Arsenal given easy way to stop Man United – Simples

There you go Arsene Wenger, there is no need to waste your time making complex plans about how Arsenal should go about facing the current Premier League leaders at the Emirates tomorrow. The Gunners know how to create and score goals anyway, so as long as we can cope with the attacking threat from Manchester United, victory should be ours.

And a Metro report has just pointed out an easy way to curb the United goal threat; namely by stopping their creator in chief Juan Mata. While the United and England captain Wayne Rooney has been handed the number 10 role behind the centre forward, it is Mata´s contribution from the right that has been the most important for Louis van Gaal´s team.

The stats back this up, with the Spaniard having either scored or provided an assist for nearly half of their goals this season. 11 of their 25 have been down to Mata, so the law of averages tells you that if we can stop Mata then we can stop United from scoring.

Sounds like a job for Nacho Monreal, Gabriel and Francis Coquelin to me. In fact it was the combative French midfielder´s job on David Silva that led to Arsenal´s best result in a big EPL game for some time, so will he enable us to get one over on the red half of Manchester this time around?

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  1. McLaren will be gone by January, I suspect
    He seems like a decent guy but atrocious results

    As for Mata. Yes stopping him is important but it’s not SIMPLES…..Is that even a word….lol

    It will be a mega though match but we can win

    1. Monreal has faced many tricky wingers, and he has shut most of them down with his performances… At this time, I can only think of one player(bar Sanchez and Coquelin) that will confidently do his job

    2. There’s no easy way to stop manure……… HARD WAY, THe ONLY WAY!………pLay heavy metaL and defend with ur Lives!

      1. coq can stop mata. plus lets prepare ourselves for 1 penalty call that’ll be missed by Mr Taylor. and lots of overly-aggressive play by MU. nevertheless, if we defend & concentrate for 90mins, our offense will do its job and we can beat them. lets see if the players can repay wenger for his faith in them. please can we concentrate on stopping corner kicks and fast breaks??????????

  2. Whenever I see Alexis smiling in every training session after a bad game, I get relieved…

    1. Stop playing with yourself whilst watching the players train,
      Its not healthy boy ????

      Sanchez is always smiling, even when we concede a goal,
      He has the mentality of a 10 year old ???
      But who cares as long as his got his canon boots on ?

      Just kidding matey ?

      1. LOL, I am actually surprised you went that far…

        At least I can cheer with you, not like some fans who have already accepted defeat to Man Utd and predicting wins for them…. And then they talk about Arsenal being soft and weak mentality.

        1. Lol! You think the predictions of fans are responsible for Arsenal’s failings? So if we say we will beat MUFC, our players go out and do it, right? Yeah, like they did at home to the Greeks.

          1. I am not saying anything about the result. I am just saying that nothing can be said surely before any match. Sometimes I think, fans look too much in a game and then they present their verdict.

            We lost because we committed that quick goal just after we scored. That shouldn’t have been allowed. If we avoided that goal somehow, maybe we could have won. Because after that there were hardly any attempts by Olympiakos to score.

  3. Or just a job for one player; the long forgotten art of going man for man. The last thing we want is three getting sucked into the ball when Mata has possession. Fortunately, even Wenger is slightly more tactically astute than the Metro (whose tactical advice is about as accurate as their transfer gossip) so hopefully it won’t come to that.

  4. Yeah. Alexis is our number one guy. If he is happy, good things will come

    I bet Lewandowski is like “Okay Aguero scored five, big deal. But can he score 5 in 9 minutes??” lol

    1. Mata will be suprised to see Cech in goal and will realize, “I can’t score against Cech. He was also badly treated by Mourinho same way as me.”

  5. I’m just tired. I really don’t know what’s gonna happen to us in the uCL. I’m very scared that we’d be playing on THURSDAYS, just cannot do that. If we lose tomorrow? IF WE LOSE TOMORROW??? That will really worsen things. I can only hope for a draw. This really doesn’t feel like ARSENAL. I know we’ve been through a lot, but not this.

