Arsenal given big boost to Ibrahimovic transfer hopes

Most Arsenal fans will probably be hoping for more than one new forward to arrive at the club during the summer transfer window, but we have become a wearily realistic bunch and not a lot of us are that optimistic anymore. If Arsene Wenger is only going to sign one striker before the start of next season, however, he needs to make it a good one.

Not many have the same aura, reputation and history of success as the Sweden international Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and with the football media reporting that the Swede is keen on a move to the English Premier League when his current contract with the French champions PSG runs out at the end of this season, I reckon he would be the ideal signing for the Gunners.

But Arsenal are not the only club in the market for a top striker and there have been a fair few reports claiming that big spending Man United were set to beat us to the punch. But our chances of winning that transfer battle have just received a big boost, with Sky Sports reporting that the player himself would only consider signing for our EPL rivals if their current manager Louis van Gaal was not in charge at Old Trafford.

With Ed Woodward seemingly set on sticking with the Dutchman even if they fail to gain a Champions League place, could Arsenal be about to win the race for the brilliant Zlatan?

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  1. He is (Ibrahimovic) keen to move to Man United and no where else as long as Van Gaal is not around anymore.
    If not, he will go to China.
    Ozil will stay, I think… Unless Ancelotti decides otherwise and there is NOTHING, we will be able to do…
    I can see Sanchez leave, with Juventus and teams in China interested as well as PSG… Again there is nothing we will be able to do… It is not like we can offer trophies and glory here…!!

    Wenger told L’Equipe that he had a list for next season… lol
    Well, like every season… He has a list, but misplaces it when he goes on holiday.

    It seems that we are being rip off by this guy and the all Arsenal structure every season…!!!

    1. being abit ott there bro.

      zlatan is never coming here
      but ozil an sanchez will stay …they like being big fishes in small ponds…our fans begging them to stay cos they know we cant give them real success
      it will be next season the will get really fed up, right now they like being worshipped by london an beyond

      same as rvp nasri did

      but by then i reckon a new manager will be lined up- wenger wont dump us in the mire like fergie did at united

      so hey ho- cheer up!

      1. zlatan coming to arsenal? has the author of this article understood nothing about wenger????

        wenger has a list: but many are “value for money”.
        kroenke’s objective for wenger is top4 which wenger delivers dutifully.

        logically, since we will finish in top4, there should be no need to strengthen.
        the only reason they might get a big name is to placate people; to maintain “the brand” as kroenke sees it.

    2. We won’t be selling Ozil or Sanchez. Theyre tied down to contracts and we have the money to resist high offers now. They not be thrilled with a lack of trophies, but neither of them seem unhappy here. Plus don’t forget it was Ancelotti who sold Ozil at Real Madrid.

    3. nuff is nuff……… I’m at a saturation point where i can no longer take anymore Arsenal-related Bs coming from the media

      ZLatan ain’t coming……..why can’t y’all just accept the simple fact and move on?

    4. Am not homophobic people. But when you argue for or against a motion or notion , ur reasons should be based on the make sense , i mean positive sense , no sensible decision can ever be made based on feelings (either love, angry, hatred etc.) ..
      Policies aren’t made based on feelings , they are made based on its social, economic & overall benefits.
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      There you see no arguments was raised based on feelings but of its factual & visible benefits..

      my dream 13 for next season


      1. What are the benefits of religion?

        – WAR
        – MONEY
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  2. There’s no way that Arsenal will pay a player £600,000 aweek! …. Freebie or no Freebie! ???
    That’s messi wages!

    Anyways. .. Sanogo is back next season and Crowley will be added to the first team too, Wenger can now afford to sell Giroud and Walcott as he has far too many striker’s ???

  3. Ibrahimovic has Manchester United written all over him. Aubameyang doesn’t want to come to Arsenal. Best we stop distracting ourselves in hunting a striker like we did last summer and start improving the defence, which has been below par for years now. Football is a team game after all. If you can’t find the right player in one position, you improve in other positions to make up for it. Bayern won the Champions League and dominated Europe with Mandzukic as their main striker a couple years ago. Good, but not a world class striker by any stretch. The quality of the rest of their team made up for it.

  4. Wenger will be like “Cazorla and Wilshere are like NEW signings” because they didn’t play much this season

    Xhaka is welcome but we definitely need a clinical finisher.
    Ibrahimovic would definitely be awesome next season but I don’t see us paying over £300,000 per week for any player even if it is a free transfer.

    Alternatives I’m hoping for are Lewandowski, Reus, Aubemeyang, Greizmann, Morata, Lacazette, Higuain, Cavani

  5. Zlatan will go join up with Mourinho at Man U then.

    he won’t come to Arsenal. Guy likes winning too much.

    Is it me or have the religious nuts been let out from under a rock tonight (and I don’t mean the Wegerites;)

  6. Why sign Zlatan? That would be a good investment in the future. The new manager would dispose of the dead wood and bring in new blood.

  7. So someone somewhere has pronounced Zlatan wants to move to the PL have they…

    Now let’s for a second imagine this were true…how does the author of the article then make the leap from this to it being a boost for Arsenal?

  8. my dream team next season

    bel – bains – kos- mon
    — coq – elneny —
    xaka- ozil – sanchez

    since new Everton owner was previous arsenal shareholder, I’m thinking Osmanov would help this out since him and Moshiri were good friends.
    i think walcot + 30 million pounds will do the trick
    I predict a mass clean up in summer which will see Arteta, flamini, Rosicky, and a couple of more to go which will free up a lot of wages…

    my last wish: simeone comes after wenger sees out his contract next year. He won’t go anywhere as he said it. so don’t bother even thinking about it.

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