Arsenal give up on Lemar and will force Alexis to stay….

This Alexis Sanchez saga has been the focus of Arsenal fans all summer, and while Arsene Wenger has been trying his hardest to get Thomas Lemar in as the Chilean’s replacement, it has now been reported that the Gunners have run out of time and will now refuse to sell Alexis to Manchester City.

Despite reports that Monaco have accepted a 92m GBP offer from Arsenal, the Guardian reporter David Hytner has now broken the news that Alexis will be staying at the Emirates….

This is from the official Guardian Twitter page…

And here is Hytners report….

Just in – Alexis Sanchez stays at Arsenal!
David Hytner

Alexis Sanchez is staying at Arsenal. That is the message from the club and it would now be a shock if there were to be any late turns to this infernal saga (it takes a toll, you know!). Manchester City came in earlier today with a second offer for the Chile striker – of £55m, plus £5m in add-ons – but it has come down to Arsenal being able to sign a new attacking player. Quite simply, they look to have run out of time on that front. They wanted Monaco’s Thomas Lemar and the French club demanded that they pay 100m euros for him. Which Arsenal indicated they were willing to do. But there appears to be insufficient time for Arsenal to now agree a package with Lemar, particularly as he is in the France squad for this evening’s game against Holland – which kicks off in about three hours. Were Arsenal able to get Lemar, they would have been inclined to take the £60m from City for Sanchez. But it is unlikely to happen now.

So is this good news that Alexis will be staying? Will he give his utmost for the Gunners?



  1. AllDwayfromAfriCa says:

    what a joke

  2. AllDwayfromAfriCa says:

    not even George R.R Martin can come up with something this creative…#wengerlegendliveson

  3. michael says:

    Alexis’ stay spells distaster in the dressing room. I personally believe that these half hearted lumpens with a manager that can not plan ahead of time for the team are the root of our issues.

    I still pray for his departure.

    1. ZA_Gunner says:

      Not only that we are not even going to win the league let alone finish in the top 4. Rather just sell for 60 million which City is ready to pay than lose him for nothing come next year. Use that money to rebuild, but I am just as worried the money will vanish with Kroenke as our owner!

  4. kev says:

    Why do Monaco keep increasing the fee?Yesterday they agreed £74m with Liverpool but Lemar rejected them and now they want £100m from Arsenal??
    Anyway Arsenal bid is £75m +£10m add ons but Monaco want £100m.Arsenal and City have already agreed a £60m +£20m for Sanchez but the deal hinges on Lemar coming.I can’t see it happening.

    1. Gundam says:

      I stopped coming here for two years, are you Leo with a new 3 letter name and no caps.

      1. Dubgun says:

        I was thinking the same

  5. Mark says:

    Not enough time! 2 months is long enough. More rubbish designed to make it look like they were willing but time ran out…….I don’t accept that and nor should anyone.

    1. COYG_CA says:

      The biggest joke is the fools at AFC believe their amateurish, child-like, attempt to manipulate the fans by making stupid bids and/or last minute “bids” to attempt to “appear” like they are trying to do business. The one thing most thinking people hate is having to listen BS from people thinking they are smarter than everyone else, attempting to manipulate others!

      The AFC management (top-down) couldn’t have handled this transfer window any worse – and leading up to it regarding the situation concerning multiple last year contracts . Simply, gross mismanagement! ANY other leadership group/Manager/CEO in the sports world and/or business world would be let go. The AFC brand name is taking a beating!!!

  6. AngryGunner says:

    So we are stuck with a pathetic player that doesn’t want to play for us and will definitely destroy the team spirit who is also worth 60-90 mil and we are gonna lose him for free next summer !!

    #KroenkeOut #WengerOut #EmptySeats #NoMoreMerchandises

  7. Finding Dory says:

    Sorry. I don’t believe this report.