    1. Not sure if this can provide a boost to your confidence, but worth a try

      We still have Gabriel in Koscielny’s absence who hasn’t been dribbled past yet in PL, with him we have Monreal and Bellerin the reliable ones. And also #CockPower is back against Man Utd. He was rusty at times, but he should be enough for tomorrow’s match(remember him fighting with Fellaini in FA Cup). And Walcott and Sanchez have their scoring boots on. They have been scoring goals recently. We have created most chances in League, and if Man Utd play their open game, then I am sure we can create something as well. Just we need that we don’t commit silly defensive mistakes.


        1. i don’t know why so many think we’ll lose for sure. we are completely UNPREDICTABLE. if we defend well, we can do well. [i’m thinking UCL is a throwaway at this point, so forget and put your defensive boots on and focus for 90mins]. we can beat MU and lose to watford after that.

    2. @KickAssFan…….there’s nothing to be scared of bro!………..if we play on Thursdays…’s becuz we didn’t deserve to play on Tuesdays or wednessdays!……….. And if we emerge conquerors of Thursday activities *coughs* …… That will be automatic ……. Meanwhile the Top 4 struggles continues!

  6. Arsenal given easy way to stop Man United –
    Lol really? don’t even go there cus its like a jinx on us, every match that we won with our mouth,we lost on the pitch, West Ham,Zagreb, Olympiacos while every match we shut the F up and expected it to be tough came with winnings, Crystal palace, Leicester, Stoke, and any other you can figure out.
    Just please if us being quiet bout this game and not saying we should win will give is three points tomorrow then let’s just shut it.
    The Headline still makes me give a cynical laugh tho, Lol ..
    I wish football were that simple

    1. Spot on mate,
      but it mostly comes from our player’s jinxing mouths!

      And now Ozil is asking his team mates to step up against Utd
      Hahaha thats because he is due to do his Where’s Wally impersonation ? So they need to cover his missing ass!

    2. that being said………….There’s no easy way to win at the Emirates…….the Emirates!………OUR VERY OWN STADIUM……….disgusting! *sighs*

  7. Mesut Ozil has revealed that Arsenal “want to prove” themselves against Manchester United this weekend following their Champions League disaster in midweek, as reported by the club’s official website (via the Mirror

    The Gunners have endured a nightmarish week after they suffered a shock 3-2 defeat against Olympiacos at the Emirates, leaving them bottom of their group with no points and facing a double-header with Bayern Munich next up.

    Domestically though, things are a little better for Arsene Wenger’s side. They’re just three points behind Premier League leaders United going into tomorrow’s clash, after their impressive 5-2 win over previously unbeaten Leicester City at the King Power Stadium last weekend. Now however, Ozil want’s his team-mates to step-up again against Louis van Gaal’s.

    Like I said in a recent post,
    Ozil loves the big talk before the big games,
    but doesn’t turn up himself, yet here he is asking his team mates to step up against Utd .. ?

    I wonder why … Hahaha
    cue Ozil with his Where’s Wally impersonation ?
    start him on the bench and see if that wets his appetite,
    Maybe we will see an improvement with him coming off the bench.

  8. Picked up from
    Chelsea vs Saints

    Bertrand and Mane link up well on the left wing before the latter breaks into the penalty area and goes down under a challenge from Ramires, but the referee waves play on, much to the frustration of the Southampton players, who were adamant that it was a foul.

    Referee : Mike Dean
    Enough said…..

      1. we need 1 video challenge per team per game. its completely unacceptable that so many games and the PL itself is being determined by which calls the refs missed. come on PL: you can be a professional league.

    1. Then Mane is booked for diving in a later incident. In the previous one there was clear contact in the box and should have been a penalty. Surely with the no of questionable decisions by Mike Dean in Chelsea games, there is really something fishy going on.

