Arsenal given a spanking at home by Man City to increase the pressure on Mikel Arteta

The chances are rather high that most Arsenal fans did not believe that the Gunners would claim a surprise win over Manchester City this evening in the Carabao Cup quarter-finals.

They were right to feel that way as the Citizens ran out comprehensive 4-1 winners.

City got off to a flyer and within just three minutes Gabriel Jesus had put the visitors ahead with what was a fairly comfortable goal.

Pep Guardiola’s men continued to dominate the possession but against the run of the play and thanks to some very good work from Gabriel Martinelli down the left, Alexandre Lacazette found the back of the net.

At this point, Arsenal did show a little more ambition and they started to match City to some degree and went in at half time level.

The second half was basically a disaster for a number of reasons. Gabriel Martinelli went off injured following a first-half clash with the City keeper which he clearly had not recovered from.

Then Alex Runnarson in goal went flap happy and gifted City the lead and any chance that Arsenal was going to get back into the game soon disappeared when Phil Foden knocked in their third, though he was offside when he collected the ball but without VAR the goal stood and that just summed up the night.

City got their fourth through Aymeric Laporte in the 72nd minute and the game was done and dusted at that point.

A combination of poor individual displays and bad luck joined forces to make life easy for Man City this evening and truth be told, it could have been a lot worse.

It is Chelsea next and the fans will definitely be expecting a lot better from the team than what they have seen tonight..

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  1. I really feel sorry for Arteta. Literally nothing is working. I don’t even know what he should do.

    1. But why feel sorry. He was ridiculous to play your 2nd keeper against on of the best teams in the world. Wtf sorry we can’t let him off

      1. Why would Alegri join us
        Managers like that will want to know long term there is a chance of winning titles
        To do that they would want serious investment
        Won’t happen under current owner

          1. Not how much you spend, it’s how you spend it – just look at the current league table.

            SEVEN Wenger era players started against Burnley for Gods sake.


            Kroenke will continue to sanction spending the clubs money (the war chest 😚), but invest in the squad via KSE ….. not a penny!

            A complete overhaul to to bottom is CLEARLY required.

  2. Add Goalkeeper to bad deals done last summer, Martinez out Run what ever his name in. Where did they get him from and who on earth recommended him. Another damaging poor defeat, it just goes on and on.

    1. There is absolutely nothing there in the way we set up and play. Easiest team in England to beat at the moment.

    2. Pay one million for a goalie who was number 2 at his small club when we signed him.
      Felt sorry for him.
      That’s what it’s come to sadly.
      Awful times.

    3. Arteta is not good enough, he has lost all confidence and direction as a manager,
      We have been clamouring for weeks now for him to play the kids..
      We need energetic players on the pitch for now.
      The only players pressing today were gabi and willock…
      The team below would have gotten us better results in some of these matches:
      Saka ..gabi/Eddie/balogun. Nelson
      ESR( played well today again)
      Tierney Gab saliva AMN

      I rather lose with the kids than this bunch of lazy players no press/aggression/passion….at least the kids gat something to prove

      1. Just a scary thought for you all. Last season Leno got injured and Martinez came in and improved our fortunes and our defence. What a terrifying thought that if Leno gets injured this season, Runyason will be our goalkeeper and people still think we wont get relegated. THINK AGAIN.

  3. It was obvious Runarsson wasnt good enough when you heard he is Icelands number 2. Their number 1 by the way wasnt even a professional footballer lol. You could see his shakiness in Europa League.

    Is Martinelli injured? No need to rant about Arteta because he’s not gonna get sacked.

    1. He is an unnecessary buy when you have a keeper of his age who has 6” on him. I’m going to say he isn’t good or not but Arteta team is due for disgrace the way he handed everything to opponent and put his team under their mercy. This same city was luck to win 1-0 against Soton.

  4. I’m sure we’ll hear the percentages were good, but we lost at home again. No other ‘big’ club would accept this set of results. We remain predictable, slow in build up, and can’t see how we will suddenly become that good even with an extra player in jan, given the tactics and style of play we have

      1. We were, but I agree we’re not anymore. I can’t believe how much it hurts to see it week in and week out and the club thinks this is part of a process to improve us?

        1. What utter and complete nonsense you spout and the two posts above you too. Not a big club? Just because we are having a tough time this last two or three months?

          How fickle you are and you are a disgrace and a fake suporter to even think that nonsense, let alone write it You should be ashamed of yourself and of your lack of intellect and that goes for thetwo posters above your post too.

          1. But we are used to losing now. Is that present at a Big Club. So sad to say it but the truth hurts but must be told.

          2. No not the last two or three months jon lol, if asked the question prior to the new season I would of said the same thing, sure we have a big stadium, fan base and we do have a big club history, but surely as a realist you should realise big clubs win big accolades on a relatively consistent basis? We haven’t won our domestic league in what 15 years? Havent ever won the CL, and just look at our record against other big clubs for the last 15 did years. Not to say we cant get back to that status, but with no big trophies, no top 4 for 4 odd years and barely even any WC players in our squad, its kind of hard to argue at this point.

          3. And your intellect comment was rather funny as you applauded my intellect yesterday conveniently when I was in agreement with you lol, you know jon it is possible to have a disagreement with someone without belittling them, a man of your age should know better.

          4. (1). Big clubs don’t sit comfortably in with position in the league.
            (2). Big clubs do the needful when it’s necessary.
            (3). Big clubs don’t lose 5-6 consecutive games and still pretend there is a process going on.
            (4). Big clubs don’t fight relegation.

            If you think we are still a big club you might be right, but right now we are acting like a small club.

          5. John, I would suggest recently acquired Gooners. Came on board under AW’s reign. For those that have supported the Arsenal for longer, remember the early to mid 80’s, some of us even earlier. Arsenal is a big club, my club and will always be. However being a supporter through thick and thin means that there will be times, perhaps even a decade when we are not where we should be. Perspective.