  8. Tg says:


  9. Bobbyraz says:

    This only highlights the amount of shambles this club is in, bidding 90mil for a player we could have gotten for 60, the protests have to be bigger than anything arsenal has ever seen, if u can’t hold a banner with #wengerout at least hold one with #kronkeout

    1. Tas says:

      Apparently Lamar wants Liverpool

      All of a sudden everyone wants Liverpool

  10. Lagos Gunner says:

    Wenger already writing a speech on how he ‘Tried his best to sign Lemar on deadline day’

    We had over 2 months to sort out weak areas, why always wait till the very end?

    The deal should have been tied up in good time, now Wenger is rushing to France to go on his knees begging a player preparing for a crucial match with the national team.

    Doing the same thing every year will never give a different result.

    Wenger is a very big joker, what a shameless human being


  11. Ronny says:

    Why increase the fee?
    Because they can because we are desperate!

    Lemar wants Liverpool not us due to cl.
    See not getting cl then requires an amazing manager and chairman during the window to buy smart players.
    Our manager struggled when we had cl as a draw so this year Liverpool are having a joyous time laughing at us.
    Sanchez staying is madness he needs to go even if we can’t replace him.
    There must be a loan player or someone released that could do a job for us until January.
    Sanchez must glos or the club will implode, embrace yourselves for him to leave right at the end and we won’t have anyone coming in.

    1. Tas says:

      I agree Sanchez must go otherwise it will be like playing Liverpool every week

      1. Tas says:

        Now we know we are not going to make top 5 even with Sanchez so sell him and use one or two of our youth players and give a huge cash for the new manager to spend because I don’t see Arsen lasting second part of this season

  12. Gooner4life says:

    Even if Arsenal don’t get LeMar sell sanchez he don’t want to play for Arsenal anymore he’ll just sulk and cause trouble in dressing room 2 months they had to sort out transfers not wait until deadline day claim they put in bids but couldon’t get the players they wanted to improve the squad at the moment if they brought charlie nicholas back he’d be big improvement on what we have at least he’d want to play for the club not like most of the players we have at the moment

  13. Denzil says:

    Year after year we go through the same show, We will be active if the right player is there AW. Well we have had all summer to get replacements for the dross he seems to want to keep, then he chooses deadline day afternoon to have a look for a player, offer 90 mill then pull out as not enough time!!! Same old bull from that man, he has no intention of spending or changing his ways. Our dear old wenger has lost his way and can’t see the woods through the trees!! ??

  14. gmv8 says:

    Liverpool are using this Oxlade-Chamberlain thing as a sign of weakness. If Wenger had been smart, he would’ve got in an Oxlade Chamberlain replacement before selling him, and taken the high ground. Now they are even having the cheek at trying to rub our nose in it over the Lemar deal, like they are still angry at the Suarez thing. And I remember all the rumours were that Klopp wanted to come to Arsenal. If we got Lemar and sold Alexis, it would still leave a bitter taste. The whole transfer window seemed to turn on Kroenke wanting a new loan for his stadium –, which was when the Lemar negotiations were dropped and Wenger started shouting “Sell, Sell, Sell!” Let no one be in no doubt of the huge damage Kroenke has done this club. The only hope is now he will sell it.

  15. tobby1983 says:

    I just don’t feel this report is true. It comes across as just predictions disguised as facts.

    1. USAGooner says:

      I totally agree. Someone who dislikes Arsenal started this. . . In this day and age, no matter where a player is geographically a deal can be done. Via Skype, telephone, email, fax etc. Also flying from Paris to the Netherlands where Lemar is currently is easy especially with a team that has their own private jets.

      so the notion that “there isn’t enough time to get the deal done” is ludicrous. So either
      1. Lemar said no to transfer
      2. The deal is on.
      3. The deal is on and some member of the media is trying to submarine the deal is starting this rumor.

      I would not lend credence to any report unless and until is comes from one of the teams involved.

      Remember just yesterday David O said that Arsenal wouldn’t be signing anyone or making bids because they have no money.

