Arsenal getting just rewards for hard work says Cech

Despite the disappointment from most, if not all, Arsenal fans over the failure of the club to sign a single new outfield player in the summer transfer, there was also unanimous support for the manager over his decision to make the Czech Republic international number one Petr Cech his priority target.

We all knew that we were getting vast experience of the Premier League and, perhaps more importantly, trophy success along with the former Chelsea star´s undoubted talent on the pitch. And that was all soon making itself felt in the performances and results, despite the setback of Cech making two very rare errors in his first Premier League game as a Gunner.

The way that Cech and the whole team got over the shock and disappointment of that opening day has been really impressive and the keeper himself has explained just how they have managed it, with a great deal of hard work on the training field.

Cech clearly thinks that the hard hours have been well worth it and that the players are now very aware of their individual roles as well as how they all fit together to make the team as a whole tick.

He told Arsenal Player, “We started very well in the Community Shield, our first competitive game after we had a very good pre-season. Then the first league game came and we lost 2-0 at home. That’s possibly the worst start we can imagine, but we recovered from it and learnt from it.

“Since then we’ve been picking up points and as a team we’ve settled into the way we want to play. I think everybody understands their role within the team. People try to do their best every day to make sure we are ready to compete, and so far it’s been bringing the success.

“It’s [down to] the work ethic of the team. You never win things without going for it, without being focused, without being right in the training ground. So far, I have to say that the team are focused on what we are doing every day and I have to say that this is the key.

“You prepare every day and if you are really focused in what you are doing every day, then you give yourselves chances to win games. I believe that this team has that ability to be focused and ready to achieve. We are giving ourselves the chance to win every game.”

So will Arsene Wenger´s solitary summer signing be enough for Arsenal this season?

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  1. Listen Baby Please

    Firstly, congratulations to the Manager of the Month. The fact we won 4 Pl in a row shows our hard work and consistency

    Secondly, the only thing we need to improve is our home record. Away has been excellent

    Lastly, Terry was correct when he said Cech is worth 10-15 points. He is WC

      1. It’s annoying, but that’s his/her thing, I guess. Just scroll down fast and never again read his/her entire comments on You’ll feel a lot better. I know I do.

  2. Cech, you Chelsea legend, i do thank you for saving us so much and make it possible that we are where we are. What i wish for you is that you can lift some trophys aswell with us. If by chance we will be crown champions it will be thx to the average leauge, and due luck and good defending.

  3. so their Depay experiment never works for em


    Now they set sights on our own Alexis Duracell

    Van gaL bladder must be a bitter man at the moment……. And very stupid as well


    SANCHEZ AIN’T 4 SALE…….end of…

    1. According to some reports, Sanchez is being tapped up by Utd! .. Talks of 50mil to be offered.

      Could that be ONE of the reasons why we have seen a dip inform from our Rocket boot wonder?

      I think it will take more than £50 mil to sit Arsenal at the table for this one.

      1. That was the Metro reporting what a foreign Cough*backside reported. If I reported that (or even beieved it) you lot would have slaughtered me!

            1. Had a few beers, chillin and stuff……
              Nice to be able to come on and not to be moderating because everyone’s insulting each other. All cool!

  4. We could do a “Athletico Madrid” this season….I followed the team when they won the league in La Liga…. Real and Barca had better players than them but Ath. Madrid players worked hard, they were dedicated and Simeone was spot on with his tactics as He was flexible with his tactics. Of course, with a bit of luck (Champions do have luck sometimes)…

    Now to Arsenal, on Paper Mancity have better players on paper but with hardwork, dedication, flexible tactics and of course with a bit of luck, we might just be champions come may…

    but…………..The major problem is “Injuries”. Injury is part of the game but with Arsenal its a different story…Our players seems to be all out in space of 1week (ramsey, ox, walcott for an example). Last season, while walcott was coming back, Ozil will be going to the injury room..We need to address this major problem. Maybe 1-2 new players will be welcome in January or our injured players (Welbeck and Wilshere) must be fit..

    Arsenal All The Way……..Joint top of the league. Thanks to the manager and players so far….Lets step things up after the international break…

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