Arsenal given big backing for Title from EPL rival

He could be forgiven for bearing a grudge against Arsenal, because it was the invincibles season of 2003-04 that denied Claudio Ranieri a Premier League title in his fourth season as manager of Chelsea. He did lead them to their best ever points total and lowest ever goals conceded that season but Abramovich had just taken over the club and so Ranieri was shown the door while Jose Mourinho only had to tweak the Italian´s team with the help of some mega money transfers.

Arsene Wenger referred to how well Ranieri had done back then when he was talking before Arsenal travelled to face Ranieri´s new side Leicester City and it is clear that the two managers have a lot of respect for each other. Perhaps that is why the so-called tinkerman has been happy to talk up our chances of winning the Premier League title again this season, in an interview reported by Metro.

He was obviously very impressed with the performance of the Gunners at the King Power stadium, where goals from Alexis Sanchez, Theo Walcott and Olivier Giroud highlighted the strength in depth that Wenger has in his side. And unlike many managers, Ranieri did not try to say that his team had been below par but admitted that they had simply come across a very good team in Arsenal.

The Leicester boss said, “We didn’t make mistakes, it was just big quality from them.

“I can say this for definite – I think they are built to win the title. You also need a little luck but their players and the whole squad is very good.”

So with that little bit of luck on the injury front and with the officials and the run of the ball, could this finally be our season again? Obviously we will have to play better in the EPL than in Europe, but the way things are looking, we might not have those irritating European games to worry about for long.

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  1. Need to be realistic….we are juz not good enough…

    The match against utd will prove it…

    Are we able to stop the scoring of Martial?

    Are we good enough to score goals against the mighty de gea?

    1. martial won’t play..

      de gea will be blinded by the sheer brilliance of ozil’s masterclass & giroud’s good looks.

      problem solved !!

      sanchez to score a hat-trick 🙂

      1. Ozil will blind nobody with nothing.
        Has improved but he isn’t a big game player who can own a game. Carambert who played with at him was like ‘is this the same ozil who I played with at real!?’

    2. Will Depay and Mata feel like tracking back with Bellerin and Monreal?
      Can they stop Sanchez when he’s beating players, scoring and creating chances at will? Will it be Darmian? How will he far against his first genuinely world-class PL opposing number?
      Can they score against the mighty Cech?
      How will their midfield stifle Ozil and Cazorla?
      Will they actually commit numbers to their attacks? or just ping the ball around with no intent?
      Will LVG rotate his thin defence?

      1. Josh37 you’re an AKB of note I wanna hear you try defend yesterday’s debacle and the fact that Wenger has 51 losses in the champions league

        1. No defending yesterday but he has been in the Champions League for almost 20 years straight, so he is bound to have more losses.

          1. Oh you want to take that route well let me tell you this,Sir Alex Ferguson managed in 190 games with 39 losses and Wenger’s record is 170 games and 51 losses in the champions league so yeah he’s been there for many years without any success that’s fact!

            1. Sir Alex Ferguson is arguably the greatest manager that English football have ever witnessed. Wenger is a great manager in his own right. And there is nothing wrong with Josh saying he can’t defend Arsenals performance last night, every club has those days. When we play exquisite football does Josh or anyone else ask you how we are capable of it because that would be daft.

          2. The same argument applies to why he has won the most trophies as AFC manager. He has been there so long he was bound to stumble on a few.
            The fact of the matter is that under wenger we have our worst
            Eurpoean deafeat
            FA cup defeat
            League defeat in the past century
            He has more losses in the CL than any other manager and our home record in Europe is disgusting.
            Its a pity we still have blind delusional fans who cant see that wenger has nothing more to offer AFC.
            His ego is now so big he puts himself before the club.
            Why buy the best GK in the league to sit him on the bench.
            Wenger out.

  2. as long as Wenger is our manager then we done..he has a problem.keep on playing players who play poorly (without even substituting them!) playing time guaranteed! I.e Ozil.I have severally said that Chamberlain is a worrying player..HE SCORES A LOT OF OWN GOALS!!
    its time to take another step…. decided to limit my comments since Wenger ignored our complains by not buying but this is stinging now..we yet to get humiliated

    1. umm what…? Chamberlain is a worry because he scores own goals?
      If he’s playing a part in the ball finding the back of the net, who cares how pretty it is or whether it counts towards his tally?
      Ozil’s league performances haven’t matched his CL ones.. It’s disappointing. I’ll agree in hindsight he should have been subbed. Though he can change a game in an instant. Campbell’s pretty far from a go to sub when chasing a goal. If Ollie G was sitting on the bench it would’ve been a different story.

      1. Chamberlain at this stage is not good enough…..he needs to go on a loan together with Ramsay and Chambers….

        all 3 needs to play regularly learn and improve before they can start playing for Arsenal again….

        we are not a team to trial youngsters ……

        we need players to step up and perform…..

      2. no worries…..walcott scored again which makes him most lethal striker on planet…. even though we posed no sustained threat to their defence over the 90…but its stats that count not performance…and ramsey came on when we were losing at home offered zero creativity but ran 22 kilometers in 20 minutes which proves beyond doubt that he is the most hard working footballer on the planet…future is bright

  3. Wenger made the comment tonight that you had to rotate players for playing in the champions league – well surely if that was the case, why did he sell / loan 14 players and only bring in 1? It makes absolutely no sense at all, and he is just contradicting himself, as surely you need a big squad of decent players if you are going to rotate for the champions league?