          6. Let’s be honest Jon ,when you indorse a manager or a player it goes tits up .
            Maybe stop talking now because I would imagine 99% of fans on here do not want to hear it except from a couple of your cheer leaders .
            The club is a mess and results back that up .
            Stop calling fans out that don’t agree with your opinions,you are not a spokesperson for fans on here ,if you have an opinion that’s fine but don’t pretend that the majority of fans follow you .
            Just give it a rest BRO

          7. Jon Fox – please stop these personal attacks on anybody that does not agree with you. I read your vitriolic comments daily on this site, Everybody here is an arsenal fan and wants the best for our club. Football is an emotional and subjective sport, we love to debate it and we are all entitled to our opinions, whether they match yours or not. If you wish others to respect your views, then please respect theirs. Age does not automatically make you more intelligent than others. I have been watching Arsenal since 1970, and I am pretty sure I was smarter then than I am now.

          8. Big clubs dont sell their goalkeeper who was no1 on form for 20 mil and buy a 2nd rate (i find it hard to call him a goalkeeper but thats what we bought) 900k statue.

          9. Can’t agree more than with my Australian compatriot, Ozgunner.
            Arsenal has a great history and is a great club, well before Arsene Wenger and many supporters came on board.
            As Oz gunner states you support your club through thick and thin, good times and bad. However there are underlying Board, management and player problems at Arsenal worse than I can ever remember. I was always concerned when Emery was not supported in the transfer market and then sacked, that the “powers that be” would place Arsenal on a revolving door of managers, because it is cheaper than cleaning out underperforming players. Certain players have downed tools under four managers now and Arsenal is still paying for them.
            Don’t believe that Arsenal are too big to be relegated when many of us have seen it happen to Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea, Tottenham, Leeds United, Nottingham Forest, Aston Villa, Newcastle United. Huddersfield and Preston North End were great successful clubs once.

          10. With thanks for the support from other posters, I have the right to an opinion, just like you, but I don’t ever disrespect those opinions i disagree with in the way you do. I said that we’re not acting like a big club (going cheap on a backup keeper as an example). I was supporting Arsenal at Wembley in 1978 and ever since, so I think I’ve earned the right to express my view, just like others

      2. Arsenal are number ten in the top ten clubs in brand value, which makes them still a big, big club.
        For reference:

        1. @Jax, care to add last say 10 years of our standing in same table. … You will see from where we dropped to 10 and at this rate we are definitely going out of top 10.

        2. Jax brand value fair enough but we have coasted on history and brand value for the last 10-15 years and our brand value and ability have steadily gone downwards overtime, when was the last time arsenal actually even looked like winning the PL or CL? Too long for a big club.

    1. Hahahhaa we player 25% of the game better after City scored. I swear to god I just watched MA say this lool

      1. Who thinks PEM is really injured?
        I think the guys likely been given time off.
        I had a tough period of depression and was very unhappy and low.
        I have seen it in auba in the pitch for some.time and was even more sure after his interview the other day that hes having a very very tough time atm with his mind and mood.
        Cant remember the last time he smiled, auba smiles and the others respond.
        Got to remember paid lots or not these people are human beings not robots.

        1. Well. I was very hard on him in a post match interview as I thought he showed weakness. Was I being too hasty? I don’t know

        2. Been there too Kieron, and I think you may well be right. Must be bad though because as you know depression is often well hidden. Mind you I was never on national tv twice a week…

  5. Same crap, different toilet except for some good performances by Gabi and ESR. Keeper is a mistake. Laughable defense as usual. Most of the team were bang average again!

  6. Are we gonna ever win a game again this season in the league or ever again this season?

    Our second choice goal keeper looks like a 18 year old kid still learning his trade…

    Arsenal are sinking and sinking badly. Its just sad..

    The only encouragement is Martinelli and hope he isn’t out for a long period of time.

    1. But the goal keeper is 25 but played like he was out of his depth. From poor passing and couldn’t play or from the back to an amazing flop for the second city goal. Only a couple of his saves were OK but looked shaky. I was also concerned by his positioning a lot of the time standing 30 yards out of goal.

  7. Joe he should pack his belongings and take a drive out of the club. His selection and tactics are the worst

  8. No need for a long lecture about how good City were because they were not. I found nothing wrong with our play today except our defensive brain farts and inability to make the final pass. City themselves were going defensive and playing on the counter to an average performing side. We simply should not have lost this game because CIty were there for the taking. They are definitely not winning the UCL or EPL this season. Our pressing was great today. I’m so annoyed at this loss because City were there for the taking but we go again.

    1. That’s been the problem in most of the recent matches. We do most things well enough but hit a wall when we get near the other box. I don’t think any of our recent opponents have actually played well to beat us – they’ve just soaked it up and countered when possible. Basically haven’t needed to extend themselves.
      We do lack a bit of quality in attack but confidence is the big factor. Players are afraid to take chances

      1. We dont always have to play well to win and that is the mental problem with this team. Apart from City’s goals which were all gifted what chances did City get?? Even the bang average Kolasinac had a good game today. Our players got into several positions that all we needed was a final pass to create a proper opportunity but we always made the wrong decision.

        1. I say go defensive 343 against Chelsea. and hit them on counter attacks. The only problem is Martineli is injured, He would have been our counter secrete weapon AKA Song

    2. Someone almost went for my head when I said we were in the game until second goal but at least if u feel the same then I’m good. Defund the media next time don’t put your frustration on me. But we are good at losing so what is the problem?

      1. You dont have to worry yourself with what people say. All you need is your eyes and common sense to analyze matches and even players. From the match I watched City did not do well and had they met any other top team they may well have lost today.. In the first half we were simply equals with both teams taking their chances. In the 2nd Arsenal gifted all 3 goals with City creating nothing apart from some counters here and there. Our pressing was great today and Kolasinac who has been average in ages even did well against Mahrez who was poor but for his goal. I’m annoyed at this loss because City looked so open at the right side and were there for the taking.

    3. kev do you really watch and understand football. there are different styles,different tactics,different formation,how a team is set up. the end result is that your team will get the win at the end of the day. I did not watch the match but I couldn’t see it going any other way than in city favour. arteta need to teach statistics. that’s what he love. stats of how long we have the ball. i can read arteta slow motion football,just imagine the pros.