  9. I guess those that said city will be the runaway league winners some five weeks ago or thereabouts will be back on this site tonight….after going on a short break

    1. I can see why you are called Classygunner ?
      you covered all possible outcomes there matey?
      So at least you won’t be disappointed by tomorrow’s result

  10. Everyone scores against Chelsea but not Arsenal. There in lies the problem that it is because of mentality and approach. Only teams to fail to score against them this season (after community shield) are Arsenal and Maccabi.

    1. Arsenal is a mentally weak team. The team has everything in terms of technical ability. The thing it has always lacked since the Viera days is mental fortitude. This has been the reason for our drought of trophies combined with the lack of investment. Wenger is a good manager, much better in tactics people give him credit for but not the greatest when it comes to giving his players belief. So many players on the pitch lack belief- Ozil, Ox to name a few. We need a strong voice to rally everyone in the field. Right now in our outfield players its only Sanchez and to a certain extent Ramsey and Coq who shows that indomitable spirit that champions have. The others Cazorla, Koscienly, Monreal are all brilliant players technically but lack that indefatigable spirit you require to be great and not just good and make magical moments.

  11. Meanwhile, Chelsea 1-2 Southampton…About time for Moureen to get the sack.. He should just do us a favour and take Wenger with him…

    1. chelsea’s best player (mike dean) was not available for this game. when he plays, they will win for sure.

  12. update, 3-1, cheskie getting opened like a sardine can, soooo funny 8 pts on 8 matches…. Wenger be saying, why you looking at me? Jose is the one struggling… lol

  13. Why can’t we ever beat Chelsea when some lesser teams do that? Eh Wenger? This question is for you Mr Magoo. Look at what The Saints are doing to them guys and the beggars the question, why can’t we do the same! Just concerned about the mental strength of our Manager!!!!

      1. absolutely right: dean is their best player. w/o him, they’re crapola.
        wish we had him in our team.

    1. we should have gotten mane: if wenger had plans B and C: losing higuain, suarez, benzema: then get mane.
      [we also shouldve gone for jackson martinez]
      but wenger’s a tool.

  14. TBF, it was more to do with Mr Dean beating us than Chelsea. You cant win 10 v 11 when it should be 11 v 10.

    1. Just really annoying that it always seems to be us that struggle most against Chelsea. We haven’t even scored a goal against them in years unless you count the community shield, which doesn’t really count.

      1. our style seems to breal down vs power teams, chelkie are brutes, sou is big and straight forward, no ticky tack. while ticky tack works vs some, never against power teams,

  15. There’s many things that can make a guy happy on a Saturday evening. Chelsea losing is near the top of that list.

  16. Good managers I see currently: Koeman, Monk in the PL.
    League and CL winning mangers in Klopp, Ancelotti

    Nigen Winterburn said he considered Arsene would have left the club had he not won the FA cup in 2014. I hope Wenger, if he fails to win or compete for the league this year, accept that his time as an elite manager is over and give over the reigns to someone new. He has been wonderful for the club. Every professional goes past his prime. I hope he realizes this if he fails his target and steps aside.

  17. Looking forward to tomorrow. I hope we beat Man United and show a strong response to the loss in CL. If we lose then I will find it very difficult to believe we have a chance in the league. Always nice to start a weekend with a Chelsea loss.

    1. Heard the commentator say no team has finished above 5th with a start like that. Let’s hope that’s the case again…

  18. I’m more worried about Southampton than Man Utd to be honest when we face them, even though we shouldn’t take Utd for granted either. That home loss with Moyes at the helm is still stuck in my mind and that team was a lot worse that the current.

    Can see Mane being picked up by a top team next year. What a player!!!

      1. Yet we were complaining about our top players getting plucked away year after year. Koeman is onto something special here if he keeps it up.

  19. The Mourinho situation is aptly described by the saying that ” pride goes before a fall”. Even though it actually looks like a tumble.

  20. anyone no if there is a refresh? always have to go back to the home page and select the article again to get updated posts

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