Arsenal gets the perfect date to open Declan Rice talks

Securing the signing of Declan Rice could prove pivotal for Arsenal in this transfer window, as the English midfielder is widely regarded as one of the Premier League’s best players in his position and reportedly tops their wishlist.

Rice recently captained West Ham to victory in the Europa Conference League and is poised to depart the club during this transfer window. Aware of Arsenal’s interest, the Hammers are prepared for discussions to take place regarding the potential transfer.

According to The Daily Mail, the upcoming week will see club executives convene for the Premier League AGM. Representatives from both West Ham and Arsenal are expected to be present at the meeting, providing an opportunity for the parties to engage in the first substantive discussions concerning Rice’s potential transfer.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Rice is a player we cannot miss out on and we have to start talks over his transfer as soon as possible.

We know other clubs are keen on him, but we must ensure we win the race for his signature and take him to the Emirates.

If we are complacent, another club will certainly defeat us to win the race to sign him.

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  1. Due entirely to thre relentkless consistency of Ricde being linked with Arsenal, over thr past few months I have gone from being extremely doubtful that we would wish to pay his transfe rfee , through doubt albeit tinged with hope and NOW, I HAVE REACHED EXPECTATION THAT HE WILL SIGN.
    Now, expectation is NOT conviction. Until and unless he signs, there will obviously be some doubt.

    But the balamce of probabilities has swung from extremely negative a chance to land him to the very positive likelihood. THAT is where I stand right now.
    It seems very likely that AFC will make Rice our highest transfer fee and, just POSSIBLY, more than Grealish was at £100 mill to City.

  2. For the combined price of 100M, we could easily sign at least two world-class midfielders. But a whopping 100M on plain, boring rice…. is a bit hard to swallow.
    What would happen is Rice turns out to be a flop or gets injured? We would be back to square one.

    1. That’s the unpredictability of signing someone. You could sign Mbappe or Messi for more than Rice costs and they could also get injured. I bet if we didn’t sign Rice and another club pays the money and gets him and he turns out to be a brilliant signing for that club JA would be inundated with people saying why didn’t we sign him.

      1. For sure, I would spend a ton on Mbappe or Messi …because they are high-impact players. Rice is just an “ordinary” midfielder with a good engine.

        We aren’t going to win anything if we don’t use our money wisely. That’s what I’m trying to say.

    2. Rf You question, which is perfectly valid, is the reason I constantly warn on JA against the ever increasing transfer fees AND wages spiral that are steadily killing our game as a sport with any true honour and fast turning it into a group of shiny expensive toys for corporate shysters and sports washing vile regimes.
      THAT is the horrendous price we ALL have paid for allowing corporate and non caring(emotionally speaking) people. to own our clubs.


      1. Yes Jon, you keep saying that, but then lament the fact that previous managers never spent big money on signing players.

        If you want MA to succeed, then you have to acknowledge that he will need to spend big, both on transfers and salaries.

        Of course, gems like Martinelli, Saliba and Anelka come along, but they are in the vast minority of signings.

        So what is it Jon, spend the money or become an also ran?

        1. KEN we ARE on the same page on spending. BUT, I have a deep moral objection to thinking vast spending ,on transfers, wages are morally ok
          To me they are not.

          HOWEVER, I fully accept it is hypocritical of me and anyone else who is in my camp on this matter, to urge big spending while morally objecting to it at all.

          this is just ONE , albeit a very good one, example of why I have long maintained we humans, all of us and certainly me, are hugely hypocritical.

          I freely admit this truth and have long held a deep moral dilemma, which explains much of WHY I have long banged on about huge money killing the all important spirit of the game, EVEN THOUGH it attracts more and more fans globally, largely because of that same huge money, which includes all advertising in various forms ; tv progs about players and so on.

          so, I either shun the game completely as corrupt which my conscience has long told to do, OR I put up and shut up, (as the saying goes)
          Clearly, I cannot shun the game, which is a huge addiction and always will be, so I HAVE TO defy my conscience and join the common outcry for more and more money to be spent, which(sigh!!!) I do.
          But I live with that painful dilemma evey day of my life. Hence,I’m a HYPOCRITE of the HUGEST ORDER , KEN

      2. Agree entirely with you Jon Fox.

        Another of my concerns: it seems we learned nothing at all from dodging the Mydryk bullet last season. We seem to be heading down the same path. Again. This time it’s the Rice bullet.

  3. There’s no way Arsenal should be spending £100m on a single player. It’s either that the club’s scouting network has gone stale, or that we have bitten into the bug that big spending necessarily translates into success.
    Our most expensive player to date is a complete flop, and we’d struggle to find a buyer for him
    I’m not saying Rice will be another Pepe, but that amount of money is way too much for a player of his stature even if he’s home grown

  4. Rice is most pivotal to Arsenal’s plans next season. He is one of the best midfielders not only in England but also in the world and he is a real game changer. His purchase will swing the momentum in Arsenal’s favor as far as midfield solidity and talent goes.

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