      1. What do you mean by do I really watch and understand football?? I shouldn’t even be taking you seriously because you didn’t watch the match but had an expectation that we were already going to lose so why even bother?? I watched the match and I’ve called it how I saw it. Neither Arsenal or City were great. City just met a team that were willing to dash them goals. City even played defensive football and gave the ball away so many times. If you were a City fan you’d look at the end result but on the back of this and other previous results City themselves are not winning the UCL or the EPL. Last season’s Arsenal under Arteta would have beaten them today. I’m not even defending Arteta but objectively stating what happened in the match so if you didn’t watch you can go back and watch or better still don’t bother and have a nap.

        1. I’ve watched twice and you correct. unfortunately our players Elneny, Ceballos, Mustafi, Kola weren’t up to it today, Oh and Runar was AWFUL. ESR is so much better than the other options.

    4. Kev- that’s pretty much how I saw the game. We were the architects of our own downfall. The continual defensive blunders will eventually cost Arteta his job unless he sorts it out now. We pressed better than we have done recently, especially after we equalised. But just how deflating was the GK blunder after we worked so hard to get back into the game? FFS it’s hard enough playing Citeh without gifting then goals.
      Let’s see what happens against the Chavs on Saturday mate. Another defensive nightmare and we are in serious trouble going into Brighton and WBA.And they won’t be easy games I can tell you

  9. He should resign, be a man and leave now so someone else can save us. It isn’t surprising we lost AGAIN but there is no heart in the club and players dont care anymore

    1. Arteta should most definatley resign. Everyone is saying oh the players the players but you have 25 players to choose from and choose the same crap 11.


      None of these guys should see the 1st team. I’d rather play the kids and loose then see any single one of these players on the pitch

      1. Six of the players you name, weren’t on the pitch tonight, so why are you blaming them?
        One was banned and the other not in the 25 anyway.
        Shortboygooner, I’m not being clever, but facts are facts.

        I thought we came back well actually and Lacs scored a great goal with a wonderful assist from Martinelli.
        If VAR was involved, they would have had ten men, despite Ceballos looking as if he would be the star in one of Jon Fox’s pantomines and our £1,000,000 goalkeeper was just that.

        Having said all that, we have a great coach as a manager who has been very unlucky with injuries – Partey Chambers and Martinelli – the stupidity of players getting red cards – and a mole in the club giving out information that is disrupting his work.

        Who is there to help and support him?
        Edu? Shaking his head in the stands!!
        kronkie? Silent and invisible as usual!!
        Players? Are the senior players really giving their all?

        Just as we fans always seem to focus on the bad times, we should also remember what he has achieved in just one year as well – it’s the same story with UE and AW!!!

        The problem is, we cannot go on like this and come the end of January, we COULD be in the bottom three, out of both domestic cups and no further investments from kronkie.
        We are seeing a man cracking up before our very own eyes and it is not a nice thing to see.
        Of course he has made many mistakes, as have ALL managers and I am not defending these actions at all, but, if kronkie wants to keep Mikel, he simply has to support him NOW, but I’m afraid it’s too late… apart from being concerned about Mikel as a human being, what happens to our club if he leaves?
        Who would want to walk in to this scenario?
        Dark days ahead for one and all.
        To think that just five years ago we were seen as a top four club.

        1. Agree with some but not all of your words Ken – your perspective is always thought provoking. there are comments above that maybe aUBA is also struggling psychologically. The unfair irony is that stress/depression will never affect those that don’t care about the club.
          Been watching for many decades but I can still only think short term about Arsenal – real perspective ie that its cyclical, no club has a devine right to success etc, only hits me years later!

        2. Ken1945

          Fair enough 6 of the players I mentioned were not on the pitch. That is a fact. You also said you thought we came back well. Perhaps maybe because 6 of those ayers were not on the pitch.

          For todays game I think 100% arteta was at fault.

          1. He picked our backup keeper for arguably one of the best teams in the world.
          2. He has reverted to a negative formation (granted he has had success in the past with this)
          3. The tactics seem to be to get crosses into the box. Although lacca scored today he is hardly a target man.
          4. His previous mistakes are lingerin.
          5. Mustafa, lacca, cebellos should not be on the pitch (even kolasinac).

          Right for some deeper analysis on no.5

          It is clear that there is a number of problems in the dressing room and the team mentality is all wrong.

          The players I mentioned previously as well as kolasicnac do not care about football or the team.

          I have mentioned before the affect that keeping ozil sokratis out would probably have. Look at the youngsters that look up to those guys. Plus the other players who are their good friends. We then also have xaka who clearly doesn’t love the club and tells the fans to F off and doesn’t connect with us. Cebellos who thinks he is too good nd really wants Madrid. Kolasiniac is ozils best buddy,enough said. And mustafi he has never been a fav and doesn’t look like he cares. Someone mentioned cebellos acting in one of jon fox plays but mustafi does it everytime he is on the pitch and the opposition score. The hands go up and and he looks confused and like someone else is at fault when its him. Its all an act

          Anyway all of this affects every game. I blame arteta because he should have sorted it before and ir just not play these players who are not giving it their all. U have chambers and mari on the bench but choose mustafi who outright refused to renew his contract.

          Arteta is deluded and not I the wenger way. He needs to go. We were all fooled by the honeymoon.

          In the honeymoon players are allowed to play how they like whilst the manager asses and starts to implement changes. We won the FA Cup because we were still in honeymoon. Just like under emry we had an impressive in beaten run then came the emry way and the afteta way and they just didn’t and don’t work.

          Plus arteta is a fraud.

          Hope that clarifys why I said why I say

        3. Ken
          That was the post I wish I could have written
          The lack of VAR made a huge impact on the game as did the GK who had a terrible time.
          I’m glad you recognise Arteta as a great coach and that he has been let down as well
          He looked awful last night

        4. Ken1945

          I agree with everything you have said bar one. I do not believe Arteta is a great coach. Evidence:

          – A lack of motivation amongst the players, which sits squarely with him (look at Lacas non-celebration when scoring yesterday, as well as some of the lackadaisical performances of senior players)
          – His poor selection from match to match is his responsibility (too many examples to mention)
          – His in-match decision making (e.g. not pulling Martinelli and Partey earlier), are his responsibility.
          – His ability to react to things going south (other than shout from the touchlines) is non-existant.
          – His endorsement of some of our recent signings (e.g. William, Runarsson, Ceballos, Cedric etc.)