      Relax. I am not even sure that the bid has been accepted. Perhaps Arsenal is trying to push Monaco so that they can hurry up and accept the bid by having someone leak that they are pulling out.

  16. If this is true and we did not confirmed any other signing by today’s deadline, this is nothing less than a mix of TREASON and CHEATING cannot fathom any real ARSENAL fan letting Kroenke, Gazidis and Le Fraud get away with this cheet………………BOYCOTT NOW!!!!!!!! we need to hit them where it hurts their pockets…….we all know AW has no longer self respect so fruitless to ask him to resign as he forfeited the reason why he signed a new Contract………………Not sure if I am more upset with the Three stooges or with the AKB’s that in great deal are equally responsible……Dinner is served

  17. Emmanuel Chukwuma says:

    I was initially attracted to arsenal because I saw them as a classy club with a rich history. Now I feel so disillusioned with what is going on in d club. If arsene wenger and the board believe they are taking their supporters for a ride with d concocted report of agreeing a deal with Monaco for 92 mio pounds for lemar only to suddenly realize that time was not enough to complete the transfer, they’re actually deceiving themselves. Wenger has in deed turned arsenal to a laughing stock of the the premiership. It is really a pity.

  18. Andrew Elder says:

    Wenger acting tough by saying ‘Sanchez stays’ now it’s going to backfire on him. We have a player who obviously does not want to play for Arsenal. We should have sold him and that ingrate Oxlaide Chamberlain two months ago. Liverpool think they have bought a potentially great player- 2 goals per season over 10 years, what a player!! Even Walcott scored more goals in one season than he did in 10 years. This is not sour grapes, I have never rated him, he was too inconsistent and injury prone and as it turns out, not a true Gunner.

    Sadly it’s too late to cover the cracks for this season due, yet again, to incompetent and naive management. But I’m a born optimist and believe that Wenger will be gone before the end of the season.

  19. Thierryzil says:

    I somehow found myself to a WBA forum yesterday after confirmation of the Gibbo’s deal… and guess what?

    They having a laugh at Arsenal. Calling Tony Pulis a better manager than Arsene Wenger right now, saying Arsenal are in a big mess and that they are sure WBA will finish above The Arsenal this season.

    That’s how low our stock and that of our highly *reverent* manager has sunk.

    #WengerOut #KroenkeOut #GladizisOut #BoycottGames #ThisRutMustStop

  20. AB says:

    I think we are not going to see a committed Alexis this season.

  21. Philster says:

    Man City fan here: hello, you lot simply MUST force Kroenke to sell, he is a known “operator” here in the States who just finagled the NFL to back out on its commitments to the Chargers so he could get his Rams into LA, and now he owns the concessions, surrounding real-estate developments, etc. and is in a position to score the biggest $$$ coup in NFL history. If he won’t sanction more than the purchase of Lacazette now, he never will splurge for more than one big signing every other off-season. Seriously, google the guy and check out his life and business stories, including his marriage to a Walmart heiress (see LA property) that turbo-charged his already impressive real-estate empire into hyperdrive. Surely Usmanov could be given a chance?

    You lot should have taken the £££ for Sanchez from City and purchased a replacement, or a CB, or whatever. Why was Mustafi dangled in front of Inter, who have backing but not much dosh to spend in this window? Makes no sense to me – Wenger should be out recruiting ANOTHER CB rotate with SM and LK. Squad composition is a real problem, and it goes way beyond pathetic Wenger. Gazidis has no vision, no expertise in player assessment or recruitment, evidently. Time to clean house, but don’t forget ol’ Stan the Man, as the fish always rots from the head down…

  22. PASKILA says:

    There is a popular saying “YOU CAN FOOL SOME PEOPLE SOME OF THE TIME BUT YOU CANT FOOL ALL OF THE PEOPLE ALL OF THE TIME”. What makes wenger think that all this last minute “circus” about signing lemar will fool arsenal fans? It was was orchestrated by AW to deceive the fans. Well its not working. But honestly enough is enough. AW stop playing games and leave the club. Mr Wenger you will surely leave this club soon……believe that.

