Arsenal gets a preseason boost as two key players return to fitness

Arsenal has been handed a fitness boost as they resume preseason today with two key men expected to be fit.

The Gunners have been busy making a few fresh additions to their squad in this transfer window.

The club resumes preseason today, and Mikel Arteta will hope his side prepares well for the upcoming season.

The Gunners have been without the services of Kieran Tierney and Thomas Partey since April.

They missed them, and it probably cost them a place in the top four after they nearly secured a return to the Champions League.

A report on The Sun claims both players are now expected to join other players on the first day of preseason.

The stars who were involved in the international matches with their countries have been given extended dates to spend on holiday, but Partey and Tierney will be involved from the start.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Both players are key men for us, and we will want to start the next campaign with them in the starting XI.

We didn’t begin the previous season well because some of our players were missing in the first few games of the term.

That affected our overall performance, and a solid start this time will be very helpful.

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  1. These two players needs to be replaced…they’ll always cost us vital points when we need them the most….getting injured at vital parts of the season…every season isn’t good enough…yes they’re quality players both what use is a so called quality player if he cannot stay fit the moment he’s needed the most?????
    We need to get rid of them now that they’re still good value for money…get a replacement….someone who can go an entire season without getting sideline with injury…..we need fighters on the pitch and not hospital prone players!!

    1. With respect,,your diagnosis of the injury prone nature of Partey and Tierney is way over the top.In case it has escaped your notice, every professional footballer suffers from injury from time to time and the fact that two of our very best players have been unfortunate at a vital time of the season, does not justify your ludicrous suggestions.Next season could see other Arsenal players succumb to serious injury, hence the need to build a pool which can cope with what is inevitable.The more quality players we can bring in, should lead to greater rotation which is a vital ingredient in helping to keep players fit and well.

      1. I agree with Grandad,by the looks of it next season MA is going to be able to rotate and rest players like TP&KT,which should decrease the risk of injuries to them or in the case of injuries,they won’t have to be rushed back.

  2. Good news, let’s hope there are no further injuries.

    As I read this just after reading about Saliba contract negotiations (understood to have included some guarantees of playing time) and also reading people bemoaning the lack of DM cover…

    I wondered if it’s in MA’s mind to run with one of the CBs as a converted DM. Or to play a 3-CB formation at least some of the time.

    After all, Partey isn’t getting any younger (29ish now?), there’s interest in playing him further up if possible and White/Gabriel are playing well enough to suggest that someone else can’t realistically be guaranteed game time in a 4-at-the-back / 2CB setup, so…

    Unless the guarantee is based on the expectation of having 4 competitions to cover (and therefore using a rotation system), it’s difficult to see how all these things can add up unless the CBs are going to be used differently than in the past.

    Could the incoming players change the squad enough to see a change in formations and playing styles?

  3. Monday morning, time to be contentious!

    I am not convinced that the four new Arsenal players we have signed so far (Jesus, Turner, Viera and the young brazilian), if they had been available for our away match against Spurs last season, would have helped us win that game!!!!
    Especially if Spurs new signing, Bissouma, had been playing for them!!!!!

    I admit, If Partey and Tierney had played, it might have been different, but they weren’t.

    Despite some of the above comments, as someone who has played both positions, playing as a DM is a lot different from playing as a center back!!!

    Playing as a DM in an emergency is VERY different from playing there full time.

    Just thought I would toss this out!!!

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