Arsenal gets transfer boost as midfield target wants out of his current side

L’Equipe via the Express claims that Arsenal target, Houssem Aouar has now asked Olympique Lyon to allow him to leave this in this transfer window in response to interest from Arsenal.

The midfielder has been on the radar of Arsenal this summer as Mikel Arteta rebuilds his team.

Reports claim that Arsenal has made an offer for the midfielder and they are even willing to use Matteo Guendouzi as a sweetener in the deal.

The offer was rejected by the French side who are prepared to take just cash for his signature.

He is valued at 60 million euros and that fee might be a problem for the Gunners who have a limited transfer budget.

Arsenal has signed Gabriel Magalhaes and Willian in this transfer window, a midfielder is also on their list of targets.

The report adds that Thomas Partey has been one of their top targets in this transfer window and they have also established contact with Atletico Madrid over the signing of the Ghanaian.

Atletico also wants the Gunners to pay 50 million euros for him. It remains unclear if the Gunners will follow the Aouar trail or the Partey trail.

Partey is more established as we all know, but Aouar is younger and will probably offer more to the Gunners in the long-term.

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  1. Aouar (1.75m tall, 70kg) and Partey (1.82m, 78kg) are totally different midfielders. Partey is a physical commanding box to box midfielder in the Viera mould to strengthen (beef up) Arsenal’s midfield. Aouar is a smaller CAM to assist Arsenal’s attack.
    Partey is cheaper and a higher priority for the Club in my opinion.
    Juventus, Manchester City and Arsenal are the known clubs in for Aouar at the moment. Unless Aouar prefers to come to Arsenal, we all know how a bidding war will end up. Once again hesitation will probably cost this Club.

    1. Arsenal fans need to get over this emotional habit of wanting a Viera. It wont happen.

      What makes up a good solid defense in a team is cohesion, discipline, and understanding amongst the players. Meaning Partnerships need to be formed.

      We have a partnership between Xhaka and Ceballos(reason why we got him back) that formed at the base. Your logic is now to add another player with the same attributes as the two, and think it will sort things out?

      Aouar is what we need more, we lack attacking flare from the midfield which is worrying, because you take out Aubameyang’s goals, then who scores? You add an Aouar who has creativity and will spend out the goals between other players besides Aubameyang.

      Keep in mind what I said about cohesion in a team which makes a good defense. Partey plays in a good Atletico team with cohesion, which makes him a great player. I’d love Partey to come as cover for Xhaka or Ceballos.

      Aouar is more important than Partey considering the Xhaka Ceballos partnership that we just reformed this season.

      1. Canon, am totally disagree with you, we need Partey more than Aouar even with Xhaka and cebalous in the midfield, we are still dominated by big six and we are still light in the middle, may be you haven’t watch Partey very, try and observe his individual skills, the way he carries the ball, ball control and the way he maintain his position, you will understand that we need him more than Aouar….. But I would love to have both of them in the team but if am to choose out of the two, I will definitely go for Partey any time, anyday….

        1. Thank you Wale, you are spot on. It is very difficult for small technical CAM’s like Aouar to operate if they are being battered with and without the ball. The EPL is a very physical league and Arsenal is constantly on the back foot once the ball is lost, not even considering the teams above it.

          1. Ozziegunner you talk of size like David Silva was a big player before he dominated games for year in the epl. Technic is more important than size, because size without technical abilities is useless, if you think am lying just ask philippe Sandaros.

        2. Let’s look at the data attacking wise. We had 7 prem teams outscoring us and with 14 teams taking more shots on goal than us last season. The only reason why this isn’t as noticeable is because of the brilliance of Auba.

          So clearly our issue is creativity (this issue is far too underestimated by Arsenal fans) the defense will be sorted as cohesion, discipline and partnerships are solidified (Xhaka, Ceballos can be strong, no one thought Example 1: Henderson and Fabinho would be as strong as it is now). Stats prove that our defensive work is paying off, a solid defense needs time and a clear working strategy within the team (Example 2: Johnny Evans looks a beast in a Leicester team with a clear plan)

  2. Both Partey and Aouar are essential. Xhaka is still error prone and Partey would be the ideal back up. Aouar would reduce the dependency on Auba with his creativity allowing others to score. Chelsea have splashed the cash to strengthen, Everton have bought Dekore, James Rodriguez and Alan, have strengthened their midfield, and Arsenal should do the same to compete with the top teams. Consistency over the course of the season is most important and that canbe done with acquisition of top players. Sell Guendouzi. Torreira and Socrates to make up for the funds.

  3. If Partey comes, Xhaka must be sold. I don’t see what Xhaka offers that Partey will not offer better. Buy Partey and Benrahma. That’s all.

  4. Why every year arsenal have limited transfer budget?
    Arsenal must sign aouar and partey to solve all problems and fans eyes watery stop in every season!

  5. I feel partey would be better for us,because he would give us more defensive stability over 38 games and although I would like a creative midfielder I do think the link up play with the front players will create chances for us

  6. Party and Houssem are all quality Arsenal is lacking at the middle of the park. Get both and Gunner’s will gel this season.

    1. Party and Houssem are all quality Arsenal is lacking at the midfield, Xhaka is error prone. Partey, Ceballos and Houssem will bring trophies back to the Emirates Gunners. They are a missing link for Mikel’s Art dream team. Arsenal will be invincible again

  7. I prefer Partey if we are not getting the two, though getting the 2 is sweeter, considering that Ozil with solid and ball making midfield he can be dangerous, the problem we had previously was, we had only one ball winner Xhaka and Noone else. Which enede up being too much for him and thus putting too much pressure on our defense. That exposed the defense

  8. Like my brother Cannon said, our defense line lacked discipline and cohesion that was the reason why we conceded much goals and dropped unnecessary points last term. But now that our defense line is already composed and cordinated, we need Hussem Aoaur to use his creative talents to lessen the pressure on Skipper Pierre. A team like Arsenal is not suppose to rely on a single player for goals. What if Auba become injured. We need both Thomas and Hussem both if I’m to choose among the two, I’ll go for Hussem. He’s gonna give us what we needed the most, creativity. He’s just 22. We’re gonna give him a long-term contract.

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