  23. gooner4life says:

    Not enough time to make quality signings what a load of trash the window opened on 1st July we have been lead to believe serious conversations were taking place to sign players but just like every other window we wait until the last minute and we end up with no one or players who are not good enough. How come other teams have time to sign players? Arsenal are now a laughing stock.

  24. Joelreuz says:

    Players were already angry with Alexis therefore keeping him will backfire bid time. Should av been sold Wch would av given Reils Nelson his chance to shine as he will want to prove himself but NO we are stuck with a disgruntled player till January at least. #Kroekeout #Wengerout #Gazidisout

  25. David Rusa says:

    Perhaps we need to look at the broad picture here. Is it good to sell players whenever a rival comes knocking with loads of money? Let us forget about Wenger’s ineptitude and see the positive side of this. Man City and Guardiola believed that once they came with money Arsenal would cave in and be all too eager to sell. Now that will no longer be the case. At the beginning of this month I wrote a headline article on why Arsenal must make a statement and refuse to sell Sanchez to a direct rival. I believe many of you read that article and gave me only thumbs up. I am glad this has happened. Let us forget about Alex Oxlade Chamberlain moving to Liverpool and the other outgoing players. The real deal was Sanchez. If he sulks as some are suggesting it will be to his own detriment. All his prospective suitors will buy him basing on his form at the time and not his history. If Wenger means business he can even bench him for a few games and we shall see whether he will remain sulky. There is an old English saying that “Pride goes before a fall” Alexis and his ilk will now realise that no one individual, no matter how talented, is bigger than a team. I see this as the major lesson from this saga. Forget the comical and humiliating display against Liverpool, Arsenal is going to recover and put up a good fight. The players of quality are available and our weak kneed manager has now got a wake up call from his slumber! I envisage strong showing by Arsenal from now on. I am an Arsenal supporter who is neither pro nor again anyone because I am beyond such gimmicks. My interest is that our team should regain it’s focus and clout and do well. It does nobody any good for Arsenal to be in the bottom half. It would be humiliating for all of us gooners where we support or oppose Wenger and the Board. Hence let us
    all get behind the team and see how far we go. It was not ordained anywhere that this is Arsenal’s season to win EPL. It is only in our own imagination which is a good thing but it should not become an obsession which obsures us from reality. There are twenty teams competing and each team still has 35 more games to play. There is therefore nothing which is determined yet. Let us keep our focus and see how far we go. I hope our manager has learnt his lesson as have the players. Cynicism can never be an option; it is a recipe for disaster. No amount of negative propaganda will change our present situation if what happened last season is anything to go by. Let realism prevail and make us see what is in our best interest as a giant Club. Do we need our beloved Arsenal to survive or to disintegrate and go the way of Aston Villa, Blackburn, Bolton, Leeds, Birmingham and the like? Let the common good and broad picture guide us in the decisions we make. We should let reason rather than emotions guide us.

    1. David Rusa says:

      Correction: Neither pro nor against not again.

  26. Turbo says:

    Well Alexis, looks like we’re staying together for another season. I will enjoy watching you play for Arsenal some more if you can stay professional as I very much hope and expect is the case! I hope you can get past the vast disappointment, try to avoid gesturing and sulking so much that it becomes a major media point or distraction (though it must be frustrating when you play your heart out and some of your teammates are jogging around like its a neighborhood friendly match and AW makes team assignments from outer space), be respectful to the club when it comes out for sure in January or beyond that you’re going to City for free next season, and play flat out like the Tasmanian devil you typically are. The best and classiest F you to Arsense and club owners would be to play brilliantly, contend for golden boot, thank all the fans for all their support as you leave and let the team management really suffer your loss. Please don’t be tempted to stoop to becoming a half-hearted mediocre performer like most or all of your teammates were against Liverpool!

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