Arsenal gets harsh FA cup draw but very winnable

So Arsenal may have made hard work of beating Newcastle in the Third Round of the FA Cup, and it looks like it could get even tougher for us to go on to win a record 15th FA Cup Final win.

I think there are very few pundits that would forecast that Southampton v Shrewsbury Town would end up in an away win, especially as the lower League side have got coronavirus problems limiting their choice of players, but you never know we may just get very lucky!

So as much as we love to see a bit of giant-killing, I have a feeling we’ll be going down to St. Marys on the 23rd Jan, where we won 2-0 in the League last season. It will also be important for us to win psychologically as well, as we will be at the same ground three days later to play the Saints in the League.

If we do manage to get through we could then have another tough away game at Wolves, unless the mighty Chorley can emulate their incredible win over Blackpool in the Third Round. Funnily enough we also have to travel to Molineux for a League game the week before the 5th round ties.

I think both those games will be tough for Arsenal as our opponents will be thinking they a possible FA cup triumph in their hands this season too.

But you never know, we could be facing Shrewsbury in the 4th round and Chorley in the 5th round instead!

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  1. Is it me, or do we never seem to catch a break in the domestic cup draws? Thank goodness we’re in the Europa League so we don’t have to draw Bayern every season as well!

  2. Man city and Chelsea always seem to get favourable draws right up to the quarter finals and semi finals maybe the exception of a tough draw before that the odd season but mostly play championship teams and league 1/2

      1. Can we win it again Sue ? 😄 My favourite fa cup moment was the 98 final against Newcastle I think our last at the old Wembley it was a great day 😄 what is yours Sue ?

        1. Of course we can 🙂 Yes that was bloody fantastic, Kev! Loved that kit, loved Petit haha! Always live beating the geordies! Overmars’ pace!!
          I also loved the Hull final. Waited what seemed like ages to win another trophy! And to come back from 2-0 down – I couldn believe it – was brilliant and what a free kick! Santi! Rambo! I was buzzing!!!

          1. Yeah Sue we seem to carry that little bit of luck in the fa cup 😄 haha yeah my mum too 😂 Wenger’s first double as well and we almost crashed out to port vale in the earlier rounds 😅 that was amazing I think I watched the highlights 10 times lol 2-0 down and i couldn’t believe what I was watching I was thinking we’re cursed Birmingham all over again 😂😂

        2. Hard choice .Any of the the last three cup final wins against Chelsea would be contenders I loved them all.The Hull one was too stressful for me as I now live near Hull and it would of been unbearable to lose.If I had an all time favourite it would be the famous 3-2 Utd final.

          1. John you definitely would have had a hard time had Hull beaten us in the cup final you would never have heard the end of it haha. Loved the 2002 final especially losing like we did the previous year against Liverpool and the 79 final was a classic Alan Sunderland last minute seen the clips many times 👊

  3. Excuse me AdPat but am I missing something? You say we could be facing the winner of Shrewsbury v Crawley but how would that happen? Serious question as I feel I’m losing the plot.

    1. Of course you are right Declan. Brain fart! What I meant was…. we could be facing Shrewsbury in the 4th round and Crawley in the 5th round instead!

      Fixed it now mate!

  4. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.The primary focus of the Manager and players should be to beat Palace. No other issues should enter their minds.

  5. Tough draws but winnable games. We’ve gone up against the odds before and beat City and Chelsea to the cup last season, and have faced other top 6 clubs on multiple FA Cup victory runs. Let’s’ just do the best we can and take it one game at a time.

  6. Hate to put a damper on this but there is a likelihood that all elite football will be called off before long, rendering the draw irrelevant. UNLESS things change quickly, it seems inevitable to me. Just a question of when, not if!

  7. Talking about fixing it, I will prefer it if us Gooners will make Arsenal away match against Crystal Palace in the PL tomorrow night our focus.

    Apart of my switching to Arsenal PL match mode after the Gunners left it late to overpowe the Magpies in the FA Cup to reach the 4th round and reached the 5th round too but potentially.

    But since the next Arsenal FA Cup match is a bit far to play, I’ve therefore since switched to the Crystal Palace vs Arsenal match mode. And I envisage the match could be a tough battle for the Gunners to gun down the Eagles. Who could be instructed to fly to a higher altitude (park the bus and counter) in the battle by Roy Hudgson their General Officer Commander to prevent any Eagles from getting gun shots hit by the Gunners when they shoot at them to down some of them in the battle for the 3 priced points at stake for collection.

    But however higher the Eagles might fly to to avoid getting bullets hit by the Gunners, the Eagles will still be hit and downed by the Gunners. For, the Gunners will arrive at Shelhurst Park with their higher altitude high caliber long range automatic rifles purposely intended to down the Eagles with them in the battle and come away to return to the Ems with all thei 3 priced points collected.

    I believe this is exactly what Arsenal will do to Crystal Palace in the match tomorrow.

  8. Getting tough FA cup opponents over the years has stopped us winning the trophy and those getting easy draws have not been winning it either.
    Gunners all the way

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