          He is an eloquent talker but a poor man manager, and that is what a team need. Reminds me of a former boss who knew how to manage upwards and outwards but was hopeless in managing his team. He got fired eventually.

        5. Some pertinent comments KEN. WELL SUMMED UP TOO. Who do you think that mole is then? I have a strong opinion it is someone who you will not agre with so I need not name him.
          What I want many, esp younger fans to recognise , which many don’t through lack of knowledge of times gone by, is that all our problenms and the regression stem from that day in 2007 when the board ousted DD.

          And then Kroenke came in. Everything since is directly caused by that catastrophic club mistke. FANS ARE SIMPLY UNAWARE OF THIS and thus blame the wrong people, even though as you correctly say, all others since have made mistakes, as all we humans do.

          Without Kroenke and Gazidis and if we still had DD, we ould still have WENGER – I AM CONVINCED OF THAT- and it would be a totally different scenario.

          1. Jon,
            DD brought Kroenke to Arsenal. That was a huge huge mistake. No matter how good DD was in the transfer market, he did an irreparable damage to the club bringing Kroenke who has brought only negative energy to Arsenal.

      2. The fact you blame certain payers who didn’t even play but not ones who did tells me you have an agenda
        Why not mention Gabriel – was he good tonight
        Maitland Niles ?Wilock?
        Why they get a free pass ?

        1. Dan Smith

          I think you miss understand.

          The fact is the only player that was half decent was martinelli. Even though lacca scored I still don’t think he played well tbh.

          The whole team is poor but I think certain players have been consistently poor and have caused a poor culture and mentality. If you guys beleive arteta is so fabulous then surely this aligns no ?

          I think its a mixture of players and arteta that need to go. STARTING with arteta as my football club is not a classroom to learn your trade.

          I want arteta out not because I dont like him. But simply he is not good enough. I have never seen arsenal this bad.

          These players individually are not that bad. If you disagree with the players I selected then arteta should be winning.

          What is OBVIOUS ! is that some people would rather make excuses and say we had a 25 percent of the game where we were better. Please explain to me how we are loosing if arteta is so amazing.

          As I have previously spoken abkut Leicester won the league with 3 or 4 quality players. We have that perhaps more but are fighting relegation.

          Someone explain how I am wrong please

  10. WE were chasing shadows for the first 15 minutes then Lacca got us back in the game the goalkeeper flapped and Man/city took control easy night for them the usual from Arsenal young guns can hold their heads up high they did well but were outclassed

  11. The players we are bringing to this club…seriously.

    What the heck is going on with that goalkeeper?

    This club is rotten to the core…from the very top downwards. Everything that could be wrong with it is.

    It’s not been the same since we moved to the Emirates…we lost our soul back then, our ethos and I think the gods of football have cursed us because of it.

  12. A team full of dead wood. So many of these players are not good enough. I can’t believe we sold a quality keeper in martinez and got this guy as a replacement. Martinelli, great come back. Smith Rowe played well, otherwise not much to be impressed with. Another loss.

      1. I dont understand it also. What is wrong with Arteta? When will he start ESR in the league game?

        This should be his starting 11 in the league

        Cedric Gabriel Mari Tierney

        AMN Elneny

        Smith Rowe

        Pepe Martinelli Saka

        Aubameyang and lacazette should be on the bench

        1. Skills we are unfortunately going back to safe mode and adding t at the back. I think this is also part of the problem. Not only do we lack creativity we are just inviting pressure. Its crazy. Why should the other team drop off when all of our players are In our own half. Ludicrous

  13. I get no pleasure seeing the team I have supported all my life flounder. It’s clear that it’s not working for MA. We can get even lower. Brave decisions must be made and an experienced, top, manager brought in. It’s not a time to wait and let it get worse. How much more obvious must it get? Do we have an owner? He’s invisible.

    1. Sean,
      This my main gripe with Kroenke; he is not engaged at all, therefore cannot really drive any sort of accountability. That Arteta is still managing Arsenal is incomprehensible to me. Bring Rafa or someone like him until the end of the season FFS. Otherwise we are going down.

  14. I never expected to win… but the defending, the goal-keeping, omg it was shocking…. when was the last time City scored 4??
    Only plus was Gabi…. and now he’s injured again…
    I’m really not enjoying watching my team right now.. it is so painful…
    All those calls for Bruce out and they’re 4 points above us with a game in hand!!
    This is the absolute pits….

    1. All the goals they scored were goals we gifted them which is the painful thing. City didn’t even play well today. Difference is they took all their chances and for the first time in ages our pressing was actually good.

        1. From somethings I saw last season I still have hope that Arteta can move us forward though atm it looks like saying that makes no sense but we move.

        2. Sue, I dont think these senior players have enough backbone for a relegation scrap. MA needs to go and go now. I believe we will lose 4-0 to Chavs and 2-0 to Seagulls, but will he resign even then.

          1. The first problem is the players. 2 managers post Wenger, Unai and lately Ljunberg complained about the players, with Ljunberg having specificaly warned the board. Perfect example is xhaka. Arsenal has to get rid off of some this half baked players before they bring in another manager.

          2. Neither do I.. they just accept defeat.
            No fight in hardly any of them. You have the same 2 or 3 putting a shift in as for the rest – look like they couldn’t care less!
            Yes, you’re right and I said ages ago I’d be amazed if we picked up anymore points this year….what a nightmare!

    2. Sue it’s really too painful. I’ve built up my tolerance to losing, but watching those mistakes was on another level of pain. Sigh…

      1. This is becoming the new normal, Winston… it’s absolutely staggering where we are right now… and Chelsea up next… certainly not looking forward to that! Giroud brace?!

