Arsenal given boost in chase for top German target

Arsenal target and German star Julien Draxler has told his current side Wolfsburg that he is ready to move on from the club and wants to leave this summer.

Draxler, who only signed for Wolfsburg on a five year contract last summer from Schalke, has been a long term Arsenal target. Arsene Wenger supposedly made an approach last year for the German international before his move to Wolfsburg was confirmed, however the bid was supposedly not enough and so Arsenal missed out.

The Daily Mail are reporting that Draxler has told club officials he wants to move on, with Wolfsburg not really been the competitive club he desires. It gives Arsenal some level of hope and with any luck Arsene Wenger will enter negotiations before he misses out again. Draxler would be a fantastic addition for Arsenal given that he can play across the front three, on the wing or as a leading striker. It gives Wenger the chance to develop the German international into the player he wants him to be, whilst also offering Arsenal a range of versatility. At 22 years old, I think he would be a worthwhile investment to the club. However one major concern as always, is price. Draxler is being touted at a reported £52 million, a price that Wenger may not be willing to pay.

If Draxler does want out and is made available then there is no reason stopping Arsenal from trying their luck. I don’t expect Wenger to offer £52 million straight away, but if the player wants to leave, then Wolfsburg won’t want to keep him and so a cheaper deal may be on the cards.

It may sound a lot of money, but he has youth and talent on his side.



  1. If Draxler is worth £52m then Walcott must be worth about £40m! Sell him to finance the deal.

    1. I really hate these – ‘oh if this player is worth this much, then this player is worth this much!’
      Mahrez went for like 400k. That doesn’t justify the next potential player of the season to go for that low now does it?

      1. I really doubt Wenger will sign Draxler.
        We let a good cheaper option slip through our hands (Janssen).

        Imagine Henry joining one of our rivals, just as Arteta has.
        I really thought we had learned our lessons after last year’s summer transfer window.
        We’re making the same mistakes again…and even worse.

        1. hows this.

          aky sports breaking….

          henry joins mourinho at man u as youth team coach….


  2. anyone explain to me why the french genius didnt pick him up last year when he was available and our attacking options were so obviously lacking

    1. 12 months prior Arsenal had spent £100mil while only recouping £20mil from sales, net spending of £80mil.

      Maybe Wenger wasn’t given as much to spend as people make out he had?

      We know Wenger spoke to Xhaka 12 months ago as well yet waited till this year to get him. We bought ElNeny for a bargain in Jan when it was ‘too late’ and we needed someone instead of getting the player he spoke to…

  3. If Wolfsburg are asking for 52 mill since Arsene really wants this player and has been following him for a while then he will offer a 28.1 mill.

    1. 28.000001mil thankyou very much! Your bid would be a blatantly irresponsible use of our transfer kitty!

  4. The Bundesliga has some young, absolute weapons and by the sounds of things is not going to let them go cheaply…
    Wouldn’t be surprised if Wenger pulls the trigger on Gotze as the potential upside is huge if he can refind the player he was for Dortmund. (which I, personally, still think he could under Wenger)
    Though Sane or Draxler I would be absolutely ecstatic about. Electric players.

    1. agreed.

      can’t believe how inflated the transfer market is these days.


    2. Wenger has said previously that he thinks Draxler could do that role.
      I wouldn’t moan if Draxler was bought and played as a CF, he has a decent shot on him but he might need to be encouraged to shoot a bit more often, good with his passing and vision though…

      He might not have the strength to hold of players like Giroud but he has the ability to go past a player and keep hold of the ball with skill instead which can buy him time to bring others into play.

      It would be an interesting project.

  5. OT:

    I’m not sure about the rest of you gooners, but I think given enough game time alongside Kos and with Cech’s guidance.. Chambers could make the grade as a top a CB.

  6. He won’t pay and it’s just going to be the same crap as always we try but is very hard to get top player. By by AW go plz

    1. Come on, lets not have this even before season starts. We know he’s gonna be there right til end of season, it’s just bad vibes.

  7. Wenger should pack up to the board or find his way out of the Emirates ASAP, so as to give way to more hungrier manager, PLEASE.

  8. Interesting that Lyon President said that Arsenal haven’t even contacted them about Lacazette
    Ibrahimovic said he was never contacted by Arsenal
    Hummels said there was no offer for him by Arsenal

    So who knows if Wenger has contacted Wolfsburg for Draxler

    I hope We do get Draxler though

    1. draxlers not enough.

      we need a dedicated , invigorated…newly renovated striker…how do u renovate a striker….?
      dunno guv…
      how does theo walcott earn more than harry kane?

      is it true if u feed theo after midnight he will multiply?

    2. Arsene contacted Asano, he didn’t want Higuain, Ibrahimovic , Lacazette, Draxler, Hummels ….He contacted Japan for Asano. Arsene was professor of football but now it seems he is a big failure. He has to earn his contract and shouldn’t be renewed if he is again a failure this year ……….

  9. Today : Draxler and Higuain being lined up by Arsenal. I would be ecstatic with these signings. Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea, but the money needed to pull them off, along with options being somewhat limited in regards to forwards. This would show ambition, and would be fully backing up the statement ‘We can sign anyone, bar Mess & CR7. Ozil and Alexis might need to see something along these lines if they are to put pen to paper.

    1. not everyones cup of tea?
      drax an higuain
      trev u do realise we have been dining out on kallstrom an cech in these windows.

      i would cry will ferrel style with no shame at work, i would reunite the backstreet boys, i would marinate my family jewels on the bbq …
      u get the picture.

      wont happen sorry

      1. Believe it or not, but some Gooners believe Giroud is as good as Higuain. I’ve heard people hating on Higuain before. And as for Draxler, well I cant say how everybody feels about him, it’s why I did say Maybe!

  10. There’s no way that Wenger will pay £52 million for count Draxler… When he was baulking at this player’s £30 million valuation, 2 season’s ago! ?Besides that, do we really have room for another injury prone player at the club? ? Silly me of course theres room, now that Rosicky and Arteta have left.

    In other news, Giroud’s agent has stated that his client will be happy to move to Napoli.
    But not half as happy as I will be, if Higuain replaces him. ?
    Rumours are now suggesting that Arsenal have offered Higuain a 5 year contract worth £7.9 million a year.

    Well , if Giroud’s agent is getting his two bobs worth in then there must be some truth in this deal happening… fingers and toes crossed ?

    1. Can’t even see any attacking midfielders will join us, with Theo and Ox still in the dug out. Not to mention his 52M valuation. Did Higuian had been reported tagged that much (70M Euros) few days ago?
      We need direct solution to our goal scoring problem, not another gambling situation. I rather put that 52M pounds in Higuain’s deal anytime.

  11. get him ASAP… Draxler,Subotic, Higuain and let the season begin… u can’t beat Pep’s City, Mourinho’s United, Conte’s Chelsea, Klopp’s Liverpool to the title if you are pennypinchy…. even WestHam are getting Bacca, Spurs have added Jansen to Kane.
    ARSENE needs to be ruthless in the transfermarket.

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