Arsenal getting serious with transfer plan for Monaco’s Mbappe?

If the Arsenal transfer rumours are true then Arsene Wenger and the club’s transfer team (assuming we even have one) tried to get this deal done last summer, but were unsuccessful. Back then Kylian Mbappe was just a promising 17-year old who had played just 14 games for AS Monaco and scored just single goal, whereas now he is one of the hottest young forwards around and Arsenal are not going to find it easy to secure his transfer, but according to a Metro report it appears we are serious about trying.

The report reveals that Arsenal sent our chief scout in France, the former Gunners midfield star Gilles Grimandi, to the Champions League clash between Monaco and Man City on Wednesday, where he could not fail to have been impresses by the youngster who has even been likened to our old superstar Thierry Henry.

There were other players that Grimandi may have been scouting but is seems that Mbappe is the one we are most keen on, but if we are to bid for him this summer it does not mean we will sign him. For one thing we have Monaco saying they do not intend to sell, as reported by the Evening Standard.

Their vice-president said, “Mbappe is a product of our youth academy. He is our DNA. I am very proud.

“We have a real team. The first half was excellent — the sort of performance that the very top teams make.”

For another thing, the excellent form of the forward this season, with 17 goals so far, has attracted interest from a number of big clubs. I have seen the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid and Man United linked with him, so can Arsenal beat them to this transfer?



  1. Jansen says:

    Will never happen. 1.) He would only go to a big club a club that is a step up from Monaco who are winning the French league and are still in the CL. Arsenal is not that step up. Probably Barca, Real, Juve, Bayern, Man U, City, Chelsea.

    2.) We act too slowly in the transfer market giving big teams too much time to sign our targets. There is a chance Aubamayang, Lukaku and Lewandowski will get a lot of focus from the top teams early in the transfer market. That would be the time for us to sign a player like Mbappe but we won’t. We hesitate too long and are happy and even proud to wait habitually till the last days in the transfer window. Once Aubamayang, Lukaku and Lewndowski are of the board, either because they stay where they are or because the have been bought by someone, the remaining clubs will realize Mbappe might be the next best option. For a club like Arsenal, if you wait for the big clubs to sort their transfer activity you are going to be stuck with the leftovers.

    3.) Mbappe will probably also be out of our price range. I am sure he will cost more than 50 million.

  2. DennisTheMenace says:

    we are always serious about cheap youngsters about whom no other clubs care

  3. legend Henry says:

    @ Jansen

    Worst of all is that he will come out to say he nearly signed him after a better team has come for him and he is performing better.
    Wenger treats the money like his own.He keeps blind faith in his developed players like Theo,ramsey ,Coq, Wilshere,Giroud who are non league players at best.
    Why would Mbappe even sign for Arsenal?
    If he comes to Arsenal now,he will totally drop in form just like Xhaka and Mustafi , then pathetic fans like AKBs will blame him because of his price tag but they (AKBs ) will not blame the architect of failure; MR.POTATO HEAD WENGER !!!!

    1. Jansen says:

      That’s true Legend. It also seems like a long time ago that we were able to sign young players and make them great. The last one that comes to mind is Cesc. In the current squad, you have to give Wenger credit for Kos and we can all see Bellerin has the making of a great player but he still has a lot to learn.

      Wislhire, Ramasey, Theo, Coq and Gibbs all seem to have plateaued before they reached their apparent potential and as promising as Iwobi started the season, his development also seems to have stagnated which is not unusual at his age but alarming given the trend set by the others.

  4. SoOpa AeoN says:

    We (ARSENAL) are the most unserious bunch
    We don’t even come close to doing what is right in the day….
    Especially when we go about running our mouth!

  5. citrenoogeht says:

    Wenger’s admitted track record of signing potential/elite and established talented players is frankly shocking. The list of world class players that Wenger has been unable to sign is staggering. I used to think it was solely down to money, now I strongly believe that these prospective players won’t sign for Wenger because they can see through his BS. That is, Wenger himself is a major concern for these players. And with him, over the past decade or more, our club has slept walked into becoming a standing joke amongst ambitious players.

    As it stands, Arsenal’s squad needs major surgery. At the moment we are so far off the pace from the elite European clubs that it is not funny. IMO, whilst Wenger remains our manager, we are more likely to lose key players than to sign key players.

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