        1. It’s like a nightmare that never ends. Oh please…a Giroud brace would be another a kick in the nuts. No please, no! Lol

      2. I don’t know why people are still supporting Arteta and giving excuses whenever we lost,it obvious he cannot lead this club anywhere, he should be sack immediately to save Arsenal.No big club would ever tolerate this kind of results for so long. #Artetaout

  15. I do not expect anything better. Compared to arsenal, city players looked like magicians with the ball. Arsenal players looked uncomfortable, like a bunch of 40yr olds playing Sunday football.
    we have no playing style, no identify at all. At this moment, I believe Arteta is clueless and basically hoping for some sort of luck. let me tell you why, we seem to want to cross the ball alot. Most of the time, it’s only one player attacking, why? nobody else is in the box, why? our other forwards were deep in our half defending,why? we have a weak ass midfield,why? elneny and ceballos are there,why? Arteta selected them!!
    The buck stops with the manager. He should resign ASAP before we find ourselves in the championship. or is that part of trusting the process?

  16. I always knew letting wenger go would most likely end in tears for arsenal,especially their know it all fickle fans.this is just the beginning,more heartache from arteta&his boys still to come

    1. Its all Wenger’s fault. If he has left the first five barren seasons by now we would have been competing at the top level. He destroyed the team and the team was on a downward spiral before he left. Had he been around may be this year we would be competing in championship against Brendford,black born ,Norwich e.t.c I think it will be a good thing if arsenal get relegated because then they will build again and acquire the basics of football because its clearly lacking in Arsenal presently.

  17. Really cant see any positives in this team. So many wrong things have been done for years. Even by changing the manager still don’t think that we could be challenging for top 4 or even top 6 next year. Afraid that going down to championship would be the only way to change how our club is managed and come back to premier league with a whole different squad a maybe leading mindsets…

  18. OMG! It is just getting worse day-by-day. Next game, against Chelsea… What exactly is wrong with the team? No fighting spirit at all. So sad

  19. I am sorry for the GK but his display means we need to find another No 2 Apart from Runnerson our centre backs were shocking and the full backs were not much better.Gabriel is going through a really bad spell and the doubts I harboured about him are unfortunately beginning to show.I hope I am wrong but I think he could turn out to be yet another bad buy.On a brighter note, Martinelli and Willock did well as did ESR and Balogun when they came on. I hope Martinelli recovers quickly from his knock , because he is needed badly.

    1. We had people here picking sides when Martinez was in form and doing great for us. When he gave an ultimatum to Arteta to make him No. 1 or else he would leave many were throwing their support behind Leno and preaching patience like Martinez wouldn’t know about that. Today we are left with what may be an error prone 2nd choice GK while Martinez is at Villa unlikely to win anything of note. Gabriel is actually a good defnder but clearly has a weakness when pressured with the ball. He’s the least of our problems though he’s going through a bad phase

    2. I wouldnt be too harsh on Gabriel Granded – look how long it has taken other French imports to acclimatise, and he cant even speak English yet. Thrust in as soon as he arrived, playing every game he is fit, carrying this crappy defence single handed. He’s simply knackered and getting worn down to other’s by the malaise here. He woks really hard, defends all over the pitch and he cares, thats obvious. And his red card was for tacles not for attacking other players. He is a class act, but he cant do it all alone, which seems to be what he is trying to do.

  20. Enough already, supported this team since I was 12yo, I’m 40yo now, this is not good enough for a team of this size… Players are limp and clueless, the team rudderless… Employ a manager who has experience, and perhaps a board that actually gives a care…?

  21. We kept Wenger for too many years, but we still were a great club. Are we going to keep Arteta this whole year and become on a par with Barnsley. We wait till we are on the edge of a cliff and still take no action. This club is incompetent.

  22. Don’t think we should defend Arteta here..His biggest problem is selection of 11 fit, strong n hungry players for a match..
    But he depends on the likes of Willian, Xhaka, Saka, Laca, Auba, Luiz,etc..and freezes out hungry n faster players such as Nelson, Rowe-smith, Balogun, Martinelli..
    Who does that?? Forces Maintland-Miles to play right back when he is almost our own’ Wijnaldum’
    Plays Nketiah most times and ridiculously suggested that Southgate should call him..Such bias n favouritism for a player..
    What are his plans for dis Arsenal team??

  23. Did anyone see our goal keeper position at that free kick he was marking the post Lol
    OMG just hope Leno doesn’t get injured

    1. I thought he read the idea from the way City lined up their wall relative to ours?? He must have known that Mahrez was going to play the ball into the corner but for whatever reason he still couldn’t catch it

    2. No point in hoping Andy – MA will probably give him games even when Leno is fit. What I want to know is what did Macey do wrong, as he is obviously another player in MA’s “I pick players on merit” Grudge List? Can anybody name for me another EPL keeper who was WORSE than Runarson. I think I counted 4 times tonight he threw or kicked passes direct into touch.

  24. So poor keeping mustafi rubbish pepe not bothered again, gabi and gabi Tierney, Saka, AMN and partey, (from what I’ve seen) are in Mikels words fighters and many many of the rest are victims.
    Sime fall in to the camp of trying but not good enough such as elneny now his form has dropped along with holding and bellerin but I stand by what I said before these players mostly have switched off and have given up in fighting for the manager.
    Any manager would struggle with this shower of s7it!
    ESR needs to be playing more and hopefully if we can get Saka and martinelli with Tierney all linking up and feeding auba and laca well start scoring and win a few games but MA and Edu need to go shopping in Jan and the Summer, (read an article saying their plan is already fixed and being worked on short and long term) and sniff of descent I’d loan the player immediately. I’m wondering if Pepe is a bad apple or just plain lazy, i say that based on watching him a lot in L1, he was a beast.

    Also I’d be posting runnarson on Ebay for sale as soon as I got home.

  25. No point rehashing the negatives, they’ve been covered pretty well above. And ouch, Rednapp’s commentary just now cut close to the bone.

    So a few positives – obviously Matinelli, hope he’s okay. ESR looked good and hopefully gets more game time soon. Lacazette I thought looked good. And lastly, one day closer to Partey being fit.