  4. Arsenal are a team of excuse makers,it’s one excuse after another as the reason for not winning a game,we should just admit our squad is not good enough and our manager is not good enough!

  5. this team is just embarrassing..the ox again scoring on the wrong side of the pitch.very naive arsenal..when will we learn.only one world class player on the pitch but the rest just letting him down.its thursday football for arsenal.

    1. We need to stop defending Ozil he was awful last night,he never steps up in the big games for us as a world class player he should be doing more and grabbing more games by the scruff of the neck!

  6. Olympiacos have never won against an English club.
    Arsenal FC, always breaking records

    if it was any other manager say klopp/simeone/guardiola/ancelotti in place of wenger they would have allowed flamini/arteta/Campbell/ospina/scz to leave & brought in replacements

    1. OUT: Giroud, Sanago, Sheez, Ospina, Gibbs, BFG, Gabriel, Arteta, Flamini, Rosicky…

      Last Chance Loan: Oxie, Ramsay and Wilshere

      IN: Isco, Reus, Lewandoski, Kondabagia, Varane, Benzema, Bender, New LB and New Gk

  7. Have always wondered why Wenger keeps playing Ramsey out if position on the right wing..Now have known why..Based on last night’s performance The Ox needs to be nowhere near the first team.Ramsey may be ineffective but much better than the options we already have..Europa here we come

    1. maybe its better to play in the Europa and win it…like Chelsea did…

      we are just not good enough to match and play with the elites in Europe

    2. ramsey was woeful yday …and even less of threat than ox who was pretty awful for sure… lets kick start the 40m to barca rumour so the junkies can get another quick high…they need it!!!!

  8. Octopus Ranieri.
    I’m actually in a possition where i don’t care if we lose to Olympiacos by 10 goals…but if we cant get 3pts from the nearly-impossible 6pts between us and Bayern, we join Spurs on Thursday night football.

  9. Here is Wenger embarrassing comments after the emirates humiliation,Wenger said: “I do not have to sit here and give you any explanation about every decision I make.

    “It’s a farce. Ospina played 19 games last season, kept 14 clean sheets. Last week at Tottenham, he had a fantastic game. No keeper is mistake-free, it could have happened to Petr Cech as well. That’s part of it.”Who shd explain such a mess if he thinks he should not???

  10. Just please remind me 50-65% here wanted Ospina should take up his place… Why?? Because MOST of us already underestimated Olympiakos before we even played them….. (I admit I was one of them).

    Here what was the most fans said…..

    Ospina should do well for us, bar the another squad players, he has been fantastic for us, he SHOULD BE ENOUGH for Olympiakos….. Reason being, we didn’t expected such howlers from him… Today was that only one night to forget…. But hey let’s join others and blame Wenger for not putting Cech…. because we are not responsible for anything…. other than criticizing.. Also most fans just put WHATEVER they want to put to criticize Wenger, because it surprises me that no one until now wrote a comment on Cech’s total availability…..

    Well, take a look on that one
    Wenger on if Cech was fit…

    “He had a slight alert before the game at Leicester and I did not want to take take a gamble but it is not because of that we lost the game”.

    Did fans mentioned it? No. But hey we don’t care man… Wenger SHOULD be blamed for not putting Cech…

    On putting Oxlade Chamberlain being put in the lineup…..
    We all were happy with Chamberlain FINALLY in the lineup and Ramsey NOT…. We were all confident that Ox would make that difference that Ramsey will not make, didn’t we? Well, guess what, just after Ramsey gets on the pitch, we start making the chances… And until Ramsey came…. we only had a very few chances…… Glad that Walcott put that one of them.

    The only thing I want from fans that when they put any opinion(be it lineup also), I want from them to either accept that they were wrong or defend their argument if they feel that it wasn’t wrong. But, the only things we do here is, present our opinion on being asked and then join on the bashing side when the things get wrong(because they know that no one will search past the archives to find about their opinion). I will admit that I was wrong on the lineup with some things but I don’t change the sides when things go against me….

    Some of us say that Wenger gets it wrong always, WELL GUESS WHAT, Wenger put the line up and most of the fans were over the moon with the decisions he made. I read the comments…

    “Best lineup today, best front four, Glad to see Ospina in the lineup(very good decision to rest Cech for Man UTD), Glad to see Ox in the lineup, hope he can prove everybody wrong… Glad to see no Giroud in the lineup,etc. etc.”

    Well most of the fans, were so quick to change their minds just after the game went against us…

    Regarding tactics, well who among us got the point right, that Olympiakos will defend all the time and counter attack. Even the stats say, 4 shots on target, 3 goals. Anyone thought about that. NO. Everyone thought that the game will go as they wanted, right? So when things got against us, most of the fans joined bashing Wenger… because it seemed the easiest thing at that moment…

    I just want the fans to stick to their opinion and not change the sides as soon as things go against them…
    For the team, I can only hope that players start performing upto their expectations, they can’t expect selection based on their forms and efforts..

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