Arsenal given boost in their bid to sign Brighton midfielder

Express Sport says now that Brighton has signed RB Salzburg midfielder Enock Mwepu, they have paved the way for Yves Bissouma to be sold.

The midfielder is a transfer target for Arsenal who hopes to partner him with Thomas Partey in midfield.

The Malian also has interest from Liverpool and he is one of the best midfielders in the Premier League.

Brighton signed him from Lille in 2018 and he has continued to develop very well at the Amex.

They know how valuable he is and they want to keep hold of him beyond the next campaign.

However, they seem to be ready for anything and have brought in Mwepu on a four-year deal.

This would make it easier for them if they are eventually forced to cash in on Bissouma.

Mikel Arteta has been tasked with making Arsenal a top club again and Bissouma is one player that can help the Gunners move up the Premier League table.

He isn’t the only midfielder that they want to sign with reports linking them with a move for the likes of Manuel Locatelli as well.

Now that Brighton has an extra midfielder, they might discuss Bissouma’s transfer with Arsenal.

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  1. Sad part is, we could have had him by now. If we have £50 million for White, Bissouma deal could have been done and dusted.

    Why would Arsenal ever want to do signings early and get players in for a full preseason with the team?

    Thought Arteta and Edu had a list they gave to the board; are they only doing one at a time?

  2. He’s the perfect partner alongside Partey. My only fear is losing them both 2 AFCON. Arsenal will not buy Bissouma having known this.

  3. This summer transfer window is fast becoming the most disappointing and sobering Arsenal one for years and we’ve had some absolute disasters previously!!!

    1. You might well be right Steven, but have many other deals been signed at other clubs? It is always a worry right up until Jim White does his countdown on the last day. Not good for the nerves at all. There is an awful lot of talk but not much going on…yet

    2. This summer is the first in many years, when we don’t need to plan for any European competition. I’m not disappointed with the lack of activity so far. I’m simple worried that we may make matters worse through needless signings and wasting whatever precious little resource that is available right now.

  4. I don’t think we are even interested in Bissouma, there h@ve been no strong rumours or anything in the press only what fans on here want. Unlike the concrete rumours about White.

  5. Sue P apart, there is a startling lack of understanding onJA about how summr transfer widowns in a tournament year actually work. HARDLY ANY HUGE TRANSFERS IN THE PREM have yet happened.

    But STILL the constant carping and “fans know best attitude” in here by the well known “MA out at any cost brigade” continues.
    IMO these posters are fans but they are NOT supporters and to suggest they try to become ones will be met with hostility only. Sigh!!

    1. You have hit the nail on the head Jon.The sheer naivety of certain contributors as to how the actual transfer window operates,(not the computer game), never ceases to amaze me.

    2. Jon.


      I believe you can add my name to your list of J A users, who would like to think they actually know how matters such as the transfer market operates in the world of professional football – and indeed in any business worth it’s salt where the sanctioning of spend (from a financial stance) and accountability for the same is a prerequisite.

      A rather pathetic attempt was made on here to ridicule me for actually trying to point out how getting players both in and out is not always as straightforward as it seems, or indeed as we would like.

      I was accused of “talking like an amateur” , “knowing nothing of the running of the club” (I have followed passionately for over 60 years) and “laughable”.

      Strange that.

      I read a very interesting article recently which took the reader through the steps of getting the Party deal over the line.

      Very much read as the likes of you, I and other experienced J A posters would expect.

      And yes, for those that tried to be cocky / clever with me the sanctioning of the deal from a SPEND viewpoint not PLAYER SELECTION (as of course Kroenke would of course be clueless there) DID have to be sanctioned by the American.

      This guy is not in the game of throwing millions around without knowing exactly what’s going on !

      Again, purely from a SPEND viewpoint – players, he has no clue whatsoever and for me that (playing staff) should of course be the managers call.

      Apparently, Stanley Kroenke should hand EDU & Arteta a bag marked “swag” with which they run around the world blowing left right and centre with no accountability whatsoever !!!

      It doesn’t quite work like that – but try telling some on here !

      Anyway, I digress.

      The above, and the CONSTANT anti Arteta rhetoric on here, has led to to be far more selective regarding who I choose to exchange opinion with.

      My stance has not changed – however difficult and extremely frustrating.

      It soon became clear the Kroenkes were going to stick with Arteta – no choice , got behind that.

      I will wait until the window shuts before I either criticise or laud our dealings (both in and out).

      I will give Arteta the first 2 months or so of next season. If no clear and obvious improvements are visible, I will then admit he is NOT the man for the job.

      However, there are clear caveats re’ the above.

      1) The squad must have been upgraded in terms of quality i.e give the man the tools to do the job.

      2) Sub standard players must have been moved on.

      3) The board must not let the situation (next season) get to us being too many points adrift of the top 6 places for us to recover from yet another poor start, and basically out of contention for any meaningful position by Christmas.

      Decisive action MUST be taken ASAP if negatives become obvious – no more excuses.

      If we have once gain been basically lied to regarding what was promised to be a very active window this summer, I’m sure we will ALL be signing from the same hymn sheet here on J A !

      1. I prefer that we wait until the end of the season to analyse the performance of the club instead of judging the dealings when the transfer window shuts. Until we see how the squad perform on the pitch and the results, it may be too early to make a call. League table tends to change drastically the entire season until the final whistle is blown on the final games of the season.

        Since Arteta still has two more years left in his contract, it’s reasonable that he gets at least the entire season to improve the club’s league position instead of making an assessment midway through the first half of the new season. If he gets unlucky in the first 2 months and sacking him is inevitable, it’s safe to replace him right now and give the new guy a head-start instead of putting him in the middle of a muddle and wait for the next summer to make adjustments to the squad.

        Moving out sub-standard players is essential. But, those players must be proven to be sub-standard, only after they are afforded a fair chance to prove themselves.

        And most importantly, Arteta must be restricted only to coaching duties, planning tactics and match-day duties like picking the starting 11, bench selection and in-game player managements. An experienced wise-head must be put in charge of player management including transfer activities, contact negotiations and game time management. Multi-tasking at this crucial moment won’t help Arteta, if getting results are the only thing that is going to keep him in his job.

        Did I forget to mention that your comment is well thought out and informative?

        1. Hi VasC.

          Thanks for the reply.

          Even when folk do have differing opinions on here, it’s always best to debate rather than abuse.

          After all – we all have the best interests of our great club at heart.

  6. AM: aouar, ESR
    GK: ONANA AND LENO(get Freddie Woodman as backup for onana and sell LENO by January).
    Get takehiru in from bologna.
    The attack needs a replacement striker for lacazette and maybe a left side winger like that shakter donestk guy

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