    1. We keep saying Smith rowe played well, yet arteta wont play him in league games. Why is arteta so naive and arrogant? The midfield is key. Arteta is clueless at this moment. The Chelsea game is a must win

  26. Letting Martinez go was the biggest mistake (even bigger than the Ozil debacle). Why not promote Macey instead of buying Runnarson? We loose a home grown talent in the process and replaced by a conference league at best keeper. As per homegrown rules, we could not select a Saliba or an Ozil in the squad.

    The decisions taken are beyond me. Now I am even more reluctant to keep Arteta till Jan unless he can get a draw against Chelsea and a win against Brighton.

    Merry Xmas to all you gooners and stay safe.

  27. The real Arsenal FC is gone. What we now have is a team of individualistic, non-committed, colourless, skill-less players. The young players AW used for Cup games were better fighters..even when they are losing than the present day players. We don’t really deserve this disappointment.

  28. I was watching for who really tried tonight. Not who played well but who played with passion and never stopped pushing? Gaby, Lacazette, Gabriel, Ceballos. Who played like they didnt care? Kolasinac, Pepe, and strangely AMN. Somebody said AMN played well – not in the game I watched, he was awful. Willock ineffective again, Why in Gods name did MA start Runarsson? Everybody except our goalkeeping coach (who recommended him) knows he is useless. And when will the myopic fans who laud our academy wake up and admit many of them (Willock & Nketiah for example) will never be EPL quality. Saka and perhaps ESR, Balogun and Azeez are it for the next couple of years.

      1. Tempted as I am to offer to join you for that dram Weeble, I draw the line at having to watch that again! All I want to watch is some pretty football, am I being too greedy? Watched them for 50 years, and suddenly they are unrecognisable…

  29. Also call me old fashioned but I dint want to see cebalos and tores arm in arm coming out the tunnel at half time! Bad enough after the game! The sortnif stuff that makes Keane Vieira and Rio Ferdinand want to puke.

  30. @guy
    In fairness I didnt see all the game just highlights like you I’ve watching effort level for sometime and usually AMN has been trying at least not tonight it seems.

    1. Agree Kieron its not normal for AMN. Maybe he is punch drunk. It must be frustrating for the guys who sweat blood every game when they see some of the lethargy around them.

  31. Just watched again the goals all 4 the goalie could have done much better
    Number 1 in the 6 yard box he needed to come for ir, 2 he comes out and needed to stay upright and big, 4 again he could have been braver and come against laporte.
    Not entirely his fault but leno would have made the game a different one.

  32. Are people going to ignore the fact that AMN is bang a wrage? He nearly costed us 2 goals with his lazy play. If you ask me we missed a whopping 29m from wolves. We should have sold him and kept Martinez. If mustafi can have game time why can’t saliba? Arteta pisses me off with his selection. Martinelli did more in 45 mins than Aubameyang, pepe,willian,nkethia has done in months. And balogun is miles ahead of nkethia. Only a blind man will say otherwise. Cedric how did he get a new contract? Are we a retirement plan for most of these players? On current form Mari should take Gabriel’s place and saliba should take holdings place. Why does elneny still start game? He passes sideways and backwards always. He kills our attack and whoever signed or recommended pepe needs a brain reset. The most laziest player I have ever seen. He does absolutely nothing. I’ll rather have willian over pepe any day of the week.our youngsters are the only positive. ESR, Balogun,saka,martinelli,tierny,saliba,gabriel,the next coach should build his team around these players. Add guendozi to that list. You have players with passion.

    1. Agree with most of your post Lucia-well said. I posted elsewhere why I would defend Gabriel. Agree Guendouzi ‘s commitment is a big loss. But once youre out with MA thats it. I dont recall Ferguson trashing half of his teams because players were abrasive eg Keane, Cantona. He needed them, so he found a way. Obviously MA needs Xhaka more than Guendouzi, Toreira, Ozil, Martinelli etc

      1. guy, if you don’t remember fergie thrashing his players let me remind you of Beckham and the boot that was thrown, how he left van nistleroy out because he questioned him and how he blanked his Dutch central defender (can’t remember his name) and sold him.
        Perhaps MA should be doing this as well?

        1. I remember well Ken – Most (agreed not all) were “rehabilitated” though and stated retrospectivly that it was good for them. It was Stam BTW. What I’m trying to say is that Arteta (like Guardiola I’m told) doesnt easily forgive. It is more obvious and harmful here because not only is it happening to a lot of players at the same time, but we also had an inferior squad beforehand. Punish yes, but banish alogether? For me that is a manegement weakness of MA that is seriously harming us.

  33. If Martinelli is injured, then it’s goodbye Arteta. He will only get January and then given another month to integrate any new players. If results don’t come, he is a goner before March 100%.

    You can’t play along in relegation and keep saying it’ll be alright.

  34. i am not feeling all that bad doom and gloomers. to me the only thing that went wrong was Mustafi’s cameo for a sale cause he was awful. I am happy to be out of that competition.
    Positives include how much better we play with some of the kids. Martinelli is the real deal and aside from one hell of a bruise I think he’ll be fine. Here’s hoping. AMN was ok, ESR was good. Joe was a bit of a downer. Laca was also good. If Balogun could get a pass from Ceballos though the channels he’d have looked better.
    I also think it is obvious beyond a doubt that Mustafi, and Kolasniac are available for a bag of used baseballs. Ceballos is not the answer too much backward passing and what little forward passing he offers is to no one. Pepe is another waste of money, his instincts are all wrong and not a team player. Elneny to my disappointment is a squad player period.

      1. DTM
        I didn’t think he should have come out for the second half either. He was clearly anxious about his injury

    1. I said earlier today, he shouldn’t play Martinelli in Cup games. He would got us a few wins in league when he becomes fully fit.

  35. Emery was better than Arteta. His only problem was us facing many shots each game. He couldn’t stem that. Our attack was quite good that season, though not the best.

    Now we don’t have a defence nor an attack.

    1. Emery is clearly a good manager – I honestly think the language barrier was his problem and he struggled to get through to the players. Also I don’t think he got what he needed in transfers.

