we will have to reassess
    Cech Mertz Koz Monreal Cazorla Debuchy Giroud.
    Walcott and Chamberlain are often injured.
    What if Gabriel and Chambers do not make the grade?
    15 players on notice right now.
    Short term its striker/attacker and DM
    but longer term we may need another 9-10 players
    as early as next summer.
    Gotze just nooooooooo.

    1. why would we need to reassess Koscielny, Cazorla and Monreal next summer. The first two are World Class if not at least two of our BEST players. Monreal was excellent last season. I see no cause to worry about them for next season

      Why is Rosicky still here you ask? Because Everytime he played, he was excellent. AGE should not be a barrier to play as long as he is still quality. Did not pay attention to Rosicky’s playing last season.

      So, I can’t possibly see where you can get rid of 9-10 players. Flamini, Arteta Maybe and Rosicky may decide to leave. However, I don’t see any players that Wenger would want to get rid off other than maybe Sanogo, Campbell, Jenkison and other guys on loan.

      I do agree with you in regards to Flamini and Arteta
      I also agree with you about getting a top quality attacker and DM
      I also think we should get a Lw to back up Alexis and perhaps another LB.

      1. Because!! David’s put them on notice, Duh!
        If they turn 30 there’s a very real chance they may evaporate completely. We have to be prepared.

    2. Wenger:
      ‘Alright. Chambers, Gabriel get in here! Davidnz has proposed a very serious question that I had not considered. Despite positive performances from both of you, there is a chance you may not make the grade. Consider yourselves…. ‘On notice!!”
      (Dramatic Music)

  5. Really find it strange about the Welbeck situation, he really has not played any football for four months, therefore it as to be a very serious injury, wenger would normally come out and speak on the injuries of all his players.

    There is no one in the current squad to do the heavy lifting like Giroud, we do not have a forward in the 6 feet region to compete for air balls and that can become a problem.

    Anyway still waiting on new singings

    1. Something I don’t get, why are the English players always so injury prone ?? Is it because they were never taught to play the Arsenal way when growing up ?

  6. Wenger should be ashamed that he doesn’t want to sign a top striker and win major trophies. Welbeck is cr@p and walcoat can’t play cf. Giroud is wenger’s real son who was kidnapped by goons when he was young so he will not sign top striker.

  7. If I was arsneal board I would sack mr bean and appoint Klopp. Klopp will find quality striker at bargain price like aubamegang ad lewandowski. Wenger can’t even pay big for top striker.

    1. Yeeeeeeah. Well last season he bought Ciro Immobile. How did that turn out for him? And where did Dortmund finish last season?
      Don’t get me wrong, I really rate Klopp and would love him to take the reigns after Wenger as he plays a very attractive brand of football that’s had success. But the way fans act as though he would instantly take us to glory, especially in this case just highlighting a few good signings as the main cause is just ridiculous. Especially in the wake of a pretty disappointing season… You think a new manager with new tactics wouldn’t have a lot of teething pains?? You’d really want that in a season competing with the squads City, Chelsea and United have??
      Aubemayang and Giroud are currently not exactly leagues apart. In fact, if I had the choice of the two I’d still have a settled Giroud this coming season.

  8. Mr Bean Wenger out
    Charlie Kloppin
    Sell Flamini, Arteta, Rosicky, Mertesaker, Giroud, Welbeck and Theo
    Buy Krychowiak, Hummels, Gotze and Benzema.

  9. Chelsea: Begovic, Baba, Pedro and Falcao. New CB and DM still to come
    Man City: Delph, Roberts, Sterling, Otamendi and De Bruyne
    Man Utd: Depay, Darmian, Schweinstiger and Schneiderlin
    Liverpool: Benteke, Firminho, Milner, Clyne, Gomez and few more
    Arsenal: Cecch only made 3 mistakes in 2 games. No guarentees there will be more signings.
    50 Percent Arsenal fans Wenger is the best manager in the world and no one can do better job than him.

    1. Many of the names you mention are big signings for those clubs – for sure. Depay, Schneiderlin, Benteke, DeBruyne etc.

      Some of the names, however, are just replacements without significant upgrade (like many of the LPool players) and or deep squad injury protection like Delph who will be lucky if he gets 80 minutes total this season. Even Schweinsteiger, who has been a fantastic player, is now very often injured and cannot endure many minutes.

  10. Wenger does want to win, just not at all costs.
    (Some might say at any cost)

    Imagine Dick Law had let Pedro slip through his fingers the way Ed Woodward did at Utd.

    It’s easy to buy but it’s not easy to buy right – ask Liverpool and Spurs

    Like seriously £80m for Podgba, £70m for Muller and £50m for De Bruyne- the market is crazy.

    Doesn’t Aguerro and our own Sanchez look cheap now.

  11. I really wish for new players.
    Not only because we could use one cf and one sm extra. But also because let’s face it….it’s encouraging and fun to see new faces that canngove possibly the extrantouxh that we need for an EPL or ucl.

    And it’s just normal….every club in every sport gets new players before the start of their seasons.

  12. Ever notice that the big name players have no problem getting straight into London while some of the younger, up and coming type players (who the club wants out on loan anyway – Campbell, Silva etc.) seem to continually have worker permit “problems until/unless they are needed in London, then the “problems” seem to disappear.

    Just something that seems fishy to me. Campbell had years of supposed worker permit “problems.” I would be if Wenger had wanted him in London his worker permit “problems” would have disappeared instantly.

  13. Wenger will never learn. I understand it is difficult to sign top striker like benzema or lewandowski but why is stubborn mr bean not buying dm and cb. Mertesaker is our weak link and one major injury to coquelin means arteta will play at dm. Didn’t u people see how we got hammered by teams when arteta played at dm 2 years ago. At least play Gabriel ahead of mertesaker.

    1. At that time Arteta was actually one of the better players, and I don’t know how many times I said how it was our entire team letting us down on defence as wingers would not backtrack and the only midfielder left to defend was Arteta and not even our fullbacks would be there half the time. Now you can plainly see that when the whole team does it’s job Mert is actually a good player and you will see the same with Arteta.

      1. @Ying Yang69 i wish i could get you a drink.
        Arteta deserves more credit than many fans give him. He may not be the best we could find, but hey, guy does a decent job.
        He is good enough a backup player in my opinion, if only every other team player could step up to their defensive duties as much as they do offensively.
        The few minutes he had against CP were evidence enough

  14. i think welbeck is a good player. But in my opinion hes a wide player not a striker. Wenger has been a manager by profession for donkey number of years. Thierry henry was winger, wenger saw hum as a striker and converted him. Theo and welbeck need to understand that.

    1. Ok… So Theo and Welbeck need to understand that Henry started on the wings so they are wingers. Despite Wenger giving them both chances leading the line?

  15. I know i am always praising the arseblog here (admin might get jealous and ban me..? ouch)
    But the guy is a well known and somehow respected arsenal figure.
    I recommend the piece on transfers..really objective.

  16. I’ve said it before and will say it again.

    Welbeck is a great squad player and title winner with United, previously backed by Ferguson and with a very good record with the national team.

    Worth of wearing the Arsenal shirt even if he is not the first name on the team sheet. His pace offers good options from the bench.

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