Arsenal gets serious about fighting online abuse with a new partnership

Arsenal is one of the professional clubs that take online abuse seriously and they have been taking steps to eliminate it.

Some football fans find it easy to hide behind their keyboards to abuse footballers over the internet through various social media platforms, and the clubs have been working to stop these bullies.

It is not an easy task, but clubs must engage actively to keep their players safe and mentally happy.

Arsenal has now revealed a new partnership aimed at curtailing the menace of online abuse.

The club announced through its website that it has entered a partnership with Pixstory, an integrity-based social media platform.

A club statement reads:

“We are announcing our partnership with Pixstory, an integrity-based social media platform, to reduce abuse and hate speech in online fan conversations, and have joined the platform under the handle @Arsenal.

“We will work together to create a safer online environment, and we are the third major European club after Juventus and Paris Saint Germain Feminine to collaborate with the platform.”

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These online abuses could get to the players and affect them if care is not taken.

This move shows the club cares about its staff and will do its best to protect them from whatever could affect their mental health.

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  1. It’s not a complicated problem you create a social media platform that is I.D checked at every stage. You allow people to comment, break laws get punished. Anonymous internet still exists outside, whistleblower’s or negative. Win, win. Nobody pushing an agenda wants that because you can’t manipulate reality that way. Is what it is. Sounds like the “integrity based platform” will decide what is and isn’t “integrity”…. pointless then, put names behind comments in that regard (best way for public figures to interact) or don’t.

    As I said any attempt to do so will be fought fiercely because it’s a useful tool for multiple organisations left or right. Trump has truth now, yet an organisation that required ID checks was shut down supposedly due to his relation to them as if truth isn’t better for him personally. ID check is a problem you can’t use bots or email lists on an ID check site. Russia is not unique, that should be obvious. Anyone can and do.

    1. To put in form of a question did every organisation miss social media. Given that most left leaning people were at the fore forefront of the social media revolution, where did the evil guys get involved? I write this as a Liberal Democrat voter exclusive in the uk (remain but if asked again leave.) Shouldn’t matter, might to some. You seriously think Russia was ahead of those writing the code. Seriously? Can name stories. Candace Owens is “insert any slur that is allowed when opposition” yet her entire origin story checks out. I was there, remember the article calling her naive thought nothing of it until later. Yet someone called to tell her that unmasking trolls would be a bad idea and ” 4chan” would get her. Look up Candice’s origin story, she wanted to unmask trolls. Not made up I can vouch for the real time occurrence, witnessed it. As much as she is considered an insert slur here “”. Funny how that works.

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