  36. @coldzero
    Hmmm you mentioned the goalie, maybe sacking the entire had something to do with it!
    We continue throughout the whole club to make stupid and massively damaging decisions.
    Now we find ourselves in the hands of trusting agents directly along with a statistical computer, (computers cant watxh games and comptely quantify heart and fight).

  37. Dear Arteta the Pep Waterboy,
    If you have any affection left for Arsenal, please go to your office pack up everything and LEAVE…
    Try and work with the pub clubs first before trying PL clubs.
    Thank you,

  38. @Hass
    You might be on to something here!
    Pundits say we look to coached and rigid in tactics asked of us.

    Back with emery that couldnt be said as half the time the players couldn’t understand him hence played their own game freely sometimes successfully sometimes not.

    1. Kieron, just hope Arteta’s Arsenal don’t meet Emery’s Villarreal in the Europa League!
      It could get ugly. They have only lost one game with his coaching and ability to communicate in his Spanish, sitting 4th in the league.

        1. Thanks SueP; I needed time away to see how things panned out, but didn’t want people to think I am a “fairweather supporter”.
          Please read my comment above in support of Oz gunner.

  39. Errors by Arteta:
    -selling martinelli goalkeeper
    -making partey play too early
    -fighting with players
    -signing the pensioner willan
    -extending contract for another pensioner luiz
    -extending contract for cedric
    -bringing ceballos on loan
    -shocking substitutes
    -making xhaka play
    -so many other errors

  40. It’s not only Arteta but the ppl like Edu and Venk need to go as well now. Because one has failed completely and other have failed to react to rectify the situation. They have been put in place to take tough decision on behalf of club but if they are too afraid to do that and are playing safe so they can not be blamed then we don’t need them. What we have at teh club is not a progressive mentality, it feels like everyone is playing safe to keep their job from CEO to Manager.

  41. I will ask the same people. Why are the players we bought from other clubs and the players that were at Arsenal last season playing worse now than before they came to us or from last season. Simple question

  42. Reggie, I would also ask, how MA got players who were so poor under UE and AW, to play so well up until the start of this season.
    Why and what changed in just a few weeks from the cup final glory?

    As to your question, we have bought players with nothing to prove and on a three year contract that gives them financial security for life – it is these players who are letting MA down, but he keeps playing them, simply because he believes in them – does it remind you of Arsene’s loyalty to his players in his last couple of seasons?

    1. Ken while there is a train of thought that we have players that have come for a retirement and i wont argue but i would like to think that isnt the case. There must also be a train of thought that that they are not being coached correctly, not only they have regressed but so have nearly all, if not all our players have since last season. Taking the F A cup away, we never reached dizzy heights in the league form but this season players looked absolutely lost and unhappy.

    2. Those same players were good under UE for a couple of months – you recall at first we thought he was the Messiah too? i think its that honeymoon period effect – new ideas, new hopes, before the ideas become old and the adrenalin is all used up. Thats what MA did, and as we know he is a great speaker. Agree about the timservers. They are running down the clock and passing their bad attitudes onto others who respect them. Yes AWs loyalty to badly performing favourites was the most painful part of the end of his tenure. But at least that loyalty was mostly to players he had worked with and served him well for a few seasons, whereas MA is doing it with players he has never managed – Willian?!!!!!

    3. Hey, Ken. The signs have been there in last season as well where we lost few matches plus the way we were playing in start of this season as well. I have been pointing this out from start of season even though we were winning. Coming back to FA cup, everyone know how we won FA cup. We did not dominate against Liverpool neither City we just scored on break then sat back to absorb pressure. Arteta was new at that time and other managers got surprised now they have figured him out so they do same to us. We were struggling in creative front before as well and we are struggling on creative front now as well it’s just other have adopted better. Cup runs can not be a guage to judge a manager anyone can get lucky or unlucky, may have something else as priority so many factors. League is the real guage to judge the quality of a manager. You ask any manager in world and they always find winning league more of a credibility boost for their abilities then cups.

      1. I am in agreement with what you just wrote. Arteta has one way of playing. It’s no longer effective now as he has been figured out.
        We no longer have a commanding presence in the box that reassures the defense, players are not playing with any kind of passion, we are probably the least creative team in the league. Arteta has signed some duds already in Willian and Mari. There is a perception of preferential treatment which explains why a player like Nketiah gets game after game when it is plain to see that Balogun is better. Why AMN cannot get games whereas bang average Willock gets chance after chance? Lest you forget, I think that Gabriel is regressing based on the last few games I have seen. You know what was the only player who played with passion in the last couple of years? Guendouzi! Yes he had his limitations, but he played with passion. We cannot create for toffee, yet Arsenal decide to banish their flair player to either force him out or to satisfy the Chinese viewers, or both. Guess what, when we are in the Championship, these Chinese viewers won’t be watching us.

  43. The solutions to arsenal problems.

    Sack Arteta
    Appoint one of Xavi/Viera(Allegri is out of reach. I dont think he is interested)
    Buy Auoar, Nabil Fekir in January
    Play Smith rowe consistently
    And we will be fine.

  44. Xavi – only managed in middle east
    Vieira – NYC and Nice (sacked Season 2 poor results)
    Allegri – poor English (another Emery?)
    Smith Rowe? Young, injury prone, unproven

  45. Hire Allegri to salvage a possible relegation. Buy 1-2 players in January that he wants and then clearcut the group in end of the season.
    these must go: Xhaka/kolasinac/Luiz/Willian/Ceballos/Belerin/Mustafi/
    Loan out Nketia/AMN/Balogun
    This should allow us to spend 150 mil in new players to build a side that will compete in a years time
    Our wage bill will be cut in half and the investment will pay off in savings and performance because finally someone in this club will put Arsenal first and not lining up his buddies pockets like Edu does.
    End of story. BTW once we are of EL will need to focus on salvaging what is left of this season.

