Arsenal getting MUCH more than record assists from Ozil

After putting in another match winning performance for Arsenal, depending on whether or not you agree with the player ratings from Just Arsenal earlier that is, Mesut Ozil continues to confound his critics and help to keep the Gunners in strong contention for the Premier League trophy.

The assist he provided for Kieran Gibbs to level the scores was his 10th of the season in the league. Ozil has also come up with an assist in every one of his last six EPL games and that equalled the record set by the former Gunner Cesc Fabregas, although the German´s feat is better as the Spaniard´s was stretched between his last games as an Arsenal player and his first for new club Chelsea.

So our play maker has got back his old title of being king of the assists and his team mate and fellow German Per Mertesacker knows that this ability will be a massive weapon for Arsenal and that Ozil should have even better stats of the finishing of certain players was a bit better.

The BFG is quoted on as saying, “It could have been more [assists] after today. He gave a lot of good set-pieces and we had a couple of great chances. If we continue to play like that and fight like that, he can have an enormous impact on our season.”

Before the game Mertesacker had spoken about how the injury problems had affected Ozil´s first two seasons and that now our assist master is much more used to and more able to cope with the physical side of football in England. Arsene Wenger went even further after the latest game, praising the former Real Madrid star for becoming one of the club´s leaders and taking on a lot more responsibility.

The boss told Arsenal Player, “He was outstanding again. He has grown into a very great player as he has added commitment, leadership qualities and responsibility and I’m very pleased with his development.”

So now we are seeing Ozil not only lifting his own game but helping the Arsenal players around him to lift theirs as well. Will he keep it up and will this be the driving force in our race for the EPL title?

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  1. Set pieces actually seems to be something we’ve worked on! It’s a welcome change from seeing nearly every corner we took being cleared with ease at the near post by opposition in previous seasons.. I was genuinely excited every time we won a free-kick and unfortunately Ollie G’s aim wasn’t as good as usual (with his head that is!)

    There’s been a surprising number of elements added with this squad as the core group of players have been kept together these past few seasons. The cries of ‘same old Arsenal, try and walk it in’ have seemingly disappeared. Possession football is still obviously our main goal, but we’ve been looking deadly on the counter, playing much more direct, and seem a lot more willing to cross and loft balls into space than recent seasons.
    We seem to hold Alexis to the same impeccable standards he holds himself to. But the searching balls far post that both he and Ozil have been putting on a dime have been exceptional!! The ways in which we’re attacking and creating chances seems a lot, lot more versatile and willing to change based on how the opposition are choosing to set up. Teams parking the bus always worries me for nil alls or them nicking a goal on the counter. I’ve been nowhere near as worried against the lesser teams.

  2. I believe he and Sanchez would be our push for the title but he alone is not responsible for us getting the title,the whole team is. You saw how many chances he created,If he creates chances and we score and our defenders mess up in matches,it’ll be bad. There was a reason Per was playing from the bench for Germany in the world cup,he’s amazing but he’s gotten to old for this,he needs to be on bench o be sold,anybody saw how he put Cech at risk against spuds? The ball any 16 years old defender would chase,per was following the ball slowly and it was Cech that had to rush out to meet the ball.
    All am saying is, Ozil is the most important player for us this season if he keeps creating chances for us to score but the team also needs to step up and be able to play with his Tempo.
    Gaaaaad!! If only walcott was fit and Sanchez still at his best Ozil would’ve surpassed ten right now, one love gunners. Now where are the fans who were moaning we didn’t get fabregas back? From the onset,I never wanted him.
    Big love ozil

    1. Sanchez doesn’t need quality delivery when he’s at his best! He makes his own damn chances!
      It was on off game for Giroud. When it comes to scoring with his head his movement and conversion rate is usually exceptional. (haters gonna hate, but he has more goals scored with his head than any other player in the PL since his arrival. Only Aguero beats his scoring stats in the PL.)

      As it stands currently, I’d still like Giroud leading the line against the weaker opposition. Whether Theo’s fit or not.

      1. I am not an hater of Giroud, I like him a lot, honestly Giroud is not far from being a world class striker..he just needs to grow more hunger and he’ll be needing to be more clinical.. I mean apart from Aguero,Lewandowski, Suarez (who i respect a lot) Neymar who are world class and let me say A+ players how many players edge Giroud on the A list players? Benzema? maybe.. but Giroud has a good number of goals already so i love him..and all i meant was If Sanchez was his normal self am sure Ozil would’ve fed him a lot more than Giroud, I miss the real sanchez, this is the tired one..and for Walcott accept it or not but Walcott adds another exceptional play to our game

    1. You’d prefer he said it’s no problem?? City only managed to a draw against two teams we got the 3pts against in recent weeks. Injuries effect every club, of course it’s a worry!

  3. Listen Baby please

    Ozil is fantastic every week

    I feel sometimes that his passes go to waste often
    Wish we had a deadly finisher or just a very good finisher.

    Walcott and Giroud should push each other more. Giroud should have won us the game. Had two great chances

    Hopefully he will play better at West Bromwich

  4. Ozil can win the best player in league award if Wenger signs these two players in January.
    1. Mane
    2. Yannick Bolasie
    Convert them from wingers to strikers.
    Van Gaal hoping to sign Mane in January.

    1. As if his rival fellow Koeman will allow Mane to go anywhere. Southampton is 6 points away from the top sitting at 8th position. Not saying they will try to win the league but definitely compete for top-6 or if allowed top-4. For that Mane is as important to Southampton as Sanchez to Arsenal or Mahrez to Leicester or Bolasie to Crystal Palace.

      Also saying that it will be impossible to prize out any top player including Vardy, Mahrez, Mane, Bolasie, from EPL and all those players who are stunning the top clubs with their performances.

  5. @josh37, get ur Giroud rose tinted glasses off and smell the coffee, let’s not talk about records etc etc and just focus on the game in hand. Yes arsenal played Shite only Ozil n Cech I would say can justify a pat on the back from the starting x11, Ozil class was highlighted once again he put them balls on a plate for Giroud even a non league striker could have out them away. Regardless of ur constant biased Giroud in essence cost us another 2 points n being top of the league, 3 sitters as arsenal legend Henry pointed out also ” He should have scored them”

    Walcott around lifted his game as he knew he had comp n would end up on the bench, really hope he hasn’t gone back to his usual complacent self “score 1 in 20 chances Giroud only against the small clubs”

    #Ozil# classpersonified#propernum9#deserves#

  6. Ozil is without a doubt a world class player. Brought to Arsenal from Madrid (step down, dnt care wat u say) for huge money and started brilliantly then faded and has been hammered by every pundit, paper and exfootballer for a good while until he got injured… but jesus o did any of us expect Ozil to come back the way he did? Fitter, Faster, Stronger and more confident! He has proven everyone wrong and imho he is better now than he has ever been, his all round game is getting better! I for one thought he was outta his depth when he mentioned winning the Ballon D’or… at this rate u take over messi as the assist king, possibly get us through to the last 16, push us on in the league, keep breaking records possibly our very own Henrys 20 in the season and show the commitment u have been there is no telling where he can go and maybe take Arsenal along the ride with him… hes showing signs of it!

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