    1. CF we wont go for Allegri because like UE his English is poor. Plus we cant afford him. Plus he wont come
      Take a zero off the sales income, then you will be close. Several of those are out of contract in Summer. Ceballos is a loanee. almost no income from loan-outs. But wage bill will come down.
      Agree with the sentiments but not the logic

  46. Even if we were in form, beating City is always a tough task. Defeat was expected.

    Arteta now has to get a minimum of 4pts, but ideally, 6pts from Chelsea and Brighton or that’s probably the end for him,

    I like him, I want him to succeed, and I would happily bin 90% of our squad before getting rid of him, but one cannot ignore the current issues under Arteta.

    1. Regarding our next two, it is imperative to get something against Chelsea. If we don’t we will also lose against Brighton I fear.

  47. Well as muchcas I hope for an Arsenal win, Arsenal lose. Seems my hoping is unlucky lol. I didn’t watch the game so wouldn’t comment on that. And yeah, I wouldn’t worry about a league cup elimination. It is the league where MA has to focus now. Don’t think we can win any cups this year.

      1. I’ve just been on a Newcastle fan site and their fans are just as angry about their team so it could be a game of very low quality.

  48. Another opportunity for, Kolasinac, Mustafi,Eleny and even Laca. to show what they can’t do and why they need to be moved out. I don’t know why so many are upset about this result. It’s a nothing competition, we have Chelsea in three days and the FA Cup coming up. I would focus my recourses on getting something from those games. Agree that Smith Rowe should be given more opportunities. We’ve lost enough promising young players because highly paid wasters have been given preference.

      1. True Dan, it’s an embarressingly long list of underperformers. I,probably singled out those four because they are Wegner era relics. Willocks, I’ve long since given up on, Maitland Niles needs to learn to pass which is worrying at his age,while Gabriel I’ll give the benefit of the doubt to,because he is a new boy and Mustafi must be the most difficult centre half in the EPL to play alongside.

        1. In principle I agree with your sentiments Joe S
          If Arteta had been really serious about this game then he wouldn’t have selected either Mustafi or Kola. The poor GK had a terrible game and the lack of VAR gave City a goal

          I swore I’d never mention EM again but we are missing him and Runarsson is not good enough

  49. I watched Alex, our 2nd stopper in Europa and I wonder if any of our academy goalies can be worse.
    He was not number one in his club or national team and statistics was not good in French competitions.
    He may be a good keeper one day but certainly not today.
    Whoever made the decision to bring him in, should be sacked.

    1. I thought he looked good with his feet in the EL games – it looks like that’s why he was signed. Unfortunately he never looked convincing at the goalkeeping part.

  50. Man City has been piss poor (by their standard) and still they managed to beat us, twice. It shows how much we have fallen. Arteta OUT!!!NOW!!!

  51. Allegri now !!!!!!!!!,before it’s to late, give him the money, cheaper than relegation, the cost of relegation to the club is mind blowing.

    1. We keep saying “get X and give him money” but we have seen over and over that there is not that much money to give. We can’t sell the players we should sell because of wages and their poor recent performances mean no one’s going to pay much for them anyway. No way is Allegri going to be interested in this “project”

  52. Nothing has changed, I really wished that MA will fight for the trophies harder as we have no chance to do anything in the PL. Team selection is a disaster and every time MA is choosing the wrong players, when you needed someone like Saliba next to Gabi he played Mustafi! Ozil could be here today, but no way!!

    Caballos keeps getting all the chances when he could play someone else, ESR was there but apparently he didn’t met MA’s standards!

    Let’s see what will happen against Chelsea, I just wish that we wont get humiliated by their lethal attackers!

    1. @Sue
      You take anything he says seriously? This manager will have us wallowing in the championship next year if someone on the board does not shut this shit down!

      1. No, not any longer, QD…you couldn’t make this up could you? Every week is a new low… hate to think how many the Chavs will score…
        Well the club are already preparing for relegation, with the wages, can you believe it?? Arsenal talking relegation…. 😱😱😱 Absolute pants…

          1. Wages will be cut by 25%..maybe that will be an incentive…they seem to love their money more than the badge!

      2. Quantic: You will find that the problem starts with the board. Utterly useless, just like the coach. Can Josh Kroenke sack himself? I really fear we are going down. Even the 74/5 team had fight in it. I remember Jimmy Rimmer being our star player along with Brian Kidd that year when we seriously flirted with relegation.

  53. what’s all the fuss? we played our B team in an unimportant game, against a much better team. as can be expected, we lost. we know most of our players are mediocre, what is new?

  54. A very sensible way to look at the match OxinThebox .As to those who criticised Willock, he was far and away our best midfielder and was well supported by ESR who needs to get more game time.By the way there are literally dozens of goalkeepers in the English divisions who could be the back up for Leno, yet once again we choose to ignore them.Our recruitment is now beyond a joke and if I were on the Board I would be taking a long hard look at the future of Edu .Soares, Willian, Mari and now Runnarson.Poor buys, and that is putting it mildly.

    1. You are so right
      There are calls for Arteta out but I truly do wonder how much say he has had on some of these transfers. It’s probably Edu who is out of his depth and with a toothless executive above him unable to run a football club
      I’m beginning to think I was harsh on Emery. Too many senior players at this club are not good enough and do not have the fight that is required. They are all earning so much money, knowing that they can’t be sacked, and don’t care. It’s criminal

      1. I think Emery’s biggest problem was the language. He seems to be a good manager for getting the most from what he has, but he struggled to get us playing with any clear style/game plan.
        Completely agree that he wasn’t supported properly as well, though. He wanted Zaha but was overruled and we got Pepe (who to be fair looked like a good buy at the time)

  55. ESR is what we’ve been missing all season. His movement in front of the City defence made such a difference. Our “creative” players are so static by comparison, no wonder it’s easy for teams to defend against us.
    People will laugh but I prefer what he does to Ozil – MO may be brilliant at the final pass but it’s his lack of movement at times that makes him so frustrating, whereas ESR’s movement opens teams up and makes space for others.
    I think ESR has shown enough now to be getting regular opportunities in the league but I can see us becoming overly reliant on him (like with Saka) unless we get in another player or two for support.
    However good they are, City have at least 2 or 3 players of ESR’s type on the field in any given match, and it shows how much easier it is for them to find eachother in dangerous areas

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